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We should start a class action lawsuit against this company, what they do is criminal!
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TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA -- I have never come across a more negligent company. I call their service 2-3 times per day and request to not deliver a certain type of Oxygen Canister because the doctor ordered the wrong one. They deliver the wrong tank anyway (which my mother cannot lift to use)I call some, apparently mentally disabled woman named Mireya 4 times and she assures me that it is on schedule to be picked up. Around 4pm after my mother, who is deaf & cannot hear the doorbell, so she sits and waits for them by a window ALL day, tells me they have not been there. I call them only to find out that it was NEVER SCHEDULED! I call dispatch & finally someone on that department offers to pick up the tanks on his way in to work the next day. This is ALWAYS the case w/ this company. They're not going to get until they get sued!
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Starlord on 07/12/2010:
I had oxygen service from Apria both in Arizona and Washington, and neither location acted as you describe. They delivered an oxygen concentrator and two tanks of O2 with a two-wheel cart, should I need it. They came on a regular schedule to check that concentrator and change filters if needed, and asked if I needed anything different. They were prepared, should I ask, to give me a large tank of O2 that I could fill a personal carry tank from, which I could also have, IF I WISHED. They showed me several size tanks that they would be glad to deliver, based on what I wanted. Call the local office and ask them why their service is so much worse than Arizona (Casa Grande) and Washington (Olympia.)
Ckirk on 12/27/2011:
I totally agree with Starlord. Have had Apria since 2004 and they have been nothing short of great. All things I order come on time and fast. Not a problem whatsoever. I've been told on other things - could be operator problems - which means I did something wrong. Soooo . . .
Robert on 06/04/2012:
My doctor put me on Qxygen at night and Apria is the company that he suggested, well they did deliver the machine timely and it is GREAT, the problem is that I have been trying to get them to bill me monthly for 6 months now and they will not do that, I have not been billed at all for 6 months, My contract with them says ###.##/Monthly.
I did not agree to pay them my share every 6 months or longer, I agreed to pay them monthly and they will not bill me. This is in Modesto California, but the billing is not local, it is National, I have talked to them every month with no luck !I am totaly fed up with this. I amd starting to look for another company.
G. Freudenberg on 07/26/2012:
I have used Apria for 1 1/2 yrs now and it's been a constant headache. We live in the Austin, Texas area and use the Apria on Research Ave. What a totally disorganized company. We are constantly having issues. We travel at times to Corpus Christi, Tx and have O2 delivered there. For the past few months Apria has tried to make our weekly deliveries in Corpus Christi AND not to our home in the Austin area. I'm fed up!! My advise is: DON'T USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU LIVE IN THE AUSTIN TEXAS AREA!!!
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