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Aptela VoIP Review - Horrible VoIP Service
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HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- Huge issues getting straight answers from anyone at Aptela Support and Aptela has had major service outage issues that have yet to be resolved in addition to 'quirky' system issues that are also unresolved. We've been trying to get some kind of explanation for the issues we've been having with Aptela for over 1 month, submitted multiple tickets through Aptela's website (which by the way is a horrible method when nobody responds with a resolution to your tickets).

The worst functionality problem with Aptela is sporadically when you pick up the handset, the call won't connect even after pressing '1' as the call screener instructs (happens on all our phones and is not a hardware issue). Numerous service outage emails from the CEO of the company and nothing has improved despite Aptela saying it has. Finally, decided to jump ship after trying to work with Aptela for over 5 months.

Our business has experienced a high-level of frustration and large degree of productivity loss with the call reliability issues of the Aptela system (calls ring and ring even when we try to answer the call sporadically. They won't connect). Aptela ignored the issue, never responded to our several tickets we submitted related to the problem so we canceled service with them. They cut half of the final bill, but realistically they should have refunded our last 3 months of service and the router we purchased from them.

If for some strange reason you decide to use Aptela don't buy any of the hardware. You can by VoIP phones and the Edgewater Networks router they say you need MUCH cheaper somewhere else online. But really, there are plenty of other VoIP services that are much more reliable. We chose Aptela because the user interface was friendly and the functionality was just what we needed.

BUT, WHAT WE LEARNED WAS -- the user interface and the great functionality means diddly-squat if the service and call reliability doesn't hold up. Don't let Aptela tell you they fixed their call reliability issues -- odds are they have not. Tell them you'd like to try their service FREE for at least 1 month first, then you'll go from there. But honestly, Aptela is a really bad choice for a VoIP provider.

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