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Unadulterated water
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I bought an Aqua-Vie online from eBay since my water distiller from Sears finally gave out. The one from Sears was good & it lasted for maybe 10 years each one (I'd bought first one 20+- years ago). I happened to get a reconditioned one for $60. + a $20 s/h, versus the one from Sears $99 on sale. The Aqua Vie is awesome for a couple of reasons; it tastes better than my previous distillers and it doesn't require the filter that my Sears models did, which is probably why it tastes better. The Sears model used a charcoal filter but the "filter" for Aqua-Vie is (actually it's not a filter per se) OPTIONAL if one wants to add the minerals that were taken out, which I don't recommend. It is better for you in its purer state. Many people have the mistaken impression that Americans are the healthiest people in the world. We have a Federal Food and Drug Administration to watch over us, and we have massive health care facilities. They put chlorine in our water to purify it and add fluoride to make our teeth strong and so on. In reality, the chlorine causes your arteries to harden, and the fluoride has a direct effect on the functioning of the thought and memory processes of the brain. This is all done with intent and purpose by health officials in high places that are capitulating with the Luciferian conspirators. In reality, of all the nations on earth, the United States ranks 31st in life expectancy. We rank 37th in infant mortality, and 34th in maternal mortality. Our water supply is only one way of our gov't messing with us, but I don't have the time or forum here to get to the real news. My final word is the Aqua-Vie is an excellent product.
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Anonymous on 01/11/2010:
"This is all done with intent and purpose by health officials in high places that are capitulating with the Luciferian conspirators."

Amen! And let me just add, even if you wrap your head in aluminum foil, they can still read your thoughts, unless you wrap it with the shiny side of the foil facing out. Oh crap! That black helicopter is hovering over my house again... got to run!
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Pathetic False Advertising
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They have a TV Infomercial and then the same on their online website, AquaVie Healthy Water Systems or www. and say this product is $39.95. When you go to order it, it is actually a whopping big $ 479.00 !!!! Is that major FALSE advertising or what? It also needs a MONTHLY $25.00 (including shipping) mineral additive that will cost you in addition to the sales price (indefinitely)! Somehow paying around a dollar a gallon for purified drinking water when I need it doesn't sound soooo bad any longer!

What a bunch of crooks that must think we are all a country of fools!
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Suusan B. on 09/20/2007:
Their website clearly states "Try it in your home RISK FREE for just $39.99! Click here to order now." It does not state that this is the full price of the unit.

"Country of fools"? You bet - - thousands of people fall for these offers everyday and place orders without finding out all the details.
Anonymous on 09/20/2007:
And once they have your credit card or bank account they steal you blind.
cindy p on 09/21/2007:
It SHOULD clearly state: The price is $479 and you can TRY it out for $39.99 ... NOT lead one to think the cost is $39.99
*Brenda* on 09/22/2007:
Cindy, it does clearly states that you can TRY it for $39.99. It says a risk free trial is $39.9.

How does that lead you to think the final cost is $39.99?
fabrosi on 09/26/2007:
cindyp thank u very much, I was going to buy this product.... after read your posting, I owe you some money... I agree with u they SHOULD say the right price
Jonathan Z on 09/26/2007:
Yeah, I have to say, a site that doesn't allow you to find the full price of a product ANYWHERE, except after you provide the company all your marketing details is pretty shady. The full price is nowhere to be found, that is, until you go to actually purchase.

For those looking to buy this, here's the skinny:

Unit "Trial" - $39.95
If you like it - $49.99/month for 5 months
Plus, mineral tablets - $29.95 shipped monthly with no clear way to cancel delivery anywhere on the site that start with the monthly Acceptance payment.

So, for the first 5 months (after Acceptance), you're billed monthly - 79.94 for a grand total after 5 months of $439.65

That makes the total first year cost $706.20

And for each additional year after that: $359.40

So I guess my 3 cents is: What a ripoff. INstead of getting this, buy bottle water, and just make sure you recycle the bottles, and if you really need this, then wait a few months. This'll be at your local Big Lots or bulk clearance website.
DigitalCommando on 09/26/2007:
Sounds like the only thing this product cleans is your wallet. Almost 500 dollars? What technology does it use and has it been approved or rated by anyone other than themselves? 25 dollars a month for "mineral tablets, what are the minerals, gold? Overpriced salt is more likely. Thanks for the tip. Now I can use that savings and donate it to 'Save the Gay Whales of Montana Foundation'.
Slimjim on 09/27/2007:
I've heard of many different water purifiers and some are pretty expensive, yet I have never heard of one that needs a number as high as $25 worth of material a month for it to perform.
GenuineNerd on 10/10/2007:
A $30 Pur faucet mount would be a better buy than that overpriced water purifier. And you can buy the Pur filters anywhere.
GreatestBear on 01/09/2008:
Please don't buy this machine. All this machine does is produce distilled water (claimed by the infomercial as "an advanced hydrologic process"). Distilled water is very pure water, but you can do the same at home by just boiling it and cooling the steam back into liquid. The tests that they perform comparing bottled and tap water to the aquavie system are very misleading. These tests actually do not prove whether or not the water is unsafe to drink. The unit is severely overpriced and the "minerals" they provide only suppliment the water with calcium and magnesium. Please don't be fooled into buying this device as these people are really pushing the line of false advertising.
ray_trace on 04/09/2008:
$700+ for the first year, $350+/ year subsequently?

Hey I got an idea, go but a COFFEE MAKER and run it w/o the coffee. Looks like it does pretty much the same thing, and It'll cost you $40 for a decent one.

$700 for a glorified coffee maker, compelling infomercial targeting stupid people. They'll make a bundle.
danapete on 08/17/2008:
this is the best water treatment system, money can buy. once the water has been distilled, place it in the refrigerator and once it cold....ITS THE BEST WATER IN THE WORLD....
the cost is comparible to other quality water treatment systems on the market...truly the best investment I HAVE MADE
danapete on 08/17/2008:
If you have complaints about the mineral replacement....just try buying a high end carbon filter water treatment system...and see how much the carbon filter will cost a year...try 200-300 hundred dallors
HellenDenise on 09/04/2009:
I bought this unit about 2 and a half years ago....WHAT A RIP OFF!!!! DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!!! First off, they automatically bill and send you the mineral cartridges. I was shocked. When I called the company to cancel this, they representative was so rude. I cancelled it. And now the machine is sitting on my kitchen counter broken. Just stopped working. My 21-year-old son wants to "fix" it, but I won't let him near it. I don't know what to do with I sit here, staring at the 2 cases of bottled water on the floor!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT!!!! I AM GOING TO TELL EVERYONE I CAN ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PIECE OF CR@P!!!!
Slimjim on 09/04/2009:
It's interesting that this compliant was revived and to see the site now. The unit is not deceptively priced anymore, but it is down all the way to $149. Such a bargain!
misslu on 01/15/2011:
I have had one for at least three years and I love it. I did think it was expensive before buying it, but it's cheaper than bottled water, better for the environment and tastes great.
John on 02/24/2013:
Buy it on Amazon $130, no monthly costs. Miniral filter is for every 25 gallons of water, not a monthly cost. The end amortized cost of this unit is .60 cents to make a gallon. Far cheaper than anything else on the market. I own it. I like it. My only real citrisim is that they should make a glass version of the receptical for thoes of us who have been made are paranoid about plastic containers.
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