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The Absolutely Worst Customer Service In Wisconsin
Posted on
SUSSEX, WISCONSIN -- If you have a heart condition, high blood pressure or just get angry fast --- DO NOT --- under any circumstances have anything to do with Aqua Fun Pools of Sussex, WI.
Your phone calls go unanswered. If they schedule a service date for you the chances are they won't show up, and won't call to let you know this. A minor repair can take weeks to fix because the service manager Lynn is a complete idiot. She is completely confused, and has no concept of what consumer satisfaction is. If they say they need to order replacement parts for your pool you better call back in a couple of days to make sure it's been done. Chances are it hasn't.
I wouldn't recommend shopping for pool supplies there either. The store clerks aren't too swift either, and the prices are 25 - 100% higher than comparable stores in the area. And for heavens sake don't let them build your pool. My experience was that it took 3 weeks longer than planned, they ordered the wrong heater, circulating pump, and light. COMPLETE IDIOTS.
They are not the only game in town. Contact other pool/spa dealers before you go there.
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User Replies:
Aqua Fun on 03/06/2006:
Thanks for you comments. My name is Paul Sucharski, and I have been the general manager of Aqua Fun pools since early 2004. I also took over running the service department as of March of 2005. I spent 12 years working for one of Aqua Fun's competitors prior to joining Aqua Fun's team. Since you have chosen to hide behind your anonymity, it is difficult for me to respond to your specific problems. However, I can tell you that Lynn is no longer with our company. Also, as far as the pricing of our products is concerned, your charges are at the very least exaggerated, and quite honestly, very false. We consistently shop our competitors, and do what we can to competitively price our products. For example, we have consistently had the lowest local price on Nature 2 cartidges for spas since long before I got here. Also, as far as our showroom staff is concerned, I won't try to claim that we're perfect, but we certainly provide a higher level of service and knowledge than the vast majority of our local competitors. Frankly, if we're guilty of anything, it's probably that we give out TOO MUCH free advice when we could be selling service calls instead. However, I can live with that. As far as the construction of your particular pool is concerned - again, because you have chosen to hide your identity, I can't comment specifically - but I would ask you to contact me personally at 262-246-6841 x 21, so that we may discuss any issues you might be having, as I would appreciate the chance to offer a resolution. Thank you. 3/6/06
mjc819 on 04/20/2006:
I wonder who wrote this review? I am suspicious as to if it was a customer or a competitor.

I realize people have the first amendment, but this is teetering on slander.
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