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This Place Is A Joke!
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DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA -- First off I bought a car from APK and they waited so long to pay it off that it went against my credit. When I went up to talk to the GM about it(after the loan company for the car I traded in called me) he assured me he would get it handled. 2 weeks later it still was not paid off. I heard from another customer that this is normal practice for them. They should not be allowed to screw up somebody's credit.

Then I went in for an oil change and there was an angry customer there waiting to talk to the Service Manager. He said he had been waiting for 45 minutes. He also said he had waited to talk to the Service Manager before but the S/M never showed up. This was the 2nd time he requested to see him and he didn't show up. He said he called him several times before coming up there and he never got a return phone call. This Service Manager sounds like a "real winner".

I have personally not had to deal with him, and hopefully I will never have to. They think just because they have the "V.I.P" that customers will return, but with Management like that it WILL keep customers away.
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Out Of Their Way
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I bought a car in April of 2009 from Arbor Place Kia and had a very good experience. They went out of their way to find me the color that I wanted at the same price I had been quoted for one on the lot. I did the papers and they brought the car to my house once they had gotten it. The service was great. It's my second Kia (not from them) and I love the cars.
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Great service
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DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA -- Arbor Place Kia is a great service department and I really appreciate the time they took to help my family and I.
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