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Complaint for Crosstec Carbon Helmet
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MICHIGAN -- I recently purchased a brand new Arctic Cat Crosstec Carbon helmet from a dealer. For such a large price tag, I expected much higher quality!
First, lets start by telling you about the change over between regular shield and electric. The changeover itself isn't bad, but to change over the visor is where I had some problems. There are 4-tiny screws that hold the visor on, extremely easy to strip out the 2 plastic threads that hold on the visor, even using the lightest touch...My opinion...Bad engineering design!
Next, regardless of the shield used, the helmet doesn't seem to seal well between the bottom of the shield and lower portion of the helmet.
During mid to high speeds the amount of blistering cold air and snow coming in is just to much to handle, and NO the vents were not open, just...once again bad design.
For a $300.00 helmet the expectations should be much higher!
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