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Deceiving Online Retail Practice
By -

I enjoy shopping online and do so very frequently. However, my experience with Ardenb is by far the worst. First, I did not receive any confirmation email for my order. Once I received the order, I quickly tried the clothing items. Because most of the items did not fit, I quickly went to the Arden B store to make my return being aware of the 7 day return policy under "online returns to an Arden B store" on their website. However, the Arden B employee refused to process my return stating that I have to do the return by mail because the items were on sale.

I went home and proceeded to call ArdenB to obtain the required RMA # to make my return. The representative informed me that she will not issue me an RMA # because sale items are not returnable. You can imagine my surprise and frustration.

After carefully rereading the returns policy, I emailed to Arden B explaining that because their return policy is unclear, they should issue a RMA # for me to make the return. Their response was that "it does state in our return policy, which is available for customers on our website, that clearance items are final sale". When I replied to that email to explain things further, I did not get any response. My subsequent emails requesting that they give me the contact information of a supervisor also remain unanswered.

Nowhere under the "Arden B Return Policy" and "Online Returns to an Arden B Store Location" sections were any mention of the fact that sales items were not returnable. Hidden in the "Returns by Mail" section was a mention that "Clearance purchases are final" despite the fact that the items I purchased were in the "Sale" section, not the clearance section. Online shopping websites (for example differentiate between "Sale" and "Clearance".

It seems that Arden B purposefully made it unclear so that customers would go through a hard time and be forced to keep the items they purchase. I am now stuck with $150 worth of clothing that does not fit me. Needless to say I will never shop at Arden B again and will warn everyone about their deceptive retail practice.

Corporate Is Corrupted.

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND -- I have a big problem with this company. As a former employee, not only was I treated unfairly but also Arden B staff have confided in each other complaining about Arden B's management team. Specifically the store located in Columbia Maryland has the most ridiculous management team I have every worked for. I am going to write a letter to Human Resources to complain about the store manager specifically. She not only was unprofessional forgetting simple things as employee requested day offs, but she was an autocratic manager. She was uncompassionate for sick employees and has even made them show up for work sick.

In one situation, an employee's grandmother had passed away and the manager tried to set a ultimatum that if this employee did not report to work knowing that her grandmother's funeral was on that day, she would be fired. The other assistant managers spoke to the store manager into making her employee give proof that her grandmother really died but showing her the death obituary. This is inhuman and sad that someone would ask for this type of proof. Who in the right mind would joke about her grandmother's death?

Another inhuman thing that this store manager of Columbia location did to me was defending another employee. This employee for the first time met me and has threatened me by saying "I ought to cut you!" When I spoke to the store manager aside after this incident happen she excused the whole thing by saying that's how that employee is and I should not worry. That is very unprofessional.

Sadly the District Director of Arden B finalized my idea of corporate corruption was when she treated me like a criminal during my shopping time at the Arden B in Bethesda. I believe that this individual (not knowing that I was a former worker) judged me on the way I was dressed and discriminated me.

Like I said, I am going to write to the Arden B human resource to complain further but I am deeply hurt by this experience. I will never work for this company again because its management is unethical, immature, unprofessional, and corrupted. The girls who work there, especially in management stereotype their customers and is losing big time.

Customer Service - Online
By -

I have placed a few online orders from Arden B. and each time the order service and the customer service are a walk in HELL!!! The orders do not get recognized with a confirmation email, so you as a customer do not have a copy of order #, when, what and how much. When trying to call Customer service, instead of the announced 3 to 5 minutes wait, I wait for 12-17 minutes listening to the most annoying old loud music. When speaking to a representative they have attitude. They are rude, with demeaning disposition, do not listen what you have to say, do not treat you with the respect you deserve.

I returned an item and was not reimbursed for two months. Every time I call, a representative would tell me the refund will appear in my next bank statement. Was charged different amounts and got reimbursed different amounts for the same style and price item (one for me and one for my daughter). In the end, the merchandise that I received was a poor quality - unraveling fabric, bad seaming, etc. I am not going to buy anything anymore from that company!!! P.S. So, a company cannot send an email confirmation for your order, but could find you to spam you almost every day sending stupid emails about 'sales'.

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