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Defective Merchandise & They Don't Stand Behind Their Products
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Rating: 1/51

WALTON HILLS, OHIO -- Don't bother purchasing from this company. I visited the Arhaus store at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, GA where Vannah was my associate. I fell in love with, and purchased the Eaton Dinning Banquette and Leighton Dining table in February. The items were delivered in September 2017 (because we decided to hold off on delivery while we were renovating).

Within a week of delivery I noticed that the finish on the dining table was peeling. I had been encouraged by Vannah to purchase the “Worry Free” protection plan which would take care of any issue with the furniture. I was reassured that the plan would either fix or replace the furniture if there were any issues with the product not performing well. So, I filed a claim with the protection plan. They sent out a technician, filled in the defective areas, leaving the table looking brand new again. I was very pleased at this point.

Now, fast forward a few months the exact same thing is happening. I filed another claim for the exact same reason, and now the new claim is being denied due to “excessive wear” which apparently isn't covered with the protection plan.

As I've expressed to Arhaus Concierge in an email (of which they haven't responded), there is no way that the same peeling that happened within a week of delivery can be considered “excessive wear” 4 months later. This is not something that I would have expected from a $3000 dining table. The quality of their furniture is of Rooms to Go or Value City with a Furnitureland South price point. They absolutely do not behind their products!!! Once the sale is made and they have their money they could care less.

Additionally, the fabric selection that was chosen for the banquette is HORRIBLE! It does not wear well, and is difficult to clean. I initially questioned whether this fabric was appropriate to use in our breakfast area. Again, I was reassured by Vannah that the worry free plan would take care of an spills or stains on the fabric. Being that she was considered one of their best interior designers, I trusted her when I was told that if they couldn't clean any future stains, the entire piece would be replaced.

This sounded reasonable being that we were paying $4000 for the dining banquette. What actually happens when a stain isn't removed with professional cleaning is they will send a piece of fabric along with a technician to reupholster the furniture. This wouldn't be such a bad option if the reupholstered fabric wasn't in worse condition than the damaged piece. This place is a complete RIP-OFF!!! Don't waste your money!!! Definitely don't worry with the “Worry Free” plan.

Very Bad Customer Service and Delivery Timeframe!!
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Rating: 1/51

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS -- In December of 2017 we went to Arhaus in the Woodlands Mall. We were shopping for a sectional couch and we ended up custom ordering one from them. They told us it would take 6 to 8 weeks. We really did not want to wait that long because we needed the furniture basically at that time, however after talking it over my husband and I decided that a few more weeks would be acceptable because we were very excited about the custom piece. The sales lady was very sweet and very helpful at that time.

We submitted our specifications, measurements, color and all the details of what we wanted in our new sectional. We were assured of the quality of our purchase and we would not be sorry for the 6 to 8 week wait. Well... 6 weeks, 8 weeks went by still no furniture. We did not say too much at that time. 10 weeks, 11 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks went by not one word, phone call, text or email from Arhaus since we ordered the furniture.

My husband called the sales lady, she was unavailable so another lady said she could help him. When he gave her the info she said that they needed to collect the balance?? (What) We had opened an account with Arhaus in December to purchase the sectional. I have made 6 payments to date so he and I were a bit confused as to why she would say that.

When he explained to her we had an account she ok. She then told my husband that she would have our original sales lady call us. (Really)??! More than a week I would say. She also said that our order was not put in when it was suppose to be. She assumes because of the first of the new year. She told us she was sorry and that it should be here middle of April. NOT GOOD NEWS!! We are at a standstill in getting other pieces for that room, ok nothing we can do at this point.

April has come and gone... Still no furniture. I was getting REALLY upset at this point. I called the sales lady once more and informed her that the furniture still was not here and we had not heard from anyone. She told us that they were behind a week. (Really)??! More than a week I would say. She told me that the furniture would be ready for delivery by the 11th of May and to look for a call to schedule delivery. Guess what?? The 11th has come and gone!! So here we are 22 weeks, six payments later and no furniture!!! I received a text saying they would deliver on the 25th of May. Not sure what to expect. I guess they will...

I most likely will never buy any custom or furniture from Arhaus again. They have a nice entertainment piece that I like but at this point it is not worth the runaround and the wait that I have experienced so far. So I will look elsewhere for the other household items that I have not purchased yet. I do not at this point recommend anyone who is looking for furniture to purchase from Arhaus unless you do not mind a lengthy wait time. I am very disappointed in the way they have handled this matter and for the lack of empathy for our situation. I now have a credit line that I will never use.

Defective Rania Chandelier
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Rating: 2/51

HUDSON, OHIO -- 8/5/17 we fell in love with the Rania Chandelier, ordered it from the Beachwood, OH location and picked it up at the store 3 weeks later. We were in the middle of a remodel, electricians had already completed most of their work but agreed to come out to install chandelier (it's about 24 lbs and our ceilings are high). They installed chandelier, only 1 out of the 4 light fixtures worked. They tried and we also tried different bulbs etc. We told them to leave and we would call Arhaus.

We called Arhaus, they have no support for electrical items like chandeliers, they said they would do an exchange, which meant having the chandelier UN-installed and a new one delivered. When we called, the concierge service was REALLY NICE and told us they would come to the house the following Friday. I took the day off work, no one showed up. When I called them back, they said, "Oops... someone forgot to check the stock, it's on backorder until NOVEMBER".

November came, I had to get someone to TAKE DOWN THE 1st defective chandelier... I called Arhaus back, "yes, it's in stock... we can set up a time". I asked for the last appointment of the day since both myself and my husband leave for work before 6:30am. We also work long days and usually don't get home until quite late... but, I told them if they made me the last appointment, I would try to leave work early. They called the night before and said, "we will be at your house between 7AM and 9AM!" By that time, my husband had to cancel a meeting because I couldn't change the patient schedule. They showed up at 7am and the invoice clearly stated “guest needs Delivery/exchange as late in the day as possible".

11/10/17 THE SECOND CHANDELIER DIDN'T WORK EITHER! This isn't like a lamp you can plug in to see if it works... it has to be wired into the ceiling etc etc... I had to call Arhaus again, I told them I didn't want a replacement. Once again we had to go thru the scheduling problems AND 4 phone calls the day prior to finally get them to come later in the day (as it was they showed up 30 minutes before the 'earliest' time frame they gave us... fortunately, I had a feeling and had left work early)... this was on 11/17/17.

I just called Arhaus (11/28/17), 'where is my refund'... "OH... Looks like accounting hasn't 'picked that up yet'" ... "I can handle that for you over the phone if you can give me the credit card information". I expressed again my dis-satisfaction with the product and the expense and time it has taken to install and uninstall and schedule pickups etc etc etc. they said "send us a receipt... we might be able to do something..."

However, my remodeler isn't willing to tease out specific charges to our overall bill. I asked for a small gift card consideration but they said NO, I can understand since I can't produce an actual invoice due to the remodel... but, as a regular customer, you would think a gift card would be appropriate. I have purchased a chandelier from a different company (and have to get someone to install that one too!).

I am warning you NOT to purchase this chandelier!!! 2 defective ones and the hassle of installations, pickups, having to call to get the refund processed... I own at least 20 Arhaus furniture items and have been quite happy with them... I've decided they aren't getting anymore of my business.

Awful Experience
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKFIELD, WISCONSIN -- NOT WORK WITH BORIS. Do not shop at this store unless you want a nightmare. This is the worst customer experience I've ever had and I mean every word of that. FIRST and foremost it's important for you to know that in the "fine print" they reserve the right to alter your custom order without asking you, without telling you and as they deem fit. You get to find out when the furniture is delivered and 4 inches shorter than you ordered. We even called Boris 3 times before placing the order to confirm that this particular chair, in this particular fabric, on this frame would be this height.

As a natural salesman he assured us everything would be that way, only to find out 8 weeks later it would not be that way. Of course when you call to understand why you are told they no longer make that item and it will have to stay as is and please accept our tiny discount. SECOND do not plan on getting that discount for weeks. We have been on the phone with Boris asking where the refund is.

We are told it was processed and the email should be arriving saying it was processed, however no email. So they ask for another email address, we give it to them and still no email. Almost feels as though they are avoiding processing the refund. THIRD let me also point out we believe there is also call dodging going on.

My wife has called multiple times and asked for Boris only to be told "he's with another customer and will call back" and as you can guess no he does not call back. She calls again and is told he is with a customer, so she decided to call back immediately from our house phone (different number) and wouldn't you know it, Boris answers! This is ridiculous, the store is ridiculous, we still have no refund and we owe it to fellow customers to inform them... just read the other reviews and do not shop here!!

Not What I Ordered
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Rating: 1/51

EDINA, MINNESOTA -- Arhaus - Furniture store - Edina MN - Buyer Beware. August 2017, ordered several pieces of furniture, including a custom chair and 2 custom sofas (74" length & 46" depth and 94" length & 46" depth. November 2017 rec'd damage chair with tags removed, rec'd both sofas 2"+ shorter in length and depth, one sofa has tags for Crate and Barrel, the other Arhaus, very odd. Also, purchased extra insurance for all pieces. I was told the documents for the additional insurance on all pieces would be delivered with the furniture, it wasn't.

Called and worked with concierge service and directly with the store manager to resolve issues and have correct furniture ordered and delivered. Both concierge service and manager informed me that the new furniture would be correct and the furniture insurance documents would be delivered with the new/corrected furniture, but the new furniture would not be delivered until some time in February 2018.

The store manager stated that for my inconvenience he would reimburse me $750. Feb 2018. New furniture delivered, sofas still the wrong size. Nor, did I receive the insurance docs or the promised check. Because the sofas were not correct I refused delivery. Spoke to the store manager, Robert and he said he would get back to me, that was a week ago. I have left several voice messages, but he has not returned any of my calls. Spoke to the concierge service, Rachel stated that because this is a custom piece it can be 2" shorter in length and depth than what I order, are you kidding me?

Nowhere in any of the documentation I receive states anything of this nature. If you ordered a sofa that is advertised as such but sends items 2+ inches shorter in length and depth isn't that false advertisement? Yes, it is. I have no other recourse than to pursue litigation in order to obtain a full refund, which I plan on doing as soon as I speak to my attorney.

Delayed Shipping
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Rating: 1/51

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- We ordered a table online. When we ordered the table, it was noted that it would be ready in mid-June (we were ordering in mid-May). I checked in towards the end of May and was informed that we were still on schedule. Today (June 11) we stopped by the store and asked if they could check on the status of our online order.

We were informed by the associate that he highly doubted we would be receiving our table on time and that we should "be very worried" about when we might receive the table. Sure enough, as soon as I got home, I called the online support, and were notified that it was now likely to be ready in mid-September. Not only is this extremely frustrating, I don't know when (or if) Arhaus was going to reach out to us to notify us of the delay.

Don't Waste Your Money on an Expensive Rug!!
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Rating: 1/51

TROY, MICHIGAN -- Do not waste your money on their expensive rugs!!! We purchased a leather sectional, an ottoman, a large dining table, six dining chairs...and splurged on a very expensive rug. Since we spent close to $20,000, we decided to purchase the "no worries" policy which would cover all of our purchase up to $10,000 for 5 years. The rug was opened and laid when the furniture was delivered on November 3. By December, this high end rug began fraying at the corners and around the edges. I contacted the Arhaus Concierge with my concerns. They requested photos of the problem areas and I sent them several.

It is now Mid-March and I have had no resolution! I have spoken with at least 4 different customer service people and was told they were going to exchange the rug, as it should not be fraying... Duh. The latest...they never follow up. I called yet again (I've had to repeat the whole lousy story a dozen times to each new representative I talk to).
During the last call, I was told that it was my fault that the rug frayed because I vacuumed it!! REALLY, how should I clean it??? The girl told me I was supposed to sweep it!!! LOL! That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, especially since the tag on the back says to "VACUUM REGULARLY"!!

Current status, after I read my care instructions to her, she said she was going to send my "case" back for further review. That was weeks ago and I have still not heard anything back. WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM THAT STORE AGAIN!

Horrible Online Order Experience
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Rating: 1/51

WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA -- Ordered online in November of 2017. Only received one email that the order was placed. In that confirmation is stated that I would be contacted within 14 days from a 3rd party delivery service to set up time and date for delivery. I did not receive any contact within 14 days.

After 20 days I called Arhaus Concierge service. Was told the chairs were in and would be delivered Christmas week. Did not hear back, called week after Christmas and was told they were waiting on the fabric which was going to be in Dec 30th. Did not hear back, called again on 1/15 and was told all products are now in and will be delivered to their Charleston warehouse and will be contacted once they arrive.

I have no confidence that this will happen and this will be my very last time I ever do any business with them. I feel like I am in "Groundhog Day" with a repeating scenario that just will not end. Each time I called Customer Service I received a different answer. They don't keep records of call history and the representative was very short with me and did not want to hear that I had any previous issues. I never write reviews, but this has been so bad that it was worth the 5 minutes to explain my experience. Stay away... stay far away from ordering online!

Chairs Deteriorated Soon After Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- I purchased a dining room table and 6 chairs at Arhaus 15 years ago. This set was rarely used... 2-3 times a year for special events. During the first year a guest literally fell off a chair that broke under her. Chairs continued to deteriorate as the years went on. Screws fell out, screws were missing, joints opened up... on and on. My fault for not bringing this to their attention right from the start. If you don't report problems within 14 days of purchase they don't want to hear about your problem. I would not recommend Arhaus.

Defective Couch
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Rating: 1/51

FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a couch in August 2016 and paid nearly $3,000 from Arhaus furniture store in Freehold, NJ. I noticed that within a few weeks of delivery, the couch made a loud squeaking noise whenever anyone sat or moved on the couch. I called the Concierge and reported my complaint. A furniture expert came to our house and although he mentioned that there were no apparent structural issues, he could clearly hear the squeaking noise and believed that it was a matter of adjusting one of the legs, however, he would have to submit the report before making any corrections.

Several weeks passed and no one contacted me, I had to call and was advised that there was nothing to be done and refused to give me a copy of the report. I was infuriated to say the least and called the Freehold store and requested to speak with the manager. The manager never came to the phone and the following day I received a call back from an associate advising me to contact the Concierge as there was nothing they could do. As I tried to explain that I already went through that process, I was constantly interrupted and told that there was nothing they could do!

This was my first experience with Arhaus and my last. I have bought furniture from Ethan Allen and the high quality and superb customer service is unsurpassable. Luckily, I contacted my credit card company and placed a dispute and they assisted me since Arhaus was not willing to rectify the problem, the credit of the purchase of my couch is now permanent.

Actually, I would have preferred if Arhaus had picked up my couch so I can actually go back to Ethan Allen and purchase a couch which is constructed in high quality. I would highly recommend NOT to purchase any items from Arhaus as you will never get anything resolved if you encounter any issues with the product, in particular if you are dealing with the Freehold, NJ store.

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