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Bait And Switch, Fraudulent Practices
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LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- My husband and I bought one couch, two chairs and two bar stools. Our sales representative said that there was a special promotion that meant we could order any item of furniture with any fabric for no extra charge. We ordered the Seneca couch and chair in leather, as well as the slipcover chair and two bar stools. We had a written contract for the total price of $5506. The furniture was to be delivered in eight to ten weeks. We wrote a check for half of the purchase amount, and agreed to pay the rest of the amount when the furniture arrived. This was on Saturday, December 3.

On Tuesday, December 6th, our sales person called and said they would not honor the contract unless we paid an additional $2800, above the purchase prices of $5506. I found this demand bizarre and outrageous, cancelled the transaction and put a stop payment on my check. The sales person called back and suggested that I let the check go through, and let them give me a refund, to save myself the stop payment fee on the check. I assume they think I have the brains of a gerbil -- why they think I would trust them to refund my money when they have proven themselves dishonest is beyond me, and I find the entire experience fraudulent and blatant bait and switch. I have copies of this contract and will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Do not do business with this company.
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furnman on 12/12/2011:
This sounds like an error by the sales associate, you mentioned they could order any "fabric" at no extra charge, you ordered leather which carries a much higher cost. They should have given you a clear explanation as to why there was a $2800 difference. Thisis just. a guess, sales associate was probably told of the error and he could either collect the difference from you or they would house the sale, meaning no commission for him. From your explanation this is not a good way to build a customer relationship.
JayByJay on 12/12/2011:
What was the reason given for the $2800?
Skye on 12/12/2011:
I was also wondering what the extra $2800.00 was for?

You did the right thing, but not allowing them to keep the check, and then allowing them to issue you a refund. Still, it would help others to know what the extra charge was going to be for?
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