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Watermelon fruit juice cocktail is awesome
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I'm a fan of the Arizona brand of ice teas, I get them every now and then. I recently saw they carried different flavored beverages as well. I saw they had a watermelon fruit juice I decided to pick one up. This has to be the best tasting watermelon beverage I have ever tasted very yummy.

It has a very nice refreshing taste and a nice watermelon flavor. I got one from Walgreens. Its usually a $1.00 they had it on sale though 2 for $1.00. I ended up going back and buying 4 more its that good. I highly recommend it, if you like watermelon flavored beverages.
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User Replies:
ticia232 on 08/26/2011:
I LOVE those. They taste like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher candy!
Skye on 08/26/2011:
Good review Wally, thanks!

ticia, I was just telling my hubby the other day I had such an intense craving for watermelon Jolly Ranchers!!!! Good stuff :)
Alain on 08/26/2011:
I love that Jolly Rancher! Haven't had any in a while. V Helpful, Wally and Ticia and I'm going to get some of both!
GreenstarYT on 08/26/2011:
I used to love juice drinks like that, but since finding out most are just HFCS and water with no real juice, I stopped drinking them. I only do drinks made with sugar and real juice now.
Anonymous on 08/26/2011:
Yeah they aren’t for the health conscious but you can splurge on one every now and then.
Skye on 08/26/2011:
That's right Wally! And I'm going to splurge and buy this tomorrow.

After all, as I always say, DEPRIVATION is the most fattening thing.

GreenstarYT on 08/26/2011:
I'm not doing it to diet, I can't lose any more weight or I'd be skin and bones. I'm just vehemently against HFCS and do my best to avoid it where possible.
Skye on 08/26/2011:
I don't diet, I maintain a healthy weight with lots of exercise, healthy eating, and drinking lots of water everyday.

I look at it this way. I take excellent care of my body because it's the only place I have to live!
Anonymous on 08/26/2011:
I keep trying to post a picture but I kept getting logged out and it wouldn't post. Site still has a few bugs and the spell check does not work.
Anonymous on 08/26/2011:
Skye, I don't diet either, per se. I eat everything in moderation and I exercise. I only drink water, with the exception of my morning coffee and one or two alcohol drinks a week. Wally, I love watermelon, but not watermelon beverages. Just like I love raspberry beverages but hate raspberries. Yeah I'm difficult like that
Anonymous on 08/26/2011:
Thanks for the tip, Mr. Wally. I was looking for a good watermelon-based drink after having had one in a restaurant recently.

I bought some Jolly Rogers watermelon drink and thought I could mix it with other fruit drinks (namely lemonaid), but I have yet to find the correct ratios. Anyway, your drink sounds like it will work! (I hope so!)
Anonymous on 08/27/2011:
Watermelon Hubba-Bubba...Oh yeahhhhhhhhh!
Anonymous on 08/27/2011:
Sounds like it might be good spiked with vodka
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