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Armando Montelongo Seminars
2935 Thousand oaks Dr., #6-285
San Antonio, TX 78247
800-854-9582 (ph)
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Employee Stranded in Reno Nevada
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I was a student of Armando's and am successful in anything I do! However, I like the rest of the world wanted to know the real truth behind the scenes of his company. I own personally, 4 different companies. This is just another added to my tool box as they at AM would say. First week on the job: I was with Rick, Brian, and Ryan. The 3 top dogs as far as mental, screw with your head speakers and speakers in training. My first 5 weeks in the company btw... I received zero training. First week on the job, details were limited to me and investing in Real Estate and different strategies were a secret. I knew something was fishy (Houston, Texas).

2nd week on the job: I was flown to Phoenix, Arizona to be a part of the 3 day workshop to get people to the 45k bus tour. The beauty of his 3 day close as they call it, is to get the most money they can before day's end Sunday. Come Sunday afternoon, the price drops to $17,900.00. It is supposed to be a present directly from Armando but a single peep cannot be said as they enter the room they were just pulled out from to be separated from the other students who just finished paying 43,900, 33,900, 22,900, or 17,900...

3rd week on the job: We were in Las Vegas, Nevada. They opened up more and more because the brother Rick was not attending. Learned how they size people up and figure out how much money they have by filling out an "Financial Game Plan" which includes everything down to what they own or have worked for their entire lives.

Those would be the retirement accounts which are directed to a Company called "Preferred Trust" who is supposed to help people get their money invested with a simple roll over to this company. Guess who owns that company??? I'll tell you this... Armando owns it and it is ran by a man known as "Kurt the Shirt!" Name is protected by the laws of Nevada unless you put a determined attorney behind it to figure out the man behind it all.

4th week on the job: St. Louis, Missouri. Met with a gentleman they call Chachi in the office. I asked him if I could get some help while working with the students to better improve my relationship with new students. I have a 19:07 second recording about how to get students to rev up their CC status when many just paid off their debt and were perfectly fine feeling better than they ever have before.

As I have a direct text message from Armando saying it is all a "SCIENCE." This was the first week, first morning before I went in to the seminar. Met with his students at the bar downstairs and talks with the team at dinners but them opening up to information was very difficult for me to get it out of them.

5th week on the job: We were flown into Reno, Nevada for another seminar. One student didn't make the Friday due to work. Rick told me to stay behind and bring home the sale for the 1st time in company's history for the past 6 years, 100% of the room was sold. I did as instructed because I had already talked with him and told him I would get him through his 1st property because they didn't trust the AM team. I met him later that night to sign.

I was called about middle day that day by the Head of HR director Alfonso and told me he had bad news. He said they were letting me go because I wasn't a good fit for the company???!!! He shut off my company email and basically left me stranded. Armando blocked me as if he didn't care, and now I know he doesn't.

If a gentleman that is supposed to be helping the world and giving back, why is his success rate so low. Maybe because in one day of content, there are actually only about 45 minutes of actual information and that confuses people to the fullest because when they need to answer questions, they are asked to write their questions down and they will be answered. Back to Psychology lessons and Mind **. Thank God I had money and have money to get back home to my family while he continued life to keep on portraying himself as the Tycoon he is with a Big Heart.

The money he is giving back is the money that is held in their Escrow Account (ARMANDO'S COMPANY) from students who can't get their refund because they are pushed off until after the cancellation date until he is ready to make an impact and Give Back to one of his proposed charities. You guys are paying that. Shouldn't you have a choice on which Foundation you would like to give it to??

Btw... I was told to come home from Reno, w/o a ticket basically and told me to leave the one student behind that never got his 3rd day of instruction for the $1497. I STAYED ANYWAY to tell this guy the truth. He still signed and now has tried cancelling. Can only imagine where that will end up?I will help him for FREE. Similar story to many??

I got home and called Rick to come pick up his contract and money. He told me to deliver it to the office as if I am supposed to be the chauffeur. I told him I was heading South to get away for a few days and if he wanted the contract to come pick it up or I was going to just throw it in the trash. After all, HR had told me to come home and leave the student behind. WOW!! He then to continue to tell me to not ** with them or they will ruin my family financially and then went on to threaten my life as well as my family's. A direct text on my phone and now backed up off site.

True leaders in our economy helping students and giving back. You can't walk down one solid block in San Antonio where I live and know at least one person that this man has affected. Just think about the rest of the United States where he flies out 3-7 teams a week out to different venues to sell them a "DREAM." He will be stopped, can be stopped, and his time screwing people has become my full time mission to take him out of business and out of this state and in a Federal prison where he belongs.

I know people in high authority with the law here in SA he never knew I knew. He is blasting on FB my PAST criminal History from a fake FB account. I didn't delete it. I don't need to hide anything. Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future! I created my future and am doing very well, family business he is now attacking with false reviews on and Google. No worries. If anyone wants to send him a BD card or Xmas card, please mail to **, San Antonio, TX where he currently resides with his family.

Please put your letter in a PINK ENVELOPE and spray PERFUME on it... lol. His #FinalChapter in business will dwindle away... just hide and watch. This for all the American People out there that were affected by his company. I had to go into hiding because of multiple death threats coming from a prepaid throwaway phone. It was traced by The Feds which my family is a part of here in San Antonio!!! May be him behind the fake phone. Why wouldn't it be??

Anyone interested in learning more or jumping board on a serious mission to tell their story, I would love to hear it so I can pass this along to my team who has actively been working on this case for 5 years now! Time to go away AM ;)).

Buyer Beware
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- The problem started on 6/28/2014 when my partner and I enrolled in the Market Domination Program and paid $10,000.00 dollars on 6/30/2014. We got bad news about her son's medical issue and he was unable to be left alone the problem is and we'll be on-going until who knows.

We had until 7/2/2014 to cancel. There was no fax number on the contract just an address so we called and asked what we must do, was told to make a copy and send the copy along with one pink form to the address on the contract, so we did, waited a few weeks and called back to see if they had got the cancellation form - they said no, so we waited a few more weeks and called back, nothing. We waited and months went by and nothing. Finally on 2/16/2015 they gave us the fax number to send the forms so we did, and waited a few days and called them. They said "We're looking over it" over.

We waited a few days and called back only got the answering machine, left many messages over the days, weeks and months. It's now 2/25/2015 and they're still giving us the runaround. So far we spent around 42,000.00 dollars on their programs and we're very unhappy with the service. All they had to do was refund the $10,000.00 back during the 7/2014 and everything would have been just fine. But all you get with this company is the runaround.

SCAM, 100% Ripp off
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My mom and I paid $1,497.00 only to find out that we were ripped off. The main goal of this seminars to convince us to purchase a bus tour for $39,000. They wanted us to max out our credit cards, get loans, and borrow money from friends and family to get this money. They are nuts. These people are willing to take your last penny, for this scam project that they are doing, with no problem. They even have one guy working with them that claims he's a pastor. When I told him we would not but the bus tour he got mad. These people on Armondos payroll will stop at nothing to take peoples money. Please don't let them get your money.

"Bait and switch" workshop scam
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- On April 27, 2010, I charged $800.00, discounted from $1,497.00 retail, on my HSBC MasterCard to pay in full for a “3-Day Workshop Package” (May 7-9, 2010 – transaction #1117) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After paying, I was given a “Master Home Study Course” as well as a workshop certificate and two so called money back guarantees.

From May 11, 2010, until filing for a charge back on June 02, 2010, I tried to resolve this issue in good faith with AMS. However, all I encountered, from countless phone calls and e-mails, was the run around and finger pointing. Even when I proved the home study course was nothing more than repackaged, free information online, that even contradicted sessions taught at the workshop, AMS replied that their prices for goods and services were justified by Montelongo's TV show, “Flip This House,” on A&E.

I disputed the charge for “legal services” not received based on what was promised at the seminar versus what was delivered at the workshop. Bottom line, the workshop was used to up sell each paid attendee to either the Gold Elite ($21,495.00) or Platinum Elite ($25,495.00) AMS memberships costing thousands more instead of fulfilling the original contract. That is, plain and simple, “bait and switch” which is not only unethical but illegal!

To date, no response from AMS, as promised by e-mail no later than June 1, 2010, has been received. I've disputed the charge with MasterCard as well as filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, Oklahoma Attorney General, Texas Attorney General, California Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report, Complaints Board, Consumer Affairs, and My 3 Cents. Also, others at the workshop are demanding a refund also.

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