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Soldiers Beware
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NEW YORK -- Beware when you buy from this store. I ordered a pre-shaped beret from this store. The beret advertised pre shaped and inspection ready. When I received the beret it was preshaped with the fold to the left. This would mean you would have to reshape the beret. I contacted customer service. This person did everything he could to tell me I was wrong. He eventually called me back and stated they would refund my money and send me a new beret. A month later I never received anything. After contacting customer service several times. I finally got in contact with [snip]. He stated he issued me a store credit which I never have received. I have 18 years in the Army and have never dealt with anything this bad when it comes to customer service. I will chalk up the $27.51 as a loss. Soldiers beware do not buy from this store!!!!

I cannot imagine how many other Soldiers have been screwed by these guys. This Company also called me at work and threatened me after I wrote the original review online.
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Anonymous on 09/03/2008:
My sympathies. Try Brigade Quartermasters ( They sell the same thing with the Army flash already sewn on and they come pre-formed...for $14.99. I've bought from BQM for 20 years and never had a complaint with their merchandise or their service. Thanks for getting the word out on these other mooks.
Master Sergeant on 09/04/2008:
MSG Knapp who wrote this is completely wrong! We have sold over 10,000 berets to this date with no complaints.
MSG Knapp does not know how to wear an inspection ready beret or his head is backwards.

U.S. Army Black Beret with Flash

100 % Wool Beret
Pre-shaped and pre-shaven.
Beret is steamed to inspection-ready form.
Anonymous on 09/04/2008:
It takes a bit of courage to present 'the other side'. Has the poster received store credit or a refund as promised? It's impossible to please everyone. But, if the poster had an issue with this item and was promised a refund or credit, it should have been delivered. The OP also alleged that he was threatened by a representative of MSG. The intemperate comment "MSG Knapp does not know how to wear an inspection ready beret or his head is backwards." in an online forum may support his assertions. Just my opinion on the post.
TKnapp on 09/08/2008:
No I have not received any refund. I ordered a beret sent it back and they kept my money. They have since threatened me and even sent my boss a doctored up review that I posted to a site. I have proof. I have contacted my IG, JAG, BBB, and NY Attorney Generals office. Soldiers please be careful!!!
BAD_ATTITUDE on 09/08/2008:
Well it seems like they have incompetent staff working there. The BBB warns against them. They have had 38 complaints this year against them, that should tell you something. The Army Times even wrote a story about them warning Soldiers to stay away from this place.

As you can also see by the posting from Master Sergeant they also violate the customers private information by posting it on the web like they have.

The owners of this business Carmine and Maria are hiding out someplace while they let their goons Keith Zapata, Leslie Fields continue to threaten people. Personally I think Leslie is mad at his parents because they wanted a little girl and gave him a girls name.

Stay Alert, Stay Alive

I guess Mr Leslie Fields was supposed to work with the BBB since they had
New Yorker on 09/09/2008:
I too have had numerous problems with Armed Forces MCSS. This company is the worst. If you have problems with them, file with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. If enough people complain, the NYCDCA will file a class action lawsuit.
BAD_ATTITUDE on 01/25/2009:
CRAPPY SERVICE is what this store is about. Incompetent people running the place.
MSCHIEF on 02/22/2009:
The owner is CPT Maria Garcia her e-mail is

She is in the USAR and she works at the Jamaica Hospital. Its a shame that she runs her business like this and let her employees treat the soldiers like they do. E-mail her and let her know how dissatisfied you are with her business. Its a shame that the Armed Forces MCSS does not know the words "INTEGRITY" "HONOR" "RESPECT" I also think her husband also was in the USAR. It makes you wonder what values these two were raised with because they surely do not live by them.
Keith Zapata on 08/13/2010:
Read about Carmine on this Web page. Armed Forces MCSS is full of Lies, Deceit and Criminal activity. Read for yourself
sblam on 02/05/2011:
Purchased a Polar Fleece Jacket her on eBay. Ad stated new with tag, free hat, Polartec fleece, and made in USA, also had a video on listing. Item did NOT have any tags, NO FREE hat,was not Polartec fleece. Made in USA, yeah right!!! Refussed to refund money, so I filed a claim with PayPal and got money back. Ebay removed the original list for trademark violation. She relisted the jacket as "new without tags", not offering a free hat anymore, has removed all reference to any trademark, and no more vedio. She has this jacket listed for $37.99 on eBay and $69.99 on her web site. I hope eBay gives you the boot.
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