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Soldiers Beware
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NEW YORK -- Beware when you buy from this store. I ordered a pre-shaped beret from this store. The beret advertised pre shaped and inspection ready. When I received the beret it was preshaped with the fold to the left. This would mean you would have to reshape the beret. I contacted customer service. This person did everything he could to tell me I was wrong. He eventually called me back and stated they would refund my money and send me a new beret. A month later I never received anything. After contacting customer service several times. I finally got in contact with [snip]. He stated he issued me a store credit which I never have received. I have 18 years in the Army and have never dealt with anything this bad when it comes to customer service. I will chalk up the $27.51 as a loss. Soldiers beware do not buy from this store!!!!

I cannot imagine how many other Soldiers have been screwed by these guys. This Company also called me at work and threatened me after I wrote the original review online.
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