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Purchased A New Dodge Nitro 2007
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WEST PALM BEACH -- I purchased a new 2007 dodge Nitro in January. I've gone to Arrigo Dodge numerous times to complain about:

(1) whistling wind noise coming in from passenger window the service mgr says nothing they can do about it.

(2) My brakes don't feel like they are braking very well they say nothing wrong.

(3) I told them my a/c isn't getting cold enough they said it was low on freon on bring it back in 7 days like I have time for that.

(4) My car tilts to the left the service mgr said it measure right so again nothing was done it still is tilted.

(5) New SUV rusted frame,inside car they painted over it.

(6) Supposedly I got an oil chg they said they topped all fluids not done...

(7) Radio wasn't working well missing antenna mind you new SUV...

I keep ongoing to complain nothing is being done service mgr told me to complain to the lemon law Chrysler is the one who built these cars.. Yeah but they are the one selling these car's and not doing anything about it I am a single month who needs a good working SUV...
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Anonymous on 09/18/2008:
your number 3 complaint I've heard before on this site.

This is a new vehicle?? I'll be sure to stay away from Dodge
Anonymous on 09/18/2008:
TW, LOL, that number three was always good for a nice thread around here. Ah' the good old days.
madconsumer on 09/18/2008:
1. true there is nothing that cna be done to correct the seal.

2. anti lock brakes are this way.

3. newer ac's do not work like the olf freon ones. if you want it corrected, You will take it back.

4. tilts to the left? as in a heavy person driving?

5. if it is inside, how can you see it?

6. can you prove they did not top them off? and as well, maybe thye made a mistake and missed doing that.

7. if it was a new vehicle, then you should have noticed it had no antenna.

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