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What A Scam!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on
Nevermind what happened for this incident to progress this far and YES, I do my best to pay my bills on time, save for disputed parking tickets.

Anyway, Cortrust Bank sent my account to Arrow Financial, who I made regular payments to and eventually agreed upon a settlement amount split into two payments. First payment; No problem but when the second and final payment was due the problems started with this woman. First she can't find my file and gets an attitude about the amount that I am paying but with me not backing down, she came to her senses and said that after this payment all will be settled. This was on a Friday and no manager was around to authorize the charge to my "debit card" so for whatever reason no charge was applied until that Monday when it in turn was declined.

Now I don't claim to live a high octane lifestyle where I can't monitor my balance all weekend BUT when a given company gets my authorization to run a charge on my account I expect them to do it that day, right?

Well, that following Monday, I check my balance and notice that these people sent the charge through that Monday and it was declined. I promptly put more money onto the card and called the guy to tell the woman, who now seems to always be in a meeting to "run it" again.

Well, they finally did later that week but according to them it was charged to my card AFTER the settlement agreement deadline!! Friggin' bottomfeeders!!!

So this morning I call Redline Recovery Services who now have my account because Arrow (in my opinion) dragged their feet by not charging off my balance in a prompt manner.

So instead of me having paid this debt off months ago, I have been offered a new settlement amount for about 100 bucks more. I angrily accepted the offer and will demand a receipt stating that this account has been paid off in accordance with the settlement offer.

It seems to me what these collection agencies do is get as much as possible from you then if they get a chance to, they pass the paper off to another agency and try to "double bill" you.

I know money is tight these days but that shouldn't be the reason or excuse to try to rip people off.

In my opinion some of these collection agency employees rank right up there with used car salesmen, online loan officers and carnival game attendants!!!
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skelly39 on 07/21/2009:
Not here to judge since I've had my own share of financial mishaps, but if it happens again, get everything in writing, even if you have to be the one writing it and sending it certified mail. A letter to the effect of "per our conversation today, I have authorized you to charge my card xxx dollars in full and final settlement of this matter" should suffice...maybe...well, whatever. You get my point.
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
Thanks, Skelly. I will take heed.
BokiBean on 07/21/2009:
You're absolutely right, zz...these accounts are sold over and over and over again. Get that letter skelly was talking about, you may need it later. Good review, as always.
BokiBean on 07/21/2009:
P.S. I almost missed this review, give a shoutout next time! I think its being overlooked.
DebtorBasher on 07/22/2009:
ZZ...when you made your payment over the phone, did she give you a confirmation number? The rep screwed this one up, I don't believe there were no managers there at that time, even if they were there but in a meeting, SOMEONE would have been in charge of cover the floor for the managers...OR she could have takend the info manually, then had the manager take care of it. Taking it on a Friday and not posting it until the following week? It's not even a matter of how long it takes them to post a payment over a weekend...but for her to not have ANY record of you calling the payment in on Friday is a rep error..she didn't document your account and she did not code the account properly. I would fight them before making more arrangements with another agency, but it looks like you already made other arrangements. NEVER give them a payment for a 'settlement' without having that agreement in writing first.
Anonymous on 07/22/2009:
Thanks, DB. Waiting on a call back. I have called twice today.
DebtorBasher on 07/22/2009:
Anonymous on 07/22/2009:
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Paid Twice - Can't Get A Refund
Posted by on
NILES, ILLINOIS -- Arrow Financial Services collected a debt from me and unfortunately I paid them twice. The error was mine but they have been unresponsive to my requests to rectify the situation.

In March 2008 I paid $919.97 through an attorney - the payment went to Arrow Financial and it cleared my bank on March 11, 2008.

Thinking the first payment I made was for a different account I later paid Arrow Financial directly via a check and that check cleared my account on May 19, 2008.

I have been attempting to contact them since early in June. Four inquiries via their web site, a letter complete with a copy of the check, and 3 phone calls have produced no results. I have the customer service supervisor's name - he has apparently had my information and refuses to call me back. He has the arrogance to place a message on his voice that indicates he will return calls at HIS convenience.

Perhaps he feels entitled to have a low opinion of someone who has had the misfortune to find herself in a situation that ends up with bills turned over to collections. I hope it never happens to him because he will deserve exactly the consideration that he has given me! Regardless of his opinion I expect him to be professional and take care of business.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 07/19/2008:
ooppss, you may never get the money back. specially if it is a collection agnecy.
Anonymous on 07/19/2008:
You might try contacting the attorney that you worked with and paid the first payment to and see if they have any advice on how to get this resolved. Regardless of the circumstances, the fact is you paid off the debt and should not have to eat the 2nd payment just b/c this is a collection agency. Hope it works out for you.
Slimjim on 07/19/2008:
Definitely what justcuz said. Speak to the attorney about this situation.
chris513 on 07/19/2008:
I believe justcuz sums it up as to what you got to do.
SaraBeth on 08/05/2008:
Well - surprise surprise I got the money. After posting on about 4 websites like this and turning them in to the Better Business Bureau and the Illinois Attorney General's office I had a guy on the phone falling all over himself to get my refund to me!
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Trying to get a receipt of payment
Posted by on
I called this company and paid a settlement payment on a credit cards debts. I gave them 6 weeks then I called to get a receipt of payment stating account closed and have my credit report updated. I got 1 letter I waited for another week then I spent many hours on the phone never to get the same person I talked t othe first time just to get get bounced around from one to another. The best part was I was on the credit cards with my son. I am the one who called and set up paying the settlement payment. Well I called them to tell them I had not received the other letters and they told me they could not talk to me somewhere they had lost my name on the account. I got my son there t otell them it was alright to talk to me then it began round 2. The next bright one told me the accounts are not closed cause I still owed well I I got it resolved but it took 3 days and many phone calls and they finally said they are going to send me my receipts on payment. They are so unorganized they do not communicate with each other it is very fustrating and upsetting. Even though I got it resolved I should not had to call seems like a million times one extentsion and get every tom, joe and barbie be nice to get the person whose extentsion it is instead of jumping through hoops and explaining and arguing just to get things taken careof.
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Doc J on 07/15/2006:
Sending such payments CRRR and keeping photocopies of the enclosed correspondence and checks (with the USPS# noted on each item) is a sure-fire prevention for your situation. Hopefully, they posted the payment to the right account or you'll continue to deal with them.
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Harassment from Arrow Financial
Posted by on
NILES, ILLINOIS -- I have been receiving phone call after phone call from the idiots at this company because they are attempting to contact someone who apparently had my phone number before me. I keep trying to explain to the RUDE and ABUSIVE representatives from Arrow Financial that this person is no longer at my phone number. They refuse to believe me, scream at me, hang up on me and then call back. It's unbelievable. I can't imagine any reputable company conducting business in this reprehensible manner. As they appear to be publicly traded, I suggest that any conscientious investor avoid them like the plague. They will certainly not ever appear anywhere in MY portfolio!
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yoke on 05/04/2006:
It's sad that these debt collectors are such loosers. I am having the same problem with Nelson Watson Assoc. Only problem is the more you tell them your aren't the person they want the more they are convinced you are. I was told it wa my responsibility to prove I was not who they were looking for.
Anonymous on 05/04/2006:
I had the same problem with NCO. I tried to be rational at first but that proved futile so I started having fun with them. If I wasn’t busy it became my goal to keep them on the phone for as long as possible. I’d read bible verse, chit-chat, request dating advice or whatever came to mind until they hung up out frustration. God, I miss those guys.
yoke on 05/04/2006:
Maybe I should get out my kids old Barney CD's to play for them!
Dirtydave on 05/05/2006:
You can send them a cease and desist letter by certified mail. If they continue to contact you after that, you have the right to sue. Check out this link for more info on your rights
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