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Wrong Order, Overpriced
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Since my previous checks had come from Artistic Checks, I wanted to do a reorder. At first, the website could not locate my information at all, and gave me a "first time customer" discount. But when I was ready to check out and make the payment, a pop-up box informed me that I was an existing customer and would have to pay $50 more for the same order.

At that point, I had spent too much time already, and I just wanted to place the order and get done with it. But the order would not go though unless I also took the EZ shield option, which I DID NOT want. After battling with the online order all morning, I finally called customer service and the girl offered to take my order over the phone. Apparently, she did not take my order correctly, because I got the wrong design, with the wrong script. She kept trying to sell the other features and I had to finally tell her firmly that I wanted nothing more than the checks themselves. And she said, "In that case, you won't be able to track your order."

Every other online shopping service provides a tracking regardless of how many extra features the customer chooses. And now, I have 500 checks with the wrong design, the wrong script and a faded and dreadful looking background print. I am most angry and disappointed. Never again will I go to Artistic Checks. I hope other people read these reviews before ordering from them.

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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRING, CO -- I had ordered checks with many different companies before. This time I tried to select a different design of the check and chose this company without reading the review. Big mistakes!! After I send in my order with my payment. A few weeks later I got my checks. So far so good. Then, one day I got a letter from them telling me that I owe them more. I called them for explanation. 'Cause this has never happened to me when I ordered from other companies. They started to make all the stories... The guy told me that I had requested Easter seals (in summertime!) which I'd never requested & had never received.

I started to question their business integrity. My husband then called a different guy for explanation. He started giving a different reason; ie shipping fee is for EACH box, fraud protection is for EACH box on tiny little line. Still the number didn't add up. Out of frustration, we paid the $4-5 more they wanted to save our energy & time. 2 service men gave us 2 totally different reasons for their extra charge. After all these years of ordering check experience, this is the first time that I encountered a dishonest company. No more business with them!! Just don't want this happens to any other people.

Sent Bill for More Than the Magazine Coupon Price
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I used one of those Sunday Paper fliers to order some checks from Artistic Checks. I keep a log back to 2009 of all these check companies I order from so as not to duplicate orders. I am aware that most of these state "for first-time buyers only". I sent my order with payment in the amount of $23.70. I subsequently received the check order but a few days later they sent me a bill asking for additional funds saying I was a repeat customer and the real cost was over $80.00. I responded to them with a "receipt return requested" letter so I could prove they had received my letter.

In my letter I included a copy of the page in my log book showing I had no record of ordering from them at least as far back as 2009. I also asked why they had filled the order if I had not sent the correct amount. They should have returned the order unfilled and let me decide if I wanted to pay the exorbitant amount or not. I now wonder if this company, and maybe others, periodically change their names to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

One thing for sure these newspaper check fliers have now lost all of my business. I read in another review that Walmart provides this service and I will be looking into them for future checks. Also, they never responded to the information I sent them, I guess they just ignored it.

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CLEVELAND, OHIO -- For anyone who buys their checks on the internet through Artistic Checks or Checks in the Mail... I can't remember which of these it was, but... I ordered checks online. I did not realize that there was, in very small print, a thing telling you that by ordering these checks, you will be enrolled in a company called "Big Fun". "Big Fun" is a company that gives ? restaurant and retail discounts. I never knowingly signed up for this service with this company. It was slipped through in the fine print, I guess.

I never once received anything from them. I had noticed a new charge on my card, but thought it was something to do with my internet service because of a new program that had been added to my computer. It turns out that they had been billing me $9.99 every month. I finally figured this out, almost a year later. I called them and asked them why they were charging me for a service I had never signed up for. They said that I was signed up automatically through checks I had ordered online. I told them that I would never do that and told them that I wanted a complete refund. They said that the best they could do was give me 2 months credit.

I called my credit card company and they seemed very familiar with the tactics from this company. They told me that this happens ALL THE TIME and that most likely I would not even get the two months of credit promised. They said that the only way to stop them from charging my account would be to close out my card and have a new one issued, which I did. I just would like to warn anyone out there who may order checks online, to watch out for scams like this.

I have found the safest place to order checks online is Walmart. And they are cheaper than the others also. So please don't be as stupid as I was in not reading the fine print in the 'check out' of ordering checks online. What some of these companies is doing is really dirty.

Terrible Customer Service
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MABELVALE -- Worst customer service I've ever dealt with. I ordered a box of personal checks on 9/23/10 $10.95 for checks and $2.95 for USPS shipping. I checked my status online a week after ordering, per Artistic Checks website they shipped out on 9/27/10. Leap forward to 10/8/10, still no checks received. I made several attempts over 2 days to get a hold of their customer service dept. by either email or phone waiting 24 hrs each time with no response. I finally got through to a supervisor (Lakisha) who advised me that it could take up to 4 weeks to receive my checks after they have been shipped out by the USPS.

This is contrary to what their website says which is: USPS Bulk-Shipping ($0.00 per box) Estimated Delivery Time (from receipt of order) 10-17 Business Days. Interesting how their webpage shows NO charge for shipping for this method, yet they charged me $2.95 for handling. I asked the supervisor a rhetorical question, "are my checks going to actually float out there in the USPS for the next 4 weeks?" She could not answer me. However, her solution was to mail me some temporary checks which I should receive in a few days.

My thought was, why didn't they just send my box of checks the same way. The Supervisor then said, if I don't receive my checks by 10/23/10, call them to re-order. IN MY OPINION, this company has terrible customer service and bad business practices. I would never recommend ordering from them. Also, I read other complaints on the web about this company. Research for yourself.

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