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There Is No Customer Service For Online Orders. Not Even From Corporate!
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Rating: 1/51
ANN ARBOR AND WARREN, MICHIGAN -- Not warranty related and I know your post is old HOWEVER, I now hate Art Van furniture. I purchased a bedroom set and a Bunkbed set. I asked the salesperson if I picked the Bunkbed set up, would they load it and tie it down for me. Oh sure, he said, they will take care of it for you. I get there on my scheduled day and theres a huge sign at the dock. They can help you load but they will not secure it for you and they will not provide any materials (in case you were lied to about them securing it) for you to secure it yourself. Fine whatever. I wait my turn in line, and wait, and wait, and wait...I get out to see what's taking so long considering I was the first customer at the dock and I am told that my salesperson did not notify anyone in the warehouse that I would be picking up my set and so it was not ready. UGGGHHHH.

I cancelled the entire order. Then got over it and ordered everything all over again online. They don't invoice you right away, nor do they give you the sale price right away. Well, by the time they invoiced me, the sale was over and they would not honor the sale price. Omg, the hate is building. After about a month of waiting on a call about my delivery date, I called. I was told everything was in stock now and they would deliver it the following week. The guys came out, very nice btw, and delivered everything BUT THE BUNKBEDS!!!! Mind you, I have already tossed out the old beds in preparation for the new beds.

I called customer service, get bounced around, voicemail multiple times, hang up. Called the home office in Warren, still voicemails and reps saying its not their department...anyway,, I finally got someone and...They no longer carry the bunk beds and have dropped them from their inventory. But I guess no one felt the need to tell me this, or credit my charge card back. After raising holy heck (politely) at the local store in Ann Arbor, I was able to get a nicer set at the original price I was paying for the other set. But man, I had to fight to get customer service. Its like, once they have your order and money, they don't give a s*%!
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They Don't Stand Behind Their Products
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Rating: 1/51
PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN -- We bought a couch from Art Van in March of 2012. Shortly thereafter, 2" gaps developed between the cushions. They sent technicians out twice with no improvement. But they won't return the couch! The worst retailer I have ever dealt with!

Don't buy from Art Van!
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wjk898 on 12/05/2012:
Buy anything from Art Van? That would assume you can stomach those completely assinine salespeople who will go outright total in-your-face Ay-Hole if you do anything except agree to buy their stuff or if you question them about something. And most of it is just Ashley stuff but more expensive. Stick to Valuable City unless you're Donald Trump. Same stuff, ugly store (so what?) no pesty salespeople; no hassle, lower prices.
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"Compare at pricing"
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NUMEROUS OUTLETS, MICHIGAN -- This furniture store runs perpetual advertising that features %off sales for furniture and home furnishing accessories including mattresses.

The percent off discounts are fraudulent in that they are discounts off fictitious original prices which Art Van call "compare at prices". These prices have no validity by Art Van's own admission that they do not necessarily reflect any real price ever charged by anyone for the items.

Art Van inflates profits by selling "add-ons" such as extended warranties and cleaning/refurbishing products or protections. These items also do not have contents labels, which is illegal as they may cause illness or death if ingested.
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complaint about recliner couch
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ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN -- We purchased a recliner couch in Nov. of 1996. The middle cushion is threadbare.Our previous couch was over 15 yrs. old and still in good condition. I was told I could call an upholsterer at my own expense when I contacted the service dept. Shirley, in customer relations, offered me the P.O. address for the company and left me on my own to track down the material and have it reupholstered, again, at my own expense. I have purchased most of my furniture at Art Van,including a mattress set, a bedroom set, a child's recliner, a dining room set, curio cabinet and oak entertainment stand, all in the last 6-7 years. We had planned on some major purchases in a few months, when the addition on our home is done. We had already selected a $900.00 queen mattres set and have been considering a queen bedroom set and loveseat, all from Art Van. I now have serious doubts about patronizing your store ever again. If the material used by that company is so shoddy, Art Van should not have been selling their merchandise.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I believe Art Van should repair the couch.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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