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Computer Supplier To Avoid
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WILLOUGHBY, OHIO -- To be fair, AscendTech appears to have more happy customers than unhappy and every business can have an off day. It is just that my day with AscendTech was soooo off there's no way to measure or categorize it other than poor customer service.

Issue 1: $939.61 purchase included extra $49.99 fee for 'urgent' assembly to receive AscendTech’s computer more quickly. However due to damage, AscendTech never successfully fulfilled the order.

Issue 2: Computer arrived damaged, bent and would not function.

Issue 3: Keyboard was shipped unwrapped with flip-out feet (underside) open and cord unsecured. Due to this poor packaging by AscendTech, the keyboard would not light up, one foot was broken / missing, and the finish was badly scratched (photos available).

Issue 4: AscendTech filled shipping container with trash (photos available) and explained this as "I have never seen one ship like that before. I know we have a new man in shipping. But that is going too far."

Issue 5: AscendTech emailed FOUR times stating they had contacted UPS on 4/9 to pick up the damaged computer. However, UPS states AscendTech called 4/13 at 4:00 PM with pick up to follow within 24 hours, which it finally was.

UPDATE: UPS has determined that computer was indeed damaged in transit -- mistakenly in my opinion as the damage to the computer (not keyboard) appeared to have been caused by AscendTech before shipping.

UPS made this decision on 4/15/2009.

UPS returned computer to AscendTech on 4/16/2009, signed by BYKOV.

Issue 6: AscendTech emailed SIX times that they would refund purchase: 4/10 at 3:00 PM and 4/14 at 5:35 PM and 4/15 at 11:36 AM and 4/16 at 11:21 AM and 4/16 at 12:07 AM and 4/18 at 12:04 PM and by phone on 4/22.

Issue 7: AscendTech emailed 4/14 "it should all be behind us in the next day or two" following UPS pick up. Now 4/24, ten days following the UPS pick up, I still do not have AscendTech's promised refund, to buy elsewhere.

Issue 8: AscendTech emailed modified refund offer on 4/16 at 12:07 AM for $889.62 (less the $49.99 ‘urgent’ fee). I agreed to this outrageous amount just to end this ordeal. Then five hours later, AscendTech LOWERED offer to $751.69 (less $187.92).

Sadly I no longer have any faith in their company, service, products, or follow through.

Don't you think keeping their promise and issuing a refund is reasonable ... especially since UPS will be covering at least a portion of their loss?

Just an off day, or is AscendTech just an off company?

Copies of all emails and photos of damage are available upon request.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 04/24/2009:
I suggest emailing the photos to, and he will attach them to your review.

Dispute the full amount with your credit card company. Forward them the emails they sent you promising a full refund, they will prove your case in the dispute.

You should not have to pay a restocking fee for a product that was damaged upon receipt.
ShouldBeGolfing on 04/24/2009:
If only I had used a credit card!!

Unfortunately this was paid via PayPal and all they were interested in is whether or not it shipped.

Aside from that, PayPal refused to help me. So I've received nothing more than a $900+ hole in my wallet.
Soaring Consumer on 04/24/2009:
Paypal should have sided with you if they were forwarded proof that you were offered a full refund, saw the copies of the pictures that the item was damaged on arrival, and that UPS took the item back.

I just noticed that this company also has an F rating with the BBB. I suggest that you file a complaint with them and see where that takes you.

Do you live near this company?
Soaring Consumer on 04/24/2009:
I also recommend contacting your state's Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.
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