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GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA -- May 29 purchase a total $3,206 worth of furniture from Grand Forks ND store. Delivery took about 6 weeks. For $3,206 here what I got, six damaged dining chairs out of an order of ten and a broken apart scratched up buffet with non functioning light. Delivery guys had no assembly tools so had to use mine and had no instructions as to how to put the stuff together. Took another day off work for Ashley to send repair guy, who repainted the chairs (ie I paid for new but got refurbished) and attempted to fix the buffet. Waited a week for Ashley to confirm they would new buffet.

Waited a month for phone call to confirm it was available and waited a further two weeks for actual delivery. Took another day off work for delivery but it didn't come. TOOK another day off for delivery and when the truck finally pulls up and driver tells me he is not even going to unload it as it's so badly banged up. Store manager promises to resolve the situation and promises new buffet is ordered, she will personally inspect it and it will be delivered ASAP. Today, 5 months after paying for these items (YES FIVE MONTHS), when I call her yet again, she tells me it has NOT been ordered because she needs authorization to do so.

Seemingly my 3 grand is not sufficient authorization for me to receive what I have paid for!! And not even sufficient to receive a phone call here and there to keep me informed. Consider this, if the situation were reversed and I had not paid for goods received 5 months ago what would the store do to me?? So let's be clear for $3000 here's what you can expect from Ashley furniture in Grand Forks. Expect slow and late delivery. Expect to incur a loss of earnings from having to constantly take time off work for their mess ups.

Expect to have help with assembly. Expect half the items you paid new for to actually be refurbished and the other half to be so bad they are beyond refurbishing. Expect Ashley to be quick to take your money and slow to come up with what you paid for. Expect customer service so poor I can't even put the words to describe it on here. Expect to get involved in a lengthy and annoying 5 month waiting game. Expect for a complete breach of contract on their behalf.

My furniture is going back ASAP and I will expect a complete and full refund. I will then sit back and leave the matter of the breach of contract, loss of earnings and five months' stress and inconvenience in the hands of my attorney.

False Promises and Poor Customer Service
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CHICO, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a dining room table with chairs in early January 2009. It was supposed to arrive within 6-8 weeks. Didn't arrive. We received one phone call telling us that they would call us when they had an arrival date. At 10 weeks we still had not heard anything and we went back again to the store... they gave us another date and finally we asked that if the item did not arrive by this 'new' arrival date (12 weeks after the original purchase) that our money would be fully refunded. Agreed.

We actually gave them THREE extra days and finally went in and canceled the order. Since we paid with a credit card, they would not write us a check. They had to place the purchase amount back on our card. They promised that within 7-10 days we would receive our refund.

Today is day 10, no refund. I just called... oh, silly me, it is 7-10 business days. So, we are actually only on day six now. I asked if we could have a check refund in four days if the refund isn't back in our account. The very quick and final answer was "NO - you will be refunded in the same manner in which you paid." OH, REALLY.... well I am quite sure they had our money within a couple of days - probably hours. They have sat on this for FOUR MONTHS NOW. I bet we don't get our money back with interest!

I have heard horror stories from other unfortunate local customers since our little fiasco with Ashley, Chico, CA started; people waiting for months for furniture and then they withhold 30% if a refund is requested. I want to warn every single person who is capable of reading these words... DO NOT SHOP ASHLEY FURNITURE IN CHICO, CALIFORNIA.

If you do, you better walk out of the store with your product the very day you purchase it - or it will be several months... if ever that you might get to use your new furniture! We are at week 15 now, no refund, no dining room table and really... I am not holding my breath for four more days, because with the track record of Ashley Furniture, Chico, CA - we will most likely be dealing with this mess for a while. Regrettable. Very, very regrettable.

AZ Ashley Homestores SUCKS
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GLENDALE/PHX, ARIZONA -- I will try to summarize the last 6 months of Ashley Furniture Homestores hell. July 1, 05 we purchased a sofa, loveseat and dining room table and chairs for $3,000. Two months later, the table arrived, but they did not bring the sofa and loveseat, as they were broken. After the table legs were attached, they opened the leaf and chunks of wood and parts fell out of the table on the floor. They left the table and chairs - so we would have something to use and told me to set up an appointment with the service technician.

Another month later, the tech is set to arrive on Monday and the sofa/loveseat was to be delivered on Sunday, a day before the tech. The Saturday before the tech appointment, I receive a message that said if I did not call back today, they would cancel the tech appointment. We called all day Saturday and left messages not to cancel the appointment – no one would answer the phone at the number they gave us.

Turns out that the call centers only leave you on hold for about 10 minutes, then automatically switch to the voice message system, so if no one answers your call within the 10 or so minutes, you can leave a message that “will be returned the same business day”. By the way, the call back, it never happens.

Sunday arrived and they dumped off the sofa/loveseat and literally ran out of our house. We discovered that there were tears in the leather and 2 of the 4 built in recliners were broken. Called customer service – no answer, left message. Monday the tech said we needed a new table and we had him look at the sofa/loveseat. He said that he could fix the sofa/loveseat with some parts and some welding in 3-4 hours. We said no, we wanted new furniture, because that is what we paid for, and he was not going to get 3-4 hours of my time.

He said he has to order the parts and we need to call customer service to request new furniture. Called customer service Mon – Fri, no answer, left messages (honestly about 15 messages were left during this week) – no responses. Saturday went to store where we purchased them (Bell & 67th Ave, Phx, AZ) and spoke with manager, **. I explained our situation and ** sent in a customer complaint form and gave me the corporate customer service number and a contact there, **. Monday I called the corporate customer service and asked for **. They said she was not available, and would leave her a message to call me, no response.

Called several times over the next few days and left messages for **, they would not let me talk to her. Three large boxes of parts arrived at my door, and are now occupying a walkway in my garage. No mention that parts were to arrive at my house, and not a call from Ashley to have the tech fix the furniture – not that I would let them anyhow.

This is what has saved me, so far, we used their financing – American General. I called AmGen and filed a dispute. AmGen set up a 3-way conversation with them, the mysterious ** and myself. ** said she would order another sofa/loveseat for us. I told her this was their last chance. If we received damaged furniture again, I wanted a credit. Guess what, two weeks ago on Sunday (early Dec) they showed up with another torn up loveseat, I did not even look at the sofa nor have them pull it out of the truck. The driver said customer service would call me, but of course, they did not.

I called AmGen and Ashley customer service on Monday. Ashley did not answer (both corp & reg customer service), left messages. AmGen said they could not make Ashely give us a credit, but would request that they do so. In the meantime, AmGen said that according to their file, Ashley had ordered us another sofa/loveseat (4th set) – this again without even talking to us. The AmGen rep will be back in the office tomorrow, so hopefully I will get my credit and they will pick up the broken sofa/loveseat.

It is almost comical now, but if anyone has a contact out there that I can use, I would appreciate it. DO NOT purchase from Ashley Homestores, and always use credit for large purchases so you will have some type of recourse with the business.

Insisted Numerous Times I Will Be Paying Cash on Delivery
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RED DEER, ALASKA -- My wife and I bought a dining room suite, and some living room tables. Total approx. $4,500.00. Numerous times insisting that we would be paying cash on delivery. I suggested we decide on a sum as a down payment prior to delivery and the salesperson drew up a written agreement. As I thought I understood what this agreement was I did not read it thoroughly. I paid the suggested down payment and my wife and I left the store, expecting the delivery of our furniture in 3 to 4 weeks as stated. 1 week later I received a letter and credit card from City financial confirming the fact that I now was in a financial relationship with them for the furniture.

I had in fact signed a contract financing it. As you can imagine...I was furious, but screwed. Not matter what I did, because I had signed this agreement without reading it I was on the hook for it. Refusing to accept the furniture was not possible, as well refusing to pay balance would put me in a bad credit situation with the finance company. I returned to the store and tore a strip off of the salesperson I dealt with, in front of their co-workers as well as other customers, and have told everyone I know. 6 months later the furniture looks like it is 6 years old, Chinese junk. 100% bad experience, do not recommend shopping there.

Damaged Furniture No Resolution
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBRIDE, VIRGINIA -- To make a long story not too long these people have been so rude to me about everything. They will not fix or repair my scratched up tables and won't compensate me for the damage. They threaten to charge a 30% restocking fee if I return the damaged tables so they are trying to force me to keep their crap tables. The manager at the store was horrible and the manager with delivery was kind enough to offer a full refund on delivery but then hours later called back and said she couldn't do it.

This place is insane. They are rude cheap and overall unprofessional. Do not buy from them regardless of the deal they offer. They have horrible track record of cheating people and I will make every effort to tell as many people as possible.

Terrible wood dining tables
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Rating: 1/51

YORKTON -- Bought this Carlyle dining set from Ashley Furniture. Had this table 2 weeks and it has tons of scratches from what I have no idea. I use placemats that when they move on the table it leaves scratches from cloth??? Yesterday someone was writing out an invoice on my table and all the numbers are now imprinted into the table. Not impressed. I can see it if a person spent like $300 on a table I know you get what you pay for but this is ridiculous and will never ever buy Ashley brand again. Beware of their so-called hard woods (it is soft).

Out of Stock / Discontinued
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ROHNERT PARK, CALIFORNIA -- As I write this I am livid and literally shaking!!! I cannot believe that this company is still in business given the horrible customer service that they provide. My husband and I were very excited at the thought of buying new furniture. We happened to drive by Ashley and decided to give it a try. Of course the customer service prior to the purchase is superb. Lots of advice, very patient and till the very end of the transaction, very courteous. Then the NIGHTMARE begins. They had told us 2-4 weeks for delivery.

My quest for the truth commenced last Thursday when I called to follow up on the ETA. Since then I have been given responses such as: "furniture has been discontinued... certain item is not in stock until March 25th... Not sure when delivery will take place." I have had to place most of the calls. I do get calls but every time they tell me something different.

At this point I am out $4200 and tons of headaches!!! I don't know what to do. How can they get away with this? How come no one is aware. I wish I would have read this before and trust me... we would have never even looked towards the furniture store. Now I'm afraid that the furniture will not be in good conditions and if I ever will get it all!!! HELP!!!

Bad Service
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We bought a dinner set from Ashley on 11/14/2010 and were informed that the furniture will be delivered within 2-6 days. In addition, the sell agent even orally told us that we could receive it within 3 weeks so that we could use it on Christmas. However, we did not receive it before Christmas. After many phone calls and several visits to the store, we got another date for deliver: the end of Feb. 2011. Now, we called again. One representative told us that the furniture will be delivered in March. Another told us it will be delivered in May. We were also told that we can get the refund. How ridiculous!

After waiting so long and invest so much time and emotion to get the furniture, we just get refund for nothing? Ashley does not care about its customers at all. I'll definitely not buy Ashley's furniture and will tell friends and colleagues the same thing.

WARNING!! Do not do business with Ashley Furniture
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KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- I regret buying from Ashley and here is why: Delivery was scheduled for 2 weeks after purchase and was on time. However, I received a call the morning of telling me the hutch part of the China cabinet was damaged and they could not deliver and would reschedule and call me back. No call back. Upon arrival of the delivery truck, the delivery guys had no clue what they were doing. They made more work for themselves offloading this set than they should have. They also damaged the buffet and 1 of the chairs when they offloaded them.

I contacted customer service about rescheduling the hutch and setting up a service tech to try to repair the damage from the delivery drivers. Still no answer on the rescheduling but a service appt. was set for the following week. When this guy showed up he actually made the damage worse. This dining room set has a black matte/dull finish and now the buffet and chair has a shiny polyurethane spray on it and the chair legs have white marks all over them. It was ridiculous. I called customer service again (still no clue when they would deliver the hutch) and they wanted to send another tech out to try to fix the damage the other guy did.

I said that was unsatisfactory and they just need to replace both the buffet and the chair and deliver everything together. After getting nowhere with customer service I contacted the store manager. Initially I had a difficult time getting him to call me but I am very persuasive. Since I got him involved things seemed to get better until today. First of all, I got a call 2 days ago from the delivery department saying they would be here today between 10-2. I also received a call yesterday saying they would be delivering all 3 pieces (buffet, hutch and chair). At 2pm, no delivery or phone call. I call the store manager and am told that I am #5 for delivery and should be here soon.

Come 4pm, still no delivery. I call back and talk to the manager and he contacts the dispatcher and is told they would not make the delivery today. Furthermore, he told me there was no record of all 3 pieces being delivered, only the hutch. That has now been scheduled for tomorrow morning but I not getting my hopes up. As for the other 2 pieces, that is on order again but I have no indication when it will actually be delivered. This has truly been the worst experience I have ever had with a furniture store. I have a large home and a lot of furniture from numerous stores, including some being shipped internationally. Never have I had a problem like this.

This company SUCKS!!!! I will never again set foot in their store (I am even hesitant to walk in and use the $100 in-store credit). I will warn everybody I know not to purchase anything from Ashley Furniture and I going to post this review on as many sites as I can find.

Protection Cover Plan Is Garbage!!!
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- I purchase a dining table 2012 and couple of sales people insist I have protection plan for the dining table, but I really didn't want the plan. As I was walking out the exit door, the manager stop me and persuade me for the protection coverage because it would cover any damage up to 5 yrs. 2014 I have damage part of the table so I called to obtain coverage information. The representative came online and ask when this accident took place. I told her I don't recall and she kept insisting a date. I told her approximately 2 months ago but I took time to find the receipt.

Ashley Furniture representative came back online and told me I still have the coverage but because I didn't inform within 14 days of the accident it's not cover. She told me I should read the coverage protection line, it mention about 14 days coverage. I read all the tiny line and nowhere it mention about time frame. How SNEAKY, if you don't want to cover, be upfront. I can always purchase another table, it cost less than $500.00 but the whole concept is wrong!!!

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