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Durapella Sofa
By -

PORTLAND, MAINE -- I bought a dining room table and chairs from Ashley about 3 years ago. The chairs were poorly put together and one actually broke just from my 3 year old knocking it over once, on carpet! The paint was also chipping off the chairs all over the place from the minute I got it home. The table was holding up fairly well though and it seemed pretty sturdy.

Well, after having it about 2 years, the crease where the leaf can go won't fit together properly and I have a long space down the middle of my table. Also, the hinges have become so corroded with rust or something that I can't even get them undone to pull the table apart and try to get it together properly. The finish on the table is also faded in spots all over and it's very noticeable. I'm embarrassed about it. It was a $600 set and now it looks like I got it at Goodwill.

Now onto my Durapella living room set. I bought this only about a year ago. The salesman, who was very pushy, raved on and on about what great fabric this was and told me it was stain resistant and that it cleaned up very easily. HA!! I bought the set for this reason, knowing that I have a young child at home who would obviously get her messy little hands on it and probably spill things from time to time. Well, the first time she got a stain on it, I cleaned the entire cushion with just a clean rag and water.

Afterwards the entire cushion lost its brushed suede feel and was a darker color than the rest of the cushions. I have since had to clean the sofa numerous times and it now looks like it is about 10 years old and it's only a year old.

EVERY little thing leaves a noticeable stain. Even powder from a donut which would normally brush right off normal fabric requires me to it wash with water, just further damaging the set. I was so excited when my set was first delivered, it looked so nice. I thought I would have really nice looking furniture for quite some time. I am so disappointed now and really wish I had looked elsewhere. I don't have the money to just buy a new set and after only a year of use I shouldn't have to.

Furniture is quite a big purchase and people should be able to get their money's worth. Not so with Ashley Furniture! I will never shop there again! I am actually embarrassed of what I still consider to be my new furniture.

Delay Delivery Time!
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Rating: 2/51

TORONTO -- We bought one of the newest, expensive dining and living room sets on July 5, 2013. The customer representative told us the sets would be delivered to us in 2 weeks. In the paper, it's said August 15th. I talked to the customer service and she said the latest would be August 15th. At the end of July, we added 2 chairs to our dining room set and at that time, they checked their system and told us everything is on schedule and our stuff has been loaded into the truck, on its way to Canada.

August 14th, I called customer service and she said there is a delay and by 20th, it will be here. August 19th, I called again and surprisingly, they told us there is a delay and our stuff just loaded on the truck. At the end, she told me call her on August 26th to let me know where the truck is!!! I really do not care about the truck, it's my purchased furniture which have to be here by now! She kept saying that we are not "the Brick" which has lots of inventories in their warehouse.

I just want to know if you are claiming that you are one of the high-end furniture store, you must act and treat your customer like a high-end personnel with prestige because I expect your store to be more organized, on-time and trustworthy and lot more honest and transparent! When you make a promise to your customer, you have to keep your promises, not just at the time of purchase! I am very upset with the customer service, delivery time, the wrong information and the delay which every time will be added on. This is not a high-end store would treat their loyal customers!

I have spent a lot of money in your store and I expect good timing and transparent relationship. I am so disappointed at your delivery time. It is coming from USA not over the seas!!! Honestly, there is no logical and convincing reason behind this delay except for lack of customer service and not putting customer's need in priority!

Terrible Customer Service and Failing to Honor Marked Price
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Rating: 1/51

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- The incident in question occurred at approximately noon on July 6, 2013 at the Frederick branch of Ashley's Furniture. My fiancée, her mother and I were shopping for furniture. We spotted a dining room set that was marked at approximately $349 that included a glass top table and 4 chairs. The sales associate was very courteous and pleasant. Unfortunately, when he went to ring up the sale, his manager did not allow the transaction to occur. I politely asked the sales associate if I could speak with his manager.

When we spoke to the manager he said that there was a mistake and he could only sell the piece for $478. My response was that it is misleading and unfair for him to advertise one price but refuse to sell it at that price. My fiancée's mother even offered $400, but the manager rudely declined and walked away.

As an aside, my fiancée and her mother are Chinese-born Asian Americans who were speaking Mandarin to each other during the interaction. The manager did not seem to take kindly to this and was very rude and disrespectful during his interaction with my fiancée and her mother.

Nonetheless, I requested the number to their corporate offices and the names of the sales representative and store manager to which the staff obliged. I asked the sales representative if I could have the original sticker price so that I may take a picture of the price tag for evidence. Regrettably, he tried, but his manager refused to give us that piece of evidence. We then asked the sales associate if we could speak with the manager again, but the manager refused to speak to us. Instead of making a scene, we cordially walked away and decided to voice our frustrations both to their corporate offices and the Better Business Bureau.

I also want to make it clear that the sales associate was very pleasant during this entire ordeal. His kindness in the face of a difficult situation was admirable and he deserves praise. However, the manager was unfriendly, unprofessional, spiteful and unethical in his actions.

Horrendous Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

GREENVILLE, NC -- I purchased a dining room set & a China cabinet from the Ashley Furniture Homestore in Greenville, NC. I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to have the furniture delivered. In about 6 weeks, we got a call saying our furniture was ready to be delivered, but the cabinet part of the China cabinet was broken & another one would have to be ordered & that it would take 6-8 weeks to be delivered. In 6 weeks, I had not heard from anyone, so we called to inquire about the reorder.

After explaining the situation to numerous people on the phone over the course of 3 days my husband finally had to go to the store & speak to someone in person. It was decided they simply forgot to order the new cabinet & assured us that one would be delivered within the week. The next week, a new cabinet was delivered & it had a chip in it & the delivery people scratched the buffet while trying to install the cabinet. They also chipped the table when it was delivered. Unfortunately I didn't notice this until they were gone.

We were told we would be refunded our delivery fee due to the inconvenience but this did not happen. Someone from the repair company came to look at it because we had purchased the warranty. Before he even looked at the chip he noticed the wood was warped & immediately said it could not be repaired. After removing the dishes it was found that MOLD was growing in my China cabinet! Mold is also growing on the buffet between the buffet and cabinet. The whole thing is going to have to be replaced.

My husband again had to go to the store because no one would return his calls. He spoke to a manager who basically told him “we can't say where the mold came from” & insinuated that it was our fault. I have spent $2000 on this furniture that is basically crap, & no one wants to take responsibility for it. The customer is horrendous.

Ashley Furniture Consumer Nightmare
By -

Ashley Furniture is the worst company ever. We purchased a table and chairs less than 2 years ago and have had problems from day one. They always referred us to the warranty company for any problems, which we have had to contact several different times now. They have been out to replace our cushions 3 times. Within just a couple of months they are wearing down and getting these defects in the "leather". We have talked to the company and corporate and they will do nothing for us.

They said that we had a one year manufacturer's defect warranty but they would never honor that and kept referring us to their 3rd party warranty center. The store salesman would recommend that we "LIE" to the warranty company and tell them that it was accidental so that they would cover the cushions and the store would get out of replacing them. BUT the problem is that every time they would replace the cushions they would put the same manufacturer made cushions back on and within a couple of months they would be ripping again!

We spent $2,000 on this table and feel COMPLETELY ripped off and have seen MANY complaints about Ashley Furniture on the web and under their online store reviews. We are a family of 7 and cannot afford to go out and purchase ANOTHER table! The corporate office is very rude and would not help us in the slightest way... pretty much said tough luck! We do not have the money to hire a lawyer and even if we did it would cost us more than the table is worth!

We feel completely taken advantage of and will never shop at Ashley again and will tell EVERYONE we know that they DO NOT back up their products and that their products are the worst quality on the market despite the initial look of the furniture in the store! There are SO many complaints about this company online that something has to be done to make the buyers beware!

Terrible service with no regard for customer satisfaction.
By -

I bought over $5k in furniture from this store and paid cash. I was told we would get all of the stuff in a week. Only got maybe half, then they lost a rug. I had to physically go to the store and pick the rug up myself (after they WOULD NOT allow me to take it when I first purchased the stuff). A delivery driver calls me at 6 A.M. and asks me if I want him to deliver my entertainment center. Really? Are you not a "delivery" person? Yes I want you to deliver it. He delivered half (the top half) and said he didn't know anything about the bottom. I got one piece of the remaining 3.

After a week of calling what seemed like 100's of different people they found out they had one extra in inventory but it had been damaged so they couldn't sell it. They would have to order another one and then send a letter to billing so they could get another invoice so they could ship it. 10 emails were sent to billing with no response. After 2 more weeks I finally got a hold of billing myself. They had never gotten any emails about the matter. They said it would be corrected and we would get our last few pieces. They called and scheduled another delivery time.

No one came. I called them and (after 30 minutes of being put on hold... as usual) they said they had damaged it again and needed to order another one. "Oops, they forgot to call you?" Another work day wasted.... Today everything was supposed to be fixed. I had a new delivery time. The driver calls to tell me he will be late. It is over 2 hours after the scheduled time and no word. He won't answer his call. On top of that he does not have the other final piece.

I call the Conroe store and they said it is on another truck that will deliver today. They cannot tell me where it is or when it will deliver but it will be today sometime.... I will NEVER shop here again. They gave me the run-around for over a month. It isn't that hard. I pay you money, you deliver furniture. I do not recommend this store or any Ashley furniture store at all!!!! I sincerely hope I get my furniture today so I can get Ashley furniture out of my life for good!


GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA -- May 29 purchase a total $3,206 worth of furniture from Grand Forks ND store. Delivery took about 6 weeks. For $3,206 here what I got, six damaged dining chairs out of an order of ten and a broken apart scratched up buffet with non functioning light. Delivery guys had no assembly tools so had to use mine and had no instructions as to how to put the stuff together. Took another day off work for Ashley to send repair guy, who repainted the chairs (ie I paid for new but got refurbished) and attempted to fix the buffet. Waited a week for Ashley to confirm they would new buffet.

Waited a month for phone call to confirm it was available and waited a further two weeks for actual delivery. Took another day off work for delivery but it didn't come. TOOK another day off for delivery and when the truck finally pulls up and driver tells me he is not even going to unload it as it's so badly banged up. Store manager promises to resolve the situation and promises new buffet is ordered, she will personally inspect it and it will be delivered ASAP. Today, 5 months after paying for these items (YES FIVE MONTHS), when I call her yet again, she tells me it has NOT been ordered because she needs authorization to do so.

Seemingly my 3 grand is not sufficient authorization for me to receive what I have paid for!! And not even sufficient to receive a phone call here and there to keep me informed. Consider this, if the situation were reversed and I had not paid for goods received 5 months ago what would the store do to me?? So let's be clear for $3000 here's what you can expect from Ashley furniture in Grand Forks. Expect slow and late delivery. Expect to incur a loss of earnings from having to constantly take time off work for their mess ups.

Expect to have help with assembly. Expect half the items you paid new for to actually be refurbished and the other half to be so bad they are beyond refurbishing. Expect Ashley to be quick to take your money and slow to come up with what you paid for. Expect customer service so poor I can't even put the words to describe it on here. Expect to get involved in a lengthy and annoying 5 month waiting game. Expect for a complete breach of contract on their behalf.

My furniture is going back ASAP and I will expect a complete and full refund. I will then sit back and leave the matter of the breach of contract, loss of earnings and five months' stress and inconvenience in the hands of my attorney.

False Promises and Poor Customer Service
By -

CHICO, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a dining room table with chairs in early January 2009. It was supposed to arrive within 6-8 weeks. Didn't arrive. We received one phone call telling us that they would call us when they had an arrival date. At 10 weeks we still had not heard anything and we went back again to the store... they gave us another date and finally we asked that if the item did not arrive by this 'new' arrival date (12 weeks after the original purchase) that our money would be fully refunded. Agreed.

We actually gave them THREE extra days and finally went in and canceled the order. Since we paid with a credit card, they would not write us a check. They had to place the purchase amount back on our card. They promised that within 7-10 days we would receive our refund.

Today is day 10, no refund. I just called... oh, silly me, it is 7-10 business days. So, we are actually only on day six now. I asked if we could have a check refund in four days if the refund isn't back in our account. The very quick and final answer was "NO - you will be refunded in the same manner in which you paid." OH, REALLY.... well I am quite sure they had our money within a couple of days - probably hours. They have sat on this for FOUR MONTHS NOW. I bet we don't get our money back with interest!

I have heard horror stories from other unfortunate local customers since our little fiasco with Ashley, Chico, CA started; people waiting for months for furniture and then they withhold 30% if a refund is requested. I want to warn every single person who is capable of reading these words... DO NOT SHOP ASHLEY FURNITURE IN CHICO, CALIFORNIA.

If you do, you better walk out of the store with your product the very day you purchase it - or it will be several months... if ever that you might get to use your new furniture! We are at week 15 now, no refund, no dining room table and really... I am not holding my breath for four more days, because with the track record of Ashley Furniture, Chico, CA - we will most likely be dealing with this mess for a while. Regrettable. Very, very regrettable.

Do Not Shop At Ashley's Furniture
By -

CALGARY -- Ashley's furniture is a scam!!!!!! Please do not buy anything at Ashley Furniture, unless you want horribly damaged and used furniture. As they keep sending around the same broken pieces. They will deliver damaged pieces and feed you the standard "you can't return it, we will send a technician to fix it" but it's always the same story. This just prolongs the time that you get stuck with broken furniture.

My mom bought furniture at Ashley's in Calgary, Alberta. She spent close to $3,000 for a dining room set. My mom bought her furniture in May... They kept delivering severely damaged pieces. And each time it took them like 6 weeks to exchange it, however, every time the furniture was very damaged. We kept calling them and nothing. The store manager refused to talk to us, and no one returns our phone calls. It is now December and finally they were going to give my mom a refund. Well it's been 3 weeks. They took the furniture away and still no money back!!!

My mom even drove to the head office where they treated her like hell. After trying 4 or 5 different furniture sets, she finally said she wants her money back. And they told her they can't do that, that she has to try one more time. So she was promised good quality pieces, yet damaged ones arrived again!!!! She spoke to the head manager who promised that her money would be returned in 48 hours after the delivery guys take the furniture back. It's been 3 weeks and she still hasn't seen a penny!!!!!

Really Poor Customer Service
By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- We have bought from Ashley Furniture before and never had any problems. Then we spent over $2000 on a dining room set. First of all the delivery guys gave us a "window" when they are going to show up. My husband works third shift and got up early to meet them. They show up almost an hour and a half later. No one called to let us know they'd be late. When they showed up two of our chairs were already broken and the pedestal was scratched. When I called the store to make a comment on the delivery service I was told to call a 1-800 number. After being bounced back and forth there I gave up. We finally got our chairs and pedestal a few weeks later.

Fast forward 6 months and we buy a house. We hired professional movers so our table would be safe. They take the tabletop off and the whole table falls apart. Seems the delivery guys "forgot" a major bolt. I called the manager, he was "in a meeting" and called back later. Directed me to a number for a technician.

When that number was called they told us the store needed to take care of it. Next thing I know our salesman is calling, Ya the Manager dumped us back in his lap. We had pictures and we had sent them. It was obvious that this 6 month old table shouldn't look like this. I then got directed to the head of the warehouse and he finally came and brought us a new pedestal (it took him two trips also because he didn't have the bolt on his first trip). I have never heard from that manager again.

Ashley wants your money but then they want you to leave them alone. For a purchase this big I expected more customer service. Wait just being their customer I expected more customer service. It shouldn't matter how much I spent. I will NEVER do business with them again and I tell everyone I know to shop elsewhere.

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