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Worthless Customer Service
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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- My boyfriend and I looked around MANY furniture stores looking for a sectional. We went into Ashley Furniture in Jacksonville, FL the week after Thanksgiving. We found a leather sectional that we liked, talked with the sales associate and agreed to purchase the sectional. We asked the sales associate when it would be delivered and he gave us a date of Dec 19th. We thought "Great, it will be here before Christmas". YEAH RIGHT! I get a phone call from a customer service representative from Ashley (right before the Dec 19th deliver date) who says the order has been pushed back until the first week in Jan. I was very disappointed but agreed.

The first week of Jan comes and goes with no sectional so I take it upon myself to call and see what the hold up was. I called Ashley Furniture and they tell me I need to call another # (which ended up being the "headquarters" for Ashley Furniture). They tell me they called me and gave me a new delivery date of the first week in Jan to which I told them it was past the first week in Jan. The lady told me she would call me back the following week ( I called on a Fri and she said she would call me on Mon). Mon came and went and no phone call. I call the next day and speak to another lady at the "headquarters" who tells me because the sectional I ordered was a new product sometimes the orders get pushed back. Wait..I WAS NOT told this when buying the sectional. She told me she would give me a call back the next day with an EXACT date of delivery. I expressed my dissatisfaction with their policies and bad customer service during this phone call. She simply apologized and told me she would get back to me. It took EVERYTHING for me NOT to go off on this woman. She did call me back the next day and told me the truck was coming that weekend although she couldn't promise it would be delivered by the weekend...HUH??? She then calls my boyfriend (not me) to ask him which day he would like delivery (they gave us either Sun or Weds). Now mind you, my boyfriend hadn't spoken a word to these people so he had no clue as to when the furniture was being delivered or if it was even going to BE delivered). We chose Weds because we were going out of town that weekend.

I was so mad at this point that I went online to find another customer service # but instead I find a Consumer Affairs # for Ashley Furniture. I call that # and proceed to tell the lady on the other end about my dissatisfaction with their company. She tells me she can't help me because each Ashley Furniture is independently owned and I will need to call the "headquarters"!!! Are you kidding me?? Long story short--today is Tues Jan 19th and my furniture should have been delivered a month ago. All I get is a simple apology for their lack of professionalism, the run around and their poor customer service. I would have cancelled the order but was afraid I wouldn't get my $2300 back. I am going to the store once the furniture is delivered to see if I can do anything about this. I found another lady who posted a complaint from the same Ashley store in Jacksonville, FL on this website. I am also sending this complaint and the other lady's complaint to the State Attorney General's Office. These people ought to be ashamed of themselves.
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malynda on 2010-10-28:
My advice is never buy from Ashley Furniture. I live in Flagstaff AZ, and after paying cash and waiting 3 weeks for the furniture to be delivered, it arrived and the sofa and loveseat are both defective, and guess what instead of exchanging them for me, they are going to rebuild them when the parts arrive in two weeks in my living room. I will now have refurbished furniture, I calle the corporate office in Arcadia Wisconsin, and spoke to a consumer affairs manager by the name of Tammy and she yelled at me. DON'T buy from ASHLEY FURNITURE, they make defective merchandise.
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Help Stop The Ripoff
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My husband and I went into store and picked out sofa and two recliners. was told we would get military discount and free TV with purchase. Next am I returned to finish purchase. was told then we could not get two discounts on one order so picked TV. My husband was mad about the change but I thought we could still come out with a good deal plus I had been approved for a 12 month no interest at the store. We measured the room that night and found we could not fit all of it in our room. I called store next am and ask to return and take one chair off order. they refused to help me in any way even at coporate office. I cancelled all of the order and they told me I was not allowed to according to store policy. Then I received a gift certificate for the free TV in mail. Of course I didn't pick it up cause I don't want the furniture. Now I received a bill for 395.95 for THE FREE TV. FROM CITI CREDIT CARD and their customer service only says it's in dispute and I should work it out with the store. In other words nobody in either place is helping me. this is deliberate and was planned to rip off everybody they can. Please help me get word out. Everybody that has been mistreated by these jerks need to report it to better business and their State Attorney's office.

We have even made up fliers on the computer and passed them out in front of the store when we go by that area. We need to find a way to stop these criminals from taking advantage of the innocent public. I am running my own campaign in Jacksonville Fl. If any body has any ideas feel free to join in. And by the way I don't care if ASHLEY FURNITURE reads this cause I have records of every phone call I've made begging for help to get this mess corrected, and all I've got is a bunch of buttholes at both places letting me know they DO NOT CARE if I have to pay for 'THE FREE TV'.
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Anonymous on 2010-01-01:
The tv is only free if you buy the furniture. YOU should have measured BEFORE shopping.
warddw1526 on 2010-01-01:
I agree with LadyScot. Why did you place the order before measuring to make sure it would fit into your room?
jktshff1 on 2010-01-01:
Very pleasant response LadyS.
Ytropious on 2010-01-01:
You know when you're at a buffet and you take too much food and someone says your eyes were bigger then your stomach? Well what would you call this?
Anonymous on 2010-01-01:
jk, I know right? I couldn't help myself.
doright#7770777 on 2010-01-06:
lADYsCOT, cAREFUL NOW, SEEMS LIKE YOU DON'T GET THE WHOLE PICTURE. Never mind it's in much higher hands as we speak.
PepperElf on 2010-01-06:
what does she have to be careful over?
doright#7770777 on 2010-01-06:
Because if you don't understand how these deceptions work you could be their next unhappy customer. that's the whole point in trying to get the truth out.
PepperElf on 2010-01-06:
have you talked to a lawyer yet?

fliers won't do anything really

if you really want resolution get a lawyer
doright#7770777 on 2010-01-06:
Thanks for the support. I've been working on this for 7 weeks and I think you are right. only our people at State levels can defend us against companys that don't have the honesty and compassion to treat us right. It's a different world out there now.
PepperElf on 2010-01-06:
the chain of command hasn't helped you?

you did say you were getting a military discount.

even if you're retired you can still access their legal system, no?
doright#7770777 on 2010-01-06:
NO ONE at the store we were shopping in or the customer service or the corporate level would give me time of day until they realized I would not give until this mess was corrected. At that point you hate to even here their name. the so called military discount was on of their sales pitches. Also they were giving a Free TV with a certain amount of the sale to qualify. After I canceled the order the following day I received a certificate in the mail to pick up the FREE TV. Of course I didn't pick it up because I canceled the whole order. Two weeks later I received a bill from Citi Credit Card where Ashley Furniture had charged me for THE FREE TV. At this time the charges are in dispute and I hope toclear up the whole nightmare and forget the name Ashley furniture. There are stories like mine all over the internet I've found since this happened. I think I have help, Now I'm just trying to let other people know what happened so they can hopefully avoid this with these decietful money hungry companys.
david07003 on 2010-01-07:
Sorry that LadyScot and others don't know better. Ashley is mass produced furniture. This customer wanted only one piece taken off. As mass produced furniture, this would not be hard to do for Ashley; its only paperwork to do so. Its not like Ashley had to make a one of kind piece with custom order fabric like in most furniture stores. Most of this stuff is already made and stored in a large distribution center anyway. See my write up on Ashley as a former employee.
PepperElf on 2010-01-07:
personally I wouldn't want a free tv anyway.
ain't owned on in over 5 years
last time I was tempted to buy one I got to the store and realized... "um, I don't actually want one" and came home with a cute lamp instead
Anonymous on 2010-01-07:
David, I used to work for Heilig Myers and am very familiar with the Ashley company.
doright#7770777 on 2010-01-07:
Thanks David. I will read your piece and get some insight of your views as an ex employer. Interesting I'm sure. I may have some hope of this coming to an end soon. I have been contacted by their customer service and I'm told it's being taken care of but at this point I'll believe it when I see it. Better late than never I guess. Such a mess I've never seen in my life and it kept getting worse every day. Just hope they do their job before the 16 of the month. That is the due date of first payment where they charged me for a TV that I don't have and don't want. Don't worry about the critical ones they didn't understand exactly what happened. I guess it would be hard to understand if you've never had it happen to you. I still can't really believe it myself. Seems like one long nightmare. Like you said it would have been cleared up in the first 24 hours if the store manager had let me return and make a change on the order as I ask.
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Delivered Damaged furniture with extremely hard to get or "no"support from company
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My family and I recently purchased a much larger home in Jacksonville, FL. We purchased several rooms of furniture at Ashley's in St.Johns Center. The sales staff was friendly but appeared very hungry and swarming upon entering the store. We encountered nothing but problems while dealing with this store/company. First purhcased was a master bedroom set. The bedroom set was delived damaged. A huge, noticeable chunk was missing out of the wooden bed frame. After many phone calls and appointments, this piece was replaced. Next, came the bar stools, again delivered broken. Many more phone calls until they were replaced. Last set delivered was a large heavy dining room set complete with a buffett and a hutch. The buffet was not with the order and we weren't advised until the truck arrived. The pieces that were delivered had multiple scratchs and nicks. Delivery driver took some kind of greasy cream and rubbed it into several of the scratches. Looked horrible and very noticeable especially since all pieces were sitting next to a large window. Many phone calls later and a repairman was sent out to access the problem. He ordered a new table top and new chairs and was extremely upset at the quick and dirty repair job that the delivery mand tried to do. Table top was delivered several weeks later. Different delivery staff and they were ready to drop, exchange and run. They couldn't believe that I would expect such a thing as assembly. More scratches in that table top and now in the new chairs delivered. Done by the inadequate employees? We filed another service request and this time a different examiner was sent. He refused to replace any of the damaged pieces and "repaired" them. Not to our satisfactions but we left it drop, we were tired of dealing with the store. We thought that was the last of them and vowed to never purchase from such a store again when another problem arose. The bedroom set that was purchased just about one year prior was falling apart. A 5 drawer dresser had what we thought was defective wood used to anchor the drawer sides in. Many, many calls and explainations of the story and finally they agreed to send someone out. First we were told that we must have had water damage, not true then we were told that we had the furniture too close to an airconditioner vent, again not true. The last was a "bug eatting" at the wood. No other evidence of anything in the house, house had recently been purchased and was inspected for termites, etc. prior to sale. They took pictures and refused to repair or replace, it was now my problem since it was over THREE DAYS FROM DELIVERY, yes 3 days???? We sent them letters, called many times but without so much as advice on how to handle. We fixed the rotted wood, sprayed several times with consumer purchased termite spray and thought that all was fine. Now, approximately 3 months later the drawers are breaking again in different spots. We had another bug inspection done of the dwelling and are termite/bug free. We were advised that Powder Post Beetles are residing in only the dresser and feasting. Had to come from the factory/warehouse, etc. Solutions to combat this are replace the dresser, fumigate with extremely toxic chemicals, or replace the wood infested pieces and hope that this is the last of them???? What do you think that our chances are of Ashleys making good on any of these options????This was all a very expensive lesson learned. We didn't buy the cheapest in the store, went for the more expensive, higher end, "better built" or so we thought. DON'T BUY FROM ASHLEYS! WE ARE TELLING ALL THAT WE KNOW OR MEET IN OUR VERY TRANSIENT AREA.
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MRM on 2007-01-31:
Unhappy from JAX said, "DON'T BUY FROM ASHLEYS!" Yes, we already knew that if you had read other complaints from Ashleys Furniture.
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Worst customer satisfaction and product quality
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I purchased a bed from Ashley furniture and when they deliver it the headboard was damaged. I was told they need to re-order a new one which will take 7-10 days. few days later I received a call saying that the head board will take about a month to be made and delivered. Finally they called me and they said that they received the piece I was waiting for and it will be delivered the next day. However the next day they called me back and they said that the new headboard is damaged again and they will have to re-order a third one which will take another 7-10 days. So far I don't have a bed. I've contacted the corporate office and complained about the problem I am having and they were careless and there was nothing they can do. I paid for a bed I don't have yet, because of someone's stupidity. I will never recommend Ashley Furniture to anyone and I will never purchase anything from them. There are lots of furniture stores that will offer customer satisfaction. You will save yourself a lot of time and headaches if you go anywhere else. Bottom line, Ashley Furniture is the worst store there is and I cannot believe in this economy they can afford to lose customers.
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Venice09 on 2011-06-11:
I'm sure there is store worse than Ashley, but you just haven't found it yet. Hopefully, you never will.

There's a saying around here that goes something like, "I don't know how Ashley stays in business". I wouldn't step foot in an Ashley store based on the complaints here alone, without even looking elsewhere on the internet. It would probably take the rest of my life to read them all.
Stephanie on 2011-06-17:
We apologized for any inconvenience this caused, as it is our obligation to make the experience as pleasant as possible. We hope your daughter enjoys her new bed, now that the headboard has been delivered and set up. Regards
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Ashley quality... You've got to read
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Okay, I had about 6K worth of Ashley furniture picked out and was going today to purchase it. Then last night, I stumbled upon this site. Let me tell you..people's reviews do make a difference. We went back to the Ashley store and took a closer look at the furniture and it was of poor quality. Basically pressed board with a veneer on top. The delivery nightmares (plus high delivery cost) and restocking fees was unacceptable as well. Ashley furniture is basically disposable furniture. While it may be great for 20 somethings starting out, it most certainly isn't of high quality.

So, we ended up buying from Haverty's. We bought a sofa, loveseat, recliner, coffee table, end table, conversation table, dining room table and 8 chairs. They waived our delivery charge and have a 100% return policy if it doesn't work (within 3 days). Plus, it will be here within 5 days. Yes, we spent about 3K more than we were going to at Ashley...but WOW...the quality of furniture at Haverty's compared to Ashley is totally worth it. You get what you pay for with furniture.

So, this site DOES make a difference. If I hadn't researched Ashley thoroughly, I might have ended up in a nightmare too.

Please check out the higher end furniture stores before you buy cheap furniture like Ashley or Rooms to Go carries. We aren't rich by any means, but I want my stuff to last.
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User Replies:

tnchuck100 on 2008-01-13:
Glad to hear the site helped you.
MRM on 2008-01-13:
I'm glad that this site has saved you from making mistakes that other people did.
Principissa on 2008-01-13:
It's great to see this site helping consumers. Kudos to you for doing research before buying. Congrats on your new furniture!
jktshff1 on 2008-01-13:
'bout time we did something 'sides bs.
Princi, how's the fed ex thing going?
lobo65 on 2008-01-14:
I'm glad you did your homework before buying. I would never buy from Ashley either--based on what I've read on this site.
Ponie on 2008-01-14:
Yesterday was a slow day so the TV was blaring a program Flip This House or something like that. During one glance, I saw the home outfitters going into an Ashley store. My thought was: Boy, am I glad I'm not getting that house! Good for you that you came upon this site. M3C does more than just publish unreasonable complaints. Congratulations and good luck with the new furniture.
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Beware-Read the Fine Print
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I can only Echo the sentiments of other customers and will never return to Ashley Furniture...their sale discounts and coupons are only a gimmick to get you in the store and are so limited that they are unusable. Their delivery no-service(that you are charged for)is dependent on repeated calls from the customer to schedule and confirm. In the store you are told the manufacturer is making a set amount of limited quantities for sale, but when you try to cancel your order, you are told that item was made specifically for you and cannot be canceled. Story changes to suit their needs. Their business practices do nothing to foster brand loyalty.
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Alain on 2010-05-29:
Your title says it all: "Read the fine print"!
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Fairly Pleased with Ashley Home Furniture
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My daughter has had this set since she was 3 years old, and now she is 8 1/2. We have the sleigh bed, nightstand, chest of drawers, and blanket chest (which we use for toys). I am starting to see some signs of wear on the edges of her nightstand, but for the most part, the furniture still looks very nice, and my daughter is one who is hard on things! Also, no problems with drawers falling apart, etc. To the people who complain, I would say, "You get what you pay for!" If you want super-high quality furniture, buy it! But for the cost, I think this furniture is a good value for the money for a little kid. We did not buy our set through Ashley's showcase store, but through a discount furniture supplier who got deliveries from Ashley.

It was cheaper doing it this way, but I still don't think their in-store prices are too bad . . . I plan on getting at least 3 more years out of this furniture!
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Happy Gal on 2009-03-24:
I think you are absolutely right. You get what you pay for. Some people pay $249 for a king sized bed and get upset that it doesn't last them 5 years. Buying furniture really isn't that complicated.
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Love My Furniture - No Complaints
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I recently received my bedroom furniture and new mattress set from Ashley Furniture HomeStore at the Town Center, and love it! I am getting the best sleep that I have ever gotten, and I got a great deal on my purchase. Only complaint that I have is that I wish I knew about Ashley sooner, because my old furniture from Orange Park Furniture fell apart in less than a year and I couldn't get it fixed. Really like Ashley and going back during tax season for a new sectional and recliner.
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madconsumer on 2010-11-14:
just because someone had a great experience with Ashley Furniture does not mean they are an employee.

very helpful review.
trisab on 2010-11-14:
Nice to hear some good comments on this site. Usually only see the complaints. Know some really good people at that company, and they are involved in lots of local community and charity events.
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