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Ashley Furniture
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Worst Quality of Furniture
By -

CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND -- I purchased an entire living room of furniture that includes a sofa, love seat, accent chair with matching ottoman, carpet and end tables. Accent pillows that match the accent chair and ottoman were fading in color after furniture had been in my residence less than a week. The accent chair and ottoman has faded, the carpet has been shedding huge carpet balls as well. I have called the store numerous times with a complaint, after about 3 weeks, a service technician came out to take pictures.

Almost two weeks went by, no word from their Corporate Office. I called them to check the status two days ago, and was told that someone would be calling me back within a few hours, no call to date. I want every piece of this furniture returned, and my money back or I will contact my lawyer and sue the hell out them. They are dealing with very poor manufacturers and that is their problem not mine. This furniture was not worth the money paid for and it looks like it is 20 years old or more. I will never buy furniture from this store again, because what is delivered in not what is shown in their showrooms. Now I will have to get an attorney and pay out more money to make this right.

I am in Customer Service and theirs stinks. They know they are selling defective products and don't care about their customers. But let me tell them, I will send out mail blasts all over the country to warn people not to purchase from them.

By -

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- On January 11, 2009 I purchased a living room set. I was given an estimated delivery date in writing of January 28, 2009 but was also told in writing that delivery could take up to 6 to 8 weeks. I started contacting Ashley about 4 weeks after the purchase and was initially told call back in six weeks from purchase date. Six weeks after the purchase I contacted Ashley and was told to call back at 8 weeks but that the furniture should definitely be in by then.

Each week thereafter I have continued to call Ashley and am told of a 'new' expected date. That they are all caught up with the orders up to the week prior to my purchase (that representation was made almost 4 weeks ago now). Now, there is just no explanation provided upon request other than it is expected to ship by the end of next week. Although I have repeatedly requested to speak with the manager he is conveniently on the showroom floor and will "call me back". I'm still waiting for that call and my furniture.

For all you who are considering a purchase from Ashley, remember you pay for the purchase at the time you sign the contract and they have the use of your money as a float to operate and run their business. Consumer Beware!

Problems Are To Be Expected, Good Service Is Not
By -

COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI -- The Ashley store in Columbus is owned by the same guy that has the Tupelo store, so I don't have a problem thinking this review applies to both locations. We ordered a $4500 living room suite in November and were told it would be "two weeks, possibly three" before it would be delivered. Three weeks later we hadn't heard a word, so I called the customer service number on my receipt. Another three weeks is the answer I got. Knowing there wasn't a thing I could do about it, we waited it out. I never got a call from Ashely at ANY point in our wait, to explain the delay or let us know what was going on.

Finally, seven weeks after we paid for our furniture, it was delivered. We had only ordered one end table, and one of the legs was broken off. The delivery guys didn't even bother to bring it in, apparently they couldn't glue it back on at the back of the truck. I made sure I noted on the delivery confirmation that the end table was broken and not delivered. I called Ashley the next day and they said "since it wasn't your fault we'll order another one". (Also note that the coffee table, sofa table and end tables are made in CHINA, not here in the states by Ashley. Those pieces are clearly marked AS made in China, there's no mistaking it).

Another four weeks (exactly) passed without so much as a word from Ashley. So I called again, and was told that the end table was in and I could schedule delivery. Gee, how long had it BEEN in? Screw delivery, I plan on picking it up and doing any assembly myself when it stops raining here.

My experience with Ashley is that they don't care one bit whether you ever get the stuff they make you pay for up front; they don't bother to let you know when or if it'll ever come in; and they couldn't care less if you like it when you ever do get it. Once you pay for it they're happy, and they don't care about anything else. This was FAR from the only furniture purchase we made after moving into our new house, but it's the first and last furniture purchase from Ashley.

They cost themselves not only our business for bedroom furniture, a dining set, a huge area rug and thousands in decorative items, but hopefully I can keep anyone else who asks about my experience from shopping there. I won't buy so much as a candle from Ashley ever again.

Ashley Furniture -- Taking the Plunge...
By -

KENOSHA -- Okay first time poster. My wife and I were in the market for a new living room suite. So I spent some time visiting local furniture shops as well as online. We narrowed our search to Ashley Furniture (Kenosha). After reading negative reviews here we were understandably hesitant.

After visiting their showroom a few times however we just found we liked what they had to offer (and the price) over what other local stores were offering. So we crossed our fingers last week and went in and selected our furniture. IT helped that we learned a neighbor had bought his furniture at Ashley last year and reported he was happy with his purchase. Still I'm nervous and hoping I didn't screw to pooch on this one. ;) So, I thought I'd post my experiences here as the process unfolds and update things until finally delivery. Going into this thing skeptical but hoping it all works out.

We were given a split shipping option. The Sofa/Loveseat to be delivered March 5th. And the recliner we chose on March 29th (which I opted to pick up since we live about twenty miles away). Of course I took those delivery dates with a grain of salt. When we left the store I told the wife it would probably be early April before we saw the furniture. Which is fine with us -- we just prepared ourselves for a late delivery based on what we've read here.

Well this morning surprise surprise. They called to say the Recliner was in and they'd be delivering it along with the sofa/loveseat on Wed. (March 5th). I was floored. Not only is the Recliner in early (hoping it's not somebody else's returned item) but delivery is right on schedule (so far). Course we're probably 20 to 30 miles from where they build the furniture but I figured there'd be a queue/line and that that wouldn't really save much time in the process.

The salesman we spoke with at Ashley DID tell us they'd gotten a better handle on shipping/construction and were working toward a 1 week turn around time. So I give him marks for being true to his word. Course they still have to actually show up on Wed. But so far so good. I'll update after the furniture arrives and let you know if it arrives undamaged and is up to spec. I'm a bit worried about that recliner suddenly popping up three weeks ahead of schedule.

I will say I was impressed with the Kenosha store in general. The salesman who latched onto us as we walked in asked us what we were looking for. We told him and he led us to the area where the furniture we were interested in was arranged. Then he politely excused himself and said he'd leave us to decide what we liked and would be back.
No high pressure or breathing down our necks.

By the time he had returned we had a list of questions which he answered. In fact he steered us away from the first set we had our eyes on when he learned we had kids/pets to another set which was actually a bit cheaper (but more stain resistant fabric).

Not sure what other Ashley stores are like but we really appreciated being able to browse and talk amongst ourselves without a salesman in tow. That was my biggest worry going in -- that I'd be pressured to upgrade to this or buy this package or that. Again I'll follow up on Wed after we accept delivery (knock wood).

A few things: I knew of the 30% restocking fee after reading of complaints here. And nobody bothered mentioning that when I made my purchase. I DID catch it on the little folder they give you to put your paperwork in and it's in small type. I think they could point that fact out as a general policy -- just to help avoid surprises. I also checked the Better Business Bureau on this store in particular before going in.

According them the store has had 131 complaints in the last 36 months -- 90% of those 'resolved' with the remainder 'administratively closed' for whatever reason. That breaks down to 3 complaints a month. Which doesn't seem too bad for a store apparently doing so much business. Bottom line they were in good standing with the BBB so I took that into account. UPDATE: See my update in the comments. Furniture was delivered as promised on the 5th. So far so good.

Great Experience with Ashley Furniture Altoona, PA
By -

ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I read many of these reviews before purchasing from Ashley. I'll admit I was very nervous when we ordered a living room set and bedroom set from our local Ashley furniture store in Altoona, PA.

I am very pleasantly surprised at the service and quality we received. At the store, the salesperson was very personable and professional. The customer service group over the telephone was good - they didn't always have an immediate answer for us and were sometimes confused about the questions we asked. But in all fairness, they were very friendly and got us answers. Delivery was prompt and the delivery guys were excellent. They were friendly and made sure everything was in place. Our experience was A+!

As a note, I did a little research into why there were so many complaints with Ashley. As it turns out, Ashley has become one of the largest retailers of furniture in the U.S. by franchising its name and products. What happens is that anybody with the money can purchase the franchise rights to sell Ashley furniture. As in any business there are good and bad business people. As I researched the store in Altoona, PA I found out it was franchised by a very reputable furniture company from Pittsburgh PA. I'm now not so surprised at the positive experience since I now know that the Altoona Ashley Furniture is independently owned and operated by a reputable company.

My advice to anybody looking to purchase from their local Ashley home store is to check the Better Business Bureau website. Some Ashley furniture stores ARE members of the BBB (as was the one from Altoona) and others are NOT. Just out of curiosity, I checked some of the stores that have a lot of complaints on this site, and they were not members of the BBB and had many complaints filed with the BBB. So a little homework on our part as consumers can go a long way.

Nice Business
By -

Gee, where do I start... My husband and I purchased a lovely bedroom set and two living room chairs from Ashley about a month and a half ago. At the store we were told by our sales rep that all their furniture was not made until the time of order. Since the furniture had to be "made" and shipped from NC, it would be 14-17 days until we received it. Cool. Now we have to paint our bedroom. We ordered the furniture on a Saturday so they told us the order wouldn't be processed until Monday. Okay, fine. I get a call the Thursday after we ordered it and they said it was in. What? It had only 4 days!!! I thought the stuff was "custom made"? (Lie #1) Thank goodness we didn't wait to paint out room. That's not a big deal. Well, when they called to schedule a date to deliver (on that same Thursady), my husband asked them to deliver it the day after Thanksgiving. They said fine. I get a call on that Saturday and said the furniture was being delivered on Sunday. I said no, we have it scheduled for the Friday after Thanksgiving. The lady on the phone said if we wanted it delivered on Friday, we would have to pay a rescheduling fee of $40. What? My husaband tried explaining to the girl that we did not schedule it for Sunday, but Friday. After a while of trying to get it through her head, he asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor gets on the phone and the first he says is "Yeah?". My husband says, "Do you have an attitude?" The supervisor responds with "No, but it sounds like you do..." Nice customer service... My husband was shocked! Anyway, they said they would "waive" the $40. They obviously still did not understand we were not rescheduling. Okay, now it's time for the delivery... The FIRST time they were there, they came in and set up the bedroom furniture. Everything turned out okay in that aspect of things. However, there were the two chairs. They weren't really expensive, but they were a couple hundred dollars a piece. They brought the one in and it was fine. When my husband unwrapped the second one, it had a hughe black ink spot in the middle of the cushion (the chairs was red) it was very noticeable. Needless to say, we did not accept that chair and requested a NEW one. They came back out a second time to deliver our chair. It was the exact same chair with the same ink spot. The driver told us that is the way they were made. BS!!! We have the other chair with no ink spot. Once again, we refused it. This past Sunday, they came out a THIRD time. Guess what, SAME CHAIR!!! They tried to deliver the same damn chair 3 times. What the hell? My husband will be calling to go off on these people. That is just ridiculous!!! I know it's not the driver's fault, but geez... I can't wait to hear their response to this (if we even get one). So it's been a month and a half and still no second chair. We will never buy Ashley furniture again!!!

Great Sales Team, Delivery Team, Good Affordable Furniture
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

BRANDON, FLORIDA -- The sales team at Ashley Furniture Home Store are friendly, helpful, and not pushy. After shopping at another local furniture store and having a bad experience there with a frankly unfriendly salesman, Ashley was a breath of fresh air. The furniture was delivered during the appropriate time frame and they called to confirm several times. No issues with the furniture, got a great deal! Definitely recommend this location.

Super Experience With Ashley Furniture
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- Super experience with Ashley Furniture. We got a fantastic price on a sectional, ottoman, and two end tables. Ashley's worked with us for delivery and met our timetable. From start to finish, an easy process, very painless, and very pleasant sales staff. In the end we got lovely furniture at a great price that we are very pleased with. The quality seems very good and we love the way it fits our d├ęcor. We will definitely visit them again when looking for furniture.

Poor Workmanship
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Rating: 2/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- You may get a good deal but I had not one but two purchases in 2012 and 2013 where they had to have a repair person come out on multiple visits to fix what was supposed to be new. In one case they had to sand and spray paint in the living room the TV center that was scratched up from delivery! DON'T BUY FROM THEM and if you do and it's shipped with DAMAGE DON'T ACCEPT IT!

Haven't Had the Living Room Set for Three Months and It's Falling Apart.
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Cushion on sofa falling apart.

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