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Great Experience with Ashley Furniture Altoona, PA
By -

ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I read many of these reviews before purchasing from Ashley. I'll admit I was very nervous when we ordered a living room set and bedroom set from our local Ashley furniture store in Altoona, PA.

I am very pleasantly surprised at the service and quality we received. At the store, the salesperson was very personable and professional. The customer service group over the telephone was good - they didn't always have an immediate answer for us and were sometimes confused about the questions we asked. But in all fairness, they were very friendly and got us answers. Delivery was prompt and the delivery guys were excellent. They were friendly and made sure everything was in place. Our experience was A+!

As a note, I did a little research into why there were so many complaints with Ashley. As it turns out, Ashley has become one of the largest retailers of furniture in the U.S. by franchising its name and products. What happens is that anybody with the money can purchase the franchise rights to sell Ashley furniture. As in any business there are good and bad business people. As I researched the store in Altoona, PA I found out it was franchised by a very reputable furniture company from Pittsburgh PA. I'm now not so surprised at the positive experience since I now know that the Altoona Ashley Furniture is independently owned and operated by a reputable company.

My advice to anybody looking to purchase from their local Ashley home store is to check the Better Business Bureau website. Some Ashley furniture stores ARE members of the BBB (as was the one from Altoona) and others are NOT. Just out of curiosity, I checked some of the stores that have a lot of complaints on this site, and they were not members of the BBB and had many complaints filed with the BBB. So a little homework on our part as consumers can go a long way.

By -

COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I urge anyone who reads this website to NEVER NEVER buy anything from ASHLEY FURNITURE Cookeville Tn, and to read reviews from other ASHLEY FURNITURE stores across the country. I wish my husband had before he purchased me a gift certificate as a surprise for our new house. I have been waiting 6 wks past the due date for my furniture to be delivered. First I was told they were waiting on the sofa, before they could make delivery. ** at the distribution center said it should be in on the next shipment (1 week) after due date. The next week (2) they acted like they had never talked to me before and said it would be in the next week.

When I asked what was taking so long for my sofa, he said he did not know. I would have to call my salesman at the store. I called the salesman immediately. He said he did not know why the distribution center told me that he has nothing to do with it after the point of sales. I'm sure he has his commission check in pocket although I have no furniture. Next they told me the sofa would be in on the next truck due to the distribution center at the end of the week (3). No furniture!!!! As you can guess week (4,5) same thing.

Now we are at week (6) for furniture that was supposed to be delivered early August. This week it would be delivered on the next truck they had coming to this area, mind you I paid for delivery. My husband called the distribution center. They said it would be here Thursday or Friday. On Friday he called again. They said they did not have a truck coming this way. He told them "it had better be here Saturday morning!!" ** at the distribution center called back and said it would be here by 1:00 pm Saturday.

In the meantime I have called the store twice to talk to upper management and both times she has been out of the store running errands! Of course she will call me back immediately. No phone call. Which brings us to 7:50 am on a Saturday morning, ** from the distribution center calls and gives me this long story about the second driver's son having fever and he wouldn't be in and he could not deliver my furniture today. Incredible! What about the first driver? No response will not deliver my furniture today. They have my money paid in full why would they deliver my product?? DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY TO THROW AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Problems Are To Be Expected, Good Service Is Not
By -

COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI -- The Ashley store in Columbus is owned by the same guy that has the Tupelo store, so I don't have a problem thinking this review applies to both locations. We ordered a $4500 living room suite in November and were told it would be "two weeks, possibly three" before it would be delivered. Three weeks later we hadn't heard a word, so I called the customer service number on my receipt. Another three weeks is the answer I got. Knowing there wasn't a thing I could do about it, we waited it out. I never got a call from Ashely at ANY point in our wait, to explain the delay or let us know what was going on.

Finally, seven weeks after we paid for our furniture, it was delivered. We had only ordered one end table, and one of the legs was broken off. The delivery guys didn't even bother to bring it in, apparently they couldn't glue it back on at the back of the truck. I made sure I noted on the delivery confirmation that the end table was broken and not delivered. I called Ashley the next day and they said "since it wasn't your fault we'll order another one". (Also note that the coffee table, sofa table and end tables are made in CHINA, not here in the states by Ashley. Those pieces are clearly marked AS made in China, there's no mistaking it).

Another four weeks (exactly) passed without so much as a word from Ashley. So I called again, and was told that the end table was in and I could schedule delivery. Gee, how long had it BEEN in? Screw delivery, I plan on picking it up and doing any assembly myself when it stops raining here.

My experience with Ashley is that they don't care one bit whether you ever get the stuff they make you pay for up front; they don't bother to let you know when or if it'll ever come in; and they couldn't care less if you like it when you ever do get it. Once you pay for it they're happy, and they don't care about anything else. This was FAR from the only furniture purchase we made after moving into our new house, but it's the first and last furniture purchase from Ashley.

They cost themselves not only our business for bedroom furniture, a dining set, a huge area rug and thousands in decorative items, but hopefully I can keep anyone else who asks about my experience from shopping there. I won't buy so much as a candle from Ashley ever again.

Ashley Furniture Delivery
By -

BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- I have to start out by saying that I was skeptical about purchasing anything from Ashley Furniture, based on reviews I read. In spite of the negative experiences people have had with furniture delivery, I decided to take a chance anyway. I had been looking for just the right couch and oversized ottoman. My search took me to every furniture store in the Buffalo, NY area with no luck except at Ashley Furniture. Ashley was one of the first places I looked. About 15 stores and 2 months later, I ended up back at Ashley.

The reviews were bad but after thinking about it, I decided that you usually only find bad reviews about a company because only the dissatisfied customers write reviews. My thought is that for every one bad experience someone has there are probably hundreds of good experiences you never hear about. Well, I bought at Ashley anyway. Our salesman Steve checked availability and estimated delivery and informed me that the items I wanted were in their regional warehouse and would arrive in Buffalo February 9th. To my surprise it arrived February 5th instead. Ashley called me while it was in transit to arrange delivery.

I could have had it delivered February 6th if I chose, but it was more convenient for me to have it delivered February 12. They said they would be there between 2 pm & 6 pm. At 3 pm I got a call from the truck driver telling me they would be there in 5 minutes and they were. I knew there was going to be a tight squeeze to get the 109 inch couch we bought into the house, and it was. However, the two delivery men got it in with absolutely no damage to the furniture or the house. They had about a 1/2 inch to spare. It even involved lifting that heavy couch over their heads. I am completely satisfied with the furniture and delivery.

Furniture disaster
By -

MEDFORD, OREGON -- I purchased a reclining couch and love seat set, a recliner chair, and an over sized ottoman from Ashley Furniture early 2006. When it arrived the recliner was dysfunctional. When you sat in it, it fell forward almost throwing you out. The ottoman had a tear in one of the four top cushions. The love seat had a back panel that was sewn wrong and displayed the underside of the unit.

We called in these issues and they sent a serviceman that was rude, ripped the arm of the recliner and stated that there was nothing they could do for us. We contacted the sales manager who stated that he would take care of it. His idea of fixing things was to send this same rude service man that got ruder with each visit. These two additional visits happened several months apart.

Finally, frustrated beyond measure, I went down to see the customer service manager in person. Of course he did not remember me or my situation (right!), he finally agreed to order me a whole new living room set. Several months passed and several more calls were made with no word about when the new set would arrive. A year later with no word, I went down to see the manager again. He refused to see me and pawned me off on another assistant manager (female this time). A few months later a love seat arrived, it looked used and was worse than the one we had. A few months after that a recliner chair arrived that was also worse than the one we had. I refused both.

We did not hear from the store again for several more months. When I called they said they could not help us because they could no longer get that set. They did let us pick a new set that did not include the ottoman we wanted. I have had this new set for two months now and the cushions have all gone flat, you can feel the frame beneath and they say that our warranty is out as it was made clear that we were still using the warranty from the first set.

How they cheat the public
By -

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- Gainesville, Florida: We visited Ashley's about 3 times in 2 weeks comparing prices with other stores. Then there was an ad in the local newspaper that Ashley's was "selling out" in Gainesville and thank you patrons for being so good to them for "XX" amount of years. The wording made it sound like they were moving out of Gainesville. Yeah, great sale time we thought.

We, along with many others that had been there the previous weeks, were shocked with what they did. They put these large yellow papers on all the furniture with prices raised 2-3 times what they were the week before, slashed through the prices with a marker, and put a second price that represented the sale.

The sale price was still half or double more than what it was the week before on every sofa set we looked at. While my husband and I stood discussing this we would have others walk by saying the same thing about furniture they had been pricing from weeks before. When brought to the attention of the sales representatives they told us that the liquidators came in and set the prices based on the market value of the furniture (sold somewhere else in the US) and set the sale prices based on that.

In Florida it sold for $600 but California $1200 so it was based on California's price. People who had not been in the store had no idea what they were pulling on them. This was confirmed to us by an Ashley Distributing Center in Ocala, FL, when we went there to check it out. Plus, he told us that Gainesville store was not closing or leaving, just their way of liquidating old stock. Went back to Ashley's Furniture 11/02/07 and the big yellow signs with the cut prices are still on the furniture 3 months later and they promise to beat any prices in town.

Do Not Purchase From Them
By -

FRANKLIN, WISCONSIN -- My mother and I purchased 3 living room sets from Ashley back in 05. My furniture was not delivered on the day that was schedule. When I called to question why my furniture was not delivered I was told that the date that was schedule was a date to be delivered to their warehouse. I asked the sales rep why would I choose a date to be delivered to the warehouse for I can care less. The sales rep Fred ** argued with me in the store and made a scene. I cancel the order and after 2 hours of arguing with the supervisor Scott the restocking fee was waived due to what they call miscommunication.

I really liked the set so I went to Ashley in Pewaukee and purchased the same set and an office desk set. The couch was delivered with a rip in the back which I was told a new couch was already order. Everything seemed fine until 6 months later. I noticed a rip on the couch under the cushion. I called and had a service tech out from Ashley. My husband was told that we would receive a call in one week. 2 weeks went by no call. I called and after a week of arguing and go back and forth I was told that my set was discontinue but they found a couch at their main location in Arcadia. The couch was set to be delivered.

Sad to say that when the couch was delivered there were 3 stains on the couch and the couch looked used which I specifically told Kelly the customer care supervisor that I would not accept the furniture if it is not brand new and sealed. After dealing with this for a whole month now finally dealt with Mike a Sales Manager who had me go in and pick out a new set. The order is set to be deliver next week Friday. I will keep you posted on what happens next.

All this after 2 sets of couch was delivered to replace the original set. I have talked to so many supervisors and managers and no one seems to know what their duties or anything about their job. This company has incompetent and irresponsible employees. I will not purchase another thing from this company or refer anyone to them.

Defective product, Very poor customer service!
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

BEL AIR, MARYLAND -- We purchased new leather living room furniture in February. It was delivered as expected in March, however there were 2 holes in the sofa and the indicator lights for the reclining feature also don't work. The rest of the furniture was fine. I contacted them right away and they said someone would contact me in 3 days to get this resolved. I called back in 3 days and they said I'd get a call in 7 days. I called back again and they had me email them pictures. I have continued to call and email them weekly (for over 10 weeks!!) about the issue and each time am put on hold for more than 30 minutes.

And when I finally speak to a person, they always put me on hold again for about 5-10 minutes and then tell me that they just spoke to the corporate service manager (**). And he is aware of my problem and will call me back in 24 hours to let me know how they will fix the problem. I have never gotten a call back. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they couldn't get a response from them either and closed my case as unresolved. I have since talked to several others in my area that have had similar issues and also could not get it resolved. I will never buy from them again!

They Lie
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Poor quality and even worse customer service. We bought a leather living room set and were sold a 5-yr warranty. At the time the salesman told us the extended warranty covered everything for five years. Rips, tears, punctures, spills, burns, everything. The only condition was we have to keep the furniture conditioned which we have done religiously.

After delivery we had them come fix a small tear in a seam and a scratch on the back from the delivery guys shoving the sofa through the door. Within a year we have them back to repair a tear in another seam. 2 yrs after purchase the last repair is tearing apart again and another seam has now separated. Call them back and Ashley says these are no longer covered.

Why? Because the 1yr manufacture warranty is expired. Seems the extended warranty only covers accidental damage. Of course the salesman never tells you that nor is the word accidental€ in the description on the receipt but it is buried in the warranty literature. Classic bait and switch. If anyone is interested in a class action lawsuit, I a€™m in.

Buyer Beware!!!
By -

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a leather living room back in May and had to wait till June 30 to get my delivery. And when I did get it it was damaged. A week later they brought me another and that one was damaged. Another week later they brought me a third and again damaged. I finally told them that I have had enough and gave them plenty of chances to right this. It is now a week later and I am still doing their job and trying to find out when they will be picking the furniture up.

When I called this morning they still have not even started paperwork on getting the furniture. Customer service was terrible. I had a manager who lied to my face and said she called me when she never did. I have had to make all the phone calls, doing their job. I have never been so stressed out by a company the way they have stressed me out. I would never buy anything from them again and will let friends and family know not to shop there. I am totally totally disgusted and frustrated. I can't believe a major chain like this could treat people like this.

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