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Ashley Furniture
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Disgusted by Ashley
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Rating: 1/51

PLANO, TEXAS -- Bought a couch from Ashley. Salesman sold us on it, if buy the warranty and anything happens, Ashley will come and try to fix it. If they cannot fix it, they will replace the couch. After 14 months the leather on the couch started peeling off, like sunburned skin.

I called Ashley right away, where I was passed around hung up on and rudely accused of abusing the couch. Finally a manager got on the phone and told me to put a hole in the couch and call the warranty company. All I got was returned phone calls denying my claim. Nobody ever came to look at my couch.

Ashley furniture is thieves, who sell you crap furniture, and they do not stand behind there products. We are not rich people, we saved for the couch for 2 years. I want to protect anyone else from ever having this happen to you. Never shop at Ashley.

Never Again
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Rating: 1/51

FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a sofa in Feb 2012, it lasted till Nov 2012! The sofa bed is damaged - frame bent per the technician who finally came to look at the sofa. This took multiple phone calls. He was not able to repair my sofa. The customer service department with the exception of ** and ** is a disgrace. The managers do not call you back. Dec 1, 2012 I called customer service and talked to ** a customer service manager. I told her I was upset because the managers never call you back. She gave me her word she would review the report the technician prepared and call me the same day as she was working til 9pm.

She never called me back as she stated she would. Perhaps she should Google basic customer service skills. If a customer is upset that he or she has not gotten ANY follow up calls. As a MANAGER you may want to keep your word. She is condescending and unprofessional and inefficient. Dec 2, 2012 I went to the store to get some answers and ** at customer service was respectful and earnest. She read the technician's report and immediately started problem-solving. ** had the same information and never called me back with any follow-up. Completely unacceptable!

I was so exasperated I left the store. If a consumer pays full price for a product that is damaged beyond repair, that has only lasted a FEW months, REPLACE IT. The customer service is reprehensible. I truly regret this expensive purchase and will NEVER buy anything from ASHLEY FURNITURE. It is comical that this ** customer service manager now wants to talk to me. Until this issue is resolved I will only speak with members of the staff that are efficient and have customer service skills.

I Don't Know What To Think!
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- I've purchased a lot of Ashley furniture. Some of the Ashley furniture came from a furniture store that sells a number of different name brands. The furniture was a lot cheaper than from the Ashley Furniture store. When they delivered it, I made them load most of it up and take it back. There were numerous defects. It made me wonder if they purchased seconds. I bought another famous name brand from them a few years before that and had a minor problem with quality, but it was resolved; so it makes me wonder about that particular store.

The owner called and asked me why I was sending the items back. He was real nice. He listened and said he would look at everything when they got it back to the store. After he saw the returned merchandise, he called and apologized. He said the delivery men were supposed to have checked the furniture before they loaded it, and said he couldn't believe they delivered such as that. He reordered the furniture, and personally checked it before it was loaded. Everything they delivered this time was perfect, and I haven't had any problems with any of the furniture.

I recently bought a DuraBlend cafe couch from an Ashley furniture store in Louisiana. I bought it for my daughter and son-in-law, who live in Texas. Since I've got to take them a bedroom set of mine, I'll just take the coach to them, too. They went to an Ashley store in Plano, Texas to see the couch and order two recliners to match. They didn't have any of this set in stock. The saleswoman gave my son-in-law a terrible impression. She was rude and acted like she didn't have time for them. I don't know what she said, but she made my son-in-law believe that the Ashley couch I bought them was a piece of junk.

My son-in-law decided to buy some DECENT recliners elsewhere. I was furious, and tried to smooth things over. I had previously spoken with the assistant manager of an Ashley Furniture store in Frisco, Texas and she was extremely nice. They were supposed to have gone there. I called her and told her how the saleswoman in Plano treated them. She wanted the woman's name to report her. The owner of the Frisco store must also own the Plano store, unless she was going to report it to corporate.

By the way, Ashley Furniture Stores are independently owned and operated. Ashley has their own designers, factories, warehouses, and trucks to deliver to the stores but the stores are franchises. The only thing they hire out is the delivery of the furniture to you. The stores are independently owned and operated. You can always get further with corporate than you can the stores. The franchise owners and corporate have the most to lose. The managers are just employees. By the way, that sales woman has been reported.

If the manager doesn't solve the problem, then ask to speak to the owner or call corporate. I had a problem in the past that I didn't mention, and I found out how it works and got it taken care of. After all this, I decided to go online and read the reviews. Now, I feel that maybe they should buy the recliners from somewhere else, and I regret buying the couch.

Does anyone know anything about how well the DuraBlend holds up? I know it's a blend of ground up leather, cotton and polyurethane. It's supposed to be more durable than ordinary vinyl, doesn't make you sweat like vinyl, and the look and feel is that of leather. How well does it hold up, though? I had two lane recliners that felt and looked like leather and they were polyurethane. We had to replace the reclining mechanism on one of them after several years, but the fabric held up about 12 years. Shouldn't the DuraBlend hold up just as well?

Encore (Sewer) Salsa Sofa
By -

SILVERDALE, WASHINGTON -- On 11/06/2009 I bought sight unseen a couch called, ENCORE SALSA SOFA. It is red and was in a flier in the local newspaper. I went to the local Ashley store here in Silverdale, Washington. They did not have this couch in the store to look at and sit on, and check out. I liked the way it looked so I paid for it.

It was delivered a few days later. I was very happy with what I had paid for. That is until later that day... The smell was SO BAD I could not stand it, it actually smells like a SEWAGE PLANT (untreated sewage), and the red color would come off when you would sit on it. I was very pissed that I now have a PINK shirt (it was white), the color was coming off really badly.

I called the customer service phone number, BIG MISTAKE!!! They attempted delivery of another one. I inspected it before they took it off the truck. It did the same thing when I wiped a white cloth across it, it turned pink, and the smell was just as bad. I did this in front of the delivery guys so they knew I was not feeding anyone a bunch of crap. They took it back, meanwhile, I still have this couch in my home that has made the whole place smell like untreated sewer poop!

So mad, I took off one of the seat cushions and took it to the store of purchase, and spoke with the store manager. She agreed with me that she could smell how rank it was, and she saw what happened when you rub it with a white cloth. She could see with her own eyes that the red color was coming off on the cloth. At that time they had one on the sales floor, we both did the smell and rub test, and oh gee, the same thing happened. We then decided on a different couch of the same color red, or close to it. It was more expensive of course, and did the smell and rub test on it, no problem.

I told her I would not pay more than $100.00 additionally. So she said she would sell it to me for $399.00, and said I was also getting $50.00 off for the inconvenience, ya right. So I paid the difference. Next day there is another flier in the paper. It is the couch I had just exchanged the old one for, and it was on sale for $399.99, ya. I was pissed, she made it sound like I was getting SUCH A GREAT DEAL.

So I called the customer service number again (by this time I have spoken to 6 different customer service people), I was so tired of the run around I was getting that I demanded a refund of the difference and the $50.00 coupon, thus $125.00... Still no money as of today, 12/21/09.

I receive a call telling me that the new couch I was doing the exchange for in stock was broken and that they had to order a new one, and I would not receive it for another week or so. I finally received the new one. I thought I was done, BUT NO! This one is broken also. The left arm is so wobbly, I am afraid to touch it. So once again, I call customer service, and yet again, another new person, and yet again, I have to explain the WHOLE SITUATION AGAIN!!!

I demanded delivery of the next one within a couple of days only to get a phone call stating that the one in stock is ALSO DAMAGED. Holy crap, I have been dealing with Ashley Furniture since, 11/06/09. The new, hopefully unbroken one is to be delivered tomorrow. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to buy ANYTHING FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE! This company does not care about its customers in the least, and I for one will not shop there again and will tell anyone to shop elsewhere.

If the new couch is not up to snuff, I will be demanding a full refund. I have read most of the complaints on this site. I seriously think that a "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT" should be set in motion, if not already done. It has been weeks, no one has called to see what the status is. And oh ya, after calling customer service (in Texas), good luck on getting a return phone call if you request one. It WILL NOT HAPPEN, trust me. Pissed and unhappy in Washington state...

Fraud - Ashley Furniture Home Store Tyler Texas
By -

TYLER, TEXAS -- I am having TROUBLE with pillows that came with the sofa and oversized chair purchased from Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Tyler, Texas. One week after delivery, which by the way took 2 1/2 months after ordered to receive, I called and talked to the manager (owner's son) that the loop fringe on the pillows was pulling out. That was Nov. 23, 07. I was told by the manager that a technician would come out to check the pillows and if they could not be repaired, they would be replaced.

Dec 11, 07 a technician FINALLY comes out after numerous phone calls to the store by myself and husband. The technician took pictures and said someone would be calling me. Dec. 29, 2007 I called the store to find out WHAT they were going to do about these pillows. I was told new pillows would be ordered.

On 12/31/07 I received a phone call from the woman who places orders for the store and she informed me that the owner wanted me to bring the pillows to the store BEFORE they could order new ones. I took the pillows in on 12/31/07 (all 8 of them) and the owner, insisted I leave them there so the Millennium Furniture Marketing Rep could inspect them.

I get a call the next day from the Millennium marketing rep, who informs me he did not find anything wrong with the pillows. He stated, "They are in show room quality condition." I asked him specific questions about the pillows and it turns out the owner made a switch. The marketing rep was shown a set of pillows that were not the ones I left there.

I called the next day and talked with [the owner]. She stated, the marketing rep has inspected these pillows and he agrees with me that there is nothing wrong with them. I threw a fit. I told [the owner] that I would be returning the two pieces of furniture and eat the 30% restocking fee. [the owner] stated that returning the items was not an option because there is nothing wrong with the set. [the owner] refused to set up another inspection with the Millennium Marketing rep while I was present for the inspection. BOY, do these owners of this furniture store have a BIG surprise in store for them.

I am filing every complaint possible and reporting these owners and this franchise to the State Attorney General's Office for fraud. I purchased these items WITH the EXTRA protection plan on each piece. I have pictures of the pillows, they have been filmed on my video recorder, and I WILL not allow these people to maneuver us this way. It is WRONG on so many different levels.

So, BEWARE, because Ashley Furniture HomeStore may be the number one retailer of furniture today, but at the rate these franchises are going, I'll dare say, 10 years from now they won't be. What gets people in the door are the finance options. That marketing strategy only goes so far. If this particular Ashley Furniture location here in Tyler Texas were having a buy anything you want in our store for $1.00 and get the second item free sale, I would not buy from them EVER again.

Sales People Lie to Make the Sale
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Rating: 1/51

SAN MARCOS, CALIFORNIA -- We have been in the market for a new leather couch for a while. We had been at a furniture store in the San Marcos area called Living Spaces. We unfortunately had no luck finding a couch that worked with our layout. On our way back to La Mesa, we noticed an Ashley Furniture Store off the freeway. We decided to stop in. We met with a salesman named **.

We looked at several couches. One in particular caught our eye. It was a modular sectional sold as individual pieces. The showroom configuration was far too large to fit in our living room. ** recommended customizing the pieces to fit our needs. Sounded great. I noted that we had 2 end tables that needed to fit as well. We also noted that we couldn't go too much larger than our existing couch. I didn't have the room measurements with me. I told the salesman we needed to wait until we measured to confirm that the couch would fit properly in the room.

He stated that we could order the couch and if for any reason we didn't like it, Ashley would pick it up at no charge for a full refund. I asked him to confirm that there would be no cost charged if the couch didn't fit in the room. He confirmed there was no charge as long as we contacted Ashley Furniture within 72 hours. We decided to purchase the couch since we could return it for a full refund if it didn't work for us.

A couple weeks later, the couch arrives. The delivery guys set it up in about 2 minutes and left. The end tables no longer fit in the room and the couch extended across the entire room. We tried moving pieces in a different configuration but the center section had unfinished sides. So the couch really wasn't so modular. We called Ashley right away to schedule a pick up explaining that it didn't fit in our room. Customer service told us there would be a $39.99 charge to pick up the couch. The initial delivery charge was $89.00.

We received a complete runaround between the store and customer service. We were told that we could not receive a refund unless we drove back to the store in which we purchased the couch and the pick up charge of $39.99 would need to be paid. The initial delivery charge of $89.99 was also non refundable. If they tell you you will get a full refund, it's a lie. Don't fall for it. Suggest Costco online. Costco takes anything back for a full refund.

False Advertising on Protection Plan and Cheap Quality Furniture!
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Rating: 1/51

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We purchased a leather couch and loveseat almost five years ago. We were told if we purchased the protection plan that no matter what damage happens to the couches, the protection plan would replace or fix the damaged furniture, including dog scratches! We have two dogs, so that prompted me to buy the protection plan. We normally do not buy any warranties but since we have dogs, we purchased the plan. We were also told that if we did not use the plan, we could use the money towards something in the store.

Well… our five years is almost up and two of the cushions have not held up like the other three cushions. I called to have them fixed and was told that my protection plan number was not a valid number, and they do not cover wear and tear and dog scratches! The contact person had quite the attitude when I was talking to her. I felt very defensive, but did not lower myself to treat her with the same attitude.

Very poor customer service and combative! I also mentioned that when we received our loveseat, it had a small pin hole tear in the leather on the cushion. That was not going to get better once we started using the furniture, so the store replaced the leather in the cushion, but the way they nailed the leather to the frame, it does not stay in the frame.

We have repeatedly had to nail it in over the years. When I decided that the furniture was not going to get fixed, I was going to use the money on something in the store. Come to find out, we have to purchase $500 worth of product to apply the money too! Just one more lie! We will not be shopping at Ashley Furniture again! Poor service, quality, and cannot be trusted!

Sales Rep Who Lie
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- My wife and I went to the store looking for a Sofa bed for our finished basement. Found one we liked right in our price range but I was concerned that it would not be able to fit down the stairs and into the room. I expressed this concern to the Sales Rep at least twice and explained it was a 3 foot wide hallway they had to get it down. He specifically asked me if it was a standard 30" X 80" door, I told him yes. He then told me it would, NOT "should", would be no problem, their delivery guys go to tight place in NYC all the time and they would get it in.

Well guess what happened when they got here, they would not even try to get it down the steps. Just told it wouldn't fit. Now we were faced with paying a 25 % restocking fee or $180 to get a Technician to come out and take it apart to get it in our basement. Calls to the store and Rep denies ever telling us that and Sales manager "Can't do anything for you " not even apologizing, it was our fault. Calls back and we are put on hold and no one picks up or calls back. We are given email addresses to write to??

Ashley Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

MINNESOTA -- I bought 2 full size couches for the deal at 268 each plus the delivery and warranty for a total of 812. After the bad delivery, which the guys had a very hard time and almost ripped the couches. My girlfriend and I were having backs pain while sitting or laying on them for long periods of time. I tried to return them after 7 days. I was told to go through the warranty company. They told me I was stuck with them due not returning them in 7 days and they couldn't make couches which are comfortable for everyone.

I had a choice to exchange the couches and pay an additional 450 for couches that were not what I was looking for. I had to cut a piece of plywood to put in each couch to prevent the rear of the couch from sagging. Made a big difference but doing this with 2 couches that are 2 weeks old... REALLY… I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN. HOPE THIS KEEPS you FROM BUYING JUNK.

Leather Peeling and Cracking
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Rating: 1/51

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- Glad I saw this site. My furniture in now almost 6 yrs old. I have been too ashamed to have people over for 2 1/2 years. I first noticed some cracking at age 4, I did wait a bit before calling. When I did was told "well, your furn. is 4yrs old," I stopped them their. Mom has furniture still from 30-40 yrs ago and it still looks good. Friends have leather furniture for 15+ yrs still looks new.

Anyway after much too do, then sent out a non speaking English man. He brought in PAINT, yes PAINT, to "fix" certain areas. I was like "what are you doing!!" He said he had to use MY phone to call his job to say he was done, I tried grabbing phone out of his hand and he hung up.

BTW I did purchase this "AWESOME" everything is covered warranty. The manager at the local store here in FL said he would give me a $6.00 credit. They feel the furniture lasted long enough for a single woman. After the 4th yr it's been downhill, his PAINT peeled right off, and basically it's like a felt I am sitting on as there is no more "leather". IF anyone know of a class action suit please let me know, thank you.

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