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Ashley Furniture and Warranty Are Useless, Staff Not Much Better
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Rating: 1/51

We purchased a sofa set in July of 2010 knowing that we were only going to be in Mesa, AZ for 1 year so we specifically asked if the extended 5-year warranty was transferable anywhere and purchased it when we were assured that it was. The couches were beautiful, we moved to Cincinnati, OH as planned and have been here for 3 years.

About a month ago I started seeing some light scuffing but nothing I was concerned about and then about a week ago the couch started peeling, and I mean huge flakes coming off on the seams of the seat cushions where the cushions rub together when you sit and stand back up, the seams of the back cushions, the folds where the back cushions push into the seat cushions, the arm rest and all that is underneath is foam - FOAM (yellow to boot)!

I called Ashley Furniture here in Cincinnati and the representative was very nice but informed me that he couldn't do anything and maybe call Mesa to see if there was anything they could do like release their records to them so they could further assist me.

So I called Mesa and the representative there said that the peeling was normal wear and tear and wasn't covered. I told her that was ridiculous as I have a couch falling apart and the salesman told me the warranty covered anything that diminished from the finished look of the couch. She said it didn't matter anyway as we had moved out of the warranty coverage area and had voided the warranty. I told her that didn't make sense and the salesman had told us that it would travel with us anywhere in the U.S. Her response was that it wasn't her fault we moved. Nice.

I asked her what we could do and her response was nothing. We are planning on going out to visit this summer so I asked if we brought them back with us if they would look at them (I know what you are thinking, that sounds crazy. I knew it sounded crazy at the time and the logistics didn't add up. We weren't going to do it but I am making a point here, stay with me) her response was that I would be outside of the reporting time for a problem and it didn't matter because by moving initially I had voided the warranty. Basically it doesn't matter what the situation was, they weren't going to do a blasted thing about it.

I looked online and it said that if you or your retailer moved to call a number in WI so I did that and spoke with a woman who said that she couldn't help me as they didn't cover extended warranties and to try calling Guardian. So I asked if she had the number, you guessed it, she didn't. So I got grumpy said I would never buy Ashley again, both times had been a headache and the company was incompetent and she transfers me to consumer affairs.

I explain to ** at Consumer Affairs that I am frustrated and the situation and he says that they are a factory and they can't do anything. I asked him why the website gave me the number to a factory under the "moved" option and he said they only handle the basic warranties. I told him that the website needed work and the company he worked for was inept and his response was "Thank you."

I get that this isn't really their problem but I am so frustrated with sleazy salesmen who will say anything they have to and don't care about the consequences for those they are taking advantage of and the greater company who doesn't care either. I am never buying Ashley Furniture again and will warn anyone I can from the same. Maybe next time I will get taken advantage of by a company whose furniture will last longer than four years.

Bad Experience
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Rating: 1/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Purchased DuraBlend Sectional from Ashley Furniture in 2012 and the furniture is peeling really bad. Such a waste of money.

Great Experience Over All
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Rating: 5/51

NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- Loved the experience and the customer service was great. I loved it and will recommend it to my family and friends, great service. Love my new set of couches, great quality overall.

Peeling Durablend Sofa
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Rating: 1/51

WICHITA, KANSAS -- We purchased the Durablend Sofa and love seat 4 years ago, and they were very comfortable. We were told that they would hold up to wear and tear and pets, better than real leather furniture. Our sofa is now peeling like a orange. The faux leather is sticking to people when they sit on them. Under is a tan fabric. I would not buy this furniture again. Nor would I tell people its a great investment. I am going to contact them tomorrow and see what sort of warranty we have.... From reading other reviews it may look like we are out of luck.

Ashley Furniture Quality and Warranty
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SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- We purchased a living room set from Ashley furniture a few years ago. When we purchased it ($1800), we were talked into buying a extended warranty for 5 years. Around Christmas time the couch and loveseat has started to peel apart? We called Ashley and they said for us to call the warranty company guardian.

When my wife called, the claims representative (**) said we only had a 1 year warranty. My wife tried to explain that it was a 5 year warranty. The claims representative said it only covers the leather for 1 year, and asked us to close the claim??? Then I called back, I reached another claims representative (**). I read the warranty out loud to her, she said "I don't know why the other representative would say its only 1 year?. It is 5 years," she said. She said her supervisor (**) would get back to us. I asked "why would we have to talk to a supervisor?" She said "she will be in touch shortly."

After a few days I called to speak with *, they said she would get back to us. I then emailed her, and then called again the next day. She answered the phone and immediately tried to come up with many reasons to void the warranty. She asked if we used the treatment that Ashley made us buy, I said "yes we have." I told her the furniture is flawless except the front seam on the loveseat and couch. She then said "this sounds like it started a while ago."

I then asked her lets stop the game playing… "You are not going to do anything are you??" In which she SURPRISINGLY said "no, we are not!" I said angrily "what a scam this is, you don't even care anything about this do you." Which she replied again "NO, WE DON'T CARE." I said "I'm not done with this!" She then said very loudly "I… DON'T… CARE!" And with that she ended the call. I'm 42 and can't recall ever being that mad at someone.

I immediately called Ashley back and demanded to speak with someone other than the receptionist. I then talked to the manager (**). I explained the whole deal with him. I angrily asked if he thought $2000 furniture should last more than 4 years. He said he agrees that this is not right and that we did purchase a 5 yr warranty and nobody should be talked to like that. He said he will give this to his boss.

Before we hung up I said I was sorry if I was a little heated, but I said "I just want you to know… I will not just go away on this. This furniture was treated great and you can tell by looking at it." I then said "we have had friends and family over, and ALL of them are in shock when they see the couch and loveseat, and hear that nobody is doing anything." I told him my wife's friends, family and clients keep telling her to call the news and the attorney general. He said "don't do that till we get back to you."

A few days later (4) I called him back and he barely remembered me. He then said his boss had not gotten back to him. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against the warranty company guardian. I keep getting the same reply… "we're not going to do anything." Their reason is the damage has to be reported within 5 days of happening???

I then received a call from another person from Ashley furniture (**). She said she was a business manager, she said they are trying to get in touch with the warranty company. I told her the same thing. I said "this will not stand and this is ridiculous that my wife has to sit and cry about the furniture that we purchased will have to be replaced after 4 years! And that we were talked into purchasing a bogus 5 yr warranty." She said "I agree and we will sort this out."

I told her again "I will not give up on this. I will let everyone know how these two companies operate." She said "lets not do that." I said to her … "I can't understand how nobody even wants to LOOK at the furniture to see what is wrong???" They just don't care. If you need your furniture to last more than a few years… you better stay clear of Ashley's. Thanks ** from Syracuse.

I have since been contacted by Ashley, and was told that they will resolve this problem, and I have to give them more time. I will change this if it is resolved, but I still feel people should know not to buy the extended warranty from Guardian… As a matter of fact I would not deal with any of Guardian protection warranties.

Poor Service, Cannot Deliver Product
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I purchased a couch and recliner almost 2 months ago and left excited about new furniture. We were given a delivery date only to have Ashley Furniture call the day of to tell me that the furniture was on back order. The new delivery date would be another 3 weeks. My thoughts, no sweat, things happen. On the new delivery date they didn't even bother to call. My wife stayed home all day and once the time was close, she called to find out the furniture was still on back order.

After being given the runaround, she was able to speak with the highest ranking customer service representative (I use this term loosely) and he offered us $130 in store credit and told us that the new delivery date "should be" July 11th, but fell short of guaranteeing.

Customer service was rude and condescending and not once took any ownership of doing anything wrong. An "I'm sorry" goes a long way and I have yet to receive that. Additionally, they initially tried telling me they could not refund money back to my card that I put down as a deposit and would just apply anything to my existing credit. Only one that benefits it them. So now instead of being able to cancel my order over the phone, I have to actually go to the store to cancel the order. They were unwilling to fix the problem and unwilling to apply and adequate credit to my purchase.

Couch Peeling Like a Person With Bad Sunburn
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Rating: 1/51

BEL AIR, MARYLAND -- February 16, 2012 I purchased a Durablend Black Reclining Sofa "**" and Also purchased The Durablend Black Reclining Loveseat w/ console "**", and Purchased the 5-year Extended Warranty "**". The seating surfaces on the couch are peeling off life like a person who had bad sunburn. The recliner is broke and had gouged my wood flooring badly. I called to file a claim "**" and was informed these issues are not covered. I really loved the looks of the set and when told about the extended warranty I could get which would cover anything that could go wrong with it in the next five years I was sold!

Now I'm having these problems I told "oh well the warranty doesn't cover "DuraBlend". It also doesn't cover the reclining mechanism." If it doesn't cover the Durablend why was I sold the warranty? I was told this warranty covered everything. Now I'm stuck with a Horrible looking piece of furniture, that's broke and has ruined my wood floor. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!

Warranty Is a Fraud
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a leather sofa along with the warranty. A few months before the warranty ran out the seat cushions started to peel and flake off in big pieces. We took one of the cushions into the Joplin, MO store from where we had purchased the sofa. They gave us contact info for the warranty dept. We were told that we would have to have the serial # for the sofa and were told where to find it on the sofa; however, there was not a serial # there.

We have been denied the claim even though we still have the receipt. When we asked about just paying for new cushions we were told that there are no replacement parts for sofas. I'm really disappointed in Ashley and will not buy from there again.

Terrible Product
By -

VERNON HILLS, ILLINOIS -- On 02/02/08 my husband and I had two sofa delivered after picking them out in the Vernon Hills store. It has been just under two years since we have owned them and the bigger couch is so uncomfortable that none of us can bare to sit on it. Sure, the cushion is worn down from normal use (a measly two years) but it's what's underneath the worn cushion that makes it so uncomfortable; a big piece of hard wood.

We have been discussing filing a complaint for a while and we are doing so today after I plopped down on the couch the other day and hurt myself! I didn't jump on it, I was tired, I plopped down and I managed to plop right onto that board and now have a bruise on my back from the couch! We need a warning sign that says "sit down carefully, or you may get hurt".

We are not sure if it is the cushion that was made so cheaply and therefore flattened so quickly or if the furniture was made poorly all around. All we know is that if someone would have told us that we were paying $1700 for leather couches that will be so uncomfortable that they will induce pain either by sitting down on it or sitting for a period of time due to lack of cushion and hard blocks of wood underneath the lack of cushion, we would have run to La-Z-Boy furniture.

I called Ashley furniture today and they said their store manager will be in tomorrow. We are filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and never stepping foot in a Ashley Furniture store again. We did buy an extended warranty but never received any information. Plus I looked on their website and the store "does not have extended warranties". Meaning you threw your money in the toilet unless you actually have physical damage to the furniture that needs repair.

We have taken excellent care of the furniture, there is no damage other than it is junk in itself. I remember my parents having a couch for 15 years and it was so still comfortable. We didn't even get two years out this cardboard couch. We feel we have been ripped off and the only way to remedy this is to add cushion which I am sure a store that sells this poorly constructed furniture is not going to do such a thing.

Fraud - Ashley Furniture Home Store Tyler Texas
By -

TYLER, TEXAS -- I am having TROUBLE with pillows that came with the sofa and oversized chair purchased from Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Tyler, Texas. One week after delivery, which by the way took 2 1/2 months after ordered to receive, I called and talked to the manager (owner's son) that the loop fringe on the pillows was pulling out. That was Nov. 23, 07. I was told by the manager that a technician would come out to check the pillows and if they could not be repaired, they would be replaced.

Dec 11, 07 a technician FINALLY comes out after numerous phone calls to the store by myself and husband. The technician took pictures and said someone would be calling me. Dec. 29, 2007 I called the store to find out WHAT they were going to do about these pillows. I was told new pillows would be ordered.

On 12/31/07 I received a phone call from the woman who places orders for the store and she informed me that the owner wanted me to bring the pillows to the store BEFORE they could order new ones. I took the pillows in on 12/31/07 (all 8 of them) and the owner, insisted I leave them there so the Millennium Furniture Marketing Rep could inspect them.

I get a call the next day from the Millennium marketing rep, who informs me he did not find anything wrong with the pillows. He stated, "They are in show room quality condition." I asked him specific questions about the pillows and it turns out the owner made a switch. The marketing rep was shown a set of pillows that were not the ones I left there.

I called the next day and talked with [the owner]. She stated, the marketing rep has inspected these pillows and he agrees with me that there is nothing wrong with them. I threw a fit. I told [the owner] that I would be returning the two pieces of furniture and eat the 30% restocking fee. [the owner] stated that returning the items was not an option because there is nothing wrong with the set. [the owner] refused to set up another inspection with the Millennium Marketing rep while I was present for the inspection. BOY, do these owners of this furniture store have a BIG surprise in store for them.

I am filing every complaint possible and reporting these owners and this franchise to the State Attorney General's Office for fraud. I purchased these items WITH the EXTRA protection plan on each piece. I have pictures of the pillows, they have been filmed on my video recorder, and I WILL not allow these people to maneuver us this way. It is WRONG on so many different levels.

So, BEWARE, because Ashley Furniture HomeStore may be the number one retailer of furniture today, but at the rate these franchises are going, I'll dare say, 10 years from now they won't be. What gets people in the door are the finance options. That marketing strategy only goes so far. If this particular Ashley Furniture location here in Tyler Texas were having a buy anything you want in our store for $1.00 and get the second item free sale, I would not buy from them EVER again.

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