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Cheap Product, Cheaply Made - Never Ever Buy Ashley Furniture No Matter How Good the Product May Look
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Rating: 1/51

NEW ROPCHELLE, CONNECTICUT -- Cheap product, cheaply made. Never ever buy Ashley furniture no matter how good the product may look or the deal may sound. I thought I was dealing with a genuine furniture company only to realize I was not. While passing by an Ashley store in New Rochelle we thought of doing some window shopping and ended up buying two sofas though we already had a beautiful leather sofa set. The salesperson one Mr. ** who was an excellent person very professional and helpful, who closed the deal - he even sold us on the extra 5 year warranty making a special mention that ASHLEY FURNITURE STANDS BEHIND ALL ITS PRODUCT.

As we did not need the sofas right away we stored them in our basement for nearly five to six months. When we were getting guests visiting from India we brought the sofas to the living room. To cut the story short the sofas were nothing but a cheap product. Every time one sat on it the lumber of the frame would start creaking and the seats would come out of its place, this would happen even if my three year old grandchild sat on it.

The creaking was bearable but the shifting of the seats was a pain. Every time anyone sat on it the seats would move out of its place - a sheer embarrassment in front of guests. One of them even commented “this is what happens when you buy cheap stuff from cheap outfits, GO OUT AND BUY SOME REAL FURNITURE”.

I called up and complained at the store. Mr. ** being a professional, he apologized for the inconvenience and told me to call the warranty number. When I called them I was told the complaint of mine is not covered as that sounds like a manufacturing defect and that I should call the company customer service or the store.

Since I had tried the latter I called the Customer service and after many back and forth questioning with different individuals on several occasions, I was told to take Velcro and stick it on the seat and the frame, which sounded ridiculous to me after having purchased the sofas and being told that the company stands behind its product, is this what they really meant USING VELCRO?

When I insisted for a solution to this problem I was told by one of the CS ladies they have had several similar complaints. When I told her to send me an e-mail to referring to what she had just told me she said she would but that e-mail never came. I called up Mr. ** again and he sounded genuinely concerned but I do not think the salespeople have any leverage at the store level.

I had given up on the whole sofa issue as a foolish decision where I was stupid to buy without doing my homework, when one of my guests who visited my house recently and who experienced the problem first suggested that I should put the issue in the store reviews so that other people do not fall into the same trap I did.

Remember I started my complaints within the first six seven months of my purchase and now have been living with it for 2 years. I even invited Mr. ** to visit my house and see the problem first hand but that did not happen (maybe company policy). But in short stay away from Ashley furniture. The furniture stinks, their customer support stinks (not at all professional - very rude – talking down at you attitude). The only silver lining are the salespeople but that I think goes with the territory. ASHLEY STORE, I AM SORRY I VISITED YOU.

Poor Customer Service. They Delivered the Wrong Sofa. My Boyfriend and I Saw One Sofa and Chose Only the One, Yet They Delivered
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- On June 16, I had gone to Ashley Furniture on San Felipe St. The salesman was **. I spent a lengthy time with him and had told him my boyfriend and I were interested in a couch, the only thing that was in debate whether to make it into a sofa bed. ** took me the walked me to where the sofa's were and which one could be turned into a sofa bed. The first sofa he showed me I liked immediately, the color, the price. The only thing I did not like was the additional price for a sofa bed.

As I told ** I was going to take a picture of it and send via message to my boyfriend **. In front of him I took the picture. Directly in front of the couch sits a sales table where the salespeople draw up the paper work. However that day I did not buy. I wanted my boyfriend to see it first, he would be in town the following weekend.

I gave ** my home number in the event the couch would go on sale; he had already indicated that there was currently a sale however there would be another one next week that would effect this couch. He wrote the name of the couch on a business card, not his personal he had no business cards yet. However he insisted that I ask for him when I make the purchase. He as well gave me his personal cell number.

** would call me twice informing me that the sofa was on sale with the reminder to ask for him. On July 1st ** called me again, to let me know the sofa had gone down considerably due to a 4th of July sale. The next day ** and I went to the store asked for ** as promised. He immediately wrote up the ticket as both ** and I both sat on the couch we were purchasing.

On July 13th the couch was delivered to my home, it was wrapped. As the delivery guy unwrapped it, I immediately addressed the concern that it did not like, this one had puffy seats, and I do not recall brass buttons on the stems of the arms. The delivery man said once you break it in by sitting on it, the seats will go down, and maybe you just do not recall the couch to have buttons - after all you bought it 11 days ago. If it's wrong call the store.

I did and spoke to several including calling ** whom had denied even recalling me. He did however add insult to injury by saying you initialed a check off list, I demanded to see what the check off list was. The paper form reads on the Ashley Customer Courtesy Checklist my address info and a seven digit reference #?? A mere reference number, now what could that mean to me a customer or any customer? Soon after ** would go hide.

I made 2 different attempts in trying to get the sofa we had bought. I showed the Manager ** the picture of the couch I had bought, and assured I had not looked at any other. The battle would be over my acceptance of the couch, and the cost of the couch we wanted was more, and then another charge for delivery of $69.00. I had refused to give Ashley any more money. So, they ask me to choose another sofa. I did but because it was not the same it was cheaper I could not get.

Finally several hours and several managers we came to an agreement, Ashley would cover the cost of delivery and half the cost in the difference between the couch I had and the one I originally bought but did not. I should have read the reviews, but I see they are not known for customer service. I do not believe I will ever buy anything from Ashley again and as for **, quick to make the sale, but he is as dishonest as he treated this situation, he will one day find out if has not already that honesty is best. Hope he will have his job secured.

Great Experience Over All
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Rating: 5/51

NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- Loved the experience and the customer service was great. I loved it and will recommend it to my family and friends, great service. Love my new set of couches, great quality overall.

Sales People Lie to Make the Sale
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Rating: 1/51

SAN MARCOS, CALIFORNIA -- We have been in the market for a new leather couch for a while. We had been at a furniture store in the San Marcos area called Living Spaces. We unfortunately had no luck finding a couch that worked with our layout. On our way back to La Mesa, we noticed an Ashley Furniture Store off the freeway. We decided to stop in. We met with a salesman named Ulysses.

We looked at several couches. One in particular caught our eye. It was a modular sectional sold as individual pieces. The showroom configuration was far too large to fit in our living room. Ulysses recommended customizing the pieces to fit our needs. Sounded great. I noted that we had 2 end tables that needed to fit as well. We also noted that we couldn't go too much larger than our existing couch. I didn't have the room measurements with me. I told the salesman we needed to wait until we measured to confirm that the couch would fit properly in the room.

He stated that we could order the couch and if for any reason we didn't like it, Ashley would pick it up at no charge for a full refund. I asked him to confirm that there would be no cost charged if the couch didn't fit in the room. He confirmed there was no charge as long as we contacted Ashley Furniture within 72 hours. We decided to purchase the couch since we could return it for a full refund if it didn't work for us.

A couple weeks later, the couch arrives. The delivery guys set it up in about 2 minutes and left. The end tables no longer fit in the room and the couch extended across the entire room. We tried moving pieces in a different configuration but the center section had unfinished sides. So the couch really wasn't so modular. We called Ashley right away to schedule a pick up explaining that it didn't fit in our room. Customer service told us there would be a $39.99 charge to pick up the couch. The initial delivery charge was $89.00.

We received a complete runaround between the store and customer service. We were told that we could not receive a refund unless we drove back to the store in which we purchased the couch and the pickup charge of $39.99 would need to be paid. The initial delivery charge of $89.99 was also non refundable. If they tell you you will get a full refund, it's a lie. Don't fall for it. Suggest Costco online. Costco takes anything back for a full refund.

Dura Blend Leather Completely Separating From Its Base, Flaking Off
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Rating: 1/51

NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK -- We purchased 3 piece sofa that has recliners at ends, also separate reclining chair. All are made with their bonded leather. The sales representative said this product is better than leather, never needs treatment and outlasts leather. It is made from leather fragments and plastics. We even bought the puncture insurance.

Come to find out after the delivery, we thought all was well. Then at a close look we found corners of the couch and chair arms the fabric leather had small chips. We called and complained and after a few weeks we were able to schedule a serviceman visit to replace several SKINS (segments of furniture coverings). Serviceman did a good job and we thankful.

Unfortunately, we also were victims of not researching this product. Several months later the seat portions on all of the furniture developed very small cracks. Then as the months went by they began to flake off. What an embarrassment. People that visited us when the furniture was new only had good things to say, now they are in shock that the furniture coverings did not last even a year. By the way we have no pets, so there is no blame there.

I called the service dept. and complained. They said the fabric warranty was over and that it's not covered. After a lot of complaining and demanding management, they agreed to send me new skins to replace the coverings on the defective portions. I would have to hire an upholstery service to do the replacement at my cost. I refused, stating how is that going to help me?

Later I did call the insurance company, that they sold me on, the insurance company said they could only repair punctures or internal damage. I which someone would start a class action against Ashley and I would certainly join it. How they can get away with lying so much about the product is appalling. Now I am reading the Better Business Bureau gives Ashley a high rating, Ouch! I just lost all my faith in the BBB.

We need some oversight on the BBB, there may be something going on there that stinks. I have been telling everyone I meet to never purchase anything from Ashley. Maybe that's why they are not in Connecticut. I went out of my way to buy my furniture from New Rochelle, NY store for this terrible robbery. I was going to threaten Ashley that I would put videos up on YouTube showing what crap they sold me. Then I started seeing all the poor reviews, most of them describing exactly what happened to me. If someone starts a class action please make a link like Ashley Class Action because I will continue to Google it hoping I get a hit and then I will join.

False Advertising on Protection Plan and Cheap Quality Furniture!
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Rating: 1/51

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We purchased a leather couch and loveseat almost five years ago. We were told if we purchased the protection plan that no matter what damage happens to the couches, the protection plan would replace or fix the damaged furniture, including dog scratches! We have two dogs, so that prompted me to buy the protection plan. We normally do not buy any warranties but since we have dogs, we purchased the plan. We were also told that if we did not use the plan, we could use the money towards something in the store.

Well… our five years is almost up and two of the cushions have not held up like the other three cushions. I called to have them fixed and was told that my protection plan number was not a valid number, and they do not cover wear and tear and dog scratches! The contact person had quite the attitude when I was talking to her. I felt very defensive, but did not lower myself to treat her with the same attitude.

Very poor customer service and combative! I also mentioned that when we received our loveseat, it had a small pin hole tear in the leather on the cushion. That was not going to get better once we started using the furniture, so the store replaced the leather in the cushion, but the way they nailed the leather to the frame, it does not stay in the frame.

We have repeatedly had to nail it in over the years. When I decided that the furniture was not going to get fixed, I was going to use the money on something in the store. Come to find out, we have to purchase $500 worth of product to apply the money too! Just one more lie! We will not be shopping at Ashley Furniture again! Poor service, quality, and cannot be trusted!

Ashley Furniture Quality and Warranty
By -

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- We purchased a living room set from Ashley furniture a few years ago. When we purchased it ($1800), we were talked into buying a extended warranty for 5 years. Around Christmas time the couch and loveseat has started to peel apart? We called Ashley and they said for us to call the warranty company guardian.

When my wife called, the claims representative (**) said we only had a 1 year warranty. My wife tried to explain that it was a 5 year warranty. The claims representative said it only covers the leather for 1 year, and asked us to close the claim??? Then I called back, I reached another claims representative (**). I read the warranty out loud to her, she said "I don't know why the other representative would say its only 1 year?. It is 5 years," she said. She said her supervisor (**) would get back to us. I asked "why would we have to talk to a supervisor?" She said "she will be in touch shortly."

After a few days I called to speak with *, they said she would get back to us. I then emailed her, and then called again the next day. She answered the phone and immediately tried to come up with many reasons to void the warranty. She asked if we used the treatment that Ashley made us buy, I said "yes we have." I told her the furniture is flawless except the front seam on the loveseat and couch. She then said "this sounds like it started a while ago."

I then asked her lets stop the game playing… "You are not going to do anything are you??" In which she SURPRISINGLY said "no, we are not!" I said angrily "what a scam this is, you don't even care anything about this do you." Which she replied again "NO, WE DON'T CARE." I said "I'm not done with this!" She then said very loudly "I… DON'T… CARE!" And with that she ended the call. I'm 42 and can't recall ever being that mad at someone.

I immediately called Ashley back and demanded to speak with someone other than the receptionist. I then talked to the manager (**). I explained the whole deal with him. I angrily asked if he thought $2000 furniture should last more than 4 years. He said he agrees that this is not right and that we did purchase a 5 yr warranty and nobody should be talked to like that. He said he will give this to his boss.

Before we hung up I said I was sorry if I was a little heated, but I said "I just want you to know… I will not just go away on this. This furniture was treated great and you can tell by looking at it." I then said "we have had friends and family over, and ALL of them are in shock when they see the couch and loveseat, and hear that nobody is doing anything." I told him my wife's friends, family and clients keep telling her to call the news and the attorney general. He said "don't do that till we get back to you."

A few days later (4) I called him back and he barely remembered me. He then said his boss had not gotten back to him. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against the warranty company guardian. I keep getting the same reply… "we're not going to do anything." Their reason is the damage has to be reported within 5 days of happening???

I then received a call from another person from Ashley furniture (**). She said she was a business manager, she said they are trying to get in touch with the warranty company. I told her the same thing. I said "this will not stand and this is ridiculous that my wife has to sit and cry about the furniture that we purchased will have to be replaced after 4 years! And that we were talked into purchasing a bogus 5 yr warranty." She said "I agree and we will sort this out."

I told her again "I will not give up on this. I will let everyone know how these two companies operate." She said "lets not do that." I said to her … "I can't understand how nobody even wants to LOOK at the furniture to see what is wrong???" They just don't care. If you need your furniture to last more than a few years… you better stay clear of Ashley's. Thanks ** from Syracuse.

I have since been contacted by Ashley, and was told that they will resolve this problem, and I have to give them more time. I will change this if it is resolved, but I still feel people should know not to buy the extended warranty from Guardian… As a matter of fact I would not deal with any of Guardian protection warranties.

Terrible Response Time
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Rating: 1/51

CA, TN, MS, CALIFORNIA -- We bought the leather sofa & loveseat in Fairfield CA less than a year ago. Back slat was coming loose and pushing against the leather, stretching and almost tearing it. Contacted the local Ashley store and found no help. My wife contacted the store we purchased from and was told that there was nothing we could do since we no longer lived in that area.

I contacted the co. online and informed them that I would contact the Attorney General & BBB if something wasn't done. They replied that we need the original receipt, model no. etc. before we could do anything. Contacted the store in Fairfield again and this time spoke to a manager who was willing to send me the receipt. I complied with everything that was requested and contacted to set a meeting up with the appraiser.

The appointment was over 2 weeks out and being that much of a time, I asked for an early morning appointment. The day before the appointment, I was called and told that I had a 3-hour window in the middle of the day. My option was to cancel or take it. I tried to escalate it but was told that it wouldn't do any good, that was their policy and that I had no options other than to cancel. I let the representative know what I thought of their customer service and she agreed with my thoughts. Never again will I buy anything from this store. They clearly do not care about you once you've paid and walked away.

Terrible Product
By -

VERNON HILLS, ILLINOIS -- On 02/02/08 my husband and I had two sofa delivered after picking them out in the Vernon Hills store. It has been just under two years since we have owned them and the bigger couch is so uncomfortable that none of us can bare to sit on it. Sure, the cushion is worn down from normal use (a measly two years) but it's what's underneath the worn cushion that makes it so uncomfortable; a big piece of hard wood.

We have been discussing filing a complaint for a while and we are doing so today after I plopped down on the couch the other day and hurt myself! I didn't jump on it, I was tired, I plopped down and I managed to plop right onto that board and now have a bruise on my back from the couch! We need a warning sign that says "sit down carefully, or you may get hurt".

We are not sure if it is the cushion that was made so cheaply and therefore flattened so quickly or if the furniture was made poorly all around. All we know is that if someone would have told us that we were paying $1700 for leather couches that will be so uncomfortable that they will induce pain either by sitting down on it or sitting for a period of time due to lack of cushion and hard blocks of wood underneath the lack of cushion, we would have run to La-Z-Boy furniture.

I called Ashley furniture today and they said their store manager will be in tomorrow. We are filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and never stepping foot in a Ashley Furniture store again. We did buy an extended warranty but never received any information. Plus I looked on their website and the store "does not have extended warranties". Meaning you threw your money in the toilet unless you actually have physical damage to the furniture that needs repair.

We have taken excellent care of the furniture, there is no damage other than it is junk in itself. I remember my parents having a couch for 15 years and it was so still comfortable. We didn't even get two years out this cardboard couch. We feel we have been ripped off and the only way to remedy this is to add cushion which I am sure a store that sells this poorly constructed furniture is not going to do such a thing.

Fraud - Ashley Furniture Home Store Tyler Texas
By -

TYLER, TEXAS -- I am having TROUBLE with pillows that came with the sofa and oversized chair purchased from Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Tyler, Texas. One week after delivery, which by the way took 2 1/2 months after ordered to receive, I called and talked to the manager (owner's son) that the loop fringe on the pillows was pulling out. That was Nov. 23, 07. I was told by the manager that a technician would come out to check the pillows and if they could not be repaired, they would be replaced.

Dec 11, 07 a technician FINALLY comes out after numerous phone calls to the store by myself and husband. The technician took pictures and said someone would be calling me. Dec. 29, 2007 I called the store to find out WHAT they were going to do about these pillows. I was told new pillows would be ordered.

On 12/31/07 I received a phone call from the woman who places orders for the store and she informed me that the owner wanted me to bring the pillows to the store BEFORE they could order new ones. I took the pillows in on 12/31/07 (all 8 of them) and the owner, insisted I leave them there so the Millennium Furniture Marketing Rep could inspect them.

I get a call the next day from the Millennium marketing rep, who informs me he did not find anything wrong with the pillows. He stated, "They are in show room quality condition." I asked him specific questions about the pillows and it turns out the owner made a switch. The marketing rep was shown a set of pillows that were not the ones I left there.

I called the next day and talked with [the owner]. She stated, the marketing rep has inspected these pillows and he agrees with me that there is nothing wrong with them. I threw a fit. I told [the owner] that I would be returning the two pieces of furniture and eat the 30% restocking fee. [the owner] stated that returning the items was not an option because there is nothing wrong with the set. [the owner] refused to set up another inspection with the Millennium Marketing rep while I was present for the inspection. BOY, do these owners of this furniture store have a BIG surprise in store for them.

I am filing every complaint possible and reporting these owners and this franchise to the State Attorney General's Office for fraud. I purchased these items WITH the EXTRA protection plan on each piece. I have pictures of the pillows, they have been filmed on my video recorder, and I WILL not allow these people to maneuver us this way. It is WRONG on so many different levels.

So, BEWARE, because Ashley Furniture HomeStore may be the number one retailer of furniture today, but at the rate these franchises are going, I'll dare say, 10 years from now they won't be. What gets people in the door are the finance options. That marketing strategy only goes so far. If this particular Ashley Furniture location here in Tyler Texas were having a buy anything you want in our store for $1.00 and get the second item free sale, I would not buy from them EVER again.

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