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DuraBlend Leather Is Worthless
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Rating: 1/51

ARCADIA, WISCONSIN -- I purchased a DuraBlend Leather Sectional Sofa (Verona Canyon) in March of 2015. In April of 2016 I noticed the leather beginning to crack. The DuraBlend Leather is worthless and does not last.

Carlos And Raciel Great Delivery Team
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Rating: 4/51

TUKWILA, WASHINGTON -- Carlos and Raciel. Great and efficient team delivery. Thank you guys, good job!

Great Service
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Rating: 5/51

NORTHFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Sales person Teon ** and store manager John ** of Ashley Furniture were wonderful in assisting us with a problem we had while purchasing our furniture. The store offers the best customer service without pressure, as well as a great atmosphere and huge selection.

Shop Elsewhere!! Save Yourself the Heartache!
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Rating: 1/51

GREENWOOD, INDIANA -- The absolute worst experience I have ever had with buying anything! So disappointed and still have no furniture. Our orders - yes, two of them, were placed on 11/9/14 and today - 1/13/15 I still have no living room furniture and the issue with our mattress/base has not been resolved. Ashley didn't have a problem cashing or taking the cashier's check for payment immediately. The people who have answers and can get things done never call back and make empty promises. No one has consistent information or can give us a true timeline. We get nothing but lies and delays, more of them every day.

We ordered a mattress and adjustable base. They scheduled delivery for a Saturday, my husband took the day off of his commissioned job on the busiest day of the week. Only to have them never call back or show up. After multiple phone calls to the warehouse, customer service and the store, and a trip back to the store - we did end up with delivery around 6 pm that day, only to get the wrong mattress! Ultra FIRM as opposed to the ultra PLUSH we ordered.

Long story short, we ended up sleeping on what felt like a board for a full week before we ended up going into the store and taking a FLOOR MODEL just so we could alleviate the unbelievable back and neck pain my husband and I were experiencing by this time. Still, we do not have the updated invoice or information for this transaction. Though customer service calls at least once a week to deliver the mattress and base that they brought now 6 weeks ago. The wrong mattress by the way.

Every time they call I ask for the status of our living room furniture. And every time they check I get a different ready or estimated date. I've been told every time that most pieces are in stock, but one or two were not in yet. I've been given no less than 6 different estimated delivery dates. Then on 1/6 I received another call to schedule delivery of our wrong mattress. When I asked them to check on our sectional again, and the lady said "well it is all ready to be scheduled, let's schedule for 1/13/15." Skeptically, I agreed. I received an automated confirmation call on 1/9/15 confirming delivery for 1/13 at 12:30. Then it came.

They call on 1/12 to let me know that they would be delivering everything except for the end piece with the left arm. This is a sectional! I do not want part of it, it does me no good. Yet another trip to the store… for the manager to assure us that it will be unloaded and it will arrive with the rest of the pieces. That he will confirm this and then call us first thing in the morning, prior to delivery. So here we are, still waiting, not really expecting a phone call at 10 am.

I am so over this, and now just thinking that every time I look at this furniture, I am going to think about nothing but all the headache it has been to get it. I am disgusted and feel like I have been taken advantage of in the worst way. We were promised that these pieces were made to order - all at the same time so they would be made from the same leather and stitching, etc. Clearly a lie. We were told our delivery should be around 12/8 "but we will put 12/23 on the paperwork just to be safe and make sure you get it before Christmas". We were told so many things, all lies. Spent several thousand dollars. For nothing. And still no furniture.

Helpful but have not found solution to issue
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Rating: 2/51

LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- Purchased a high end leather sectional in September. The unit was delivered approximately 10 days later and the sofa was damaged. We did not accept delivery of the sofa. Customer service sent a second sofa out about one week later. That sofa was also damaged, we did not accept delivery. A third sofa was sent for delivery on 14 Oct and that sofa had a hole in the leather.

We immediately called customer service again, and they have promised another delivery. My point is that we purchased new furniture and Ashley keeps sending out damaged furniture. One would think that there would be some sort of quality control within their system. If you purchase furniture from Ashley, I would recommend that you inspect it upon delivery. It should not take over a month to receive furniture you pay over $4,000 for.

Worst Buying Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- If you call Ashley's corporate number you will hear… The cornerstone of Ashley… "We strive to give our very best to retailers, to give exceptional customer service, to offer quality and value, and give quick deliveries." HA! What a lie! I experienced absolutely NONE of those things in my buying experience at Ashley Furniture store.

Aug 20 - I spent $2800 buying a bedroom set, sofa and matching chair. My salesperson was nice. My furniture was set for delivery on Sept 4. Sept 4 - I received the wrong color sofa and chair. The delivery guys took it back. My nightstand and dresser both had big scratches in them and the bed foot board had the corner bashed up so much raw wood was showing. I took pictures and headed to the store to show them the damages. My salesperson looked at them then handed me a brochure with a customer service number on the back and told me they didn't handle this stuff in the store that I needed to call that number and they would take care of everything.

Sept 5 - I received a call from a man saying he was the store manager and he wanted to clarify the color of green I wanted in my sofa and chair. I tell him the color should be cream NOT green. Sept 6 - My salesperson calls me saying he doesn't understand what color green I mean… I say C.R.E.A.M not green. Cream! I admit at this point I'm losing my patience and I call the store to speak with the store manager. He tells me he's been doing this 26 years and this kind of thing happens all the time and their furniture repair people can "work magic" in fixing the damaged items and I should just accept this is how it is on the sofa mix up.

I leave work, drive to the store, and this guy says "there is no pleasing you" when I tell him he needs to fix this or give my money back and proceeds to cancelling everything in the system. Turns out though, he is the Sales Manager NOT the Store Manager. She remembered me from the day I bought everything and says if I give her a chance she will make everything right. She gave me her number and said to call her if there are any problems. I agreed to give her and Ashley's a chance. In hindsight, not my smartest decision. We clarify the numbers for the cream sofa set with a delivery date of Sept 20. The repair person is still set for Sept. 27.

Sept. 18 - I received a phone call saying there is a problem with the manufacturer and my sofa set won't be here until Oct 1 but that they will deliver it to me the next day. I call ** the store manager. It seems we are back to too bad, so sad again. She tells me I have three options - 1) she says I can come in and pick out another set but I need to make sure it's in the system otherwise it will probably take just as long for delivery as the original one I ordered, 2) If I really like the cream set I can just wait for that one, or 3) I can come in and get my money back. Not quite what I would call the let me make this right options.

Today, Sept 27 - My repairman shows up, looks at my furniture and says there is nothing he do to fix it. I quote, "It's a matte finish, matte finishes have scratches. It's the packing it sent that scratches it. I can put a gloss finish on it" and "I have let them know I can't fix it and they will order you another dresser and nightstand." Huh? Who believes I'll see that before the second coming of Christ??? Not me!!

I called Ashley Corporate office and spoke with a man there who is going to pass this along to the representative that services the Ashley store at Decatur and 215. He says they're privately owned… or franchised I would call it, either way they are representing Ashley's name! I called the local customer service number. The girls there are sweet as can be but it doesn't seem like there is much they can do since they only handle repairs and deliveries but she, too, is supposed to call me back.

In the meantime. Hello Better Business Bureau where I posted a review. Hello Social Media and every review site I can find where I have or will be posting reviews until this is resolved. Hello to every single person I meet for the rest of my life who even hints they may be looking at or shopping for furniture. I will tell them DO NOT SHOP AT ASHLEY! EVER! They will nice until they get your money and then you don't exist for them.

Dura Blend Fabric, What a Joke!
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Rating: 1/51

PASADENA, TEXAS -- I bought 3k of furniture (2 loveseats a recliner) for just my wife and myself. After 18 months, the back and armrest of a loveseat started to peel badly. We switched to the unused loveseat and called customer service. We were told "sorry out of warranty". After many complaints and referring to go to a local news media for help, the store offered to do repairs at no charge.

During this time the other loveseat started peeling the same way.This started January 2015... This is now October 2015 and this what I still have to deal with. STAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND THIS PRODUCT LINE. NOTE I just noticed that the unused recliner now shows signs of peeling with very little use 5% or less.

Poor Quality Assembly and Service
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I purchased a desk from Ashley 7/15/15. See sales order **. It was to be delivered the 17th. I got a call saying the item was broken and they needed to reschedule. The first date they suggested was not good for me so I waited for them to deliver on 7/24. They showed up and dropped off the desk and cabinet and left. Upon looking at the desk I found it was assembled backwards.

Looking further I found more than half of the bolts were loose, one missing, and several of the heavy duty staples used for attaching shipping material were sticking out instead of removed as they should be. Ashley is lucky I didn't cut my leg open on one of them. I called and they said I would have to wait for a week for them to send out a technician to repair it. He called leaving me a message when it would be convenient for HIM to show up (7 am to 9 am). I do not know if he ever did as I couldn't be there. He did not leave any note saying he had been there or even call.

The point of all this is I paid 129.00 for Ashley to assemble and deliver the items. From then on it was as if I was at Ashley's service to be available when it was convenient for them. When I called their customer service representative acted like it was just too bad for me but I would have to just live with her decision. Ashley has acted as if the only people whose time is valuable is theirs.

Delivery Continues to Be Pushed Back for Months
By -

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- On April 3rd my husband and I purchased the Porter Bedroom Suite (Bed, Dresser, Mirror, 2 Nightstands, and chest) this came to a total of $2500. We were told by our saleslady that it would be 4-6 weeks for delivery and I was fine with that. I signed the contract and went on my merry way.

A couple of days later, my sales representative called me and said that the order was now going to be pushed back to mid-July because of such a high demand on this collection. I was told that we could exchange it for something else, or wait it out. We decided to wait it out since we were unable to find something else we liked. My saleslady called me weekly to keep me up to date on the order situation, which I appreciated.

Then last weekend, I realized I hadn't heard from her for 2-3 weeks, so I decided to call her. They told me that she no longer worked there, so someone else checked the order status for me, and lo and behold, the order has now been pushed back to September. I was enraged and asked for a manager, but since it was a weekend, they said the manager was not available and would call me back on Tuesday when they returned to the store. As of Saturday, I still hadn't heard from them.

My mother and I went to the Furniture Store in Lexington, KY and walked in like normal customers. A salesman came up to us and asked if we needed any help and we told them that we would let them know. We made our way to the Porter bedroom set and then asked the “schmoozing” salesman how long the delivery would be since there was a tag on the bed that said it was unavailable for immediate delivery. This was on June 26th (keep in mind, I ordered mine on April 3rd), and the salesman said that it would be August when it could be delivered.

We then told him that we've had the set on order for 3 months already, and we wanted him to explain HOW the newest purchaser could receive this bedroom suite a month before us. He got quite defensive because he had just been blindsided by us and caught in a lie. He was yelling so loudly at us that there were a few people who did stop to look and see what was going on. He later took back what he said and said that if we had bought the furniture that day, it would probably be more like December that we would get it instead of August.

Once we talked to the manager and told him what was going on, he apologized and basically told us that there was no way possible for him to give us an accurate date of delivery but if I called him the following week (which will be next week), he would try and get me an answer. I will never shop at Ashley again. We proved that they will lie and say whatever they have to in order to make a sale and once the sale is made they don't care what happens.

NO Delivery as Scheduled and NO Customer Service!!!
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Rating: 1/51

ALEXANDRIA, VA -- I purchased furniture at Ashley and scheduled my delivery date. Took the day off work to wait 11-3. At 1130 I get a call that the truck broke down and they would not be delivering today. I asked about rescheduling and they said "Sure" but they couldn't guarantee any delivery time. That means I'd have to take another day off work to see if maybe the truck is working. How does a company like this have ONE truck?! I asked if they could schedule a time for 6-8pm. That way I would not have to miss another day of work. I was told "No. The driver doesn't work after 4." Well they did not work at all today.. Maybe there could be something.

Called customer service where accommodation are made for everyone that took off work today to wait for deliveries that did not arrive. Schedule deliveries from 6-8pm to make up for what did not get delivered today as scheduled. I know where I work, if I don't delivery as planned someone is looking for my contingency plan. Ashley's needs customer service and maybe rent a truck from U-Haul so they can deliver as scheduled. Yes things happen outside of our control. Maybe they need better maintenance plans for their trucks, or a backup plan like renting from U-Haul.

However it seems Ashley's "plan" is to inconvenience the customer and expect them to take more time off to accommodate the store's shortcomings. Since I had the day off and no longer had to wait at home, I went furniture shopping because although Ashley's cannot deliver, or deliver between 6-8pm, I can make returns as late as 9pm. And that is what I'll be doing. I'm cutting my losses with Ashley's. I can't imagine that their customer service gets better and would rather take no more chances with them. I'd suggest if you need furniture, look elsewhere - they have no customer service.

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