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Please don't ever buy anything from Ashley Furniture
Posted by NeverbuyfromASHLEYFURNITURE on 02/09/2006
GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- I am a poor college student with my little sister (10 years old) always wanted to have a bunk bed. We saved up money during the summer and was able to go buy a bunk bed that cost $750. We ordered on 8/10/05 they said it will takes 4-6 weeks. On 10/08/05 we brought mattresses and throw out our old bed. They delivered it and told us that it's defective, there's no way they can put the bed together. so we said okay, order me another one. before that we came to the store and the manager was very rude. He said he will throw me out if I ever use any fraud languages. Then on 12/02/05 they called and said it's ready. This time they deliver it and started to put it together. They found out that there's a missing part. Can't put it together, I felt bad because I didn't want the 2 deliver guys to take off everything and carry it back again. He called the guy who is in charge, that guy goes "I'm just trying to make things easier for you ma'm" He sounded very rude. He said it will be a week until the other part arrive. I told them they can put it in my garage, and now it's 2/10/06 and it still not here yet. Please don't buy anything from Ashley Furniture. I'm serious. I never put any of my time to fill any complaint... But this is what I'm doing today. There's no way I can cancel the order because it will costs me 30% of my money... I called a couple times and they never return my call. When I call again, they said there's no record of you calling.
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Posted by KateM on 2006-02-10:
Did the ten year old sister write this letter?
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-10:
Certainly doesn't read as though the 'college' student wrote it!
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-10:
Do you two hate most people in general or only the ones that don't meet your com standards? How would you feel if you were to find out that one of the people you shot down due to the quality of the composition of their complaints (instead of the content of them) turned out to be handicapped or something; if they're doing the best they can, what's YOUR issue with it? If you don't have something constructive to say in regards to a person's post then consider keeping it to yourself. I know you're angry people...I can tell by your consistant barbs towards people who post reviews (I'm not including the peanut gallery of regulars...bless their hearts) and I'm sorry your consistantly angry - but why try to make everyone else miserable? They just want to get the word out - or vent some anger. I agree it's hard to read and irritating sometimes...but then I realize I'm not God and no one's perfect - then that irritation goes away. You Silly Crazy People!
Posted by kat07 on 2006-02-13:
I just want to say I agree with you. I will never buy from Ashley again. My experience with their Customer Care Dept.was a very upsetting one.After a month of trying to get a Technician to come my home, I am now having to go the Vice President of the company because of the rudeness of the dispatcher and the promises of different Managers. I have worked in Customer Service for over 30 years for some very large companies and this is not how customers should be treated. I'll stick with Rooms to Go.
Posted by KateM on 2006-02-13:
I didnt realize that only people that Mad Eyes deems worthy can make fun of the genuis' that write letters. Guess its a good thing I couldnt care less.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-13:
What do you mean, no one's perfect...have you forgotten about me????
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-13:
Poster: There has to be someone for you to contact, above those you've already worked with. Waiting this long for a bed...there's no excuse for it.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-15:
Kate...I never said you weren't allowed to do anything...I was just asking why you did. If I didn't think you were worthy or deserved to post your opinion, why would I bother taking the time to address it...why wouldn't I just have admin delete the posts so I wouldn't have to look at your mean spirited catty comments?
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Appalling Quality, Delivery And Service
Posted by Freealfin on 06/26/2005
At the end of April '05 I bought over $8,000 worth of furniture from Ashley in Arden, NC. So far the experience has been nothing but a big disappointment.
On their first partial delivery, about six weeks later, approx. 50% of the goods were rejected for damage.

On their second partial delivery, about two weeks later, two items were badly fixed. One was reluctantly accepted but one was rejected. I wrote on the delivery paperwork that partial deliveries will no longer be acceptable since I did not want to continue to invest five hours of mi time every time they felt like delivering a few pieces. Since the last delivery there have been three attempts of partial deliveries and the bed issue has not been resolved. Additionally, call to the store are not being returned.

The second delivery included a queen bed set. During the night I fell off the bed. The brackets holding the side rails are defective and one gave out allowing the side rail to fall off. I temporarily "fixed" the bed so I could sleep on it. The following day I called customer service I was told that an Inspector will be at my home in two weeks or there about. The "fix" included a shim and some spacers. None were attached to the bed. During the fall, three plain wood legs 2x2 were damaged as well. These legs are a makeshift arrangement to cover for a faulty design. The inspector arrived and looked at the problem. He told me that Customer Service will call me with a resolution.

After waiting for two weeks I called. I was told that my shim and spacers (not attached) voided the warranty. Since the last delivery, there have been three attempts of partial deliveries and call to the store are not being returned. We are now at the end of June, 9 weeks from purchase, and there is still about $2,000 to be delivered and the bed issue has not been resolved. Will keep you posted on further developments.
Robert Ozinga
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Posted by Becca7496 on 2005-07-20:
I hear you about Ashley Furniture. We purchased over $5000 worth of furniture from them. After several months of a delay on their part we finally got our furniture and not ONE piece did not have something wrong with it. This was the delay on their part in the beginning because most of the furniture they had gotten from the warehouse was defective so they reordered new furniture, which upon delivery still had many flaws. We are still having problems with them fixing what we have. My dad is a teacher and they have a website for teachers to sell stuff, get opinions, etc. and we found out after we ordered from Ashley that everyone on the website has had nothing but problems with them. This is an entire school district not just one school. We are in the process of seeing if any of them are willing to help us do something about this ongoing problem. They just can't keep screwing people around like this. We have ordered furniture over the past several years from various places (IKEA, Bassett, Walker, and RC Willey) and we have had never had a problem with any of them. I am planning on contacting the original store where we purchased the items from again and if I don't get satisfaction (which I don't see happening) I am contacting the BBB and the Attorney General's office and anyone else who can possibly help me get this resolved. I would never buy ANYTHING from Ashley AGAIN. THEY SUCK!!!!!!
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Ashley Home Store Easton MD
Posted by Bridgiebridge on 04/11/2008
EASTON, MARYLAND -- To whom it may concern,

I spent weeks looking for furniture and came into my local Ashley store where I spent hours browsing to find the perfect piece of furniture for my living room. I decided on the durapella coco sectional it seemed to be quality and a good price, and that's exactly it "it seemed". I waited the amount of time for my furniture to come in. I decided to pick it up since I don't live far from the store rather than pay $100.00 for it to be delivered. When my boyfriend arrived to pick it up he was very upset. The fabric was hardly sewn together with threads hanging off, it had staple holes in the material where there were no staples and the staples we could see fell off right into our hands. Some of the fabric was not glued or whatever right and I could easliy see the exposed partical board underneath. That's not a good sign when you just spent a thousand dollars on a piece of furniture. The store manager stood off to the side looking at me as if I was just a problem customer. Yes I had a problem and it was valid.

All she said was "sorry" and it would either take 3 weeks to order a new one or she could give me 15% off. I can't wait 3 weeks bc I already sold my furniture when I got the call mine was in to make room for the new. My daughters first birthday party is a week away and I don't have any more time to wait. Still the manager could do nothing more for me. I told her I wanted my money back which I had paid by debit card. She ran the card and we left. I went to a different store and found some furniture but was unable to purchase it bc the money did not go straight back into my account. The owner said he would hold it for 24 hours. The next day my money still wasn't there and I had nothing else to give the store to hold the furniture for me. So I went back to the Ashley store where I spoke to the sales manager who was much more professional. She said she would speak with the store manager to see if they could keep my business and offer a better deal. I got a call back and the store manager would not budge, I only good the run around on "how there was really nothing wrong with the furniture" And "15% was a good deal".

I later called out to get a corporate number or for cutomer service and I told there wasn't one, so I called another store and they said the same. Please, I am not a fool, what an insult! I know there is someone within the company I can speak to. My voice WILL be heard. At this time the list of inconvienace's is never ending. I was planning to furnish my whole home room by room from there. I will tell every single person I come in contact with to never shop from Ashley furniture. The quality is poor and the customer service is the worse I've ever had.
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2008-04-11:
Ahhhh...another satisfied customer! LOL!
Posted by grandma005 on 2008-04-11:
What did you expect from them? Too bad you did not read complaints first before shopping there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-11:
Your complaints, unfortunately, sound familiar to others we've heard. It's too bad this place is still in business. As for the 15% discount, what a joke. They should have offered it at 50% off--and I wouldn't accept it at that.

I definitely wouldn't want a piece of furniture made of particle board. It will fall apart in no time--and it sounds like it already has begun to. When you buy upholstered furniture, only buy those that have a hardwood frame. Otherwise, you will be buying it often--especially with young children. You will have to pay more at first, but you won't have to keep paying every couple of years. I have 2 leather couches that are nearly 10 years old--from Norwalk Furniture--and they still look new. Check it out if you have one nearby. (Unfortunately, they are made to order and take several weeks to receive--but any good furniture does.)
Posted by Bronto on 2008-04-11:
Ashley sold us a cocktail table which we had to wait for. We used our card there and got 90 days same as cash, but the table was badly damaged by a forklift and they charged the card the day we bought. Then it's like pulling a tooth to get the situation resolved. No more Ashley purchases, promise...
Posted by Tammy02 on 2008-04-22:
"Bridgiebridge" has also contacted Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. Consumer Affairs department. All of her information was forwarded to the appropriate party at the independently owned and operated HomeStore in Easton, MD for further review. AFI has been made aware that the HomeStore is currently awating this consumers return email or phone call. Details will not be provided to the public as this is an issue between "bridgiebridge" and her place of purchase.

If you or someone you know are in need of additional assistance, please feel free to contact our Consumer Affairs department; we would be happy to contact the store on your behalf.

Our contact information is as follows:

Email: consumeraffairs@ashleyfurniture.com
Fax: 1-608-323-6139
Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Affairs
One Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612

You may also consider visiting our website, www.ashleyfurniture.com. Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the homepage.

We are here to help!
Posted by Jeff Phillips on 2008-06-10:
Ashley is Crappy place to shop. I had an issue and have called every week for 3 months, and still get the run around. Oh.......there not here know Oh....... there off today Oh......He had a family emer. an had to go early Oh......They had a death in the family and had to drive to go out of state OH.....DOG ATE MY HOME WORK. This all from a sales person I called a friend CHRIS AT THE EASTON STORE THANKS ALOT."Tammy02" You say independently owned and operated HomeStore in Easton, MD.I say BRICKYARD PROPERTIES, LLC 301 SHIRLING DR CENTREVILLE MD 21617-2685
LIEBIG, KLAUS-DEITER & ANNE MARIE This who I am going to contact next. Already got citi group doing an investigation
Posted by Refuse on 2009-09-05:
I know this has had to have been at least a couple of years ago because we are no longer owned by Brick Yard.

I have been working at this store for almost 2.5 years and I can absolutely guarantee things are much better there now.

Delivery isn't free, as some people still believe exists (getting anything for free that is) but we're a great team eager to help you.

Not a believer?
Come into the store and see for yourself.
We're located on Dover Rd in Easton.
(410) 822-9003

Come talk to me, I'm the guy with the shaved head and goatee. I don't care if you're looking for furniture or not, come chat with me.

I promise it'll be a pleasant experience.
If not, I'll buy you lunch and you won't even have to eat it with me.
Posted by Meaghan on 2014-01-11:
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Ashley Furniture -- Poor after-sale Service
Posted by Scorf on 09/05/2006
ARIZONA -- We purchased (among other items) an entertainment center from Ashley Furniture on Bell Road in Glendale, AZ. We were leery of signing their "contract" that said there was a 30% restocking fee if we were not satisfied; however, our salesman assured us that he's never had a problem with that, and that if there were issues, they'd work with us.

Our entertainment center showed up missing one of the four pieces (major piece, about 1/3 of the product) and the installers were unable to install/assemble it without the missing piece. (They were nice guys, and were truly horrified that it wasn't complete). They left the parts in our living room, a few pieces still have the shipping blankets wrapped around them (to this day).

Our living room looks like a warehouse -- parts unassembled, some wrapped in packing blankets from the delivery truck. I took some photos.

Also, parts that were put together at the factory were slapped together (front doors aren't aligned and the hinges weren't tightened so the doors rub, etc).

After several weeks of this, we decided to just have them take away the pieces and get our money back. (Note, we still haven't received 1/3 of the entertainment system.)

No deal! The store manager (Rick) and corporate customer service kept referring to the "contract" we signed saying we'd have to pay 30% restocking fee. I told the manager that we haven't received the entire piece yet, so why should we pay the entire fee?

He did offer us a 15% coupon, that is, only if we pay the 30% restocking fee. I told him that because of this, I didn't want to buy more! He said, "OK, here's your paperwork back."

Over the holiday weekend (Labor Day), we received a message on our answering machine, the delivery guys *may* be at our house sometime between 9:00AM and 1:00PM on Tuesday ("no grantee" she said) with the remaining part. We called back the next day to reschedule as we couldn't be home at that time. They said that there would be a $40 re-delivery fee if we didn't meet their schedule (it was "already entered on the route"). The woman said, "You can always find someone to sit at your house that day."


We had about $5,000 to spend on upgrading our living and dining rooms. We almost spent it all at Ashley Furniture, but decided to try them out on a few items. Good thing we did. We still have the remaining $4,000 and considering what we are in the middle of with Ashley Furniture, we we'll spent it elsewhere.
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Posted by perfect on 2006-09-08:
Very bad after sale service..I will not buy anything from them...
Posted by jcc on 2007-09-10:
I am cancelling my order at Ashley Furniture on Bell in Glendale and will have to pay the 30% extortion fee.
Posted by Skye on 2007-09-10:
It amazes me, that Ashley is still in business, with so many disatisfied customers, and nothing but complaints against them.

Posted by Lisalawyer on 2013-10-08:
I am in the middle of a very similar situation with the Portland, OR Ashley -- I'm on the fifth failed attempt to get my tv stand delivered - every time so far, they've either damaged the item or forgot to put me on the schedule. Today, the excuse was that the invoice showed a balance due -- really? I paid in full on August 30 and they have made three previous failed attempts to get it to me thus far -- today is the fourth FAIL on their part. And in speaking with corporate, all they can offer is 'an apology' and a loyalty card - I can't be bought off that cheaply, and certainly will never darken their door again. I spoke with a regional manager named Bobbi, and she was utterly useless - when I asked if there was a single MBA in their business she actually asked, "MBA?" like she'd never heard of it ! Pathetic !
Definitely use your hard earned money elsewhere !
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Ashley Furniture
Posted by Randy329 on 12/08/2005
KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- To: mjedlowskicustomercare@ashleyfurniture.com
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 10:24:04 -0600


I write to you today to give you my concerns and feedback on our dealings with the Ashley store I am told you own. (Kennesaw Ga.)

We went into your store on or about 10-02-05 for the first time. We had a great salesperson (Steve) he showed us a dinning room set (customer number 7702947565).

Steve was great but we wanted to make sure that was the furniture we wanted to live with for the next several years, we went home and decided that it was and returned to the store the next day.

Steve was off so we decided to wait till he was scheduled to work again so that he would get credit for sale. We returned two days later and were told he was out sick then a week later and he was off for a wedding ect,ect.

We visited your store a total of five times and then gave up, my wife wanted the furniture so I told her to contact the manager and see if he would honor the price we were given. The manager was great even though h e would not honor the price 100% he made and effort and that was good enough for us.

So far not that bad of an experience, here is where the worst customer service comes into play!

The furniture is for an annual Christmas event my wife puts on for charity at our home, we were told ABSOLUTELY it will be in before 12/12/05.

My wife called for the first time Thanksgiving week and was told by customer service it will be in the store for delivery when we returned from Thanksgiving it was not, she was told it for absolutely sure would be in the next Thursday it was not and then told absolutely Dec. 8th it would be there!

Now she is told today next Thursday and that is after her event, we just feel we are getting the runaround and that everyone just lies to get us off the phone. I contacted the Ashley home office today and they won't even give out the CEO name guess he has something to hide or too many unhappy customers that he doesn't care about.

You have a Great store and some very good employees but that is lost because of poor customer service!

I have been in retail my entire professional career and I hate to loose customers to a lack of concern and poor customer service so I thought I would let you know of our experience in your store.

Thank You for your time,

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Posted by Slimjim on 2005-12-08:
Randall, having being in retail you should know better that a company that size isn't going to let you talk to the CEO. Your letter to corporate is appropriate and warranted though, and that was admirable returning so many times to protect the salesman's commission.
Posted by randy329 on 2005-12-09:
All I wanted was his name not to talk with him so I went to Yahoo Fin. the CEO for Ashley is Todd Wanek and chairman is Ronald Wanek
Posted by DocRonL on 2005-12-14:

I can relate completely. My experience with these people (Ashley Furniture) was completely terrible. If you receive any response, please let me know so I can contact them. They are what makes America bad.

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I Hate Ashley Furniture, Macon, GA!! Run!!!
Posted by I HATE ASHLEY FURNITURE IN MACON, GA on 05/23/2008
MACON, GEORGIA -- On Saturday, May 17, 2008, I ordered a sofa and chaise from Ashley’s. I told the salesperson specifically where I was going to place each item. In addition, I showed a picture of my living room layout from my iPhone. The sales agent assured my parents and I it would work in my living room. On Friday, May 23, 2008, approximately 2:17pm, the delivery guys arrived. When I saw the chaise, I immediately stopped them; the arm was on the wrong side of the chaise. The arm rest was on the left side when I needed it to be on the right. We tried to rearrange the furniture to no avail. While on hold for the store manager, my co-worker walked in and the delivery men told him what happened and they tried to come up with a solution. I instructed the delivery guys to move the furniture out. The store manager, came to the phone and I told him I had a problem with the furniture not being to my satisfaction; so I told the delivery guys to take the furniture back to the store. Sherron thought I threaten the guys and I told him I instructed them to take the furniture, not threaten. I explained in detail why I was sending the furniture back and wanted a refund. He said he wasn’t going to refund the money but will offer me a store credit.

I told him I didn’t like to be pigeon hold to one store. He stated he wouldn’t refund my money and he would drop the furniture off in my front yard and leave it. I asked, you would just come to my house and drop the furniture off without my consent? He laughed and said no, they would at least call first before delivery. I asked to speak with upper management and he stated he is management. He said the store is privately owned and the owner hired him. The owner only comes once a year, if that and it’s their policy not to give refunds. Sherron stated he had an email address to contact someone higher but he didn't know what it was.

I said do you want to go to court over this? He said other’s have tried and failed so good luck. Sherron hung up on me 3 times... I am a paralegal in the military and will try my best to get this store black balled as to no other military person can go to this store.
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Posted by Tammy02 on 2008-05-27:
A M3C message was sent to

The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. We request that you consider contacting the store directly for assistance, if you are unable to get assistance from the store, please feel free to contact the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department, so we can assist you by contacting the store on your behalf.

Our contact information is as follows:

Email: consumeraffairs@ashleyfurniture.com
Fax: 1-608-323-6139
Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Affairs
One Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612

You may also consider visiting our website, www.ashleyfurniture.com. Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the homepage.

We are here to help!
Posted by Tammy02 on 2008-06-12:
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. responded to "I HATE ASHLEY FURNITURE IN MACON, GA" by leaving a M3C message on 05/27/08, unfortunately we have not received a reply back. An Ashley Furniture reference number was provided for quicker service. Therefore, if we do not hear from a consumer, we are unable to assist. Should "I HATE ASHLEY FURNITURE IN MACON, GA" reply to our message, we will review the information and proceed from there.
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Buyer beware
Posted by Trnty on 12/07/2007
ROHNERT PARK, CALIFORNIA -- Below is A e-mail I wrote to the corporate office on the 5th and they still have not gotten back to me (so much for second chances)....

My father-in-law and I went into your store on the 15th of November to purchase a sofa and love seat while looking around I spotted a black leather sofa and love seat I liked and the sales associate told me it was a little over my price range and then said that he had something else that was more in my limit so he walks me over to this what I thought was another black leather sofa and love seat which when I sat on it was a little uncomfortable but I just assumed that was why it was cheaper, So I said repeatedly how I was so happy to be getting a leather couch not once was I told otherwise. When the sales associate was checking the computer he told us it wouldn’t be ready for delivery until that Tuesday (before thanksgiving) which was fine with me. When we made the purchase we were told someone would be contacting us to set up the delivery and we were also told that they would not get rid of the old furniture, So far so good up to that point. I could not find anyone willing to take my old couch so a placed a post on craigslist for a free couch and love seat and had someone come pick it up so it would not be there when my new stuff arrived. That following weekend I still had not received the call so I checked the paper work once again and notice that it says app. delivery date Dec. 4. So I call the customer service number to find out what was going on and they inform me that everything is on back order and the soonest I could get it was December 1st. So I called the store that I bought it at to speak to the manager and tell him my situation so he tells me that he would be willing to give me a refund or to compensate me in another way but I just wanted to work this out and get my furniture so I told him that I would think about it and call him back. About an hour later I called him and he couldn’t come to the phone so I left a message and waited all that day for him to call me back he never did. The next day I went into the store and he gets on the phone with your customer service dept and tells them the situation about how your sales associate lied to me about the delivery date and they tell him the soonest the could do was the 29th of November. Meaning I now have NO furniture to sit on for Thanksgiving when I have family over He tells me he is sorry and hands me a $100 gift card(that states on the back only good on purchases of 1000 or more which I don’t see until after I leave). So the 28th gets here and I get a call saying that there was a problem during shipping the bench that came with the table I ordered was damaged and they had to order me a new one but that every thing else would be here. The next day they got here with the couch, love seat and table but were missing the chairs and coffee table so once again I was back on the phone with your customer service dept. who was then informing me that they weren’t scheduled to be delivered until that following week so he told me he would see what they could do about trying to get them sooner so I could have something to sit on when I eat and he would call me back that afternoon. Well he never called and later on that day after going through all of this I find out (thanks to Google) that the couch and love seat isn’t even Leather! Which I should have found out from your employee before I bought it. So I call and speak to the store manager and he basically accused me of lying and said that he didn’t understand how the sales associate told me it was leather because he was a good employee, with the company for such a long time and tells me he is willing to do an exchange but at this point I didn’t even want to continue doing business with you. So I talk to Teresa (customer service again) and she tells me that I can’t have a refund unless I pay a 30% restocking fee and that I could not even get store credit until after they came and picked up the first one which means sitting on the floor again. So with what I felt no more choice I go into the store to pick something else out and another associate helps me out. after briefly explaining why I was there he walks around with me and wow actually tells me about the furniture. So I found what looked like a comparable choice and after every thing was calculated there was a $69 difference which the manager was not willing to budge on even after all that you have put me through.I am so disappointed with this experience I have been lied to three times by your company and yet I get treated like the liar.

.....PLUS I just got a call from them on the 6th saying the soonest they could deliver my coffee table and dinning room chairs is Dec. 11th!!this is ridiculous these people need to learn better business skills!!!!

To post an update I received this email message from their main office and will wait to see what comes of it before contacting BBB.

From Tammy02 on 12/11/2007 - Reply
I am an employee at the corporate office of Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI. I sincerely apologize you felt it took so long for me to reply. I received your email on Friday 12-7-07 and replied the following Monday 12-10-07, I am sincerely sorry I could not reply sooner.

Tammy~Ashley Internet Communications

-----Original Message-----

Hi Almira,

Thank you for contacting Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI.

Each of the stores are independently owned and operated. As such, the owners of the stores develop and implement policies and procedures regarding customer purchases, deliveries and warranty claims.

I am concerned about your situation, and I would like to forward your email to the appropriate party for further review. Please reply with the name and location of the store in question.

Have a great day!

Ashley Internet Communications
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Posted by bargod on 2007-12-07:
Oh Ashley you so crazy!
Posted by Skye on 2007-12-07:
Bashley furniture strikes again!
Posted by Suusan B. on 2007-12-07:
Wow - - this is shocking, isn't it!
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Ashley Furniture delivers more than just furniture.
Posted by MommaK on 12/05/2007
BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE -- Ashley Furniture delivers more than just furniture.

Back in June my husband and I purchased around $5,000 worth of furniture from Ashley Furniture (at the Brentwood location) for our new house that we were building. We purchased a new bed, mattress and box springs, nightstand, kitchen table and 4 chairs, and another table and 5 chairs.

The first issue happened when we were looking over our final receipt at home to make sure everything was rung up correctly. That is where we found that the sales person forgot to ring up our bed (head board and foot board, which really was not that big of a deal) and the mattress we purchased had the wrong purchase price listed. That day there was a promotion on mattresses. If you purchased a mattress and box spring you got $200 off. Well our mattress was $1599 before the promotion and it should have been $1399, and so we are off as a family back to the store to have this corrected. We get there and ask for the sales person who rang this up to have him correct this and ring up the bed that he forgot. After an hour we walk out with a new sales receipt showing a mattress for $1399 and the bed included. So at this point we think everything is okay.

Delivery day comes with a bang. Since I had several deliveries that day along with representatives from different utilities over I keep the front door open most of the day. Ashley Furniture delivery people make their presence known by walking straight through the front door ignoring me as I was telling them hello, walked through the house like the owned the place and stopped in the Great Room with his hands on his hips and asked me rudely where I wanted the furniture. I know I should have remembered all the furniture that I had purchased but since it had been a few months I couldn’t remember. (I also had other furniture being delivered that day so I couldn’t remember everything. I had a lot going on along with keeping up with my 2 year old and a newborn.) When I asked what the furniture was they started quizzing me on why I couldn’t remember $5,000 worth of furniture and also questioned me on how I could pay x-amount for the different pieces I did purchased and how could anybody pay $250 for a chair. I thought that was rude but didn’t say anything until my husband caught one of them urinating in our driveway. Still we didn’t say anything.

The following night when my husband and I are crawling into bed we notice that they delivered the wrong mattress. (We didn’t notice it the day before because delivery people were missing the bolts to put the bed together and had to come back the following day.) It turns out that the Sales person fixed the problem himself by ringing up a mattress that was $200 less instead of getting his manager to correct the sales price for the mattress we really did order.

I go to the store manager, Robert. He was great in correcting the mattress but never did offer anything for the lies, cover-ups, and the pee in my driveway other than a “sorry”.

Okay, you’re thinking how can this get worse. Well we noticed 3 weeks after we get the furniture that we haven’t received our bill. (They also had a promotion on financing which we took advantage of.) I called the store and they sent me to CitiFinancial. This is where I found out that the store started billing process one month (funded the transaction on Sept 12, 2007) before I received the furniture (Oct 19,2007). We were told that billing starts the day you receive the furniture. So CitiFiancial sent an invoice to our new house that was being built that we didn’t even own yet…we didn’t even have a mailbox until the day after we closed. The invoice was sent back and then they sent a new invoice to our old house that we hadn’t lived at for almost a year. By the time I found out what was happening they were days away from turning it into the credit bureau.

I went to the manager Robert once again stating my frustration over the whole ordeal. At this time I stated that we had purchase an extra 5-year protection plan in the amount of $249 for our furniture and we wanted that back. We were told once again by their trusty sales person that if you don’t use it you could turn it in and get your money back. At this point I’m being told that I could only get it as a store credit and not cash.

Now I ask you why would I want to give them my $250 that I was told would be mine. Robert the store manager says he will have to go to his regional manager for the final okay to get my money back but states that it shouldn’t be a problem and that I should get it back after all of these problems.

This afternoon I got my answer from Johnny Hunter, the regional manager, and it wasn’t pretty. He stated that, “Why would I want to give her her $250 back if I can’t keep her as a customer?” That is just wrong. I might have gone back to Ashley furniture in a few years but now that I see how he feels for me as a customer. Why should I?
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Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2007-12-05:
Sadly enough. This is one of the better Ashley stories that I have heard
Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-05:
If I saw someone taking a wiz in my driveway I'd rub their nose in it. That's disgusting.
Posted by ladysaintly on 2007-12-06:
It's letters like this and the gazillion other complaints on this company that kept me far away from Ashley when I recently bought all new furniture. Horror stories.
Posted by Snerro on 2007-12-28:
I hope everyone who reads this story learns a lesson. It's not just Ashley (though they seem to be the worst), it's every cheap furniture place. I've learned the hard way that you really do get what you pay for, both in product and service. It's worth every extra penny and more to go with a higher quality product and a higher-end store.
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Ashley Furniture & Guardsman (SUCK)
Posted by Dummy on 08/17/2007
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Its amazing what you learn when you read the fine print. The salespeople don't tell you. Not only is the furniture crappy, its not real wood! Mostly fiberboard, cardboard and plastic. Plus, no returns. If anyone blows their money on this, your dumb. It won't last. They actually use old pallet wood in their sofas, you can see the old nail holes.
The Guardsman warranty is so good, they dump you when there is something replaced on the furniture. They obviously know they are warranting crap, so they protect themselves.
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-08-17:
Ashley furniture again. Need I be surprised? LOL!
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-08-18:
Ashley's sucks.
Posted by tazdog on 2007-08-27:
Yeah they SUCK...
They keep ignoring me and when you talk with the retail sales manager (arlington) he pretends to listen and then he says he will call you in 2 days.. After 5 calls and 1 week he finally answered the phone, again with NO news..
Posted by elaumets on 2007-08-29:
ok, first of all... you get what you pay for. If you paid 180 for a 5 drawer chest, yes it is going to be mainly MDF and PB. Deal with it! if you paid 600 for a 5 drawer dresser then it will be all hardwoods, that goes for any furniture retailer in the united states. And i dont know about guardsman, but real extended warrenties like montage services dont drop you after you make 1 claim, they cover you for 5 years. dont blame the salesmen, they are there to make money, its up to the consumer to do the research on their own.
Posted by david07003 on 2007-09-01:
Having sold furniture for many year, the extended warranties can be a big scam. I know that many people got screwed by the extended warranty companies by telling them that they tried to clean up any spill that they made--this voids that extended warranty. I would tell evey customer this so that they didnt get screwed. As for the wood, Ashley tells the salespeople that it is engineered wood--wood that is better than regular wood because it comes out the same everytime in its look.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-01:
I agree with david07003 and would only add check out the laws!
Consumer Protection Laws

Owners should be aware of laws against deceptive advertising and pricing.

“These state laws often allow a customer to sue even if the violation was not intentional. For example, if you sell a product manufactured by a U.S.-based company (say, a Schwinn bike) and mistakenly advertise that the product was made in the U.S. when in fact it was made in Taiwan, you may be liable under consumer protection laws.”

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Ashley Furniture Homestores - The real story
Posted by My4cents on 06/09/2007
I have read many of the complaints on this site about the Ashley Furniture Homestores and I wanted to offer this informative post just to clear up some common misconceptions about these stores. I do not work for Ashley Furniture. I am a non management employee of an Ashley Homestore and this post is just one persons opinion.

First things first. Ashley Furniture is the manufacturer of the furniture. They sell their brand of furniture to the individual Ashley Furniture Homestores, the vast majority of which are independantly owned and operated. This means many of the individual store policies such as restocking fees, delivery charges, cancellation policies etc are set by each particular store's owner. It also means a problem with one HomeStore should not discourage someone from purchasing at their local HomeStore.

As far as the volume of complaints (most of which seem like very legitimate problems) you must understand the amount of business this company does. They are the number one brand of furniture in the world. Ashley Furniture is larger than Furniture Brands International, which owns Broyhill, Lane, Thomasville, Drexel Heritage and more. That means Ashley Furniture is larger than all of these brands combined. THEY ARE A HUGE COMPANY. Regardless of the quality of service the hundreds of Ashley Homestores across the country provide, they are bound to receive a higher volume of issues and complaints than other furniture retailers simply because of the sheer volume of business they do.

I'm not trying to make light of any individual's gripe about their experience, I'm just trying to put things into perspective. No furniture company or store is perfect and Ashley is certainly no exception. The vast, vast majority of customers purchasing at these stores are very pleased and many become loyal customers. The stores I've come into contact with take customer service very seriously, and I know managers that will do anything in their power to make things right when there is a problem. Also, many of the stores provide follow up surveys after delivery to spot areas they need to improve on.

Yes, most stores do have a restocking fee if you cancel. Most of the stores do not stock merchandise (ordering instead of stocking saves money and allows for lower prices) so when you purchase they are ordering the items just for you. A down payment is your commitment to purchase and gets the product ordered.

Ashley Furniture has grown enormously in recent years because of the value they provide. You can purchase a great quality, stylish set for a fraction of the price you would pay for similar quality elsewhere.

Again, I understand there are legitimate problems with some stores and I'm not trying to make light of anyone's individual experience. I just hate to see the posts from people that don't want to purchase from an Ashley HomeStore or even work at one after only seeing the very worst side of the story.

I hope this helps!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-09:
It's nice that you take the time to post the other side of the story. The information is interesting, but the fact remains that complaints against this company are probably in the top three number of complaints seen here.
There aren't any of these stores in my neck of the woods, so it isn't a decision I'd have to make, but if I did, I would err on the side of caution and stay far away from this company.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-06-09:
I too would not go within 10 feet of a Ashely Furniture Store. From what I have read the furniture is low quality and will not last. The fact that they make their own furniture shows me that the complaints are right.
Posted by furnitureman on 2007-06-09:
I own a furniture store and use to carry Ashley Furniture but got tired of fixing or replacing every piece. All Ashley Furniture does is take a cheap piece of furniture and make it look like a million bucks with accents and room settings. They are the number 1 furniture store and they have grown that way by using this concept. let there presence run the course and they will be gone. Once someone buys the million dollar sofa and relize they should have bought one at the local Goodwill store they will not go back.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-06-10:
It sounds like my4cents maybe a owner of one of these stores.
Posted by my4cents on 2007-06-14:
Thank you for the replies to my post, I will add another post shortly I missed some important points I should have mentioned. grandma005, as I stated in my original post I work for a homestore as an employee. I am not a manager or an owner you can believe me or not that's up to you but please do not imply I am being deceitful. I tried to be respectful to those that have written in with complaints and simply offered my opinions so please give me the same respect. Like any company I'm sure there are some poor employees and management out there as well as many excellent ones.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-06-16:
No where did I say that you are being deceitful. I am just stating my thoughts. You make your story sound like you are a owner.
Posted by david07003 on 2007-06-23:
Thats nice to say that much of the problems can because of the "chain" that runs those particular stores. True, but there are many problems that are from corporate, (1) the Ashley story--that your order is being made by Ashley and that is why you cant cancel or modify your order--not true--there are distibution warehouses at Ashley, (2) Ashley has a 98% approval rating by customers--wrong--its one of the biggest complaints on the internet--and I saw first hand in the stores, (3) its a great place to work--not in my situation--most stores have a loaded floor of salespeople and I couldnt make a living there, (4) restocking fee--if the company didnt make it or ship it, then customers should not be charged a restocking fee--particularly with layaway orders. Now let me say this, a good franchiser maintains control over the franchisees. If you owned a McDonald franchise and you squirted too much special sauce on the Big Macs on a regular basis to the point where customers were always complaining, and it got back to corporate, then McDonalds would probubly drop you as a franchise. Thats not what is happening here at Ashley. Ashley could show more oversite but does not. So who is at fault, corporate or the franchise?
Posted by my4cents on 2007-07-05:
In response to David07003, (1) I'm not sure where you got the "Ashley story" about restocking fees, and at the store I work at the customer absolutely may modify your order, and we are upfront about cancellation/restocking fees, (2) The approval rating can be 98% and they can still get more complaints than other stores, if ABC company has 30 complaints out of 2,000 customers and XYZ company has 2,000 complaints out of 200,000 customers, who has better customer service? (3) "Since you refer to most stores" I assume you have visited and talked to employees at all of the hundreds of Ashley stores, I have not so I can only comment on the stores in my area. (4) I haven't heard of a store that won't disclose their restocking/cancellation fees before the customer purchases if someone is concerned yet this seems to be one of the biggest complaints. Our store tells EVERY customer what the restocking fees are before they purchase. If I pay money down at a store I've always assumed I was making a commitment to purchase, isn't that what a down payment is for? If Ashley did not require a downpayment each store would have to stock their own product and raise their prices, so they would be like every other overpriced store.... Anyway I give up everyone comes to this site to vent not to hear out a logical argument.
Posted by david07003 on 2007-07-10:
Thats very interesting about the restocking fees. At the Ashley that I worked for, there were no restocking fees, you had to take the merchandise-- there were no cancellations or returns. If the merchandise didnt fit, they would leave it on your property and leave. They claimed that the "Ashley Story" is why you are signing your rights away, that because its ready made for you, which makes the cost to the consumer so much less, is why its in your interest to sign your rights away concerning no cancellations. I had to explain this to every customer that way! The managment told me that there is no way that they can take back the merchandise because that is the agreeement that they have with the trucking firm to only have them deliver. If Ashley is a reputable company, wouldnt they stop their franchises from doing this?
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-07-22:
There is nothing logical about Ashely's furniture. It is plain junk, plain and simple. They deliver damaged furniture. If you want furniture that will break in less than a year at most and probably is broken to start with, then buy furniture from Ashley's. Consumer's you have been warned.
Posted by Happy Gal on 2008-07-11:
The way "david07003" describes his work experience at an Ashley Homestore you have to understand where he is coming from. However, I used to work at an Ashley Homestore and nearly everything he says does not apply to my situation at all. It is impossible to make generalizations for EVERY homestore based on any number of complaints unless the complaints come from EVERY store. For example, my store did not charge a restocking fee unless there was a special order; any order that is an item we do not stock regularly (out of catalog) because if cancelled the store has to hang on to it with hopes that someone will happen to order it again. That is reasonable. Plus all merchandise is returnable.

In addition, my store would never leave merchandise on someone's doorstep. That is ridiculus!

Ashley furniture is extremely affordable and offers a great look without having to spend a fortune. Do not expect to purchase a $500 sofa and pass it down to your grandchildren in 25 years, but if you want to remodel your room in 5-10 you do not have to feel guilty and hang on to an expensive sofa that you hate. One thing I used to laugh at is how customers always wanted to get the best quality but only wanted to pay Goodwill prices. Be reasonable, a $495 sofa is simple a $495 sofa.

Be careful with your blanket statements because every store and situation is different.
Posted by gg-06 on 2008-09-14:
I do have a question about this restocking fee. What if you financed the whole thing and only paid the tax and delivery? And since technically the price isn't charged to you until the product is delivered, if you cancel before it's delivered, you haven't paid anything. So where does the 30% come from? No money has exchanged hands (except tax and delivery).
Posted by invsblwmn on 2008-09-17:
I was one day from buying Ashley furniture. Despite one employee defending the store from THOUSANDS of complaints, I have decided to listen to the masses and buy from one of the many other reasonably priced furniture stores in my area. There are too many other choices in stores to offer subquality furniture with unacceptable customer service for a customer to throw money away at Ashley and to fight to get into their home what they paid for in the showroom. Time for a makeover Ashley or welcome to bankruptcy. The public will speak and be heard.
Posted by sewnever on 2009-01-27:
I have bought over $18,000 from the Ashley home store in Arden, NC and had one damaged piece at delivery and without any problem they quickly replaced the product and refunded my delivery fee. I had a several problems from another Furniture store down the street and had nothing but problems getting them to do anything about it. I guess it all comes down to how the store is run. I will shop this Ashley home store again as they provided me a much better overall experience than the other stores I have shopped.
Posted by 49er fan on 2011-01-22:
Let me clear up a myth in response to the "Ashley Story." DO NOT think that when you purchase furniture from this company that the furniture is made especially for you. Bottom line is this, it is mass produced oversea's. Their showroom;s are misleading as well, anyone entering a Homestore is led to believe they are in an "upscale" "high end" furniture store and then when they look at the prices the customer is led to believe "man, im getting a great deal." The reason there is a restock fee is actually quite simple, if by chance you as the customer are unsatisfied with your furniture for whatever reason and decide to return it then guess what, they still have made some money off of you. The furniture you "returned" or refused to accept will simply be sent back to the warehouse/delivery station. It will set there and then be delivered to another customer who made the same purchase as you. Wait times to recieve furniture is easy to explain as well, if the furniture you decided to purchase is not very popular then it will take a longer time to get it. I think it should be a warning sign to customers that before your furniture is ordered they require the money up-front and not just a down payment, the ENTIRE AMOUNT.
Posted by joe schmo on 2012-12-31:
I work for an Ashley Home Store in Orange County, CA. I see shopping for funriture differntly after being a sales person and sitting in on the "show time" morning meetings. Spend the customers money and as much of it as possible is the motto. They have good prices but compared to what? I know I had a customer tell/show me that Ashley's comptetitor, Living Spaces sold the same office furniture for about $800 less but the good thing is our Mgr met the competitors price and then beat it by 10 % even their delivery. Bad thing, I had customers who feel they can negotiate everything. It's a price, pay it or not. Why do people think they can say, they don't want to pay $1,000 for something, and offer $800? It's not a garage sale...people are freakin amazing- 1 or 2 nice ones for every 10 rude ones. Not worth the 10 hours a day to deal with their BS for the minor amount of $ your paid, espessially if you go into draw. Unless, your a really pushy sales person and get a few lucky "ups" who spend 4-6 K on furniture, you making a few hundred bucks a week, that's it.
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