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Ashley Furniture
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Poor Customer Service, Poor Delivery, a Nightmare With Over $5000 Worth of Purchase
By -

CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND -- The WORST. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR PURCHASE fROM THIS COmPANY. I made a paid in full purchase of over $5,000 worth of furniture in early October 2011.After making my purchase I was told that all of my items where in except for my bedroom furniture. Almost one month later I called to check the status of my delivery and I was told that they wear waiting on an accent chair that I purchased by martinque mystique 5000260. I said I thought you said that that item was in. I was hit with ooh I'm going to call you back. Per a Mr. Titan. I called the next morning and was placed on hold. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and I was told there was no supervisor there. I then asked who am I speaking to. There was a pause as she said LOLA. I then said I'm on my way. Just from remembering my past two visits at Ashley I knew if nothing else there were supervisors avialable at all times. AS entered I saw my sales manager and I explained my situation to him. He directed me to a young lady at the register and we looked up my purchase. I was then told that they did not have a delivery date for my chair to come in and that the particular livingroom set that I purchased has a back log until April 2012. I said that shouldn't effect me because I made this purchase in early October and there was no notification of a back log. On top of that I heard that the livingroom set that I ordered has been being returned because of tears and broken arms. OMG. I then asked for a refund. My representative turned the computer around to a young lady whom of which I immediately identified as lola because of her voice and asked her if I could get a refund. lola looks at the computer and turns it away quickly and says ooh no. I'm not giving her a refund it has'nt been 6 weeks. OMG why didi she do that. I began To yell. YOU all TOOk MY $5000.00 with no problem. 1 month later I still don't have my furniture. I wasn't notified about no chair being on back log. Iwant my sh--t with no problem. Give me the display for a discount, call another store or do something. Give me my furniture or return my money with no problem. After my representative speaking to a manager. The chair issue was resolved and my delivery was scheduled for 11-07-2011. Well today's that day. I received no phone call from Ashley. therefore I called them to see what time my furniture was going to be delivered. I was told that my date was rescheduled to the 9th because they don't deliver in my city on Mondays. No one called me to ask if this was fine or to see if I was going to be available. The 9th is my birthday I have an out of town flight scheduled for this day. THE WORST EVER. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN.

My Horrible Experience with the Ridgecrest, CA Ashley Store
By -

RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA -- On 10/30/09, I purchased a TV Stand (W354-22) from the Ridgecrest, CA store which was available for immediate pickup at the warehouse. My husband and I inspected the piece and verified that there were no blemishes and the glass doors were intact. When assembling (11/24), we found that the bottom front rail was bowed and the doors would not close. My husband called the store and spoke to a salesperson about the problem. She said she would have the general manager call us shortly. Nearly 3 hours later, we still had not received a call. I called and, after waiting for over 5 minutes, the general manager came on the phone. I explained the problem and he said to take the piece to the warehouse to allow the personnel to examine the piece. My husband left the piece with the warehouse foreman who said they would look at it in the morning and call us. By 10:30 am (11/25), we had not received a call, so I went by to check the status. The personnel were almost finished putting the piece back together and said they only needed to make one more adjustment to the doors so they would close. I noted two small scratches on the top, but otherwise the piece was fine. I told them we would call or come by around 2:00 pm that day to check on the piece. Upon arrival, not only had they darkened the color with some sort of dark brown lacquer (originally medium oak color), but we found that there was now a gouge in the wood work. I told them that this was unacceptable and that I would go to the store and ask for my money back. The warehouse foreman stated he would call the store to expect us. Upon arrival at the store, I introduced myself and had to explain the situation to two different people and then wait 10 minutes for the general manager. I again introduced myself and explained the situation. The general manager never told me his name. He stated that I had 3 options; to take the piece at the warehouse, take the piece off the showroom floor or have another one ordered. I told him that the one at the warehouse was not acceptable because of condition, the one on the floor had two scratches and I didn't want to wait 2 more weeks to get something that might have the same problems. He insisted I only had the 3 options to choose from and money back was not one of them. I told him I would take back the one at the warehouse for a $75 discount. He said no and insisted that the we caused the gouge. I asked him to call his warehouse foreman to verify that we had delivered it to the warehouse in blemish free condition. He did so and the warehouseman lied. Mike said he wasn't there when it was delivered and when he first saw it there was a gouge. Mike is the one we delivered the piece to and was fully aware that there were no blemishes on the piece. I then informed the general manager that we would take the one off the floor as I could fixed the scratches. Since I couldn't get my money back, I wasn't about to leave empty handed. We loaded it up and it's here, but now I see that, although the doors close, they are not aligned evenly and there are large gaps between the doors and the main piece because one of the hinges is mounted wrong. If I had purchased something like this from Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Sears, etc., I could have taken it back and received a full refund without any problems. Now I'm stuck with a piece of overpriced junk and I'm am not the least bit satisfied with the product. Every time I see the piece, I get angry and upset. I placed a complaint with Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. (home office) and their reply was to forward my complaint to the same person who caused me all the problems. So no help from them either. From now on, anytime I think of making a furniture purchase, I will check out this site for any negative reviews of the company. Only wish I had known about this site earlier.

Horrible Experience
By -

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- I would like to start off saying that I warned my MIL about buying from this company because of things I had heard. She found a sofa/table set that she LOVED however so I went to the store with her to check it out. I used to be a sale associate at another store so I knew what to look for.

The sofa/love seat seemed like a solid piece, especially for the price. The tables looked great! The sales person informed us that the tables were being discontinued and there were only a handful left in stock. One end table was out of stock, so I asked if we could order the first two and take the floor model from the one out of stock.

He said "No we don't sell floor models. There is another shipment coming in so you can still get the second end table but it will be delivered later."

This was fine with my MIL, so she came back with my FIL and put the order in that day. They scheduled delivery for May 15th and called twice ahead of time to remind them.

May, 15th the truck pulls up. The two guys were very professional and careful with the tables as the brought them in. I noticed right away though there were scratches and chips. They told us that Ashley store had them take them off the floor! We DID NOT ORDER FLOOR MODELS!!! As a matter of fact we were told they don't sell floor models.

The delivery men then said it would be $75 for delivery. My in laws had already paid Ashley Furniture $99 to have everything delivered. Apparently that had started using another delivery service that charges when they arrive. The poor delivery guys had no idea what was going on, we showed them the receipt and asked them to take the furniture back, which they happily did.

My MIL got on the phone with the store and then talked to her sales person. He told her that he said she was getting floor models and she knew it. This was a flat out LIE, I was there and I talked to him personally. He told my FIL the same thing he told me also!

The couches arrived on an Ashley truck (we were not informed it would be delivered separately). Everything looked OK from a quick inspection so we signed for the couches. Later after looking closer the cuts on the leather were shoddy and barely covering the couch in some areas. You could easily pull the leather away from the couch around the base and it looked horrible!

They told my MIL that she could pick out new tables TONIGHT only otherwise she was stuck with the crappy floor models that she didn't want. They said if she canceled the order for the tables she would lose the discount on her sofa and have to PAY THEM MORE MONEY!

My in laws are considering canceling the whole order but here's the kicker...Ashley charges you 10% for canceled orders. It will cost my family $240 to canceled on an order that this "company" promised and didn't deliver.

Horror Story - Experience With Ashley Furniture
By -

WESLEY CHAPEL, FLORIDA -- On November 9, 2008 my husband and I decided that we needed a new bedroom set. Our bedroom set was 33 years old! It was time. And we decided to go to Ashley Furniture. They had a beautiful bedroom set that I fell in love with immediately. Well they ran our credit and we were not approved but they said they would get us approved via Rent-a-Center. We would end up paying more for the bedroom set but I loved it so much my husband did not mine. After all the paperwork was arranged and we made the necessary down payments a delivery date was scheduled. On November 25, 2008 the furniture arrived. It was in boxes and had to be assembled. Imagine our excitement we finally were able to get a new bedroom set. The three delivery men were in a hurry to unload and assemble. Most of the bedroom set was left with plastic still wrapped around it.

My husband is 69 years old. He was rushed to sign the delivery receipt and he felt that since the furniture was new there would be no problem. Wrong! My husband treated them with the utmost respect, served them refreshments and even tipped them. He then proceeded to take off the plastic and turn on the LCD lights when the lights would not turn on. He noticed scratches, dents, uneven doors and lights that were dimming on their own. He immediately called the delivery men who bluntly stated "sorry that is not our problem now" you need to call rent-a-center. That is rent a centers problem now. I arrived 10 minutes after they left and I went ballistic. The furniture was a disaster.

I immediately called the manager at rent a center who was very apologetic and sent a representative to look at the furniture. They were very upset to see the condition the furniture was in. They made arrangements to pick up the furniture and have it "repaired". In the mean time I was given a loaner from rent a center.

Can you imagine having to pay for a "new" bedroom set and have to get it repaired. And missing parts. After many calls to rent a center they were able to get the bed wall mirrors and pier replaced and were going to deliver to me when they noticed that the footboards for the bed was not sent. Again I was told they could not bring my bedroom set. I have contacted the district manager of the wesley chapel store who "issued us a credit for our February payment" but now it is March 8, 2009 and I have no bedroom set and my March payment is due March 9th. I called rent a center this week and was told that the armoire was in and they wanted me to look at it before they would deliver it. It was back from the repair shop. Well I was horrified the doors were lop-sided and I had to force it closed and it had more scratches than the first time when it was first delivered. I was so upset. The store representative could not believe his eyes when he himself unwrapped the "repaired armoire" I cannot believe that it is now 4 months and I am forced to pay for a bedroom set that I do not have in my home.

I am going to report my story to the local TV stations and every agency I can think of. We waited 34 years for a new bedroom set and I am praying we do not have to wait another 34 years. This is sad that Ashley Furniture can get away with this.

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Rating: 2/51

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- The customer service at the store is great when purchasing my items but when it comes to delivery. It's horrible. I ordered a mattress, couch and love seat that was supposed to be delivered within 3-4 weeks. At the third week mark I call just to get an update and I'm told that they are waiting for my love seat to come in and that it wouldn't be there until the week of Dec 18 which would put my order 5 weeks out at that point. So I ask if my mattress could be delivered sooner because I was sleeping on an air mattress which was killing my back. The customer service representative set up for delivery to be that following Wed which would have been Nov 10. The morning before they called to let me know what time the delivery would be there. Then that afternoon they called to tell me that my mattress was damaged while loading it in the truck and that they couldn't deliver it. So I had to wait for them to order a new one and then send that down and that someone from the store would call me later that day to give me the new date and time. Did I get a call, no. At this point I'm pissed. Not only did I not get a courtesy call to let me know it would be longer than 4 weeks but when I called later that afternoon on Nov 9 to find out when it would be delivered I kept getting the run around. When I asked to speak to a manager the young lady told me a manager wouldn't be in until that Thursday. When I told her that was unacceptable she told me she would look into my order and call me back. Did she? No. So I go to the store and low and behold, a manager is working. Now I'm extremely mad because she lied to me. The manager looked my info up and told me that my mattress would not be shipped to the store until Dec. 15. It is Now Dec 16, I called to check on my status and my delivery will not make it to the store until this weekend and they won't be able to deliver my stuff until Dec. 24. I have a brand new house that I've not been able to live in because I don't have a bed to sleep in because of the crap I've had to deal with from the delivery department. At this point by the time I get my stuff it will be a month that I've not been able to live in my home AND it will be 6 weeks total that I've been waiting on my stuff.

Dishonest Sales People
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Just purchased over $6000 of product on my sons bedroom suite and our bed. Our Sons furniture was not correct when it finally arrived and we sent back. Sales lady (Angela) on first day we were there was very slick and told us what we wanted to hear "you have 90 days to bring back" on a TEMPUR-PEDIC and moving base, we purchased and gave it 2 weeks and figured out that for sure we could not sleep on it at all. Called Ashley back they said "well give it 2 more weeks and lets see if you get use to it" so we did, still can't sleep on it. So we went in to the Ashley store, Then they tell us the $1500 base is not refundable! So after I almost ripped their head off for not telling me that when I purchased it we picked out a regular mattress that we both liked that was cheaper, ($1200) then they told us that the exchange had to be at the same price! Then we were very ticked off so talked to a manager (Nicholas Vega) he was no help at all told us however we could pick what ever out and he would exchange, costing us $300 to exchange the $2600 mattress! We agreed and waited until the day before the deliver date and called to find out that no order was made to deliver anything! My wife and I both got on different phones and both called at the same time, She was told that our sons bedroom suite was now cheaper than we paid, (we were also told while signing financing papers that we could call and get sale price within the first 30 days!) The lady on the phone gave the call to someone else that explained that because we financed we could not get the sales price! Would they really give us a sale price after purchase if we bought in cash? So do they give cash back to a customer when they have a sale on the same item they just purchased days before? I doubt it My call was the 2nd call in the same day talked to the same guy (John) that told me he would find out and call back, waited 7 hours and called again and then he says he will get the manager to call me. So no new mattress for us just a over priced sponge on a motorized base that we can't sleep on. Don't be surprised if Ashley Furniture closes in Greensboro, I will do my part in making that happen! If it was legal I would burn the building down!

Bad Experience - Ashley Furniture
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Rating: 1/51

NAPERVILLE -- Today I got my $50 Black Friday coupon for Ashley Furniture. When I was shopping at Ashley Furniture, I found table lamp (list $69.99) that was interesting to my daughter. So I asked a sale person that I want to get one. He said he can give me 30% off for it and if I buy a pair, he can give me 40% off. I said I only need one. So he took me to Kathleen and told her that the lamp is for $49.99. After she puts in the order and asked how I want to pay for it, I showed her the $50 coupon and she seems upset and asked me if I want the 30% off or use the coupon, I said I want to use the coupon. She asked a manager to fix the order. At the same time, I overheard that she said to the manager," that he would get the lamp free if use the coupon then..." Anyway, the new order came up and I asked if she applied 30% off, she said 30% off on after the $50 coupon, not on the price of the item! So $69.99 - $50.00 (coupon) = $19.99, then 30% off on $19.99 = $6 off. I just did not feel that is right, it should be on the $69.99, not after the deduction of $50 cash coupon.

So now, I need to pay $15 for the lamp. She also said I could not return the item either since it is a sale. I don't have the lamp yet since it is at the Wisconsin warehouse. I will pick it up when it the store call. The thing I'm upset about this is not really the price, although I did not feel the way they applied the discount was right, rather it is the attitude of the sale representative I got the feeling that she just did not want me to get anything using the coupon. That coupon is not free, I have to woke up very early in a cold morning, waiting at a long line to get it, and that was not necessary 100% able to get one. This is the first time I ever shop at Ashley and very much be the last time.

Horrible Experience, Keep Delivering Damaged Furniture
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Rating: 1/51

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I ordered an entire bedroom set from Ashley/City Furniture, and spent around $2,000 on it, plus $130 for shipping. The sales representative told me if I ordered the storage trundle, I don't need to buy a box spring for the mattress. She didn't have the storage trundle, only the trundle bed, but told me it was identical, just with drawers instead of an extra bed, and it ran the length and width of the bed. The day they delivered the set, I noticed several damages on every single piece. I sent everything back. They redelivered the following week, and again, everything was damaged. The third time, I received a dresser, the bed was damaged, but I had to keep it because we needed a bed, and the nightstand, and chest were damaged, and got sent back. I was told someone would come out to repair the bed the next day. Nobody showed up.

I called, and they told me that no appointment was set, and I would have to wait at least a week. They also damaged my hardwood floors in four different areas, by moving the bed around. I was told they would repair that as well (I'm doubtful). The trundle I had ordered was not what had been described to me... it looked nothing like the one I had seen, and was maybe a quarter of the size it was supposed to be. I had also been lied to about not needing the box spring. The three narrow slat would never be able to hold a mattress, so I sent the trundle back, along with the other pieces, and still had no bed to sleep in. The fourth time, they sent a boxspring, but the furniture was damaged, so I sent it back. The fifth time, I received a night stand, but the chest was damaged, so I sent that back.

Today was the sixth delivery, for the chest. It was damaged, I sent it back. The customer service supervisors refuse to discount anything, or even remove the delivery charge for my order. I paid full price for this garbage. Their only solution was for me to send everything back, and shop somewhere else for furniture. They have been so horrible to me, they will not do anything to fix the problem, they just continue to send me damaged pieces. BIG damages too... I don't understand how nobody notices theses things before bringing it to my house! I will never ever use them again!!!

“Sometimes You Just Have to Pay a PRICE for Being a LOYAL CUSTOMER”
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Rating: 1/51

MINNESOTA -- “Sometimes you just have to pay a PRICE for being a LOYAL CUSTOMER”
YES. I paid a PRICE for being a LOYAL CUSTOMER. I have always choose ASHLEY for every single furniture need. I used ASHLEY as a synonym of furniture. I never thought twice before buying the stuff from ASHLEY. If I liked any stuff from other furniture stores (Bakers, Slumber land and other online stores), I made sure to check with ASHLEY to see if they have the stuff available and if they don't have one I used to buy the closest match available in ASHLEY. I recently brought a house, MY FIRST HOUSE. It may not be beautiful house but it's still my dream house and the house where I can see myself getting old with my family. I decided to choose ASHLEY and make it a part of my dream house. I brought all my furniture from ASHLEY. The sales person helping me was a wonderful man and NO DOUBT the furniture were great. It's not that I didn't get the better deal for same furniture from other furniture stores but I didn't want to trade my loyalty for some money that I would have saved going to different vendor. Finally the delivery was schedule for Feb 1st . I was really excited but this excitement was not able to last longer when only 50% of my furniture was delivered because the other furniture were not is good shape (Chipped/ broken). It was completely understood. NO BIG DEAL. I didn't make a big deal out of it. So we again rescheduled for Feb 5th. Not to forget you have to be in your house when your furniture is delivered so I took half day off came home so that I can get my furniture. Guess what?? One of my furniture was still missing. I still understood the situation (after all I am so called Loyal customer) so I went to the store and I told them that I needed the remaining furniture by Feb 15 because I had some guest coming over. So finally Feb 15 I was getting ready for the party. I still didn't get a call from ASHLEY regarding the delivery so I called them back and GUESS WHAT????? They told me there was some issue/error and my remaining furniture is scheduled to deliver for March 15. Isn't that GREAT and INTERESTING???? Not to forget I live a mile away from the store. NOW I FEEL LIKE Sometimes you just have to pay a PRICE for being a LOYAL CUSTOMER

Loyal Customer

Very Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BLACKWOOD NJ, NEW JERSEY -- Extremely Poor Customer Service Experience at the Ashley Furniture store located at 5851 Rt-42, #17, Blackwood, NJ 08012

My experience with Ashley furniture is somewhat bitter sweet. Walking around the showroom and dealing with the salesperson was a very pleasant, if not enjoyable experience, however, my follow up experience with the manager" MANNIE" has been deplorable, to say the least.

I had purchased an entire living room set and was informed that my furniture would be delivered before the Christmas holiday and everything was in stock and ready for delivery. A few days after the purchase, we get a call from the salesperson who now informs me that there is a delay with one piece of furniture and it running a day later than expected but will definitely be there before the Christmas holiday. A few more days go by and I get yet another call now informing me that they are still missing one piece of furniture and it now won't be delivered until AFTER the holiday.

The sales person was trying everything in her power to come up with solutions to the problem however she couldn't make the final decision and transferred me the so called manager of the store "MANNIE" Well, "MANNIE" had more excuses for not being able to resolve the problem and treated me as if it was not his problem and that the policies of the store were followed and there was " NOTHING" he could do to change things. He never apologized for the inconvenience or tried to offer something for the inconvenience that Ashley had caused. All I have left to say is " MANNIE" is not qualified for the position he is in and needs to learn how to serve the customer (the person with the $$$ )., I couldn't care less about their policies., My policy is that I don't do business with companies that don't treat me with respect and give me value for my money., If something doesn't work, then just fix it.,Stop making excuses!! If you don't know then say "I don't know, but let me find out for you.", Companies are run by humans and humans make mistakes.,

I don't judge them badly because they make a mistake., It's how they resolve the mistake that matters. Lesson to be learned "MANNIE THE MANAGER"!!! FYI.. I canceled my $6,000.00 order and went to Raymour and Flannigan. Also, so that this doesn't happen to anyone else, I will be posting this review everywhere I can until I get a response from Ashley Furniture for the way "MANNIE THE MANAGER" treats the customer..

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