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Buyer beware
Posted by on
ROHNERT PARK, CALIFORNIA -- Below is A e-mail I wrote to the corporate office on the 5th and they still have not gotten back to me (so much for second chances)....

My father-in-law and I went into your store on the 15th of November to purchase a sofa and love seat while looking around I spotted a black leather sofa and love seat I liked and the sales associate told me it was a little over my price range and then said that he had something else that was more in my limit so he walks me over to this what I thought was another black leather sofa and love seat which when I sat on it was a little uncomfortable but I just assumed that was why it was cheaper, So I said repeatedly how I was so happy to be getting a leather couch not once was I told otherwise. When the sales associate was checking the computer he told us it wouldn’t be ready for delivery until that Tuesday (before thanksgiving) which was fine with me. When we made the purchase we were told someone would be contacting us to set up the delivery and we were also told that they would not get rid of the old furniture, So far so good up to that point. I could not find anyone willing to take my old couch so a placed a post on Craigslist for a free couch and love seat and had someone come pick it up so it would not be there when my new stuff arrived. That following weekend I still had not received the call so I checked the paper work once again and notice that it says app. delivery date Dec. 4. So I call the customer service number to find out what was going on and they inform me that everything is on back order and the soonest I could get it was December 1st. So I called the store that I bought it at to speak to the manager and tell him my situation so he tells me that he would be willing to give me a refund or to compensate me in another way but I just wanted to work this out and get my furniture so I told him that I would think about it and call him back. About an hour later I called him and he couldn’t come to the phone so I left a message and waited all that day for him to call me back he never did. The next day I went into the store and he gets on the phone with your customer service dept and tells them the situation about how your sales associate lied to me about the delivery date and they tell him the soonest the could do was the 29th of November. Meaning I now have NO furniture to sit on for Thanksgiving when I have family over He tells me he is sorry and hands me a $100 gift card(that states on the back only good on purchases of 1000 or more which I don’t see until after I leave). So the 28th gets here and I get a call saying that there was a problem during shipping the bench that came with the table I ordered was damaged and they had to order me a new one but that every thing else would be here. The next day they got here with the couch, love seat and table but were missing the chairs and coffee table so once again I was back on the phone with your customer service dept. who was then informing me that they weren’t scheduled to be delivered until that following week so he told me he would see what they could do about trying to get them sooner so I could have something to sit on when I eat and he would call me back that afternoon. Well he never called and later on that day after going through all of this I find out (thanks to Google) that the couch and love seat isn’t even Leather! Which I should have found out from your employee before I bought it. So I call and speak to the store manager and he basically accused me of lying and said that he didn’t understand how the sales associate told me it was leather because he was a good employee, with the company for such a long time and tells me he is willing to do an exchange but at this point I didn’t even want to continue doing business with you. So I talk to Teresa (customer service again) and she tells me that I can’t have a refund unless I pay a 30% restocking fee and that I could not even get store credit until after they came and picked up the first one which means sitting on the floor again. So with what I felt no more choice I go into the store to pick something else out and another associate helps me out. after briefly explaining why I was there he walks around with me and wow actually tells me about the furniture. So I found what looked like a comparable choice and after every thing was calculated there was a $69 difference which the manager was not willing to budge on even after all that you have put me through.I am so disappointed with this experience I have been lied to three times by your company and yet I get treated like the liar.

.....PLUS I just got a call from them on the 6th saying the soonest they could deliver my coffee table and dinning room chairs is Dec. 11th!!this is ridiculous these people need to learn better business skills!!!!

To post an update I received this email message from their main office and will wait to see what comes of it before contacting BBB.

From Tammy02 on 12/11/2007 - Reply
I am an employee at the corporate office of Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI. I sincerely apologize you felt it took so long for me to reply. I received your email on Friday 12-7-07 and replied the following Monday 12-10-07, I am sincerely sorry I could not reply sooner.

Tammy~Ashley Internet Communications

-----Original Message-----

Hi Almira,

Thank you for contacting Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI.

Each of the stores are independently owned and operated. As such, the owners of the stores develop and implement policies and procedures regarding customer purchases, deliveries and warranty claims.

I am concerned about your situation, and I would like to forward your email to the appropriate party for further review. Please reply with the name and location of the store in question.

Have a great day!

Ashley Internet Communications
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User Replies:
bargod on 12/07/2007:
Oh Ashley you so crazy!
Skye on 12/07/2007:
Bashley furniture strikes again!
Suusan B. on 12/07/2007:
Wow - - this is shocking, isn't it!
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Anti-Customer Service
Posted by on
MESA, ARIZONA -- June 19, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Unfortunately I have to take the time needed to write this. It has to be a pretty bad situation for me, and probably most people, to actually have to write a letter of complaint about your (anti) Customer Service Dept.

I’m 59 years old and have been buying furniture for our homes for so many years I would have to stop to count them. Never…. NEVER, in my life, have I or anyone I know, had such a horrible experience which seems to have morphed into a creature all it’s own. A creature Anti-Customer Service.

My first question is why do you call it Customer Service? Here is what I’ve gone through and continue to deal with;

-2/23/06 bought furniture
-3/17/06 delivered on 3/15/06 or 3/17/06
Some furniture was broker. One end of the sofa looked like it had been dropped. When they took it apart the wood inside was smashed and broken.
Called Cust Svc and my nightmare begins…
-3/23/06 box arrived. They said they would call me. They didn’t.
-3/27/06 I called Customer Service, call was dropped while on hold
Called again, call was dropped again while on hold
Starting to think they use the same Cust. Support people AOL does. Which is to NOT deal with the customer but hang up on them…
Called again, service appointment set for 4/4
They had my number but never called me back so I was continuously in
Que waiting every time I called waiting for someone to answer.
-4/4/06 called Cust. Svc to see where cust. Rep is who was supposed to show up between 8am and 5pm. No call and no one showed up for appointment. An entire day wasted waiting and he was a no show and didn’t bother to call.
When I called cust. svc they said I didn’t have an appt. and that’s untrue.
I’m now scheduled for 4/6 between 8am and 5pm which is an unrealistic window to have people wait!
-4/06/06 called cust. Svc., the Rep. didn’t show up again and no call. They said they would check and call me back. An hour later I called them back. Talked to Eric this time, and he didn’t return my call. Asked to speak to Manager and he said he WAS the Manager.
They gave me the repair rep’s phone# and told ME to call him (Joe). I called Joe 5 times and never received a call back.
-4/07/06 called cust. Svc. Again. Talked to Kristy this time?. Now I’m scheduled for the 20th.
-4/20/06 Joe showed up, and what an ass. Fixed broked furniture & tightened bolts. Couldn’t fix Recliner. Pad falling apart and un-reclining is too hard to do for all but me.
-4/21/06 called Ashley and gave details about recliner & got disconnected again. I just didn’t call back this time. I wanted to see if they would call me back. Of course they never did.
-4/25/06 called back. Talked to Marleana this time? Asked to speak to Mgr. so I ended up talking to Kristy? I said I thought Eric was the Mgr. and she said NO, I am??
-5/11/06 box arrived.
-5/12/06 called. Talked to Kelli this time? Scheduled for 6/6, 8am -5pm. Again horrible window.
different rep showed up, Raphael, and said the parts they sent were the wrong parts, figures! So they ordered parts again. Raphael said the cushion where the padding is falling down CAN NOT be repaired so he ordered a new cushion(he said verbally).
-6/19/06 box arrived and I called. However, there was no new cushion in the box. Now I’m scheduled for 6/22, 8am - 5pm again. Horrible window.
-6/20/06 Kristy called to confirm service appt for 6/22. I asked for Raphael and she said I would get him. I told her that I will not let Joe in my house anymore. He was a nightmare and a mess. He smelled like alcohol and like he hadn’t showered in days. He also told me that Ashley won’t replace the recliner, only fix it. I said that wasn’t acceptable and he told me to call Cust. Svc. Their solution for everything.
-6/22/06 repair tech actually showed up. This time it was a new repair guy even though I asked for Raphael and was confirmed I would get him.
This guy put on a new metal frame. To fix the falling form in the cushion, which I saw when he took it apart and was all squished out of shape. All he did was wrap the out of shape foam in lots of fiber stuff. He didn’t replace the squished out of shape foam. He just wrapped the hell out of it with stuff that is now falling apart again, less than one week from “FIXING IT”. When I called Cust. Svc. To say it’s falling apart again they said “well you signed the work order so as far as we are concerned, it’s fixed”…. And it would LOOK like it was fixed and didn’t have a problem if no one EVER sat in it again. Once we started using it you could see it get worse with every use.
-6/24/06 this is when we started to notice that the cushion was falling apart again.
-6/28/06 called Cust. Svc again talked to Shelly this time and told her I just wanted a new recliner or I would turn it over to my credit card company and that I was finished with repair guys AND Cust. Svc. She then had me talk with Kristina and all of a sudden guess what…. My call was dropped… how can one company drop so many calls. Maybe because this is how they deal with problems. Keep dropping calls and maybe the customer will stop calling out of frustration.
Also I never received a call back.

I called WFB Dispute Dept. at this time to find out what my options were. I wanted to return everything. I just don’t want to deal with a company like this. WFB asked me to get a little more info. Like return policy.

I called the store where I purchased the furniture and spoke with the Mgr, Renea? At 480-222-4663, and she said they have a 30% restock fee. When I explained my problems all she said was to call Cust. Svc. I told her what I’ve already been through and she just said “I can’t help you, you will have to call Cust. Svc like I just said”

So like an idiot, I called Cust. Svc. And told Jessica (this time) my story and that I just wanted a NEW recliner. She couldn’t do that without sending out ANOTHER repair guy first… AHHHHHH!

I called WFB and talked to Ronnie 800-390-0533. she will fax the papers needed to refund my money for the recliner.

What I really want to do is return everything and NOT pay a restock fee. I REALLY REALLY DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH ASHLEY ANYMORE. Their Cust. Svc. Dept is nothing but a circus.

Who knows what’s going to happen on my umpteenth service call. So far your service
has been a Joke and should be an ALARM, and an embarrassment, that something is
amiss in your Cust.Svc.Dept. and perhaps a change is in order??? Or at least some

I tell people about the nightmare I’m going through with Ashley Furniture and they
Can’t believe it. Ironically most of these people have roots in Wisconsin.

I’m about at the end of my rope. I can’t continue dealing with the circus you call
Customer Service. This is your last shot. If you can’t get it right this time I will do
Everything I can to return all items even if it means getting an attorney. It will be well
Worth any money just to get you people out of my life.

This will be posted to and any place else I can find on the internet to
get the word out about Ashley, the store and their Customer (non) Service. I will also
mail a copy of this to all the Officers and Board of Directors I can find that have
anything to do with Ashley Furniture.

The store I’m dealing with is located at 6233 E. Southern Ave. Mesa, AZ. 85210. The
names of all the people I dealt with are in the text above.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/29/2006:
Click on the "More reviews on this company" personally I would stay away from Ashley Furniture Homestore and their cast of cockeyed nincompoops. Dispute it with your credit card and be done with Ashley, they're not worth the heartaches.
beanbagbritches on 06/29/2006:
Wow, that sounds just awful! Thx for noting this info & we are very glad you posted. Hope things work out.
Doc J on 06/30/2006:
Thanks so much for the detailed post. Your treatment by this company has been horrid. I'd simply dispute the charges with my CC issuer. Failing that, a Small Claims case may get your money back. Take pictures! Given the number of Ashley complaints on m3c and other sites I'd be as likely to buy furniture from them as I would be to consult with Dr. Joseph Mengele for surgery.
Liana on 07/20/2006:
We are dealing with the same issues here in Fayetville NC with Ashley. Been waiting since March '06 to get our furniture delivered in one piece. The lies employees tell, to them not returning calls to them not answering your questions, a true nightmare. Complain to the BBB like we did and good luck.
ceramicgal1 on 08/12/2006:
We have been dealing with horrible service from this company also. Find out through BBB the name of the owner then call everyone who deals with them what kind of company these people are running. Maybe if enough voices are heard they will be closed down. They are frauding the public. The quality of the furniture is great looking til you get the product. I have had two dining tables and chipped both times taking a leaf out and they will not return my money.
Refuse on 07/06/2008:
First off, I just want to extend my sympathy towards your appaling experience with that particular Ashley Homestore.

I want to point out that each Ashley Furniture Homestore is individually owned and does not, nor could not possibly reflect upon other Ashley Homestores.

I am a sales rep for Ashley Furniture Homestore in Easton Md and cannot believe how horribly (for lack of a better word) you were treated. It's a severe shame because I can comfortably say you would never receive such treatment at our store. I would not be surprised in the least if that particular store ends up failing and flopping on their rears out the door.

Again, My sympathy's but please don't judge other Ashley Homestores on this account.
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Buyer Beware!!!
Posted by on
Allow me to give you a little insight into what Ashley Furniture believes to be "good customer service"....

My husband and I purchased a sofa, char, and ottoman set from Ashley furniture because they had a set in the sage green color that we could not find anywhere else. At the time of purchase we were informed that our order would be non-refundable because they make all furniture to order once your order is processed. We paid for the furniture in full, as required. I then brought in paint samples to compare to the floor model and painted my entire living room to coordinate. Over two weeks later, when we were awaiting the arrival of our furniture, we received a call from Ashley Furniture corporate saying that we would not be getting our furniture because it was discontinued. That's right....the "made-to-order" furniture we paid for was discontinued two weeks after our order was placed. The man told my husband that he would look for a floor model for us or refund our money.

At this point, our losses included the money for the furniture, the money for paint and supplies, and interest charged to our credit card. In order to get a receipt, we would have to drive to a store forty minutes away to do the return. On our way, we called customer service who argued with us that they would only issue us an in-store credit. RIGHT! We decided to wait to see if a floor model would be located. At the end of the weekend we received another call from the man who was looking from the floor model. He offered us a model that he found and was only going to discount us $154.00. Since we were unable to find furniture anywhere else in that color, and also did not want to repaint the living room, we were forced to except the pathetic discount. We still even had to pay for delivery!

So basically, I ended up with USED furniture for only $154 less than what I was going to pay for BRAND NEW furniture! Also, when I went to post this review the first time, I encountered a message asking me to give Ashley Furniture a second chance and allow them to fix the situation. So, I decided that was fair and sent an e-mail to the provided address. I included my entire situation, and as expected, I NEVER RECEIVED A RESPONSE. That was almost two weeks ago!
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User Replies:
J Conway on 05/23/2012:
Documentation is the key with this and so many other companies. If it is in writing then they have no choice to provide what they sold. Your credit card provider should have been able to help on this.
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My Horrible Experience with the Ridgecrest, CA Ashley Store
Posted by on
RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA -- On 10/30/09, I purchased a TV Stand (W354-22) from the Ridgecrest, CA store which was available for immediate pickup at the warehouse. My husband and I inspected the piece and verified that there were no blemishes and the glass doors were intact. When assembling (11/24), we found that the bottom front rail was bowed and the doors would not close. My husband called the store and spoke to a salesperson about the problem. She said she would have the general manager call us shortly. Nearly 3 hours later, we still had not received a call. I called and, after waiting for over 5 minutes, the general manager came on the phone. I explained the problem and he said to take the piece to the warehouse to allow the personnel to examine the piece. My husband left the piece with the warehouse foreman who said they would look at it in the morning and call us. By 10:30 am (11/25), we had not received a call, so I went by to check the status. The personnel were almost finished putting the piece back together and said they only needed to make one more adjustment to the doors so they would close. I noted two small scratches on the top, but otherwise the piece was fine. I told them we would call or come by around 2:00 pm that day to check on the piece. Upon arrival, not only had they darkened the color with some sort of dark brown lacquer (originally medium oak color), but we found that there was now a gouge in the wood work. I told them that this was unacceptable and that I would go to the store and ask for my money back. The warehouse foreman stated he would call the store to expect us. Upon arrival at the store, I introduced myself and had to explain the situation to two different people and then wait 10 minutes for the general manager. I again introduced myself and explained the situation. The general manager never told me his name. He stated that I had 3 options; to take the piece at the warehouse, take the piece off the showroom floor or have another one ordered. I told him that the one at the warehouse was not acceptable because of condition, the one on the floor had two scratches and I didn’t want to wait 2 more weeks to get something that might have the same problems. He insisted I only had the 3 options to choose from and money back was not one of them. I told him I would take back the one at the warehouse for a $75 discount. He said no and insisted that the we caused the gouge. I asked him to call his warehouse foreman to verify that we had delivered it to the warehouse in blemish free condition. He did so and the warehouseman lied. Mike said he wasn’t there when it was delivered and when he first saw it there was a gouge. Mike is the one we delivered the piece to and was fully aware that there were no blemishes on the piece. I then informed the general manager that we would take the one off the floor as I could fixed the scratches. Since I couldn’t get my money back, I wasn’t about to leave empty handed. We loaded it up and it’s here, but now I see that, although the doors close, they are not aligned evenly and there are large gaps between the doors and the main piece because one of the hinges is mounted wrong. If I had purchased something like this from Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Sears, etc., I could have taken it back and received a full refund without any problems. Now I’m stuck with a piece of overpriced junk and I’m am not the least bit satisfied with the product. Every time I see the piece, I get angry and upset. I placed a complaint with Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. (home office) and their reply was to forward my complaint to the same person who caused me all the problems. So no help from them either. From now on, anytime I think of making a furniture purchase, I will check out this site for any negative reviews of the company. Only wish I had known about this site earlier.

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Horrible Experience
Posted by on
KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- I would like to start off saying that I warned my MIL about buying from this company because of things I had heard. She found a sofa/table set that she LOVED however so I went to the store with her to check it out. I used to be a sale associate at another store so I knew what to look for.

The sofa/love seat seemed like a solid piece, especially for the price. The tables looked great! The sales person informed us that the tables were being discontinued and there were only a handful left in stock. One end table was out of stock, so I asked if we could order the first two and take the floor model from the one out of stock.

He said "No we don't sell floor models. There is another shipment coming in so you can still get the second end table but it will be delivered later."

This was fine with my MIL, so she came back with my FIL and put the order in that day. They scheduled delivery for May 15th and called twice ahead of time to remind them.

May, 15th the truck pulls up. The two guys were very professional and careful with the tables as the brought them in. I noticed right away though there were scratches and chips. They told us that Ashley store had them take them off the floor! We DID NOT ORDER FLOOR MODELS!!! As a matter of fact we were told they don't sell floor models.

The delivery men then said it would be $75 for delivery. My in laws had already paid Ashley Furniture $99 to have everything delivered. Apparently that had started using another delivery service that charges when they arrive. The poor delivery guys had no idea what was going on, we showed them the receipt and asked them to take the furniture back, which they happily did.

My MIL got on the phone with the store and then talked to her sales person. He told her that he said she was getting floor models and she knew it. This was a flat out LIE, I was there and I talked to him personally. He told my FIL the same thing he told me also!

The couches arrived on an Ashley truck (we were not informed it would be delivered separately). Everything looked OK from a quick inspection so we signed for the couches. Later after looking closer the cuts on the leather were shoddy and barely covering the couch in some areas. You could easily pull the leather away from the couch around the base and it looked horrible!

They told my MIL that she could pick out new tables TONIGHT only otherwise she was stuck with the crappy floor models that she didn't want. They said if she canceled the order for the tables she would lose the discount on her sofa and have to PAY THEM MORE MONEY!

My in laws are considering canceling the whole order but here's the kicker...Ashley charges you 10% for canceled orders. It will cost my family $240 to canceled on an order that this "company" promised and didn't deliver.
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User Replies:
ejack053824 on 05/15/2009:
Go to a garage will find better.
Soaring Consumer on 05/15/2009:
You should not have to pay a restocking fee or any additional penalty when they sent you a used product when you paid for new.

I suggest filing a complaint with the BBB. It would probably be best to return all of the furniture and get a full refund.
checkedout on 06/11/2009:
You need to be speciffic about what Ashley furniture store you are bashing. Every one of them is independently owned and operated. I have been shopping and buying from the local one here in Albuquerque and have had nothing but the best service and satisfying products every time. Funny how almost no one compliments good service, they just make a huge deal out of tiny problems. When was the last time you people read the obituaries and saw "Cause of death: furniture didn't arrive in time." HAHHA. Here is an idea; try being proactive instead of procrastinating. Start shopping several weeks BEFORE you have the deadline. And for you third-party commenters, save these forums for the people with the first-hand experience because, face it, you don't have ALL the facts. Why would you try to pull the leather away from the base anyway?? Oh, and if you really did get the floor model set of furniture, I'm sure they wouldn't mind giving a bit of a discount. I have noticed as a customer that being nice, and eager to understand will get you much closer to being satisfied with your service and salespeople than if you are jumping to conclusions, making demands and throwing out threats and insults about them. Don't be a grumpy guss, life is far too short for that.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 06/11/2009:
Do you work for Ashley Furniture?
Anonymous on 06/11/2009:
MSCANTBEWRONG, best answer.
jktshff1 on 06/11/2009:
you CHECKEDOUT long before you wrote your comments. The op has legitimate complaints.
checkedout on 06/12/2009:
jktshff1, how mature, what is this? Second Grade? Perhaps besides remembering the insult game so well you will remember having played the game "Telephone" where a message is passed from person to person until it gets to the end of the line and is completely different. The op's "complaint" is of an experience not his own. MSCANTBEWRONG and superbowl, try doing a little research on your own besides what you read in forums and you will find what I said is true. Ashley Furniture Homestores are franchises, independently owned and operated. Each one operates under their own set of standards and while I'm sure some of them are quite capable of poor customer service that does not mean that they are all the same. Subsequently, complaints should be lodged much more specifically at the store where the incident took place. Like I said, I have been shopping and buying from the local Ashley Homestore here, which would make me a CUSTOMER, not an EMPLOYEE. Not to mention my comment "I have noticed as a customer that being nice..." Read it for yourself.
Anonymous on 06/12/2009:
My, my, checkedout, that *ahem* chip you are sporting is pretty huge.
Nics on 06/19/2009:
In response to checkedout, my "3rd party" complaints are as legitimate as anybodies. I live in the house with the people who bought the furniture, it was a purchase for our family in this home. I was with them when they made the purchase and through the botched delivery. I was there for every thing so this experience is not word of mouth, the only difference between me and anyone else is that I didn't not actually pay for the garbage that was sent. As for what store it was Kenosha, WI if that helps. I was witness to the lies that were told by the sales person and company, I was witness to the floor models being delivered and the only reason we knew they were floor models was because the delivery men were nice enough to tell us when they weren't supposed to. The problems that I discussed were not TINY by any means and while its true I won't drop dead from having bad customer service that doesn't mean I have to bend over and take it. Writing a well deserved BAD complaint is very appropriate and if I come across a company with GREAT service I will review them in the appropriate manner. As for peeling back the leather on the base...there wasn't much peeling needed. It was shoddy craftsmanship and having worked at a furniture store as sales person myself I am appalled at the service of this company, I would have been ashamed of myself if I were an employee at that store.
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Horror Story - Experience With Ashley Furniture
Posted by on
WESLEY CHAPEL, FLORIDA -- On November 9, 2008 my husband and I decided that we needed a new bedroom set. Our bedroom set was 33 years old! It was time. And we decided to go to Ashley Furniture. They had a beautiful bedroom set that I fell in love with immediately. Well they ran our credit and we were not approved but they said they would get us approved via Rent-a-Center. We would end up paying more for the bedroom set but I loved it so much my husband did not mine. After all the paperwork was arranged and we made the necessary down payments a delivery date was scheduled. On November 25, 2008 the furniture arrived. It was in boxes and had to be assembled. Imagine our excitement we finally were able to get a new bedroom set. The three delivery men were in a hurry to unload and assemble. Most of the bedroom set was left with plastic still wrapped around it.

My husband is 69 years old. He was rushed to sign the delivery receipt and he felt that since the furniture was new there would be no problem. Wrong! My husband treated them with the utmost respect, served them refreshments and even tipped them. He then proceeded to take off the plastic and turn on the LCD lights when the lights would not turn on. He noticed scratches, dents, uneven doors and lights that were dimming on their own. He immediately called the delivery men who bluntly stated "sorry that is not our problem now" you need to call rent-a-center. That is rent a centers problem now. I arrived 10 minutes after they left and I went ballistic. The furniture was a disaster.

I immediately called the manager at rent a center who was very apologetic and sent a representative to look at the furniture. They were very upset to see the condition the furniture was in. They made arrangements to pick up the furniture and have it "repaired". In the mean time I was given a loaner from rent a center.

Can you imagine having to pay for a "new" bedroom set and have to get it repaired. And missing parts. After many calls to rent a center they were able to get the bed wall mirrors and pier replaced and were going to deliver to me when they noticed that the footboards for the bed was not sent. Again I was told they could not bring my bedroom set. I have contacted the district manager of the wesley chapel store who "issued us a credit for our February payment" but now it is March 8, 2009 and I have no bedroom set and my March payment is due March 9th. I called rent a center this week and was told that the armoire was in and they wanted me to look at it before they would deliver it. It was back from the repair shop. Well I was horrified the doors were lop-sided and I had to force it closed and it had more scratches than the first time when it was first delivered. I was so upset. The store representative could not believe his eyes when he himself unwrapped the "repaired armoire" I cannot believe that it is now 4 months and I am forced to pay for a bedroom set that I do not have in my home.

I am going to report my story to the local TV stations and every agency I can think of. We waited 34 years for a new bedroom set and I am praying we do not have to wait another 34 years. This is sad that Ashley Furniture can get away with this.

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User Replies:
dan gordon on 03/09/2009:
I don't get how you go from buying furniture at Ashley to renting furniture from Rent a Center????Are you saying they are related? This makes very little sense to me.
JUDY WESLEY CHAPEL on 03/09/2009:
Ponie on 03/10/2009:
Unless someone wants to spend four times what a product is worth, why would they ever go to RAC?
JUDY WESLEY CHAPEL on 03/15/2009:
jktshff1 on 03/15/2009:
Judy, when you signed the contract, you agreed to purchase the furniture from RAC, not the original party, since your credit was denied there.
BTW..69 yrs....LCD lights on bedroom furniture....YOU GO GUY!!!
JUDY WESLEY CHAPEL on 03/16/2009:
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Warning: Do Not Buy From Ashley Furniture!!!
Posted by on
CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- I thought I was going to log on and be the first to post a complaint about Ashley Furniture, but when I got there, I found that the way I was treated by Ashley was not out of the ordinary at fact, it's common practice. Check this out.

I went to Ashley furniture in Concord, CA with my girlfriend to buy a living room set and dining room table/chairs for our first home together. The sales person was a very nice guy. He even mixed and matched tables and chairs to find the right set for us.

We ended up spending around $3,000 dollars for some nice leather couches, end tables, a rug, and the dining room table/chairs. We were told that we would have the delivery by August 4th (we made it clear that we needed it on that day because we were moving in on the 1st and had people coming over). They told me they would have it by the first after I told them we would buy elsewhere to get them on time. They called me on the Friday before and said that they could deliver on August 9th. After complaining and placing two more calls, I was able to get it delivered on the 6th.

When the delivery guys showed up (by the way, they use a separate company to deliver their furniture), my girlfriend was just getting home and saw them dragging the couch with no protection, frame, etc. along the street and throwing cushions on the asphalt! They brought up a couch that turned out to be the wrong one. They brought up a table that was the wrong one. After the delivery guys repeatedly tried to get me to keep the furniture and "see how I liked it for 30 days," I finally got them to take it back with them. These poor fellows told me how they had been from Morgan Hill (an hour away), to Marin (two hours from that), to the Peninsula, and back to the East Bay all in one day!!! They were tired, sweaty and extremely unhappy when I had them take the furniture back down. Whoever the idiot manager had them running all over. No wonder the couches were damaged.

They proceeded to "find" the correct couch in their truck, which they delivered with several scratches and scrapes on it. I watched as they threw the cushions from the first floor to the second in our condo building!

So, then the drama begins. I called the Ashley Furniture I bought these at to tell them what had happened. When I got hold of the manager and asked who I was speaking with, he told me "the manager." He wouldn't give me his name and when I got heated explaining the problem and why I wasn't happy, he hung up on me. So, I called back and was told that I would get a call from Ashley Corporate Care. Two hours passed. No call. When I finally got hold of somebody, they told me they would have to send somebody out to check the damage on the couches and that I would have to wait two weeks for this person.

When I offered to take pictures and send them to prove the damage, they said fine. I told them I wanted new couches or a $500 credit. They told me they would have to get back to me on that. Never called. I called them. They said they would call me back. No call. I finally got hold of the delivery manager (this is nearly two weeks later) who told me that they would pay me the $500 via check that would be sent out immediately. Two weeks later and I still haven't received a check. I called today and they said they would check on the reason it hadn't been sent and would call me back immediately. Half hour later, no call. I called them and the person I had spoken to was "just out the door on her way to lunch."

Aside from this joke excuse for "customer service," Ashley was also running a promotion with their sale that included a "free trip." I set up financing with them and I still haven't received a bill (of course when the financing period is up, they are going to back charge me for all of the interest) two months later. I came to find out that their "free vacation" actually required us to purchase a plane ticket and pay all of the taxes and travel fees associated. I began to wonder to myself what the hotel room would look like and how many roaches I would have to kill before my girlfriend would stay there.

The bottom line is. If you want used furniture, use Ebay or Craigslist. Do not spend full price for used, beat up furniture at Ashley Furniture. After reading other posts, I now firmly believe that Ashley is set up to deliver damaged furniture intentionally so they can haggle with customers, hoping they will go away and pay the full amount. The most they'll have to do is either replace the damaged furniture with what should have been delivered in the first place or pay the client off so they'll keep the furniture that should be marked off 40% at any used furniture outlet. Consider this a warning. I would hate to say I told you so.
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User Replies:
ejack053824 on 09/11/2008:
Ashley Furniture complaints run more rabid in here then syphilis in a cathouse!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/11/2008:
The unfortunate truth is Ashley Furniture sucks...there are more complaints listed here than most any other business. IF you get this issue straightened out...consider this a lesson well learned. I would also file a complaint with the BBB. I can't say it will help but it definitely can't hurt!!
Tammy02 on 09/16/2008:
A M3C message was sent to "Ashleyhater".

If you or someone you know is having an issue with their Ashley purchase, please review the following:

The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. We request that you consider contacting the store directly for assistance, if you are unable to get assistance from the store, please feel free to contact the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department, so we can assist you by contacting the store on your behalf.

Our contact information is as follows:

Fax: 1-608-323-6139
Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Affairs
One Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612

You may also consider visiting our website, Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the homepage.

We are here to help!
Tammy02 on 10/02/2008:
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. responded to "Ashleyhater" by leaving a M3C message on 09/16/08, unfortunately we have not received a reply back. An Ashley Furniture reference number was provided for quicker service. Therefore, if we do not hear from a consumer, we are unable to assist. Should "Ashleyhater" reply to our message, we will review the information and proceed from there.
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Just Keep Driving By Ashley Furniture...
Posted by on
CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS -- I ordered FR furniture and a TV stand from AF. When I called to check on my order status and delivery I was told my order "just came in" and I set up a delivery date/time. Day of delivery, no TV stand. I was told it was expected to arrive that afternoon. I waited a week and called, to be told again, "it just came in". So delivery was scheduled two days later between 3 and 6pm. At 6:30 I called the store and was told it was on Truck 2 and they were delayed across town, but they would definitely be delivering my TV stand that evening. It didn't arrive. I called the next day and was told by the delivery manager that he would check on it and call me right back. An hour and 10 minutes later I called HIM back. He informed me that I shouldn't have been told my TV stand was on a delivery truck because it was damaged and wasn't scheduled for delivery. When I asked if there was anyone who worked there that was capable of picking up a telephone and performing some act of customer service he had no response. I then requested a full refund of my purchase price. After putting me on hold for 2 minutes he said they would waive the restocking charge. Restocking charge on a damaged piece of furniture???

When I asked how long it was going to take to get a check in the mail, he indicated I should have it by the weekend. Six days later I have no refund check. I called today and was told that the owner "only signs checks on certain days of the week." Well, this started last Thursday and today is apparently the owner doesn't sign checks any day of the week! I had already filed a complaint with the BBB and informed the person on the phone of that. To which, she asked why. Ummm...I'm a consumer, you're a retailer, and you've been using my $ for two months and I have nothing to show for it but a horrific experience and enough sunshine blown into a certain body cavity to give me 3rd degree burns. Maybe the "owner" signs checks between 4:01 and 4:02 on Wednesday afternoons. I expect I'll have a check in the mail by THIS weekend, but we'll see.

I, personally, will never step foot in an Ashley Furniture store again. It's painfully clear now, after reading and hearing similar complaints, that Ashley Furniture management invests much more time in training their staff to mislead and just bold-faced lie to customers rather than provide them/leave them with a positive buying experience. There are alternative furniture retailers. You might pay a little more in some cases, but dealing with a reputable, trustworthy company is worth it. Don't be the one who buys from Ashley and wakes up one day to find out they're out of business and you're in line with thousands of other folks who aren't going to see even 10% of their money back in their pockets. Just don't go there.

My new FR furniture will rarely be used, which is a good thing because I have this sneaking suspicion that my vehicle with 100k miles on it will probably be functional and usable years after this furniture.
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User Replies:
cherpep on 08/14/2008:
I had never heard of Ashley Furniture until I started frequenting this site. What an education! From the volume of negative responses, it appears their poor customer service is the foundation of the chain. If one appears in my neightborhood, I'll stay clear.
Anonymous on 08/14/2008:
I agree Cherpep. But never fear... Tammy02, representative from Ashley furniture will be along shortly to give the OP a whole bunch of warm fuzzies and try to make everything better with a plea for them to call for assistance. Especially since the posters have already made several attempts at getting resolution.

I have never seen a post from an OP that states that Tammy has resolved their problem, nor have I seen an Ashley complaint updated and marked as "resolved".
Tammy02 on 08/22/2008:
A M3C message was sent to "Mbk22".

The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. We request that you consider contacting the store directly for assistance, if you are unable to get assistance from the store, please feel free to contact the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department, so we can assist you by contacting the store on your behalf.

Our contact information is as follows:

Fax: 1-608-323-6139
Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Affairs
One Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612

You may also consider visiting our website, Click on Contact Us at the bottom of the homepage.

We are here to help!
Tammy02 on 08/22/2008:
JohnInSoCal ~ Thank you for giving the consumer a heads up that I will be posting my comment!

To All ~ The reason resolutions are not posted are because I never heard back from the consumer when I sent them a message. I am unable to resolve any issue unless I receive a response. Some of the issues may even be resolved, however when the consumer contacted our department, they decided to use their real name verses their user name, and failed to tell us they posted on I hope this will clear your uncertainties regarding my not posting resolutions.

Anonymous on 08/24/2008:
Tammy, we're not waiting for you to post resolutions. You cannot mark a complaint as resolved. The person making the original post must do that.
DigitalCommando on 08/24/2008:
Tammy02, I just wanted to thank you (to you as a person) for at least trying to help your customer with their problems here as that is rarely seen. Keep up the good work even though most of the people that post a complaint here never return again, at least it helps offset the black eye given to your company by the excessive complaints lodged here. Your corporate execs needs to start shutting down the offenders who are the source of CONSTANT complaints. I wonder how much their bottom line is effected by consumers who read the complaints here and decide to never step foot in your showrooms?
janie2690 on 09/04/2008:
I too have been stung by Ashley . 4 years ago I bought a formal dining room set from the Ashley show room . It was very nice and I bought it from the show room floor so I didn't have to wait 6 weeks for delivery. Table, 6 chairs, buffet and hutch. Less than one month of having it the kids spilled a cup of water on the table top and before I could walk to the cabinet to get a cloth to clean it up, the wood bubbled on the table top. The whole top is covered with bubble under the wood. I called the store right away and ask them what to do. I told them if the table had been finished right that this should not have happened. They said it was my problem. When you buy it off the show room floor it is AS IS and to live with it. So for 4 years I have been living with it COVERED. I didn't have to money to replace it. I tell everyone I know and when someone see it they say” we will never buy anything at Ashley if that’s the way they warranty there furniture”. Thanks Jane
BCisME on 09/05/2008:
It's funny how they are all independently owned and operated yet they all use the same "it's on the truck" line.
CCDC on 10/12/2008:
Funny I came upon this site.
I repair furniture, work for a furniture store and trust me there is no piece of "PERFECT FURNITURE" Ashley has to be the worst next to Sauder and any other store bought(Wally World)put together types.
Almost ALL furniture unless stating "SOLID WOOD" on the tag is particle board, cardboard or foam. Yes I said foam. I have seen it. Unless you can see the wood planks top and bottom its fake. If the wood grain looks too uniform and perfect and you can't see the wood planks....its fake. Make sure you ask the sales person if its SOLID WOOD. If you just say real wood they will tell you it is real.
Someone was right when they said it was "Photo paper". You can tell by a a dull, very thin, cheap lack of finish....cause there isn't one. Oh yea and one other thing. That well known cleaner polish you can find in any store....don't.
That has to be the worse thing you can due to your furniture.
A less than damp cloth is all you need to clean your furniture. oils and waxes make it gggrrr to repair.
Just thought I would pass that on to ya as well. have seen a lot of ruined furniture...If you must use something use Guardsman cleaner and polish. I have use both and sprayed right on top of it. No rejection.
Ponie on 10/12/2008:
Isn't it odd that the poster couldn't find anything on the Internet about Ashley furniture yet was able to find M3C? During the past week I had to purchase a new coffee maker. It certainly was a heck of a lot less than furniture, yet I did my research of the brand I had in mind before I made my purchase. With all the complaints I've seen about Ashley furniture, I'm with cherpep, I'd never set foot in one of those stores if they opened up near me.
afhsrocks on 11/06/2008:
Ashley Furniture in Champaign, Illinois, rocks! I know quite a few people that work there, and I know that it is their mission to have the fastest furniture delivery in Central Illinois. Of course hiccups happen along the way just like at other furniture stores and other retailers but Ashley Furniture rectifies any situation. When an entire truckload of merchandise is shipped hours away something on the truck is bound to come in damaged! I mean come on! It's a natural wood product! Accidents happen when hundreds of pieces of furniture travel hundreds of miles! But when peices come in damaged Ashley will fix the piece back to new condition or get that customer a brand new piece! Simple as that! Ashley HomeStores strive to deliver quality merchandise quickly and at a great price. But when accidents happen and the consumer cannot sympathize with the fact that an accident occurred, the problem is with the consumer NOT the company.
igiggle079 on 03/08/2010:
Don't shop here! Worse than the worse car dealership! We were given a price quote on a bedroom set, I called to find out the whole total with tax and delivery so that we could order what we chose over the phone. We were so excited to get our bedroom; then to our shock, the total was $1000 HIGHER than our quote! The salesman admitted to leaving the chest off the price by "mistake" he then called me back to backpedal(surely out of fear of getting in trouble) I asked to speak to the manager and was given Mike the Store owner, who proceeded to interrupt my explanation of what happened, he then yelled at me and belittled me, turning it into MY FAULT! I was not seeking anything other than an apology and acknowledgement of the mistake THEY made!! He ended our conversation saying he did not want my! That is NO WAY to run a business and because the stores are individually owned there is no corporate recourse! I am shocked by how I was treated. What a waste of time! If the
heather_afhs on 03/12/2010:
Hey Everyone!

My name is Heather, and I'm the new social media director at the Ashley Furniture Homestore in Champaign.

I wanted to introduce myself, as I will be around to answer any questions or concerns you might have with our store.

For those of you who have had bad experiences in the past, I hope you will give us a second chance to earn your business. I apologize for any mistakes or wrongdoing on our part. Our customer service reps work every day to improve our client experiences.

If you need to get in contact with me, I can be reached here as user heather_afhs, or at

Thank you for all of your feedback!

P.S. igiggle079,
I responded this complaint via a private message on If there is a better way to get in contact with you, please let me know.

Ytropious on 03/12/2010:
Good customer service can only go so far when the majority of complaints are on the QUALITY of the product...also this review is pretty old, try to find some of the more recent Ashley complaints, you won't have a problem.
heather_afhs on 03/13/2010:
Thanks for the advice, Ytopious. I am commenting and introducing myself on any related comments I find. Hoping to mend some fences! :)
PepperElf on 03/13/2010:

why would an official ashley rep be using a yahoo account?
no offense but one would think the company would be able to afford their own email server...
heather_afhs on 03/13/2010:
Hi PepperElf!

No offense taken. It's up to each franchise to provide e-mail for their employees. The Champaign Homestore is in the process of updating all of our e-mails, but for now, I'm using yahoo.
PepperElf on 03/13/2010:
that's odd.

personally I never trust any company email that comes from yahoo - cos that's what many scam artists do

but I'm sure you'll understand my take on it
heather_afhs on 03/13/2010:
Understood. That's the main reason we're switching over. That, and to provide some cohesiveness to our company. Baby steps!
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Ashley Home Store Easton MD
Posted by on
EASTON, MARYLAND -- To whom it may concern,

I spent weeks looking for furniture and came into my local Ashley store where I spent hours browsing to find the perfect piece of furniture for my living room. I decided on the durapella coco sectional it seemed to be quality and a good price, and that's exactly it "it seemed". I waited the amount of time for my furniture to come in. I decided to pick it up since I don't live far from the store rather than pay $100.00 for it to be delivered. When my boyfriend arrived to pick it up he was very upset. The fabric was hardly sewn together with threads hanging off, it had staple holes in the material where there were no staples and the staples we could see fell off right into our hands. Some of the fabric was not glued or whatever right and I could easliy see the exposed partical board underneath. That's not a good sign when you just spent a thousand dollars on a piece of furniture. The store manager stood off to the side looking at me as if I was just a problem customer. Yes I had a problem and it was valid.

All she said was "sorry" and it would either take 3 weeks to order a new one or she could give me 15% off. I can't wait 3 weeks bc I already sold my furniture when I got the call mine was in to make room for the new. My daughters first birthday party is a week away and I don't have any more time to wait. Still the manager could do nothing more for me. I told her I wanted my money back which I had paid by debit card. She ran the card and we left. I went to a different store and found some furniture but was unable to purchase it bc the money did not go straight back into my account. The owner said he would hold it for 24 hours. The next day my money still wasn't there and I had nothing else to give the store to hold the furniture for me. So I went back to the Ashley store where I spoke to the sales manager who was much more professional. She said she would speak with the store manager to see if they could keep my business and offer a better deal. I got a call back and the store manager would not budge, I only good the run around on "how there was really nothing wrong with the furniture" And "15% was a good deal".

I later called out to get a corporate number or for customer service and I told there wasn't one, so I called another store and they said the same. Please, I am not a fool, what an insult! I know there is someone within the company I can speak to. My voice WILL be heard. At this time the list of inconvienace's is never ending. I was planning to furnish my whole home room by room from there. I will tell every single person I come in contact with to never shop from Ashley furniture. The quality is poor and the customer service is the worse I've ever had.
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User Replies:
ejack053824 on 04/11/2008:
Ahhhh...another satisfied customer! LOL!
grandma005 on 04/11/2008:
What did you expect from them? Too bad you did not read complaints first before shopping there.
Anonymous on 04/11/2008:
Your complaints, unfortunately, sound familiar to others we've heard. It's too bad this place is still in business. As for the 15% discount, what a joke. They should have offered it at 50% off--and I wouldn't accept it at that.

I definitely wouldn't want a piece of furniture made of particle board. It will fall apart in no time--and it sounds like it already has begun to. When you buy upholstered furniture, only buy those that have a hardwood frame. Otherwise, you will be buying it often--especially with young children. You will have to pay more at first, but you won't have to keep paying every couple of years. I have 2 leather couches that are nearly 10 years old--from Norwalk Furniture--and they still look new. Check it out if you have one nearby. (Unfortunately, they are made to order and take several weeks to receive--but any good furniture does.)
Bronto on 04/11/2008:
Ashley sold us a cocktail table which we had to wait for. We used our card there and got 90 days same as cash, but the table was badly damaged by a forklift and they charged the card the day we bought. Then it's like pulling a tooth to get the situation resolved. No more Ashley purchases, promise...
Tammy02 on 04/22/2008:
"Bridgiebridge" has also contacted Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. Consumer Affairs department. All of her information was forwarded to the appropriate party at the independently owned and operated HomeStore in Easton, MD for further review. AFI has been made aware that the HomeStore is currently awating this consumers return email or phone call. Details will not be provided to the public as this is an issue between "bridgiebridge" and her place of purchase.

If you or someone you know are in need of additional assistance, please feel free to contact our Consumer Affairs department; we would be happy to contact the store on your behalf.

Our contact information is as follows:

Fax: 1-608-323-6139
Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Affairs
One Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612

You may also consider visiting our website, Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the homepage.

We are here to help!
Jeff Phillips on 06/10/2008:
Ashley is Crappy place to shop. I had an issue and have called every week for 3 months, and still get the run around. Oh.......there not here know Oh....... there off today Oh......He had a family emer. an had to go early Oh......They had a death in the family and had to drive to go out of state OH.....DOG ATE MY HOME WORK. This all from a sales person I called a friend CHRIS AT THE EASTON STORE THANKS A LOT."Tammy02" You say independently owned and operated HomeStore in Easton, MD.I say BRICKYARD PROPERTIES, LLC 301 SHIRLING DR CENTREVILLE MD 21617-2685
LIEBIG, KLAUS-DEITER & ANNE MARIE This who I am going to contact next. Already got citi group doing an investigation
Refuse on 09/05/2009:
I know this has had to have been at least a couple of years ago because we are no longer owned by Brick Yard.

I have been working at this store for almost 2.5 years and I can absolutely guarantee things are much better there now.

Delivery isn't free, as some people still believe exists (getting anything for free that is) but we're a great team eager to help you.

Not a believer?
Come into the store and see for yourself.
We're located on Dover Rd in Easton.
(410) 822-9003

Come talk to me, I'm the guy with the shaved head and goatee. I don't care if you're looking for furniture or not, come chat with me.

I promise it'll be a pleasant experience.
If not, I'll buy you lunch and you won't even have to eat it with me.
Meaghan on 01/11/2014:
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What Most Consumers Don't Know About Ashley
Posted by on
HAYS, KANSAS -- It is hard to please anyone when it comes to your home and how specific you want it, but I do have a few things on how to help you with your purchase at Ashley, or any store for that matter.

1. Don't be afraid of the salesperson. They DO know what they are talking about. Being at the store almost every day out of the year, product knowledge is a must. If your salesperson seems to be running away every five minutes to go double check their answers, then it is time to consider asking someone else. It is VERY easy to spot out the knowledgeable sales person. A few clues to look for are how they approach you, if they keep busy with work (not conversing with other employees), and if you ask a question they can respond instantly without hesitation.

2. Ask as many questions as possible!! It is important to question them - if something starts getting fishy you know they don't understand their product. Asking questions also helps you, such as will this fit through my front door? How long does this set normally wear? Will leather fade? What happens if I spill my drink?

3. ASHLEY STORES ARE INDIVIDUALLY OWNED! Not one Ashley store is like the other. If you have bad service in one store - the other won't be the same! Also please keep their warranty in consideration!

"Ashley Furniture HomeStores offer a 1-year warranty to you, the original purchaser. At our discretion, we will correct or REPLACE defective products for the one year from the date you received delivery. The warranty only covers defects in workmanship and construction that occur under NORMAL use and care."

4. Ashley cushion cores are the same density as la-z-boy. If you state Ashley as "cheap" furniture how do you describe la-z-boy? This is why it is important to ask questions!!

5. All Ashley furniture from Ashley stores must be ordered in! This is how Ashley cuts down on the cost of their furniture! They don't have a huge warehouse full of furniture that they tack onto the price of the 'unused' items. Also think of it this way - you are getting a NEW piece that has NOT been used before! If it is NOT satisfactory you can call back in and get it fixed to your liking or replaced! Dates are tentative so please be patient and understanding! Your local Ashley store will work with you!

6. If you have concerns about the care of your furniture, the wear, or any detail, your sales person should know the answer!! If not, call in and ask for a manager the care is simple I promise!!

7. And finally, understanding why there is a delivery charge! Ashley has a delivery charge because that is NOT included in the cost of your furniture. Ashley has an itemized list to help you know exactly what you are charged for. It's just like buying a new car, you choose out the sports package with a few added features, would you sign the deal if you didn't have the itemized list stating what each charge is for? Of course not, because then you may not get what you were "promised". This is why Ashley places each individual item in a list so the customer can know what they are being charged for! Other furniture stores don't use a delivery charge but do you notice how almost the same product is about twice the price you would have paid at Ashley? They add in hidden fees to their furniture and don't itemize out those costs!!

So PLEASE ask questions, and understand Ashley's product! And Customer Service is a MUST!! If you have any other questions you can think of please respond to this post! I will try to explain as much as I can to my knowledge! But keep in mind, the stores are individually owned, and I will not know how your local store has treated you, or how their policies work. But please ask!! Also know this – Ashley is not only the number one selling furniture in America, but it is the number one selling brand in the world!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/17/2008:
This begs the question of the hundreds of postings I have read here about the extremely poor quality of the product that Ashley sells. Cushion cores or not, you don't see the same volume (or anything even close) of complaints about LaZ-Boy, or any other furniture retailer.
Principissa on 02/17/2008:
Sorry but I read at least 3-13 post a week that say otherwise.
Anonymous on 02/17/2008:
Why are 99% of these pro-Ashley reviews always posted by a brand new member that seldom if ever writes another review? I will say it, the word is shill. If we could get one of these from a regular member or a member that ever wrote more than one review we could add a bit of credibility to the pro-Ashley reviews.
Anonymous on 02/17/2008:
Ashley stores may be independently owned but there must be consistency and they should all provide quality customer service. If they don't, Ashley should pull/revoke their franchises. The reviews on this website show that Ashley does not hold their franchisees accountable. For this reason I will never shop Ashley Furniture.
Anonymous on 02/17/2008:
When Ashley used to make the stuff themselves the quality was OK. Now Ashley has a double problem. The junk they import from China and elsewhere is well, just a bunch of junk. To add insult to injury the Ashley stores and franchises also treat the customer like krap now. So between selling imported junk and treating the customers to terrible service after the sale Ashley now has some very serious issues. I suspect unless they replace the CEO and some other dullards running the place that Ashley will suffer the same fate as Levitz has.
ejack053824 on 02/17/2008:
So Ksmith...How long have you been working for Ashley Furniture?
amanda06 on 02/17/2008:
I have Ashley furniture in my bedroom and in my living room and I LOVE it. It is beautiful, affordable and if it can handle my 18 month old son it can handle anything!

I think the fact that they are independently owned has a lot to do with it...seems like a lot of the owners aren't operating their stores properly.

I'm sorry people are having such bad experiences with them but I loved everything about shopping at Ashley. The sales people are nice and helpful, like you said the furniture is made after its ordered so you know your getting something new, financing is easy and flexible, the delivery was fast and the furniture is beautiful and comfortable. I am an extremely satisfied Ashley customer and will go back next time I need furniture.
Aerocave on 02/18/2008:
When I dealt with Ashley, I liked the salesperson I dealt with...I still like the furniture we purchased (the quality is definitely questionable)...but what was unacceptable was the 3 dining room tables, 6 chairs, and 2 bunk beds over the course of 8 months (and countless unreturned phone calls to the "manager of the week") that we went through to get our order finally right--all items had been delivered damaged--some were delivered 3 times damanged. I think you should add the question, "Now will I be getting the damaged version, or the ready-to-use model?"
qualityappliance on 02/18/2008:
I have quite a few pieces of Asley furniture that I am happy with, however, I bought them from an indepent dealer long before Asley had their own stores. So, if Super is correct, I'm glad I got the stuff when I did.
ksmith26 on 02/18/2008:
KenPopcorn -
you do have to understand with Ashley Furniture it is NOT a solid oak or cherry wood, if it were Ashley could not sell it at the prices they offer. If you are OK with spending $3,000.00 for an end table be my guest, but myself personally I can not afford that kind of purchase.
ksmith26 on 02/18/2008:
superbowl -
I posted this just because a lot of consumer reviews looked like they were customer service issues - which because the stores are independtly owned it will be different with each store and that shouldn't discourage another customer from buying here! I agree totally with the thought that they should not be in business if they don't have great customer service. It is deffinately not right! But there are just some things you can not help, although if you do have issues with the customer service it is recommended you call Ashley headquarters and state such. As for Ashley making their furniture, the sewing and cutting is done overseas to cut down cost for the consumers, but it is put together here in the united states.
Anonymous on 02/18/2008:
Ksmith26, got it. Are you sure that it is put together here? A lot of blog sites claim otherwise. We would all like to know what is fact or fiction.
ksmith26 on 02/18/2008:
I agree with you, it is hard to see another Ashley store treat someone like these people have been treated, but there is nothing I can due to stop it. I just wanted to help out others on here to understand a little bit more on how Ashley companies work.
ksmith26 on 02/18/2008:
superbowl -
Yes I am POSITIVE. I work at the Ashley store in Hays, KS. At our store every employee has to undergo training once a month to make sure we are up to date on all Ashley product knowledge. Ashley owns a warehouse in China where all fabrics are cut and sewn together, and then several other smaller places across seas cut the wood pieces for us. It would cost more to do that here in the US, that is why the cutting is done overseas. It is sad to see that the labor charge and shipping charge is less than what it would cost to do in America, but that is how it is. From there they are shipped in and all put together on huge assembly lines one location for this is Arcadia Wisconsin (where we get our furniture from). Now there is a lower quality of Ashley furniture, that is all cut and put together in the united states, but those pieces of furniture aren't what you'd buy for someone looking to keep the same set for 30 years.
ksmith26 on 02/18/2008:
amanda06 -
Amanda that is great to hear! If you have any questions on a piece I will be glad to help you out!
ksmith26 on 02/18/2008:
Aerocave -
That is horrible it took you that long to get the furniture. I would suspect you probably got a floor model because your set may have been discontinued and your sales person didn't know it at the time of the sale. Look over all floor models when you are at the store - if you notice the same flaws on the furniture you received you need to speak to management. But in any case that is unacceptable unless you were notified you would be receiving the floor model. All I can say is that is not how our store is run and I regret that you had to go through with that! I am sorry! If I could change it I would I promise!
Mrs. Fantastic on 02/19/2008:
ksmith26- you claim Ashley furniture is assembled in the U.S., however you're only talking about upholstery pieces, I.e.- living room. All of your wood products, dining room, bedroom, living room tables, are manufactured overseas.
At the end of the day- no matter how many days of training or how great the sales and management staff are, you still sell the same product as the other Ashley stores sell- not to mention a ton of non-Ashley stores, and Rent a Center's. It's cheap, poorly made and does NOT last.
Kmenig1 on 06/09/2014:
It is not the best selling or best quality in the world. That is a lie . And whatever you do ..... Don't buy from them .. They are shiesters and have the worst customer service in the world ?.. Maybe that's what you meant to say. If one goes through and reads these reviews they will realize that all these people can't be wrong. They don't stand by their products but they sure charge top dollar and have no problem taking your money. Only problem is they misrepresent themselves and tell you whatever they need to to get that sale, true or not.
Get your furniture somewhere else if you don't like being inconvenienced, insulted and played for a fool.
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