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They Will Promise You Anything to Get a Sale. Afterwards You Are in for a Rude Awakening!!!
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Rating: 1/51

HUMBLE, TEXAS -- On 3/28/2017 I purchased almost $10,000 worth of furniture for delivery 22 days later on 4/20/17. Three days before delivery I received a call from the sales person stating that the full mattress I ordered is no longer in stock and could I come in and select another one that is guaranteed to be in stock. Frustration began to set in because they waited three days before delivery to notify me that the mattress was no longer in stock. I went back to the store on 4/19/2017 (day before delivery) and selected and paid for another mattress that I was guaranteed, was in stock and guaranteed that the mattress would be delivered on 4/20/2017 with the rest of my furniture.

The mattress did not arrive with the rest of my furniture. I called my sales person with my complaint. The sales person said that was no problem that she could handle that and would call me right back. Meanwhile, the delivery person put me on the phone with the warehouse clerk. The warehouse clerk couldn't solve the problem so she transferred me to the store supervisor and he said it was out of his hands.

Meanwhile I was still waiting on the sales clerk to call me back. So, I called the sales clerk and it was nothing she could do either. So, I had to go back to the store to cancel the mattress order. Today, 4/21/2017 I trying to find me a mattress. I would not recommend anyone visit this store and surely not purchasing nothing from them. If you want to be frustrated...go to the Ashley Furniture Store in Humble, Texas.

Great Experience
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Rating: 5/51

FT. MYERS, FLORIDA -- We were assigned a salesman Bo. He was so patient and accommodating. He felt like a trusted friend shortly after being introduced. We went over several pricing options and he stayed with us a long time while we were going back and forth trying to mix colors and design our ideal great room. The furniture appears to be high quality and we were also given free delivery next day - super bowl Sunday - and 48 months no interest financing! Bo even said he would call today after furniture is delivered just to check everything went well. Bo will definitely be a reason I seek Ashley next time for another purchase versus another no care furniture store.

Terrible Mattress Quality and Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VIRGINIA -- We bought a Mattress that was supposed to be Firm because Hubby and I both suffer from back problems. We tried at the store and it was firm. 3 Months later the mattress is no longer firm and it's dented in several places. I have called them and they send a technician out to inspect the mattress then I never heard from them again. I have called multiple times and I get the "let me look into the account" then nothing else. It's been 4 months since the technician came out and have not yet been able to resolve the problem. I am very frustrated and disappointed. I will never recommend any of Ashley's products since they don't care about the customer.

Great Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

JONESBORO, ARKANSAS -- We recently purchased a tempur-pedic mattress from Ashley Furniture in Jonesboro after looking at several stores around town. We thought we picked out a mattress that was more expensive but worth the extra $ for comfort and longevity as we had our previous mattress for more than 15 years. They told us a memory foam mattress takes a few days to get adjusted to as it is a little different than an inner springs mattress but once we adjusted we would love it. Well, in our fatigue of looking at many stores we neglected to ask about their return policy on the mattress if it didn't work out.

After sleeping on the mattress for 2 weeks and still not adjusting I was ready to exchange and get a different mattress. The store does not really have a return policy on mattress (I don't think) but we contacted our sales person and he had the store manager to contact us.

Brad the store manager was very gracious and allowed us to exchange the mattress (in the middle of the craziness of the store moving locations) and even pick out an additional piece of furniture to make up the difference in the cost of the less expensive mattress. I am grateful for his attitude of "we just want you to be happy with your purchase" and "we want to make it right with you!" Great customer service!! I am sleeping better on our 2nd choice of mattress and love the additional piece of furniture.

Worst Buying Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- If you call Ashley's corporate number you will hear… The cornerstone of Ashley… "We strive to give our very best to retailers, to give exceptional customer service, to offer quality and value, and give quick deliveries." HA! What a lie! I experienced absolutely NONE of those things in my buying experience at Ashley Furniture store.

Aug 20 - I spent $2800 buying a bedroom set, sofa and matching chair. My salesperson was nice. My furniture was set for delivery on Sept 4. Sept 4 - I received the wrong color sofa and chair. The delivery guys took it back. My nightstand and dresser both had big scratches in them and the bed foot board had the corner bashed up so much raw wood was showing. I took pictures and headed to the store to show them the damages. My salesperson looked at them then handed me a brochure with a customer service number on the back and told me they didn't handle this stuff in the store that I needed to call that number and they would take care of everything.

Sept 5 - I received a call from a man saying he was the store manager and he wanted to clarify the color of green I wanted in my sofa and chair. I tell him the color should be cream NOT green. Sept 6 - My salesperson calls me saying he doesn't understand what color green I mean… I say C.R.E.A.M not green. Cream! I admit at this point I'm losing my patience and I call the store to speak with the store manager. He tells me he's been doing this 26 years and this kind of thing happens all the time and their furniture repair people can "work magic" in fixing the damaged items and I should just accept this is how it is on the sofa mix up.

I leave work, drive to the store, and this guy says "there is no pleasing you" when I tell him he needs to fix this or give my money back and proceeds to cancelling everything in the system. Turns out though, he is the Sales Manager NOT the Store Manager. She remembered me from the day I bought everything and says if I give her a chance she will make everything right. She gave me her number and said to call her if there are any problems. I agreed to give her and Ashley's a chance. In hindsight, not my smartest decision. We clarify the numbers for the cream sofa set with a delivery date of Sept 20. The repair person is still set for Sept. 27.

Sept. 18 - I received a phone call saying there is a problem with the manufacturer and my sofa set won't be here until Oct 1 but that they will deliver it to me the next day. I call ** the store manager. It seems we are back to too bad, so sad again. She tells me I have three options - 1) she says I can come in and pick out another set but I need to make sure it's in the system otherwise it will probably take just as long for delivery as the original one I ordered, 2) If I really like the cream set I can just wait for that one, or 3) I can come in and get my money back. Not quite what I would call the let me make this right options.

Today, Sept 27 - My repairman shows up, looks at my furniture and says there is nothing he do to fix it. I quote, "It's a matte finish, matte finishes have scratches. It's the packing it sent that scratches it. I can put a gloss finish on it" and "I have let them know I can't fix it and they will order you another dresser and nightstand." Huh? Who believes I'll see that before the second coming of Christ??? Not me!!

I called Ashley Corporate office and spoke with a man there who is going to pass this along to the representative that services the Ashley store at Decatur and 215. He says they're privately owned… or franchised I would call it, either way they are representing Ashley's name! I called the local customer service number. The girls there are sweet as can be but it doesn't seem like there is much they can do since they only handle repairs and deliveries but she, too, is supposed to call me back.

In the meantime. Hello Better Business Bureau where I posted a review. Hello Social Media and every review site I can find where I have or will be posting reviews until this is resolved. Hello to every single person I meet for the rest of my life who even hints they may be looking at or shopping for furniture. I will tell them DO NOT SHOP AT ASHLEY! EVER! They will nice until they get your money and then you don't exist for them.

Poor Customer Service, Poor Delivery, a Nightmare With Over $5000 Worth of Purchase
By -

CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND -- The WORST. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY. I made a paid in full purchase of over $5,000 worth of furniture in early October 2011. After making my purchase I was told that all of my items were in except for my bedroom furniture. Almost one month later I called to check the status of my delivery and I was told that they wear waiting on an accent chair that I purchased by Martinique Mystique 5000260. I said "I thought you said that that item was in". I was hit with "Ooh I'm going to call you back" per a Mr. **.

I called the next morning and was placed on hold. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and I was told there was no supervisor there. I then asked who am I speaking to. There was a pause as she said LOLA. I then said I'm on my way. Just from remembering my past two visits at Ashley I knew if nothing else there were supervisors available at all times. As entered I saw my sales manager and I explained my situation to him. He directed me to a young lady at the register and we looked up my purchase.

I was then told that they did not have a delivery date for my chair to come in and that the particular living room set that I purchased has a backlog until April 2012. I said that shouldn't affect me because I made this purchase in early October and there was no notification of a backlog. On top of that I heard that the living room set that I ordered has been being returned because of tears and broken arms. OMG. I then asked for a refund. My representative turned the computer around to a young lady whom of which I immediately identified as Lola because of her voice and asked her if I could get a refund.

Lola looks at the computer and turns it away quickly and says "Ooh no. I'm not giving her a refund. It hasn't been 6 weeks". OMG why did she do that. I began to yell. "YOU all TOOK MY $5000.00 with no problem. 1 month later I still don't have my furniture. I wasn't notified about no chair being on backlog. I want my ** with no problem. Give me the display for a discount, call another store or do something. Give me my furniture or return my money with no problem". After my representative speaking to a manager. The chair issue was resolved and my delivery was scheduled for 11-07-2011.

Well today's that day. I received no phone call from Ashley. Therefore I called them to see what time my furniture was going to be delivered. I was told that my date was rescheduled to the 9th because they don't deliver in my city on Mondays. No one called me to ask if this was fine or to see if I was going to be available. The 9th is my birthday. I have an out of town flight scheduled for this day. THE WORST EVER. This company needs to be shut down.

Don't Bother With This Crappy Store in Central Park, Fredericksburg
By -

VIRGINIA -- When we first purchased our home in '09, it was in need of lots of furniture. We went to Ashley Furniture in Central Park, Fredericksburg, VA, with hopes of getting some nice pieces to fill our home. After paying down on one layaway, we were left with one final suit for our master bedroom. The store manager at the time ** was wonderful with assisting us with our previous purchases. He had assisted us in changing out some pieces that were not really our style for more contemporary pieces.

With this in mind, we trusted him to come through for us once more when we needed that same done for the bedroom suit. We were told that they would take care of the switch out for us. We looked forward to it being done right, being that we were familiar faces in the store, and walked out without the new receipt with the made changes in hand.

On January 2011 we walked into the store to take one last look and to make a payment on the suit. We were greeted by the same sales representative that dealt with us, Mr. **. He began to tell us that one of the items in our suit was no longer available. After speaking with him for a while, we discovered that the suit he was talking about was the one that was supposed to have been swapped out for the other that was more of our style.

He then began to tell us that the suit was now more expensive than we originally anticipated, because it was a few months from the last promotion, which would have kept it the same price. Now we had to pay out an additional $599 for a night stand. I was highly upset to say the least because it was an error on their part for not doing the switch out as promised when the prices were still going to be the same. Now my husband and I had to pay extra for something that was their mistake.

I tried to get it resolved with the new store manager. But after seeing his people skills upon yelling with a couple on the sales floor, we knew it would be challenging. When we told him about the issue, we told him that we would like to take off the $1000 mattress and just pay for the suit, because the mattress was simply too expensive and that we could not afford that price at this time. We even told him that we saw one for $650 and needed to know a. s.a. p. to take advantage of the other promotion. He told us he would let us know by Tuesday, February 1, 2011.

Needless to say he never called us at all. It's now June 22, 2011 and we have yet to ever get a call from this joke of a manager. After contacting their Customer Service Dept. many times, no one has once tried to contact us within these five months to have this matter of the mattress and the price change for the extra night stand resolved.

On a weekly basis, I have been contacting the Customer Service Manager named ** to find out the status of this matter. The issues I have here is that she herself never calls when she says she will, or tells me that she will have the General manager or store owner get in contact with me which they never had, and that she will escalate the situation to the necessary people to have me satisfied. Upon my last conversation with ** on June 4, 2011, she told me that she had sent my information to **, one of the Regional Managers and that he would call me and if not, that she would call.

On June 5, 2011, my husband and I went into the store to make a payment. The following Sat., June 11, 2011 we went back into the store to have the canopy bed switched out with the regular bed due to a new ceiling fan being installed in the master suit. The manager ** began to cover himself with riddles of deception and lies by stating that he had just called us this past Friday and left a message for us to call him back. I immediately knew this was a lie because the phone number was disconnected and not in service. I challenged him by asking him why he did not use the number that was provided when I left messages there several times.

He stated that he just went off of the numbers on the ticket. Then he asked us if that was a good number to use. We told him no and that the number, which I gave to **, a store rep., was the most suitable number. We did not know it at first, but once we had the changes made to the bed and walked out with our receipt, we realized that he had placed inaccurate, deceptive and misleading information on our ticket about him leaving us messages on the old number.

I was infuriated with all his incompetence, ineffectiveness as a manager and shenanigans that he was up to, because when we were in the store the previous week, our ticket stated no such notes about him leaving messages. The following Tuesday, June 14, 2011 and June 21, 2011, I left a message for **; I have yet to hear back from her.

Needless to say, this matter that is five months in the making has ineffective, inept and incompetent people working in a customer service oriented field with obviously, no ability of how to rectify such a simple matter. My deepest wish is to replace the joke of a manager at the Fredericksburg store with a more qualified candidate, because ** will eventually cause this store to lose more and more customers daily.

I on the other hand, will do all within my power to post every negative review on the web about this experience, because of the inability to have this matter resolved in such a long time. The General Manager ** and the store owner should be embarrassed to have such dissatisfied customers as myself and to lose us to their competitors. The Ashley Furniture store at Carl D. Silver, Fredericksburg, VA reminds me of a Brooklyn fish market, all hype but no true quality.

My Horrible Experience with the Ridgecrest, CA Ashley Store
By -

RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA -- On 10/30/09, I purchased a TV Stand (W354-22) from the Ridgecrest, CA store which was available for immediate pickup at the warehouse. My husband and I inspected the piece and verified that there were no blemishes and the glass doors were intact. When assembling (11/24), we found that the bottom front rail was bowed and the doors would not close. My husband called the store and spoke to a salesperson about the problem. She said she would have the general manager call us shortly. Nearly 3 hours later, we still had not received a call.

I called and, after waiting for over 5 minutes, the general manager came on the phone. I explained the problem and he said to take the piece to the warehouse to allow the personnel to examine the piece. My husband left the piece with the warehouse foreman who said they would look at it in the morning and call us.

By 10:30 am (11/25), we had not received a call, so I went by to check the status. The personnel were almost finished putting the piece back together and said they only needed to make one more adjustment to the doors so they would close. I noted two small scratches on the top, but otherwise the piece was fine. I told them we would call or come by around 2:00 pm that day to check on the piece.

Upon arrival, not only had they darkened the color with some sort of dark brown lacquer (originally medium oak color), but we found that there was now a gouge in the woodwork. I told them that this was unacceptable and that I would go to the store and ask for my money back. The warehouse foreman stated he would call the store to expect us. Upon arrival at the store, I introduced myself and had to explain the situation to two different people and then wait 10 minutes for the general manager. I again introduced myself and explained the situation. The general manager never told me his name.

He stated that I had 3 options; to take the piece at the warehouse, take the piece off the showroom floor or have another one ordered. I told him that the one at the warehouse was not acceptable because of condition, the one on the floor had two scratches and I didn't want to wait 2 more weeks to get something that might have the same problems. He insisted I only had the 3 options to choose from and money back was not one of them. I told him I would take back the one at the warehouse for a $75 discount. He said no and insisted that the we caused the gouge.

I asked him to call his warehouse foreman to verify that we had delivered it to the warehouse in blemish free condition. He did so and the warehouseman lied. Mike said he wasn't there when it was delivered and when he first saw it there was a gouge. Mike is the one we delivered the piece to and was fully aware that there were no blemishes on the piece. I then informed the general manager that we would take the one off the floor as I could fixed the scratches. Since I couldn't get my money back, I wasn't about to leave empty handed.

We loaded it up and it's here, but now I see that, although the doors close, they are not aligned evenly and there are large gaps between the doors and the main piece because one of the hinges is mounted wrong. If I had purchased something like this from Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Sears, etc., I could have taken it back and received a full refund without any problems. Now I'm stuck with a piece of overpriced junk and I'm am not the least bit satisfied with the product. Every time I see the piece, I get angry and upset.

I placed a complaint with Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. (home office) and their reply was to forward my complaint to the same person who caused me all the problems. So no help from them either. From now on, anytime I think of making a furniture purchase, I will check out this site for any negative reviews of the company. Only wish I had known about this site earlier.

Horrible Experience
By -

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- I would like to start off saying that I warned my MIL about buying from this company because of things I had heard. She found a sofa/table set that she LOVED however so I went to the store with her to check it out. I used to be a sale associate at another store so I knew what to look for.

The sofa/love seat seemed like a solid piece, especially for the price. The tables looked great! The salesperson informed us that the tables were being discontinued and there were only a handful left in stock. One end table was out of stock, so I asked if we could order the first two and take the floor model from the one out of stock.

He said "No we don't sell floor models. There is another shipment coming in so you can still get the second end table but it will be delivered later." This was fine with my MIL, so she came back with my FIL and put the order in that day. They scheduled delivery for May 15th and called twice ahead of time to remind them.

May 15th the truck pulls up. The two guys were very professional and careful with the tables as the brought them in. I noticed right away though there were scratches and chips. They told us that Ashley store had them take them off the floor! We DID NOT ORDER FLOOR MODELS!!! As a matter of fact we were told they don't sell floor models.

The delivery men then said it would be $75 for delivery. My in laws had already paid Ashley Furniture $99 to have everything delivered. Apparently that had started using another delivery service that charges when they arrive. The poor delivery guys had no idea what was going on, we showed them the receipt and asked them to take the furniture back, which they happily did.

My MIL got on the phone with the store and then talked to her salesperson. He told her that he said she was getting floor models and she knew it. This was a flat out LIE, I was there and I talked to him personally. He told my FIL the same thing he told me also!

The couches arrived on an Ashley truck (we were not informed it would be delivered separately). Everything looked OK from a quick inspection so we signed for the couches. Later after looking closer the cuts on the leather were shoddy and barely covering the couch in some areas. You could easily pull the leather away from the couch around the base and it looked horrible!

They told my MIL that she could pick out new tables TONIGHT only otherwise she was stuck with the crappy floor models that she didn't want. They said if she canceled the order for the tables she would lose the discount on her sofa and have to PAY THEM MORE MONEY!

My in laws are considering canceling the whole order but here's the kicker... Ashley charges you 10% for canceled orders. It will cost my family $240 to canceled on an order that this "company" promised and didn't deliver.

Flee From This Company. Do Not Buy Anything From Them or You Will Be Sorry!! Never Again Will I Waste My Time or Money
By -

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- Oh Lord, where do I begin? First the good stuff. My daughter and I went in there and all the sales people hang around the front door and rush you when you walk in, you don't get a chance to look around, obviously there to sell you something and make a commission, like piranha. But I have to admit our sales lady was very nice, helpful, polite and did come down on some prices, even with a sale going on.

My problems came in after they got my money as I paid them that day for my 4 grand of stuff. Being promised the whole time "oh it will be there in 2-3 weeks delivered to your house," 4 weeks at the very most if they have any problems. I told them I was remodeling my home, and I also had company coming in from California for a month to visit. "Oh no problem it will be there" blah, blah. They would sell you a bucket with a hole in the bottom while you were up to your neck in a fire, and tell you there's no hole in the bucket. You need to bail water faster.

I just got my last item from my order. I had to pick up about 40 miles each way that was ordered January 1, 2009, and was paid for to be delivered with the rest of my stuff, that came well after that 3-4 weeks I was promised and after my company came and stayed a month - after that 2-3-4-week period it was promised to be delivered, it came the day after my company left. After they slept in the floor because we didn't have any living room furniture, no dining room furniture etc, we had beds.

I eventually went to Walmart and bought a 60 dollar inflatable bed for them to sit and sleep on in the empty living room. I was never so embarrassed in my life. I think my company got the feeling I did not want them using my new furniture and had it delivered the day after they left - sure made me look like crap. I had to take them out to dinner almost every night as we had no dining room table and chairs as we took Ashley so called professionals at their word that we would have our furniture in 2-3 weeks.

So being Disabled, I had to get removal help when I could to get my old stuff out to make room for my new stuff. That was not a good thing. If Ashley was going to take that long they should have told me to leave my stuff in the house as I told them my situation and they could have taken it out, and I would have had something for myself, kids and company to sit and eat on for the last almost 3 months.

My $700.00 oriental run did not make the original delivery, everything was paid for completely from January 1st, and I was assured by the delivery people it would be along shortly and they would call me about it. I never heard another word from Ashley.

Being a patient man, single dad with children I'm raising while I'm physically disabled also, I have learned about patience. So I waited and waited until I was beginning to fear I would forget about my rug and remember it 6 months from now and Ashley of course would say, "you got your rug pal 6 months ago, don't try pulling that." So since my phone was not ringing off the hook I call them one day. And I get someone on the phone who can't find my order, looks up my name sees who my saleslady is and I hear them talking about what, where it could be, why didn't I get it yet etc.

Total confusion on the other end, so she comes back on the phone and says "oh, we are going to have to call you back in a little bit on that, and yes sir it's been a very long time. Most people are yelling and screaming by now when we deal with them like this," I said "I'm a very patient man but, I want my rug I paid for months ago." So I'm left expecting a call back shortly telling me the status of my rug (but I did also overhear that my rug had come in over a month earlier and why had no one called me but they could not find it anywhere).

So I sat home all day long waiting for that call, I got it about 7 or 8 hours later telling me they had it but actually didn't have it, they had to find it somewhere in there warehouse, and they would call me. Several days later I got a message on my answering machine telling me my rug was down there and I could come and pick it up anytime.

At this point it's almost comical, like dealing with the three stooges, but I think they would have even had the common sense to deliver it since I had paid for it already to be delivered and it says that on the paperwork I took off the rug when I got home with it. Apparently they also do not read down there. I'm sure it was on the computer order as it was printed out from a computer on the attached delivery sheet on my rug.

Needless to say I drove 80 miles plus round trip to get a rug I already had paid to have delivered and to top that off, everyone was sitting around the front doors swarming potential customers as they walked in. I got by that and went to the back counter where the 3 people sitting back there looked like I was inconveniencing them because I had to interrupt their conversation to find out where my paid for rug was. So after she pulls up my name after I tell her the ordeal I have been going through for the last few months, and she says "oh your rug is over there," and points to a rack of them rolled up.

So I'm like "oh OK." Being surprised by the lack of interest and effort I went over and she got up and headed over there and said "there it is," and I said "Ma'am, I'm disabled is it really heavy?" "I don't know, I can't pick it up," she says. So it's not a huge rug so I figure maybe I can get it and I was able to slip it out of the race and drag it out of the store as all the sales people watched me, and not a single one offered to help, by then I was ready to leave that place.

As I was walking away from the back counter the girl says "maybe I can find someone to help you." By then the hard part was over the lifting, I could drag it to the car and she could have helped me but choose to stand and watch me after I told her I was injured. Thank God for my pain meds, later on, I sure needed a good dose of them, after that dose wore off.

I never saw such an unhelpful bunch of people in my life, except for my original sales lady she would have and did carry the first rug I bought out to my truck for me. God bless her, I have nothing bad to say about her and I think she would not have allowed that to go on had she been working that day. She knew I was Disabled and would not allow me to help her carry the first one out, and none of those other lazy salespeople would lift a finger to help her carry it through the store and to my truck back in January.

And when I took my rug home yesterday, I walked right through the middle of them all gathered there. Not a single one offered to help a customer carry a rug out, much less question me as to where I was going with it and did I have a receipt for it, no one checked my id or asked me any questions, like my address. They just took my word for whom I was and allowed me to walk out with a rug, not signing anything, showing them anything like identification.

I was shocked at the lack of security and the could careless attitude. I could have walked out with the safe and no one would have said a thing, long as it was not there safe. Had I been a crook I could have just looked on one of those other rugs, and sent someone in and told them to say "I'm ** and I'm here to get my rug," and they could have just walked out with an $800.00 rug, then when ** showed up I'm sure they would have told him he got his rug two days ago. Most likely where my rug went in Jan, when I didn't get it.

If I owned that business, I'd be reaming some butt over that, lack of concern, seems everyone down there is worried about sales and commissions rather than anything else. In the thirty some years I have been in business locally in the same area. I have dealt with all kinds of thieve and professional thieves in my time. And I'll tell you what, one of the thieves that was not any good at it most likely has there whole house full of Ashley furniture, rugs and anything else they can just pick up and walk out the door with unchallenged.

I could have backed my truck up to the front doors and loaded it up and no one would have said a thing, nor did they when I took my rug out of there. The only person that had any idea what I was doing in there was that girl at the back counter of the store. If those idiots were smart they would have a customer service counter up front to catch the disgruntled people as they walked out, rather than a bunch of sales people sitting on their butts loitering waiting on customers to bring them money in the front door. Personally I like to look around a little then find someone to help me.

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