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Aspen Dental Did Not See Me Smile
By -

BEAVERCREEK AND SPRINGFIELD, OHIO -- My name is Deb ** and this is my ongoing dispute with ASPEN DENTAL that began in July of 2009.

(1) On what T. V. station does Aspen Dental advertise the following guarantee with satisfied middle aged men & women thanking God, with a tearful eye, for the following services you offer, with a suck it up & get over bad service flash back in time for an upcoming class reunion smile?

My time, my money, 2 bad temporary sets of dentures plus bad employees, countless conversations with customer satisfaction team, never refunding the money for the 29th tooth extraction but still swear you did, with a white washing attitude & making my acct paperwork to appear as if I am simply an unhappy customer expecting too much (I have original paperwork which reads differently).

(2) Here is my reasoning for why Aspen never refunded $80.50 for the 29th tooth. GE Money confirms that $80.50 has never been credited back to my acct from Aspen Dental, & no monthly statement shows an $80.50 credit from Aspen Dental. Let's go to math class, for a three step problem. $4,400.00 28 Extractions/2 sets of make me smile dentures. $2,065.50 refund Aspen offers me. $2,334.50 bal. Aspen is charging to Deb **. (If everyone agrees a tooth extraction is $80.50, then let's go back to math class.)

$80.50 price per tooth extraction. 28 multiplied by 28 teeth... $2,254.00 amount 28 extractions at $80.50 each total. (Finally let's subtract) $2,334.50 bal. Aspen is charging to Deb **. $2,254.00 amount 28 extractions at $80.50 each total... $80.50… Hum, could this be the 29th tooth never refunded back? On July 30th 2009, I paid Aspen Dental $4,400.00 through GE Money to extract 28 teeth & create (one) temporary & (one) permanent high end set of dentures.

I was charged for 29 extractions, received 1 temporary set of dentures with enormous horse like gums & treated very badly by the dental office. I went to a different office & a new temporary set was made with the center of the teeth off to one side, & treated very badly by this dental office as well. This dental office said "We can't please everyone, no need to reschedule.”

After countless phone calls by me to your hotline, one year passes with no avail I sent another email & Aspen's response was a letter stating (Sorry, the Dentures didn't work, sorry you were charged for a 29th tooth but it has been refunded to the GE Money acct, & sorry, a sum of $2065.50 has been credited back to GE Money to get a refund.)

Dental Appointments
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Rating: 3/51

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA -- I would've given a higher rating as the only issue we had with them was not providing needed information to us until day of appointments. Other than that, they did a wonderful job and most of the front office staff was friendly and courteous.

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