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Mis-Leading Sales Tactics
Posted by Rdixon7155 on 04/01/2012
Went into store To Replace two Old cell phones. Thought I was getting two up graded cell phones without new contract, guess I was wrong. Got stuck with a two year contract and no better service.

Have been an ATT customer since day one. Guess that's what happpens when you get old. Big business get's a thrill and extra money out of us old folks. Don't trust a young Irish salesman in that store!

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Posted by ktisnumeroUNO on 2012-04-01:
Did you sign paperwork? Because if there was no contract extension, you wouldn't have signed anything. And if they gave you something to sign, I would have questioned what it was for. Without a signed contract, their two year obligation is nothing.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-01:
Was there a reason that you expected there to not be a contract extension? I don't own a cell phone, but my impression was there are only certain cases/times when you are eligible to upgrade without further commitment (which makes sense if they lose money on handing out phones).

What did the young Irishman do that you felt was not trustworthy?
Posted by uhok on 2012-04-01:
so, no one is going to comment about the fact that an Irishman was singled out? If they said African American, would the comments then have started? Interesting.
Posted by KevinTX on 2012-04-02:
Yep! I checked on upgrading our two iPhone 3G to the newer 4S... but in order to do so we'd have to pay a $36/upgrade per phone and sign up for another 2 years. I don't like their tactics either, but what to they care.

uhok, they were simply using that as a reference to the salesperson, I don't think it was done out of malicious intent.
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Do Not Hire AT&T For Your Home
Posted by Liz in Carmel on 06/15/2010
Don't waste your precious time and money for unprofessional and just plain bad service. AT&T is probably the worst company I have ever had to to deal with. I can't emphasize it enough, if you are considering AT&T, look for other options before, you will regret it as I did, I wish I had known before.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-15:
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-06-15:
Did they come in and steal your CAPS LOCK KEY?

Seriously, could you provide some more information, maybe an example or two?
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Incorrect charges
Posted by Mohrle on 11/11/2009
AURORA, ILLINOIS -- I received an AT & T phone bill for $585.01. I have had the same phone number for 37 years, I have always paid my bills, never had a problem that could not be resolved until now. I have called AT & T four times, each time a different person tells me a different thing. Yesterday I talked with a supervisor and then their supervisor who had me on hold for an extended period of time, the supervisor said even if AT & T removed the charges they, local AT & T would still bill me because it's in their guidelines? The last two supervisors I talk with where very difficult to understand, their version of English leaves something to be desired.
My problem started when I received this $581.00 bill in June 2009 for calls made to Germany. In the past few years we have made hundreds of calls to Germany, often daily, for a number of years due to family illness/deaths. When we call Germany we have always used the 10 10 987 system and had now problem with Germany calls until now. AT & T says we didn't use 10 10 987, we did and always have. The 10 10 987 system say we did use them. When I've called AT & T previously about this bill I've been told it's in dispute, will be resolved and bill charges removed. The next time my wife called AT & T offered us 50% off the bill?
We refused the offer, we don't 50% off something we did not use. Had we paid the $585.01 bill or taken the 50% off offer that would leave us open for the same problem again when AT & T tries to "Bully" hustle us again for incorrect charges.
The other strange thing is they have never charged us late fees, again this and 50% offer tells me their "fishing" seeing just how much they can hook you for. The WWW is full of AT & T complaints and many customers have received large pay outs for this type problem. I don't want any pay out I just want my bill corrected.
This last time I called AT & T said I have the option of filing a exe. complaint, but this has to be done by US Mail and we all know even if you send it registered mail the chances of it reaching the proper person is slim to none.
So---------they have you where they want you, huge company, taking advantage of a 37 year customer, who has never failed to pay their bill on time, if we pay it then they'll pull the same stunt again, if we don't?------Probably cut off the phone? Where do I go next, what options do I have? 317 357-9637 810 9
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Customer Abuse, Incompetence Or Willful Fraud?
Posted by MadmanPhil on 08/26/2008
MOUNTAINS IN MEXICO -- While on an extended stay in Mexico working as a medical missionary I received a pleasant gift via AT&T's gross incompetence. An over charge of $700 which was auto-deducted from my checking account. Sucker that I was, I had entrusted AT&T to bill accurately. Now that the charge has been deducted I am looking at a month's time eating beans and goat meat while the monolith AT&T keeps or spends my money.

It began in April 2008 when I reinstated service at my home in the states. At that time I ordered the International Call Plan for about $6.00 per month. The rates to Mexico were about 8 cents per minute.

Two months later, my paper bill did not reflect the addition of the ICP. I called AT&T again and insisted the plan be put in place. The AT&T Agent confirmed that it would and promised that my international calls would be reduced retroactive to the April date. I thought I was done with them.

Today while monitoring my checking account online in the mountains via a SatPhone connection I discovered my $700 surprise deduction by ATT.

Analysis of my bill indicated $700 of the total $795 bill was for International calls at a prime market rate of around $2.50 per minute.

Well, naturally things went from bad to worse when I began the near impossible task of talking with a live AT&T agent to discuss this budget-busting error on their part. (Or? Was it really an error?)

After suffering another $50.00 in SatPhone charges I finally reached a "Customer Service Representative"; this title is such a joke that I needn't even go there.

The "Supervisor" I eventually spoke with reviewed by bill and electronic record of my calls to AT&T and came to an amazing conclusion. According the notes by their "agents" I had specifically DECLINED an International Call Plan on the dates in April and June.

At this point the situation failed the "funny things happen" test. I was and am livid. Since post-mortem lividity is a condition I don't like, even using that word is bad. However, nothing else fits. Bottom line AT&T will not refund a penny and were near-arrogant in stating that position.

I would do the time if I had an opportunity to discuss this "error" in the same room with the "agents" who served this customer.

The various monolithic corporations that collectively rip off innocent people in the U.S. everyday have reached an all-time low in performance, ethics, internal control and training and fundamental honesty.

The mountains of rural Mexico are looking like a pretty good place right now compared to the states. At least here when I have to use two cans and a string to make a call; the people holding the string are honest and know nothing of corporate greed and corruption.


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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-27:
This goes to show that we should never give companies access to auto debit our checking accounts or credit cards. Contact your states public utilities commission and ask them if they will investigate.
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Non-Existent Customer Support
Posted by Socokid on 04/22/2008
ILLINOIS -- I ordered AT&T cell phone service as it was cheaper to do it separately from the "bundled" services that I also wanted. I then ordered the triple pack online (land-line, TV, Internet).

I was told that installation would be on April 22nd, however, the emails I received stated that I would get a phone call where I would have to provide credit card information, etc... to set the time. So that conflicted with each other... in an attempt to call their "customer service" to figure all of this out, not only does the largest phone provider not have 24 hour customer service, but when I called (and after going through 5 minutes of automated "stuff"), I am routinely presented with "we are too busy, call back later", and the phone hangs up.

Un-believable... I'm still on shock.

So now, I may or may not have someone coming to my new house with no one there to meet the technician, and no way to contact someone to tell them that I have to change the schedule for installation. I've been trying to contact AT&T for 3 DAYS now, always getting "we're too busy to help, call back later" and it hangs up.

Also, in the email confirmation, it says I can click on this link to check the status, however, you can't log in without a home phone service, which I obviously do not have yet (their online, multiple logins, etc... is a web developers, ease of use nightmare). The runarounds and inconsistent support and information giving is beyond atrocious, it's non-existent. This, from AT&T... I'm sorry, I am still in shock over their customer service.

Absolutely livid... not to mention, I need this service set up before I move in (I work from home). So this is starting to get ridiculous.

Thank you.
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Wait until they get their act together
Posted by Disappointed456 on 02/24/2008
ST. CHARLES, ILLINOIS -- We have tried to be patient. We thought getting the new fiber optic service would get rid of our intermittent DSL signal problems. We never liked the Dish on the roof but wanted HD TV.

At first we put it down to being first on the block and having new technology. We got to know, so far, at least 7 or 8 different technicians. WE have spent hours on the phone. We have been told by one clueless technician on the phone, just be happy to settle for 720 resolution EVEN THOUGH OUR TV IS SET UP FOR 1080! Our internet service is occasional, luckily the neighbor lent me his password so I borrow his signal when ours is down. Our picture freezes and goes out, the back speakers of the surround sound don't work most of the time since the signal is too weak (we are 3200 feet from the box and the card we are on only goes 3000 feet--if you have a good line). Did I mention our line has vapor locks and when the ground is wet things get worse!

Oh, the technicans. We missed election returns since the one early technician left our house without the modum to the TV being plugged back in (never occurred that we had to check him on that). Tonight is the final straw. Today the guy came out to diagnose the vapor lock. Not the sharpest in drawer so to speak. We came home and had no phone service, called and they said he is still working no problem. That was at 5:30. 9:15 PM. Still no phone service and even though the Uverse guy screwed it up, they won't fix it. We are out of phone service. Can't believe this bunch of incompetents. They must have worked for FEMA before this.

All I want is a working phone, a high speed DSL line that doesn't drop and a consistent 1080 signal. That's it. I don't really want to meet every ATT technician in the US nor talk to every one on the globe or where ever they are doing the support these days.
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Poor customer service from AT&T associates
Posted by on 05/06/2002
LA MIRADA, CALIFORNIA -- Good luck to anyone trying to get good customer service from these folks. I had a cable modem (I purchased my own equipment) installed by AT&T last year. I noticed a modem rental charge on my next bill and called on it. I was told that the charge was removed on the same bill because it was free for the first 3 months. I said I didn't want to see it at all. I was told to call back in 3 months when the promotion expired. (Huh?!) I called back 3 months later to have it corrected and was told to contact the cable internet side of the service. I had to call a different number (they couldn't transfer me, again, huh?)and was told to contact the billing side. I explained I just got off the phone with an associate who told me to call this number. But wait, it gets better. Over a period of 4 months and 6 more phone calls it still wasn't corrected. I finally found someone who 'sounded' like they knew what they were talking about. The end result, it got corrected and I was credited appropriately (I hope) but not without my having to produce proof that I bought my own equipment. They didn't believe me. The installer makes the error and yet, I'm the one on the hook. Go figure. And don't think of asking anyone to call you back because it won't happen. I asked for a call when they received my fax (I should say my proof) and I didn't get a response. I asked to be contacted when the billing error had been corrected. Again, no call. Not even an email notification that all was well with my bill. Hello! I have their internet service and they can't send an email? Needless to say, my thought of going digital cable (they already provide my cable service) with AT&T is no longer a thought. The less I need to contact them the better. Satellite t.v. here we come.
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Posted by TMK3000 on 2006-10-14:
I feel your pain my friend. I will cancel my plan with AT & T as soon as I am able. There charged me $71 to repair my phone line that didn't work from day one. I never had a field tech in or around my house, but yet still had to pay thie "service" fee. I also called four different departments to get the fee waived. To no avail. Bottom line they suck turds!

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Reliable service
Posted by on 07/03/2001
I just wanted to write and commend you on your work over the last year. It was about one year ago I first used your At Home internet service. I hated it. It was very unreliable and slow. Recently I signed up again, thinking I would give you another shot. I am pleased to say that my experiences have been nothing but positive for my first 2 months! The service has worked wonderfully. Keep up the good work!

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Poor Internet Service
Posted by on 06/21/2001
WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- ATT Home ISP service is constantly down! During an average week we are running about 60% of the time, and down 40 % of the time. We have had numerous technicians come, and they say there is nothing wrong with the service. Calls to the customer service representatives are hopeless.

Also It is impossible to speak to a local ATT technician. One has to go through the main customer service department with unusually long waits. Why can't customers call their local ATT technicians directly to make appointments and discuss problems? Many times the customer service representatives are not aware of local weather conditions or outages in particular areas.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-06-21:
I had similar problems when I used the service last year. This year I moved to a new area, and I've had nothing but good luck with the service since. Maybe it the network in the area you live in?
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Unreliable cable internet service
Posted by Jett on //00
I had been using ATTs cable internet service for a few months now... Id say it works good about 60% of the time. The other 40% you have no idea what is going on, and you connection is either not working or slower than a 14.4 modem. And just try calling customer service... you had better hope you have about 2 hours of free time to throw away.
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Posted by Anonymous on --:
I have had the same problems. Usually when it works it works pretty good, but when it doesn’t work it doesn’t work at all. I keep a daily log of the times it doesn’t work and send it to them about a week before the bill is due. If I have a lot of problems in a month they will usually knock some money off the bill.
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