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Goes Out of Business in NJ
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LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY -- This company goes by various other names, but does not advertise such. Due to the worse reviews from the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Consumer Affairs in NJ, this company is no longer using any of their previous names. They are now using the name 'FLOOR STORE AT YOUR DOOR."

I have fought with this company for almost two years to return to stretch one carpet, and for another carpet that had pulls and wear in less than a month's time after it was installed. They never returned, and told me never to call them again due to my constant calls. This drove me to take legal steps against them, and I won my case but they are not fulfilling their part of the agreement which I am happy about. I was told by the BBB and Consummer Affairs not to do business with them, and the manufacturer of the flooring also told me the same thing.

THIS COMPANY HAS NOW REOPENED AND IS ADVERTISING UNDER THEIR NEW NAME "FLOOR STORE AT YOUR DOOR," and I am herewith warning everyone that this company is not reliable, nor do they stand behind problems that they created, and they are far from honest.

Company Response 07/20/2010:
The NJ state consumer affairs has NO complaints against us. Call them, they will not tell you that we have the worst record in the state nor will they tell you not to do business with us, as a matter of fact there are NO complainst against us, NONE. The statement that the manufacturer told her not to do business with us is also a lie, because why would they continue to sell us carpet then tell consumers NOT to buy from us. This doesn't even make sense. This is another one of Ann Margarets lies. I am shocked to find out that this web site would allow her to publish online lies without some kind of proof!

Let's start with the fact that she complained about pulls and wear in a carpet and we immediately sent out an inspector from our company and we immediately contacted the manufacturer and filed a claim on her behalf since we don't make the carpet and don't warranty the carpet, the manufacturer does! The manufacturer found that her 2 dogs had pulled the carpet and the chairs had worn the carpet and considered that abuse. She was not happy with this report and so we advised her to get her own independent inspection, so we would have something to send back to the manufacturer. I'm sure that you can guess that this completely independent inspector found the exact same issues caused by the consumers fault, not the manufacturer's, not my company, and absolutely not at my fault. Ann Margaret still wanted to fault our company and took us to court. Even though our contract states we do not warranty the carpet the manufacturer does. I personally went to court and because I personally was not aware that there was this issue until summoned to court, due to serious personal health issues I was not available until a few days before the court date, I spoke with Ann Margaret face to face and saw how upset she was and agreed to replace her carpet or different product of equivalant value for her FOR FREE!!!! Wow, Ann Margaret does not mention this in her 3cents does she? Because she is so dishonest and spreads malicious lies! Ann Margaret agreed in court to reselect a different product. We sent out our sales rep and she reselected a laminate flooring which cost more than carpet, as often laminate does. She put the difference of the laminate and the original carpet purchase on her credit card and wrote a new contract with us for the difference between the original order and the new one. Again, Ann Margaret doesn't mention this either, HMM I wonder why, let's see. We order the new material and then try to contact Ann Margaret 5 separate calls, leaving messages to schedule install. Not so much as a courtesy phone call back! A few days later we receive a dispute for a refund on her credit card for the new material, which she DID receive back her money. Again Ann Margaret lies about not receiving this money back and about not being able to contact us. Please, lets get real here! The credit card company had no problem contacting us, nor does anyone who makes the phone call. Then she goes to court and lies to the judge and says we did not fulfill our end of the arbitration and did not install the new flooring, she never told him it was due to her nonr-esponse and cancellation of her credit card. In the state of NJ she did not even have to notify me that she was going back to court, all she had to do was go back and state under oath that I did not follow through with the court promise I made. I wonder if Ann Margaret knows the penalty for lying to a judge? So she received a judgement against me and for an absurd amount that was $2000 more than she even paid for the carpet originally. I can't imagine how much more I could have given to this consumer when from the very outset it was not even my, or my companies fault for her carpet problems, no company will come back and freely give you a new carpet that YOU have ruined, but that is exactly what I tried to do and would have done had she followed through with her end of her court promise because I did not want to cause any hard feelings for this customer. I feel my next step is to post the records of these inspection reports and court documents and her the new order she had made with us then cancelled on line to clear my good name and to prove that Ann Margaret is full of hot air and does not deserve any money or replacement of any kind from anyone. She lost her chance because she dishonestly tried to gain something more than the gift she was already handed.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 11/24/2007:
not from NJ but good information for those that are.
If you won a judgment against them put a lien on them
Ann Margaret on 11/24/2007:
The court has been in the process of doing this for 60 days, but this company keeps giving phone numbers that are non-working, disconnected, and different addresses.
FoggyOne on 11/25/2007:
Seems hard to believe you can't find an address or phone number for them in 60 days. How do you get in touch with them if you do want to buy something from them? Use that phone number.
Ann Margaret on 11/25/2007:

You don't!!

I was given a cell phone number by their salesman, but when I tried to call the office numbers I had for them I found that they were all disconnected and no other number was available.

Filed a dispute with the credit card company, and the number they had was also disconnected. One month later the credit card company had a new phone number for them, and contacted At Home Carpet. I was finally given a land line phone number, and when I called it I was told it was a non-working number. Their 800 number was also disconnected.

Under their new name of Floor Store at Your Door, they have an 800 number, and you get a recording to leave a message, and they will get back to you. They don't return calls unless you are a new customer.

At Home Carpet and Floor Store at Your Door are owned by the same person. I have found that both businesses are located at the same address, but they refuse to accept mail and it is being returned to the senders.

To see the rating on Shop at Home Carpet, go to the NJ Better Business Bureau web site and see what they have to say about At Home Carpet, who are now going by the new name of Floor Store at Your Door. Floor Store at Your Door has no rating, since they are a new corporation. I wonder how many new people will get ripped off by them now.
Ann Margaret on 05/05/2008:
Add FLOOR STORE AT YOUR DOOR, as the owner now received a license to sell under this name. There is more than one judgment against At Home Carpet and Flooring, and a lien has been put on them. Just heard that someone is already taking Floor Store at Your Door to court, so nothing with the same owner has changed.
Anonymous on 05/05/2008:
Ann, looks like they are geeting new business -via- Craigs List:

The Floor Store at your Door GRANITE- Starting at 48.00 Sq.ft. We have three granite yards to pick from. We have 6 different colors of carpet in Stock starting at $ 19.00 a yard. This includes this price includes installation and padding. We also carry hundreds of other carpets burber, froshia, commercial, etc.We do not move furniture. We give free estimates in person, over the phone and email if you have your dimensions. For more information and to schedule an appointment give us a call at 512-918-9309.
FrankieBoy on 11/26/2011:
This company's owner filed for bankruptcy, and doesn't have to pay anyone one red cent on what she owes out that is a big bundle. The owner gets to keep the brand new car she bought, doesn't have to pay for the any shopping she did or the vacations she took. A year later she reopened her business advertising a warehouse full of carpting, etc., after telling the court she had no assets I guess AnnMargaret knows what she was tslking about.

Besides the one who screams the loudest about someone else. This owner not only her customers, but doctors, credit credit card companies, a car dealer, and many others to the cleaners. Proof enough of what type of person this woman is.
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