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MOYOCK, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was not quite 2 months behind on my auto payment. someone called my job every day to remind me that I had a payment due. I asked them not to call my new employer. they kept calling. I had become sick and ended up in the emergency room. I went to work they came and repo'd my car. my husbands truck was used as collateral and they took it also. they did not offer to let me pay. this was a month ago. they will not work with me and I lost my job over all of this. I am now unemployed. it is Christmas and no vehicles. I have been trying to at least get my husbands truck back since it is paid for. finally get them to call back. I asked a few questions the person alan got upset made it personal now says he will not do anything. they will put the vehicles up for auction. since when do businesses play that game? this company haw ruined my life. my 3 children have to walk everywhere. even to the movies. they have nothing.thank you for your time.. wendy richardson. also I had been making payments every 2 weeks.
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