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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WEST ISLIP, NEW YORK -- Atlantic Hyundai is the worst dealer out there. My credit scores are around 600-610, so I was very happy when I was at the dealership for 4 hours finalizing my Lease for a 2012 Sonata for $330 a month with $2500 down using my trade-in. They told me everything was approved and that I would be able to go home with the car. After waiting 4 hours, they told me that the car will be ready the next day. I spoke to my sales guy 5 times during the day and every time he told me everything was approved, even left me a message saying everything is approved. When I arrived at the dealership to sit with the finance manager (Bryan [snip]) he told me that the lease was not approved (jaw drops) and that the financing of the car was approved for a WHOPPING $479 a month. When I said this is outrageous and why wasn't I told this the 5 times I spoke to my (Russell [snip]) sales guy, they had no answer. When I said I can't do this deal and would like my $500 deposit back, the sales manager (Bryan Harris) became very rude and even threatened me saying "What if I don't give you your money back" and that it could take a few hours for the refund. When I said fine, I will call my credit card company and dispute the charges and while I was on the phone, they finally processed my refund and still tried to get me to make a deal.

When I complained to the Sales Manager (Christopher [snip]) all he did was talk to the sales guy and never bothered to talk to me at all.

Beware of this dealership, they will say and do anything initially and then try to force a deal on you that make no sense at all.
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old newfie on 2012-02-21:
Wow I would never buy a car at a place like that. And I never would pay a down payment to hold a car. The salesmen get paid on commission so when I refuse to give them money I tell them if they get the paperwork done up and the car is still there I buy it. They have ways to hold that car because they don't want to lose their commission to another salesman. I have never had a car sold on me yet, and I buy a car every year>

FoDaddy19 on 2012-02-22:
I agree they did you do wrong. But honestly,even for a lease $330 a month with low credit score was unrealistic. I'm sorry that they got your hopes up and it does indeed sound like they misled you. But surely you had to know that such a deal was really too good to be true. I did some quick math and assuming the car in question is around $23k-$24k. The second figure they gave you is in the ballpark.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you're rocking a 600-610 credit score, leasing a new car is the last thing you want to do. You're not building any equity in the car during a lease. I would consider purchasing a good $8000-$10k used car instead.
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The Dealership of Scam
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WEST ISLIP, NEW YORK -- Due to Hurricane Sandy I was forced to purchase a new vehicle..having done business with this dealership for over 8 years I thought this is where to buy next car...biggest mistake...Purchased 2013 Hyundai Tucson...Put down or so I thought 9937.00 and financed the balance. As always the salesman pressured the purchase.. I should have known not to move forward but due to circumstances had little choice...Was given a 750.00 Hurricane related rebate and 500.00 existing customer rebate,,,what I didn't get was 500.00 rebate that Hyundai offered for active duty military and veterans...and full credit for deposit. Dealership held 750.00 of deposit until they got letter from insurance company that car was totaled although this dealership had car in their possession for 3 days and knew car was totaled...they've had letter for over 2 weeks and I still don't have my money...they also added on a extended warranty for 1495.00..that now I have to jump through hoops to try to cancel....BOTTOM LINE...these guys suck...my car will be paid off by end of Dec 2012 and will be traded in. GOODBYE ATLANTIC HYUNDAI AND NY AUTO GIANT...BUYERS BEWARE...THEY WILL SCREW YOU EVERY CHANCE THEY GET...
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trmn8r on 2012-12-11:
1. You didn't get a military discount.
2. Part of your deposit was "held" - is this now resolved?
3. You were charged for an extended warranty that was "added"

What are the explanations for each? Is #2 still relevant? It may be that with the other discount they don't also give a military discount. Is the extended warranty on the contract you signed? If so, that would be your responsibility. If not, it isn't.

Are you trading in this car? You will take a large hit (thousands) if you do, won't you?
Atlantic Hyundai on 2012-12-14:
Let's tell the whole story. You aren't even on the paperwork so there is no way for us to show military rebate yet we still in good faith cut you a check for it. The $750 is coming back from Hyundai Motor America(HMA) not us, HMA are the ones that require the letter from the insurance company to qualify for the $750. Since it comes from HMA it will take between 6-8 weeks from when it is submitted to HMA with the letter. As far as the warranty if you don't want it then cancel it. You are making it out like we took advantage of you when we did not in any way. I personally lost 4 cars in Hurricane Sandy & most of my house so I know what you went through & I know how stressed out you must be as am I but we are not the bad guys. As we do all of our customers we will do our very best to expedite everything we can but there are some things we do not have control over. We are involved with the community all the time & we just try to make a fair deal for the consumer & for us that everyone agrees on.
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Do Not Buy Your Car Here!!!
Posted by on
I just purchased a Santa Fe last week. This is the second vehicle I purchased at this dealership. I had no problems with the first car, but this time they really gave it to me. We agreed on a price "WITH THE TRADE IN". They threw in the roof rail cross bars, a cargo net, and they were even nice enough to get me a 0% financing. Little did I know, I was supposed to get them anyway. After their expert mathematicians ran the final numbers, with confusing tactics using sticker prices, taxes, trade in, rebate, tags, fees, and more fees you never heard of, I realized that I paid the price of the car, PLUS the trade in. I was too late because I realized this after I left the dealer.

The next day, I went there, and they denied any wrongdoing. They are [violating content deleted]. They refused to cancel the transaction. I will contact Hyundai, and consumer affairs. And I can't wait to get my hands on the survey!!!!

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skelly39 on 2009-10-30:
Didn't you sign paperwork while you were there? I'm assuming that's why you can't get out of the deal. Of course they are going to scroo you. That's why it's imperative that you read what you are signing before you sign it. Yep, bash them on the survey if it makes you feel better, but I think you are going to have to call this a lesson learned.
JR in Orlando on 2009-10-30:
If anything demands an immediate answer, the best answer is "no." When things like this occur, tell them you want to take the contract home overnight to review it. If they don't let you, then goodbye. Do you think major companies buy factory equipment and fill out the contract right there? It is negotiated and reviewed by all parties.
Anonymous on 2009-10-30:
It so easy to get mixed up and turned around when you're on their turf getting getting the full court press from the salesman, general manager and finance guy. Good salesmen are very versed in the art of creating a sense of urgency while baffling you with a deluge of numbers.

That's why you should never buy a car on the spot. Always take a day to think it over. Always initially stick to bargaining strictly over the price of the car sans any talk of trade-ins, financing or any other BS they throw your way. Deal with that stuff AFTER you've agreed on a price.

I feel for you. You are not alone. I agree completely with skelly39 & JR. -- It's a lesson learned albeit the hard way.

Good luck!
JR in Orlando on 2009-10-30:
Good Advice Stew.
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