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A Senior Citizen Was Bullied And Robbed By Atlantic Nissan
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NEW YORK -- I had a problem with A/C,/heat fan of my 1998 Pathfinder. I was told the dealer is better equipped to fix it.

On 9/25/10,around 8AM, I took my car to the dealer. The Service desk looked at the car and told me "It is not a big deal, cost will be around $300 but I need $150 for the diagnosis which we will credit it to the final cost if you agree the repair. In addition, he told me that "There is a "recall" somewhere in the car and has to be fixed immediately. I told him I have no transportation going back home. He told me that I better to stay and I can have the car around 11-12 PM.

Around 12 PM he called me and told me that repair for the fan is $585 and if a disagree, I will lose $150. He also said I need full strut assembly which need to be changed immediately. My car has been okay but he said I need it now. and if I agree with both repair he will give me %15 break. We agreed $1,050 (Tax included). Around 4 PM, he called me that he needs $56 more because I needed new part. I went to the work place, saw that the mechanic while fixing a part has he had placed too much pressure, and broke it. I told the manager that I do not feel paying $56 for a part due to the mechanic's lack of patience  (and competence) breaking the part.

The manager started screaming and insulting me that "I don't care, you must pay we don't do anything here for free". Around 4:30, he comes back with a Bill of $1,186. When I told him even with unfair overcharge of $56, still it is not what we had agreed. He again, in front of all customers and other employees, started to call me "liar", and "Crook" and honestly I though he would hit me. Finally, with the intervention of one of cashiers, he charged me$1,100.

I am 66 Y/O man with the heart problems and this day was one of most unpleasant and stressful day of my life.

Thank You

Note: Driving back home, although I got a good A/C, but my front wheels are shaky like hell I have to go to a different place to fix it. I can't trust these bullies again.

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User Replies:
bcd on 09/26/2010:
“… cost will be around $300 but I need $150 for the diagnosis …”

I would have asked him how he knows the cost prior to the diagnosis.
CaptainSpaulding on 09/26/2010:
Is this the Atlantic Nissan on Sunrise Highway in West Islip, NY? If so, I have heard terrible things about both their sales and service departments! Many complaints have been filed against them with the Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs, and you should consider filing your own complaint!

Here is a link to the Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs webpage:

Unfortunately, most new car dealer service departments have now resorted to the unscrupulous practice of charging a "diagnosis fee". I have never seen a diagnosis fee as high as $150, but I when I brought my car into Honda City's service department in Bethpage, NY a couple of weeks ago, they attempted to charge me a "diagnosis fee" when I was told that I needed new rear brakes (I never told them to check my brakes). They quoted me an outrageous amount for the repair so I decided to have it done somewhere else (They quoted me a price of $425, I later had the brakes done at Sears for $260). They said that since I was not having them perform the repair, I would be subject to a $50 "diagnosis fee". I told them that if they charged me a diagnosis fee, I would be purchasing my next new Honda at another dealership. After some hemming and hawing, they relented and waived the $50 diagnosis fee.

My advice to you is, in the future, bring your car to a repair shop that either charges no diagnosis fee, or a fee that is more reasonable then what Atlantic Nissan charged you, which was a complete rip off.
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Stay Away - Rude, Scammers, Unprofessional
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193- 205 SUNRISE HWY - BAYSHORE, NEW YORK -- I stopped by to browse for 2 vehicles at the above named dealership, and the sales person immediately started to size me up. Joking about credit scores when I asked about o% financing, and zero down which is how most financially savvy people purchase cars. Taking me for a test drive when I did not ask for one, doing other tasks for about 20 to 30 minutes, making jokes that I was on the phone too long, when I was calling my car insurance company to get quotes for the new cars. I had to put him in his place in front of customers, managers and co workers our credit scores are 800+, well paying government jobs, and cash on hand to buy.

I think they don't want people to ask questions, they just sell whatever product to anybody without really listening to customers and not respecting how customers do research and purchase items. They have a huge market of people with low income, low credit scores and just a lack of knowledge on finances.
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User Replies:
NickL11354 on 09/21/2009:
{{They have a huge market of people with low income, low credit scores and just a lack of knowledge on finances. }}

Really?? how do you assume that?? People with low income & low credit scores are not going to be driving home in a new car unless they are able to pay cash for it outright along with taxes & fees.
Anyway, car dealers are a dime a dozen. If that dealer didn't work, find someone else.
saj80 on 09/22/2009:
Actually, financially savvy people either pay cash or make a big down payment, allowing them to shorten the finance period. People who ask for 100% financing are usually not financially savvy, but financially needy.
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