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Reservation ripoff
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I reserved a room at the resort for one night, for $498. When I found that the boat I was meeting in Nassau was arriving early, I called Atlantis to cancel the room. As I was calling six days ahead of time, I guessed there would be some penalty.

What I didn't figure on was that I would be penalized for TWO nights. The result: Canceling a one-night stay resulted in a penalty for more than I had paid. Here is the Atlantis logic:

Cancellation Fee -Atlantis - Royal Towers $200.00
Cancellation Fee -Royal Towers Terrace $419.00
Fee Adjustment -Due to Insufficient Payment ($120.82)
Total Fees $498.18

I never booked a room at the Royal Towers, but they charged me a cancellation fee for such a room anyway. I was told the policy was to charge for two nights, regardless. Point is, they kept all of my $498.18 payment and told me to get lost.

I suppose I'm lucky not to have been charged the additional $120.82 for not staying there.

To me, this is organized corporate thievery.
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