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Atlas Choice
Ealing Film Studios Building E
Ealing Green, London W5 5EP
0800-013-12-13 (ph)
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Car Rental Olbia Sardinia Bad Experience
By -

Do you really want to use Atlas Choice or Mida travel?

My wife, six month old son, my wife's cousin and I arrived in Olbia, Sardinia on the 3rd of May 2008. We went to the car rental part of the airport. Atlas choice was the company as stated on the document I printed off after booking on the internet. After not been able to find a car rental company called Atlas Choice I checked the document closer and realized it was not the correct voucher, it was a receipt of the booking. I asked at each of the car rental booths if they took bookings through an internet company called Atlas choice. I was told that mida travel was the car rental company I needed but there was nobody on the desk. The Mida travel representative did not return to the booth for another 50 minutes. When he eventually came back I told him my name, and he told me he had all my details on his computer. When I presented him with the document (not the correct voucher), he informed me even though he had my details, he could not give me the car as the previous 12 times he had done this Atlas choice had not paid them for the car rental. It seemed to me I was bearing the brunt of bad working relationships between the two companies.
I asked him if I could use his Internet, and he told me no and that it was not his problem and turned his back on me.

I then phoned Atlas choice, I asked him if we could cancel the car rental, he told me I could not (I have later found out I should have been able to cancel and receive a full refund) he then asked me if he could speak to the representative at Mida, He then told me he was going to fax the correct voucher through straight away. We waited for over an hour. When I tried to call Atlas Choice back they did not answer the phone or they hung up on me. We then decided to get a taxi to our apartment and then return after getting my parents to fax the voucher to a nearby hotel at a cost of 80 euros for the taxi and fax. When I returned to Mida travel with the voucher, they told me I was supposed to pick up the car at 12 o'clock and was therefore too late.

I was starting to think this was some sort of wind up and was looking out for the TV cameras. No TV cameras came, after a lot of hassle I eventually received a fiat panda. When I returned the car (in the same condition as when we collected it). The person at Mida had a long queue and asked me to put the car keys in the quick deposit box. On returning to England I found Mida travel had taken 228euros out of my account on the 13th of May. When I tried to speak to customer care at Atlas Choice I was told they did not care enough to speak to anyone with a complaint over the phone and that I had to email my problem. When I asked to speak to a senior supervisor I was told if you had a problem with Easyjet you would not expect to speak to Stelios!

I sent my email, they told me my version of events 'were really near to the truth' (so they don't disputed how I was treated and must think it is OK to treat their customers like this as they have not apologized for it) they also informed me the money was taken due to 'glass of the right light on the front was broken. This is just a down right lie. I have just received documentation with a receipt for the 228euros which is dated for the 31st of May 18 days after the money was taken out of my account!

We went with Atlas Choice and Mida travel as they were the cheapest on the internet, to hire the car (fiat panda) for a week ended up costing me over 600 euros nearly £500.

They are the cheapest company for a reason!

Annoyed With My Self That I Didn't Listen to the Reviews Online
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Rating: 1/51

Absolutely terrible!
We book car with Alta's choice only last week. We supposed to pick it up from Lodz airport and leave it at the airport in Warsaw. we checked details, price was good and so we booked only to get to know we got the voucher that Atlas choice book the car to be picked up from Lodz and drop off at the Lodz airport. If we wanted to cancel we still had to pay 70% of the fee and if we wanted the car we had to pay additionally for dropping car in the different location. Nicely done Atlas Choice!

Sneaky wording on website will cost you big $
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Rating: 1/51

LONDON (?) UK, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Two+ weeks of car rental for $300 less than nearly all the others? For sure. The website says for a total payment of $533--covers all taxes, fees, surcharges & commissions. Well SURPRISE! on picking up the car, I find that what it DOESN'T COVER is the CAR RENTAL! That was about $470 more--at the maximum, undiscounted rate, making it far & away the most expensive option of all. Watch out when dealing with these shysters.

A Company to Avoid
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Rating: 1/51

WORLDWIDE -- Booked a car through atlas choice with travel rent.
Travel rent are difficult to find working from a cabin the car park.
Atlas choice takea your money before you land.
Travel rent then add 50% on top inventing some local charges, this they demand in cash making it difficult to get back through your credit card company.

There is a supposed customer service route, but your complaint will not be investigated, run a search this company are infamous for this kind of robbery, (wish I had before using them).

All travelers avoid Atlas Choice in every city.

Poor Service
By -

Atlas Choice are not able to help you if you have any problem with their agent at the destination.

We returned our car, the company refused to check it before we left and then charged us for "missing" fuel. Atlas were useless and the agent simply ignores me. Atlas are cheap because they are rubbish.

Go with a proper rental company.

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