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Horrible Customer Service, Actually Stole $1,284.00 From My Account. Crooks.
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Rating: 1/51

D'IBERVILLE, MISSISSIPPI -- There is just too much to write. These people are too large of a company now. They have a monopoly on supplying all services from one carrier. I have business cellular, personal cellular, business landline, Business internet, Static IP, National Account DirecTV. I have had service from them for over 20 years. They are no help once you purchase service from them and will draft money from you. Good luck speaking to someone with the authority to refund your money.

They have actually become legal thieves. What a shame. I would turn them into the FCC, but it takes too much of my time and just not worth it. I hope someday someone starts a class action suit against them. I'm in!!!

Finished With U-Verse...for Good!
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Rating: 1/51

HOUMA, LOUISIANA -- We are coming to the end of our contract with U-Verse and I will never be going back. My complaints are mainly with the TV service as the phone and Internet have been satisfactory other that the fact that they claim the Internet is twice as fast as any other provider, bull. It is comparable, not faster.

They will tell you they use fiber optics and the newest state-of-the-art equipment. When the technicians came I noticed they were running regular coax I but I let it go and gave them the benefit of the doubt. They claimed we would be able to record four shows at once but when we tried this while watching more than one TV the screen pops up an alert forcing you to choose one of the other TV's in the house to shut down.

When I called to complain about this I was told that my neighborhood wasn't quite set up for their "full" service. I was very angry and said that I was never given any clue that I might not be getting everything U-Verse had to offer. They suggested a more costly package that would still only allow me to record 2 HD shows and 2 SD shows simultaneously. I was told I would be able to record all shows in HD when I signed up and after many phone calls and arguments with their customer service they gave me the "upgraded" service for the same price, which like I said was still not what was advertised.

I discussed going back to DirecTV and fighting our way out of the contract. That was until I went outside the next day and noticed that the U-Verse technician had cut all the old DirecTV cables at connectors and had stolen the multi-switch they were connected to off my house. I called the customer service department furious and demanded my property returned because I wanted out of this contract. They said they would contact the technician and have it returned. That was a year ago. I still have no multi-switch.

I don't like the way the menu is set up either. You scan through channels and before you can read the info it switches on you too quickly forcing you to go into the full-screen info just to read what the hell the show is about, irritating. Their DVR's are slow and unresponsive and tend to freeze up from time to time. I can't wait for a U-Verse representative to ask me why I'm not renewing my contract, I will be happy to remind them. By the way I got the feeling it was standard practice for them to cut the old antenna cables.

Why else would they do that other than to prevent you from changing your mind and returning to your old service? I think I never heard from them because they told the technicians to do that. U-Verse is dishonest and shady at best. Sadly they aren't much different that most TV services. Best thing to do is bounce around different cable/satellite companies and take advantage of new sign up deals as they come available and at least you'll save some money along the way but beware the ads and commercials. They lie to your face.

AT&T Billing
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Rating: 1/51

If you use AT&T for your Internet, home phone, or U-Verse services do not do auto pay or allow them to debit your checking account for payments. They will use your account as their own personal piggy bank. I actually had no problems with them until I added the U-Verse service to my account and allowed the auto pay. After that they always took more than was shown on the actual bill and even took two payments out in November. When I asked them why they had deducted two payments they said I had not paid my service in July.

I have all of my statements showing that each bill was paid every month, in full, and on time. There was no indication on any bills I received that I had failed to make a payment. When I told them this they said my bill was not accurate and refused to credit my account.

The last straw was when they did it again in December without any explanation. I actually had chest pains when I tried to talk to billing and customer service. One representative yelled at me and basically called me a liar even though she was looking at the same bill I had and could offer no explanation for the two additional charges.

They continuously took twenty to thirty dollars more out of my account every month without any explanation. I canceled my service in December because of this and went back to my cable company. I also paid what they said was the final bill and sent all of my equipment back to them. For added insurance I went to the bank and put a stop on any further payments to their company.

Last Friday, a month after I canceled my service, I checked my bank statement online and saw they had again deducted almost $200.00 for service I no longer have. Of course this was a holiday weekend so I had to wait until Tuesday to speak to anyone about it. My bank told me that the original request from AT&T was denied due to the stop payment I had placed on my account. At that point AT&T changed their merchant ID number and the debit went through.

I've also contacted AT&T and have been told my money would be refunded in 30-45 days. I told them I wanted it returned NOW and have filed a dispute with my bank against AT&T. The bank has told me the money should be returned to my account in the next 5 days due to the dispute I had to file.

I've also been told this is a common practice of AT&T and the bank files more disputes against them than any other company. The U-Verse service was great and I hated to cancel but their billing practices are unethical and they treat your checking account like their own personal piggy bank. I am considering filing charges against them with the Attorney General's office. This company's billing practices needs to be investigated. They also need to get some billing and customer service reps who know what they're doing.

Don't switch until you've been informed completely - wish I read the blogs sooner!
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Wow! I don't even know where to begin explaining the horrible service I've received from AT&T. I was completely misled from the very first salesperson that showed up at my door. I informed the guy that I have AT&T business class services set up for DSL & phone that are paid for by my company & I wasn't leery about switching from Comcast Cable to AT&T U-Verse Advanced TV because I didn't want my business services disrupted in any way. I was assured not only by the salesman, but also by the installer who showed up 2 days later, that there would be no interruption in my business services because they would set up the U-Verse TV to come in on a separate line.

When the installer left, everything was working fine until the next morning, my DSL was down! I called tech support for my business DSL services and was told that my account was showing "cancelled-converted to U-Verse". You can imagine my surprise and upset after being told that! Apparently, after the fact, they told me that it's not possible for me to have AT&T business class services & AT&T U-Verse at the same address (even if coming in on different lines).

Anyway, as I tried to get my business class services reinstated, while at the same time telling them if the services are incompatible U-Verse has to go; I continued to get the run around. I was transferred, hung up on, never called back and so on. I had one representative telling me it couldn't be done, tech support saying it can be, and all I wanted was a definitive answer & my DSL restored.

Finally, after over two weeks (and supposedly a presidential escalation), manager override the system to allow for my U-Verse to come in on a stand-alone line and billed to my home address & my business DSL/phone to be billed to my company based in CA. After 3 cancelled account #s and hours of time back & forth with manager, technicians, etc, they even offered me an upgraded package for my trouble. All worked great and I was a pleased customer to have my business services up & running, not to mention I actually liked the U-Verse TV but of course something happened yet again.

About a week later, I received a final bill for one of the accounts that was supposed to have been cancelled at no charge. When I called customer service to clear it up, the agent that I spoke with told me that she cleared the charge and the account has been closed properly. Later that evening, I sat down to watch TV and to my surprise, it wasn't working.

I called tech support to find out if service was down in my area and was told that my account was cancelled as of earlier that day. I explained to him that I didn't authorize the cancellation of that particular account # and that I had actually called in about a completely different account, but there was nothing he could do. I couldn't call customer service back because, of course, it was after hours.

The next day, I called customer service and asked them to reinstate my account that their agent had cancelled without my authorization. Once again, I was told over and over again that if they reinstate my U-Verse account it will cancel my business services because I cannot have both services coming into the same address. I tried explaining to them that they were running on two separate lines already for over a week and everything was fine until their agent cancelled the order, but once again I was transferred, hung up on, and promised a call back. It didn't happen.

I've been in touch with the technicians that installed the service and they've all explained to me that from a technical standpoint, it can be done; the problem is their customer service software/system isn't set up to bill different services separately. I keep being told that U-Verse can't be installed if a customer has DSL service already from another provider (even if the other provider is AT&T business), a bunch of crap if you ask me especially since both services were up and running with no issues for just over a week! Seems to be a ploy the U-Verse side to force customers to sign up for U-Verse DSL even if they really don't want it!

I'm now going on my 2nd week of NO TV services at all because since I was promised by several managers that they would make it happen for me, I cancelled my Comcast service. Now Comcast says they will have to charge me installation fees again (per room, I might add) and I won't qualify for any special promotions for 90 days since I was currently under one before I cancelled.

In the meantime, AT&T has pretty much given me the attitude of "Oh well, sorry about your luck". So now, I'm researching alternatives to take my business class services elsewhere as I no longer want to do business with AT&T at all. I lost 2 weeks+ of productivity for work due to the interruption of my business services, not to mention the money I have to shell out to get Comcast set back up.

Now after reading all these messages, I'm even more worried that my credit card on file with AT&T is going to be hit with a charge for the equipment that they promised "to have a technician pick up if as long as I cancel within 30 days of installation" as part of 30-day trial period. This doesn't seem to be the case since I received a notice that I have 21 days to ship the equipment back or I'll be charged! YIKES! Here we go again. If there's a class action suit against them, please include me!

My Sad AT&T U-Verse Long & Winding Story
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MENTOR, OHIO -- If a sales rep comes to your door, pretend you are not home. Here goes my long and winding story: The first install tech wanted to drill holes all over my 10 year old pre-wired for cable home and run wires under carpets and along floorboards and over doors etc. He left his cell phone behind after I told him please cancel order and I waited 3 hours for him to return for it. Then a week later he called to say he had left his drill in my basement!

Oh yeah and he told me he cancelled the order but I had to spend hours on the phone after receiving bills for the service never installed and a promise that I would get a $100 VISA card for my problems. Haven't seen the VISA card yet and will probably have to spend 20-30 minutes on the phone tracking it down. After that a box arrives telling me to return the equipment that the tech took with him so another hour on the phone.

So anyway another sales rep calls and I tell him my sad story but hubbie wants NFL network which our local cable company doesn't carry so out of love I say let's try again with a good install tech because I stopped some techs in the neighborhood who told me the whole house didn't have to be rewired and existing cable lines could be used. So sales rep arranges to meet me at dinner time but unbeknownst to him another rep in the neighborhood just happens to knock on my door at dinner time and steal the first rep's sale because I thought the wandering sales rep was the one coming at dinner time.

So anyway, the first rep calls me to say the second rep stole his sale and I'd have to cancel that order etc. Well his boss I guess says "no" so I get a call to just leave things as they are. Glutton that I am I still go ahead with an install date for this second attempt but upon calling for something I can't even remember now I am assigned a new account number and a new install date.

The night before old install date computer calls my house and tells me techs are coming on old install date. I ignore computer and go shopping because no one ever showed. Second install tech comes and tells me the first tech put inside wiring on the outside of my house. Second tech gets things up and running.

Second tech tells me to call the 800 number to get my promised free movies. Three hours later (enough for antenna phone battery to die) and tethered to a wired phone I finally get to a really good tech who calls me over the next 5 hours to update me on progress and starts my movies -- no problemo and I love him. There are horror stories of 2 weeks to get the movies!

Uh oh - sound on TV has terrible buzz so get on phone for another marathon and work with remote etc. until we decide another tech will come to the house and put an RF adapter on my old TV Looks all funky Medusa-like beside the TV with wires coming out of it but sound improves.

So far cable service freezes daily for a couple minutes at a time (guess we're lucky it straightens itself out). Scanning channels to see what is on is tedious and slow. Another wandering sales rep told us there was a library of 12,000 movies to choose from on demand. That was some kind of a sales pitch! You get a few of the movies that are on the pay cable movie channels and not even all of them!

Internet service is slower and more aggravating than dial up. Even though the computer icon says we have full signal, pages load when they feel like it. The wait is 2-15 minutes to load a page when the "internet gremlin" strikes which today has been all day. It took me hours to get here to write this sad story! So here I sit brokenhearted -- hundreds of dollars going to be charged -- and never started!

P.S. After U-verse Tech Support told me to disable my firewall and my virus program (which of course I didn't do), I accidentally discovered that (a) the wire wasn't plugged securely into the back of the router and (b) after unplugging the router to untangle the 30 different wires which were pulling the router wire out, the router must have reset itself because the internet is now working perfectly! Heal thyself!

AT&T U-Verse - Abuse of Power Against Customers and Federal System
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In order to block the AT&T abuse of power (every week has one or two propaganda by them) - sending me letters- abusing of my private property (my mail box), I filed along with USPS a (1500.pdf form), that is sent to New York. It is a judicial tool used when a company abuses you by sending you non wanted letters.

When central USPS sends to this company this prohibitory order against sender, after the 30th day of that month the company is permanently prohibited of sending you any type of communication. AT&T mocks the Federal system- fail to respect the order- for the sake of trying to have your money.

After doing so- sending AT&T this judicial order- they kept me sending their propaganda. I called AT&T 3 times. In all times they said: "...Oh...we will stop sending it- don't worry".... LIARS and crooks. They stopped for 2 but after these weeks a poor creature in their company sent "beautiful" Hallmark card directed to supposed "neighbor" me. Actually see how infantile and mediocre it is- so you can evaluate the low level of their company as a whole.

In my perception, as I said to them, their marketing department is below any acceptable standard, even to 5th world countries. I was proven right. They sent me not a propaganda, but a ridiculous Hallmark Card with two Teenagers eating pasta and French fries, inside the absolutely ridiculous message: "...sometimes you just know when it's over...” And a following message with 7 lines, presenting their low standard cable service, saying that I will fall in love with that. How deplorably infantile ("outstanding marketing department") probably to conquer my heart. How inferior. How stupid an AT&T worker can be and how dumb the board that implemented it can be- no words. Too inferior.

As I said, not even in 5th world country, such a low level in terms of professional level and intelligence is accepted. I'll complain to USPS about their abuse and instruct if verifiable to apply federal fees against AT&T. The so infantile, mediocre, and 6th world level card came from a PO BOX 226586 Dallas TX 75222. If you get one- do not open.

Now, think with me....You ask to be respected, they abuse you through more propaganda letters, has a deplorable customer care, you put a "prohibitory order against sender" after trying amicably to stop them (a judicial tool), they mock you, the federal system and the whole process.

EVEN, AGAIN EVEN if I were ever to find anything interesting through AT&T, I would have to deliver a self certificate of incompetence, if I were EVER to agree to be their customer IN ANYTHING. In other words feed the miserable slice of bread of abusers, right!!!

It is shown in everyone's face, that their service, marketing dept, and disrespect to the population is deplorable. Again, no one in "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano" would ever give a penny to this "company"- under the pattern of being the next victim in any part of the process...

Disrespect, deplorability, and inferior service are their trademarked. One more thing, I explained to them that when they cross the border- by disrespecting us- they not only irritate a customer but also kill a customer forever. A customer like me will NEVER give a chance to them or their affiliates and anyone who supports them. But they don't get it- that's the level of their intelligence. Imagine a company like this servicing you. Unfortunately, AT&T's greed covers any intelligence they may eventually have- IF any. They do not understand freshman concepts of Marketing.

Again, let me emphasize: You ask to be respected, you beg to be respected on the phone, they abuse you through more propaganda letters, has a deplorable customer care, you put a prohibitory order against sender after trying amicably stop them (a judicial tool), they mock you, the federal system and the whole process for the sake of begging for your business. Well, a company that begs in such a manner for your business only corroborates my initial hypothesis: Not being good enough to serve my 'castle", AKA incompetents.

U-verse First Impression - Horrible Service And Lies!
By -

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- We were solicited a couple of weeks ago by AT&T representatives who were soliciting the new Fiber Optic based services recently made available in our neighborhood. My wife and I listened to the pitch and felt that what AT&T was offering was a better value than what we currently had with Time Warner San Diego Cable services. We signed up for the U200 package. (Internet/ cable/ phone) for $124/mo.

We scheduled an install appointment for December 19th. The first issue I have is that the sales person told us that our internet would be “much faster” than what we had with Time Warner. (From 3mb/s to 10mb/s). Turns out they mislead us by that statement. Actually, they lied. According to the information we received today from the installer, our speed is still 3mb/s but I can always PAY MORE to upgrade the speed to MAX 10 (10mb/s). That is a very deceitful practice even if unintentional. We were told that our internet would be faster if we switched over to AT&T for $124/mo. It's not faster. It's the same speed as before!

The second issue was that we would not lose the few HD channels that we had through Time Warner included with their basic services. They assured me that not only would we have the basic HD channels but a few new ones. Turns out they mislead us by that statement. Actually, they lied again. In order for us to keep ANY HD channels we could PAY MORE (again) $10/mo MORE.

My third issue id with the phone service. We were told that we would get the phone service installed on the same day. However, no one showed even after a call I made to customer service in the afternoon assured me that the appointment was there, and someone would come by 5 PM. No one did. I called a 6PM and was then told that there was NO appointment scheduled because they hadn't gotten the phone number released from Time Warner.

They had over a week to get the release and no one bothered to follow up with us. Why? We were told that it will take 1-2 more weeks to get our phone service working. As of the end of this day, we have spoken to at least over 6 different people on the phone, with each one asking us for the SAME information.

And last but not least, we have spent hours on the phone with technical support because none of our email accounts are working and no one at AT&T seems to know why. They just keep running us through the same configuration mazes over and over! And after hours of not making any progress on this issue the IT tech gave us the option moving up to the “next level” of PAYING FOR IT SUPPORT!!! This is an AT&T ISP provider issue, how DARE they want us to pay them to fix THEIR problems.

Is this the impression that AT&T wants to portray for its new customers? Does anyone at AT&T REALLY understand all the frustration and disappointment we have experienced so far with our new service? Does anyone care for that matter?

So, to summarize, we have the same speed internet, we have to now pay extra for any HD programming, no working phone in our home, and no functioning email accounts. We run a small business from our home and it is critical that we have our emails and phone working! If we had known this terrible mess was going to happen beforehand, we would have never switched from Time Warner which ALWAYS provided us good service over the years!

Can't we expect to receive at least the same level of service we had before, and not be left to resolve all these technical issues on our own. We mistakenly thought AT&T would stand behind their own salesman's statement that the services promised for the price quoted would be honored, and not just resort to playing the run-the-customer-around game.

Very unethical bait and switching! At this frustrating point, haven been lied to, deceived, and left with a mess of unresolved technical issues, we might as well switch back to Time Warner unless someone very soon can convince us of anything different soon.

Poor AT&T U-Verse Service
By -

I left Comcast in October 2009 after I was introduced to AT&T me. I was told this service offered by AT&T was the Cadillac of Internet and Cable services. I must admit, after the U-Verse was installed in my home, my family was very impressed with the product. I told every family and friend about AT&T U-Verse service. Until I had a billing issue in January 2010 and my service was disconnected.

I thought once the billing issue was resolved, my services will be restored in an hour. Wrong, it took AT&T three days to restore my services. I continue to use AT&T U-Verse. The billing issue happen again this month, March 2010. My phone services were disconnected and I spoke with Customer Service to resolve the billing issue and I was told my phone services will be restored in one hour.

This was on a Thursday evening and no phone services were restored Thursday night or Friday morning. I called AT&T U-Verse technical support and I was told to unplug my modem and my services will be working again. I unplugged the modem and now I have no Internet or cable services. I stayed on the phone with technical support for over 30 minutes Friday afternoon and then another hour Friday night to get my services restored, but no luck!

Finally, I was told a technician will be at my home between 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm on Sat. I stayed at home for the technician to come by, but no one ever came. I called technical support at 2:20 pm and was told someone will be at my home by 4:00. No one called or showed up. I called again at 4:30 pm and was told someone will be at my home in 30 minutes no one ever came by. I called at 8:00 pm and was told the technician will be at my home in 45 mins, but one came by. I called technical support at 10:00 pm and they scheduled someone to come by Sunday between 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

Finally a technician came at 5:05 pm Sunday, but was unable to get my services restored. The technician requested a field technician to come by my home on Monday, but no one ever came by. I called technical support on Monday around 5:30 pm and was told a ticket for the field technician was never generated and that another technician will have to come by before a field technician can come by.

Finally, I had enough of AT&T circus games. I requested AT&T U-Verse to cancel all my services which I was paying about a $1000 a month for the cell phone services, home phone, Internet and cable services in two homes. Now Comcast is very happy to regain me as a customer. I also made sure all the family and friends that I recommended AT&T U-Verse were aware of the poor services.

AT&T Uverse Customer Service -- Incompetence Reigns
By -

Wow. Where do I begin with the nightmare? I signed on in the summer to consolidate phone, internet and cable TV to save money in this economy. Technicians one after another, have come out. 4 in the first month or two. Each will give a different reason as to what the problem is. Some have been very nice and I know it's not their fault the company they work for is fragmented and the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

There is absolutely no accountability when you call for technical support and are told someone will come out at a scheduled time. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone when they have not shown up or charged me on my phone bill/Uverse for something I did not sign up for (Third party charges--and you have to call several more numbers to begin disputing the charge).

This is the second or third time AT&T has scheduled an appointment with me for a technician to come out during a two hour window to fix my cable service. I knew from prior experience with them that there was a very good chance they would not show up again. They did not show up. 12:00 to 2:00 PM in the Chicago area they were to come out. At 2:15 dispatch called and said how sorry they were (I've heard this too many times before) and the technician would be thereby 3:30. Never showed. I spent an hour on the phone trying to get an answer as to when exactly they were coming. No satisfactory answer. I asked for several managers.

I was talking to people in Michigan. When I couldn't get through on the customer number to check on appointments, I called as a Field Mgr. They were not able to guarantee anyone coming today either. I finally got a number of someone in Illinois who said the best he could do was try and get someone out on Monday morning. I demanded a month's credit for shoddy service. But of course, I have to spend my valuable time calling yet another number to get that credit.

AT&T, it looks like you have bit off way more than you can chew. You marketed for service that you could not provide. It appears you have put greed ahead of meeting your customers' needs. I regret trusting the salesman who sold me this bill of very bad service. AT&T, if you are going to ever build a reputation for having integrity (which you currently have no integrity or credibility) then you need to stop selling your services until you can take care of the customers you already have properly.

U-verse is more like re-verse
By -

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- When I moved into my neighborhood about 6-months ago, I called AT&T for DSL service. At that time all they offered was dial-up, which struck me as odd since their competition was offering Fiber. Since dial-up didn't meet my needs, I ended up with a cable modem. Last Saturday two sales people came knocking on my door selling U-verse. I liked what they were offering, and signed up for the package. I was told I would receive a call within the hour to schedule my installation.

No call came, so on Monday I called to see what was up. After being bounced around and left on hold endlessly, I was eventually connected to the right person, who told me the installation was scheduled for Wednesday of the same week. Unfortunately I couldn't make that day, and we rescheduled for the following Friday. So far so good... I thought. On Wednesday I got a phone call from a very irritated technician who was waiting outside my door wondering where I was. I explained that I had rescheduled, and immediately called customer service again.

Surprise, surprise, they had no record of my call from Monday, apologized profusely, and scheduled me again for Friday. Friday came, and the window for installation they had given me came and went. I called yet again, and this time was told that my installation had been scheduled for the following Tuesday (April 1st oddly enough). They claimed that an unexplained problem had caused the installation to be rescheduled, but couldn't explain either the problem or when it had been discovered.

I can only guess sometime after the original installer had been there on Wednesday. The nice lady on the phone apologized profusely (I suspect they have a script for this) and promised to have it taken care of immediately. Rather than leave me on hold, she took my number and promised to call back "in just a few minutes" with a solution. One hour later I called back.

This time I was told that I had been scheduled for the next day. When I asked when they planned on communicating that to me, they apologized profusely (Dejavu). By now I had had enough, and asked that that they cancel the entire order, since I could only guess their product would be just as good as their installation service.

I was immediately transferred to a manager, who after hearing my story responded with "Oh. So you want to cancel or what?" If you can't get the basics right, like installation, how can you expect to manage something truly complex, like a fiber optic network.

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