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U-verse First Impression - Horrible Service And Lies!
By -

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- We were solicited a couple of weeks ago by AT&T representatives who were soliciting the new Fiber Optic based services recently made available in our neighborhood. My wife and I listened to the pitch and felt that what AT&T was offering was a better value than what we currently had with Time Warner San Diego Cable services. We signed up for the U200 package. (Internet/ cable/ phone) for $124/mo.

We scheduled an install appointment for December 19th. The first issue I have is that the sales person told us that our internet would be “much faster” than what we had with Time Warner. (From 3mb/s to 10mb/s). Turns out they mislead us by that statement. Actually, they lied. According to the information we received today from the installer, our speed is still 3mb/s but I can always PAY MORE to upgrade the speed to MAX 10 (10mb/s). That is a very deceitful practice even if unintentional. We were told that our internet would be faster if we switched over to AT&T for $124/mo. It's not faster. It's the same speed as before!

The second issue was that we would not lose the few HD channels that we had through Time Warner included with their basic services. They assured me that not only would we have the basic HD channels but a few new ones. Turns out they mislead us by that statement. Actually, they lied again. In order for us to keep ANY HD channels we could PAY MORE (again) $10/mo MORE.

My third issue id with the phone service. We were told that we would get the phone service installed on the same day. However, no one showed even after a call I made to customer service in the afternoon assured me that the appointment was there, and someone would come by 5 PM. No one did. I called a 6PM and was then told that there was NO appointment scheduled because they hadn't gotten the phone number released from Time Warner.

They had over a week to get the release and no one bothered to follow up with us. Why? We were told that it will take 1-2 more weeks to get our phone service working. As of the end of this day, we have spoken to at least over 6 different people on the phone, with each one asking us for the SAME information.

And last but not least, we have spent hours on the phone with technical support because none of our email accounts are working and no one at AT&T seems to know why. They just keep running us through the same configuration mazes over and over! And after hours of not making any progress on this issue the IT tech gave us the option moving up to the “next level” of PAYING FOR IT SUPPORT!!! This is an AT&T ISP provider issue, how DARE they want us to pay them to fix THEIR problems.

Is this the impression that AT&T wants to portray for its new customers? Does anyone at AT&T REALLY understand all the frustration and disappointment we have experienced so far with our new service? Does anyone care for that matter?

So, to summarize, we have the same speed internet, we have to now pay extra for any HD programming, no working phone in our home, and no functioning email accounts. We run a small business from our home and it is critical that we have our emails and phone working! If we had known this terrible mess was going to happen beforehand, we would have never switched from Time Warner which ALWAYS provided us good service over the years!

Can't we expect to receive at least the same level of service we had before, and not be left to resolve all these technical issues on our own. We mistakenly thought AT&T would stand behind their own salesman's statement that the services promised for the price quoted would be honored, and not just resort to playing the run-the-customer-around game.

Very unethical bait and switching! At this frustrating point, haven been lied to, deceived, and left with a mess of unresolved technical issues, we might as well switch back to Time Warner unless someone very soon can convince us of anything different soon.

U-verse is more like re-verse
By -

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- When I moved into my neighborhood about 6-months ago, I called AT&T for DSL service. At that time all they offered was dial-up, which struck me as odd since their competition was offering Fiber. Since dial-up didn't meet my needs, I ended up with a cable modem. Last Saturday two sales people came knocking on my door selling U-verse. I liked what they were offering, and signed up for the package. I was told I would receive a call within the hour to schedule my installation.

No call came, so on Monday I called to see what was up. After being bounced around and left on hold endlessly, I was eventually connected to the right person, who told me the installation was scheduled for Wednesday of the same week. Unfortunately I couldn't make that day, and we rescheduled for the following Friday. So far so good... I thought. On Wednesday I got a phone call from a very irritated technician who was waiting outside my door wondering where I was. I explained that I had rescheduled, and immediately called customer service again.

Surprise, surprise, they had no record of my call from Monday, apologized profusely, and scheduled me again for Friday. Friday came, and the window for installation they had given me came and went. I called yet again, and this time was told that my installation had been scheduled for the following Tuesday (April 1st oddly enough). They claimed that an unexplained problem had caused the installation to be rescheduled, but couldn't explain either the problem or when it had been discovered.

I can only guess sometime after the original installer had been there on Wednesday. The nice lady on the phone apologized profusely (I suspect they have a script for this) and promised to have it taken care of immediately. Rather than leave me on hold, she took my number and promised to call back "in just a few minutes" with a solution. One hour later I called back.

This time I was told that I had been scheduled for the next day. When I asked when they planned on communicating that to me, they apologized profusely (Dejavu). By now I had had enough, and asked that that they cancel the entire order, since I could only guess their product would be just as good as their installation service.

I was immediately transferred to a manager, who after hearing my story responded with "Oh. So you want to cancel or what?" If you can't get the basics right, like installation, how can you expect to manage something truly complex, like a fiber optic network.

What a Mess
By -

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN -- I was to get the new AT&T U-verse cable television installed in my house on June 11. The technician arrived around nine in the morning and begin to work, tearing out my existing cable, installing new cables and bringing in the new equipment. He said he had to wait for a new cable to be run from the cable box to my house but the guy would arrive soon.

Two guys did come and install a new cable, left on top of the ground. The tech worked some more and after about eight hours I noticed him standing around and I asked him if there was a problem. He said no he was waiting for a call from his supervisor. Well after about another hour he comes in and says, "We can't get you cable here, you are too far away from the box. It's just around the corner."

So I said, "OK are you going to restore my old service?" He said, "I will try but am not familiar with their system." Well he left after a few minutes with cables still hanging down, no phone service, no internet and one television that worked. I called and complained and they said, "It's your problem to get it fixed, not ours." No one will respond to me since. So beware.

Different bill every time
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- This company has a way of charging you something different for every month. They have a system with promotions they give you for FREE, but when that promotion ends (which should not have made a diff for the bill) your bill goes up. I have to call every month and battle it out over the changes to my bill. I have never had a consistent bill and not to mention the service provided isn't worth the money the charge.

It is not uncommon for me to have issues with their products either. Their representatives have a different explanation for the same thing every time I call. Having cable should not be so ** difficult!!! I have heard that Time Warner sucks just as bad. You can't win with these money hungry companies. I just want a consistent reasonably priced bill. The promotions are confusing and I would have appreciated them telling me my bill would gradually grow to unreasonable prices by the end of the year when I signed up. I would highly advise against this company unless you like monthly aggravations.

Incomprehensible sub-standard customer service
By -

I ordered the bundle from AT&T in early August with an install date of 8/17. It is now 8/25 and none of the three work. I can't get anyone on the phone. Every line I dial (in the hand-outs and e-mails they provided) ends in someone telling me to dial a different number (no warm transfer, no forwarding). Each line is a 10-15 minute wait. I can't even cancel the service. Online "contact us" lands at no web page.

I tried to register my account online and the link in the "welcome" email leads to no webpage. I'm 7 days in and about 10 hours spent trying to get support. I'm an engineer and have worked in IT services for 6 years. This is not user error. I switched b/c Time Warner phone would go out sporadically and the digital cable would freeze up several times a month. I even got to the billing line to cancel the service and they advised I call the same tech support number. This is absolutely absurd!

Do Not Get U-Verse
By -

I had AT&T U-verse installed Mar 18, 2010. Almost every day, will be watching program and loose sound for about 30 seconds, sometimes 8 - 10 times a day. Also, sometimes picture freezes. Will be calling Monday and have them come pick their crap up. If I'm going to pay big bucks for this crap - I at least want to hear it. AT&T U-verse sucks. Use rabbit ears if you have to but don't use U-verse.

Promised $350 rebate~that was a LIE!
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- When we signed up for U-verse about 4 months ago, we were kind of leery of the whole thing but finally were told that if we did switch from cable to AT&T that we would receive by mail a $350 Visa card which could be used how we pleased. Well it has been 4 months and no card! So we called this morning and they say they have no record of our supposedly getting that deal and that they can not even track down the man who supposedly promised us that deal.

WHAT A CROCK!! I am very disappointed that they just said "sorry, can't help ya!" So we will be canceling our service needless to say! OH....and not to mention, we have had several defects with our cable device! It just goes out, out of nowhere and won't come back on for an hour or so. Also, on several occasions we have set to record a program and it will only record half or none of it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND GETTING THIS SERVICE!

You had better have good credit!
By -

If your credit score does not measure up, AT&T expects you to give them a $450 non-refundable deposit in order to get U-Verse. It doesn't go toward anything and you never get it back. This includes if you've been a long standing customer and have no pay issues with them. They have FOREVER lost this customer!

AT&T U-Verse Is A Joke!
By -

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- I think I am only writing this to make myself feel better but in January 09' I signed up to receive the U200 package in my home. I was made the following promises... $200 cash back for signing up. 2 free months of service. 2 free DVRs (I don't even use the one I have but when you can have 2 why not). A promotional rate of $10-$15 off for the first year.

While I was moving in the reps came by and reiterated these facts to me and also assured me that the development I live in was wired for U-Verse when it was being built. Here is what I got... Missed an entire day of work waiting for the installer that was 6 hours late. An incomplete install that was not completed until nearly 2 weeks after initial installation. An invoice for the first month. Found out I am not eligible for the $200 back because I signed up in store instead of online. Took an act of congress to get them to complete the install.

The invoice was at full retail, no discounted rate. Over 50 minutes used of peak hours cell phone time with their "tech department". One DVR. Right as the first installer was leaving the Comcast Rep came to my door. Thank god I kept his card. I feel better, if this helps anyone else in their decision making when it comes to choosing phone/internet/cable deals I have done my part.

Lack of Communication
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- 14 Dec 08: Waited for a technician between 0800-1200 for installation, but technician never showed up. 15 Dec 08: Tried to install the service but U-Verse installation found that they couldn't get a signal to the house so a repair had to be made to one of the access points. They stated that once the outside cable and source had been repaired, the technician will come in and finish the installation. Repair couldn't be accomplished that day so the technician said that they will come in first thing in the morning to complete the job.

16 Dec: A technician found defective wiring outside the house and failed to tell us this fact. Instead we waited all day long just to find out that we were re-scheduled for the installation due to the repair of another defective part. Customer service representative told us that once the part was fixed we would be "escalated" priority for installation. Right now we will be scheduled for a Dec 31st installation just in case. Customer service said that they will give me a call (1000-1100) the next day for the status of repair. Customer service once again fails to call.

19 Dec: I call in to check the status of repair and they said that part was fixed and they will be calling me that day for an installation within the next two to three days. 20 Dec: I receive an email from AT&T stating that I've been scheduled for installation on Jan 6, 2009! I wonder what happened to my 31 Dec installation. I call in telling them my situation and how I'm a telecommuter, and later that day, I receive a voicemail from a supervisor stating that they can't do anything about my situation and that was the next available slot.

20 Dec: I cancelled the order. The problem with this whole situation is that I am a telecommuter and I need an internet connection to do my job. I'm sure AT&T finds it acceptable to waste everybody's time with run around promises knowing that more customers will take my place anyway.

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