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A 5 Day Nightmare
By -

WEST SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Called AT&T to upgrade my basic DSL from 1.5 to 3.0 meg. The salesperson advised I could get U-verse at 6.0 meg for $3.00 more than my DSL/Phone rate, and that AT&T would put a fiber cable to my home to guarantee the speed. The install would be seamless, with a few hours of no internet service. I opted for a self-install, as I am fairly competent with computers. The equipment was to be shipped to me in advance of the install date which was May 27.

I was home for the appointed hours: 12-4. The tech showed up at 3, checked the line, and all was a go. DSL was offline, no internet. Problem: no equipment (BTW, no fiber either. It is NOT a fiber to the home, but a system using the old telephone wires.).

Called at 6 pm, was assured it would be at my home by 12 midnight (?). Could not believe this, called back, asked for an escalation. Supervisor told me that, after looking, no equipment had been shipped. Got through to tier 2 support, who said the equipment would be delivered by a local installer between the hours of 12-4 the next day (Tuesday). Waited until 3:30 when the installer called and said he had no equipment. Back on the phone, back on hold for another hour or so, back to tier 2. That man said the equipment would go out that night, overnight delivery by UPS.

No equipment Wednesday. Called, sat on hold, finally got back in. Was able to get a tracking number which had the equipment shipped Wednesday, two day. Today, Friday, finally got the equipment with a new turn on date of June 1st. Hours on hold, multiple disconnects due to their phone glitches, dealing with very polite people who apologize, but seem to be able to do little. Glad I did not take the television side of this mess. If you go with AT&T, have a pot of coffee ready, a lot of time to spend on the phone, and maybe take a Valium. You will need it. NOT RECOMMENDED, AT&T U-VERSE.

AT&T UVerse does not work as advertised
By -

CORONA, CALIFORNIA -- When the AT&T representative ** sold us the U-Verse package he said he checked to see if it worked in our area. He affirmed it did. When the technician ** came to install it he had major signal problems and promised me he would fix the problem and make it work. (He lied). He said he finished the installation, everything works OK and left.

Later that night the signal to the set top boxes froze. We had to toggle the TV and Set Top Box off and on several times to get the signal back. This happened consistently after that. We filed a complaint and they sent out another technician **. He tightened up connections in a number of boxes and told us it was fixed. NOPE. Same problem. So we elected to go back to our Direct TV service.

I discussed this with ** (the Store Sales Manager) before and told him that if they could not fix the problem I wanted the AT&T technician to disconnect the U-Verse service and put back my Direct TV. His comment, “No problem. I will have them do that.” I tried to get the technicians out to fix it again and the Service Manager ** admitted they had a problem in my area and 700 to 800 customers were having the same problem.

I called ** and told him I needed the technician to disconnect the U-Verse service and reconnect my Direct TV service. His comment “Our Technicians don't do that” and this is after he told me they could change the service back over. He continually denied ever telling me this (** lied through his teeth during our original conversation as I soon discovered). When I discussed this with his manager ** (Store Manager) he lied to her also and denied ever telling me this. AT&T you have a store full of liars. You need to fix this problem.

Problem solved. I disconnected the U-Verse service myself (that never worked) and reconnected up my DIRECT TV. Now I have to make arrangement to send their Set Top boxes back myself. AT&T you have no idea what customer service is. You run a LIARS CLUB!!!

Lack of Communication
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- 14 Dec 08: Waited for a technician between 0800-1200 for installation, but technician never showed up. 15 Dec 08: Tried to install the service but U-Verse installation found that they couldn't get a signal to the house so a repair had to be made to one of the access points. They stated that once the outside cable and source had been repaired, the technician will come in and finish the installation. Repair couldn't be accomplished that day so the technician said that they will come in first thing in the morning to complete the job.

16 Dec: A technician found defective wiring outside the house and failed to tell us this fact. Instead we waited all day long just to find out that we were re-scheduled for the installation due to the repair of another defective part. Customer service representative told us that once the part was fixed we would be "escalated" priority for installation. Right now we will be scheduled for a Dec 31st installation just in case. Customer service said that they will give me a call (1000-1100) the next day for the status of repair. Customer service once again fails to call.

19 Dec: I call in to check the status of repair and they said that part was fixed and they will be calling me that day for an installation within the next two to three days. 20 Dec: I receive an email from AT&T stating that I've been scheduled for installation on Jan 6, 2009! I wonder what happened to my 31 Dec installation. I call in telling them my situation and how I'm a telecommuter, and later that day, I receive a voicemail from a supervisor stating that they can't do anything about my situation and that was the next available slot.

20 Dec: I cancelled the order. The problem with this whole situation is that I am a telecommuter and I need an internet connection to do my job. I'm sure AT&T finds it acceptable to waste everybody's time with run around promises knowing that more customers will take my place anyway.

Don't Listen To Them When They Offer You A Promotion
By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- On Saturday, July 26th someone came to our door and said we just did some construction in your area and installing fiber optics for AT&T U-Verse. She asked us what we have now we told her we pay $30/month for internet and around $33/month for phone service. I also pay a special rate of $19.99/month for cable until January with Comcast. She said that AT&T wants to get everybody to switch over to fiber optics because regular phone lines were never intended to be used to carry DSL. She said I can give you TV, Internet, and phone for $69/month.

I knew it was too good to be true. I verified it with her 5 times and she said yes TV, Internet, and phone for $71/month with taxes. I said sign me up. She said I can also give you $100 cash back and one month free TV. That even sweetened the deal for me. She called in to AT&T and ordered it and they said you cannot get the $100 cash back and one month free of TV because I ordered the U100 package. I said that is OK and to go ahead and order it. Right after she left I received an e-mail from AT&T confirming that U-Verse has been ordered. I said great I can finally leave Comcast.

I thought about it for a few hours and I thought is the $69/month just for internet and TV. She gave me her cell phone number and it was a long distance call for me because she still had a Long Island, NY area code and confirmed the price one more time and she said no it is $69 for TV/Internet and I will get a separate bill for my phone service. I said cancel it. She said I would have to call AT&T and she gave me the number. I asked since it is the weekend would they be closed now and she said no, they're open. I called them and guess what closed until Monday. I called her back and left her a firm message.

Still haven't heard a response. I just hope I can get out of this mess easy enough. I also contacted the FCC for False advertisement. Like all of the other reviewers have said when they come to your door do yourself a favor and not answer it.

Resolution Update 07/28/2008:

I called on Monday, July 28th and the rep apologized and offered it for $70/month for the triple play. Hopefully, it is the price they gave us.

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Rating: 1/51

HARTFORD CITY, INDIANA -- In June, 2011, when we were planning our move from Alexandria, Indiana, to Mooresville, Indiana, I contacted AT&T to transfer our phone and Internet services (account **). After going through the whole process and documenting everything, we moved. Then to our dismay, AT&T started charging us for breaking a contract and starting new service. After several months of trying to resolve this with AT&T, I resorted to posting the problem on Internet sites for complaints. That finally got quick results. **, AT&T customer relations appeals and escalation team, contacted me and corrected the problem.

Now, when we just moved again from Mooresville to Hartford City, Indiana, the same old problem arose. We would have once again transferred our AT&T phone and Internet services when we moved to Hartford City; but we are living in housing provided by our employer, which includes AT&T phone and Internet. AT&T is once again charging me $150.00 for breaking a contract, although the contract from Alexandria had expired. The strange thing is that they just paid me a check for $117.97 to finally pay me up for the overcharges of last year!

I have twice called **, ID ** and phone **, on April 16 and again on April 27, leaving detailed messages each time. I have provided her the case number from last year, ** to reference. I have not received any response thus far, thus I am posting the same continuing problem on this Internet compliant site. It seems that is the ONLY way to get a response from the giant, impersonal AT&T corporation. If they would just treat their customers fairly and respond to them, this would not be necessary. The only response I've received is from a collection agency that AT&T has turned the case over to!

Complaint After Complaint
By -

I'm so tired of complaining about my bill being different every month. I dropped the sports channels last month to reduce my bill as my wife and I are both laid off now. Our bill this month is $17.00 higher than last month. I've spent over 3 hrs. trying to figure out the differences and am still can't figure out what they overcharged me for.

We've called customer service each month for at least the last 3 to 4 months and every time they say our bill will go down. It always go up. The customer reps are confused as to the meaning of UP & DOWN. I plan to find a new cable & internet co. ASAP. I truly have never despised a company more than AT&T.

Don't take the bait!
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- $200 cash back incentive is awesome. Until you realize what you get from AT&T is bad service, "surprise" fees and faulty equipment! I have had AT&T U-Verse service for a little over 2 months and have had nothing but trouble! The main box to our house went out the first month - dead battery. I also wanted to add cable to a third room. I was told the new box would just be $7 a month, great. However the next week I see a box charge of $55 and a trip charge for $55 - $110 more than the quoted $7.

Our bill was over $350, which should be criminal! Just a few weeks later another box in our home went out. Isn't there a lemon law for cable service? Everything they have installed has been faulty and I'm overcharged every time I get a bill. So don't take the carrot of $200 back. They get it back (and some) one way or another!

Bait and Switch
By -

AT&T recently came to my door, and offered to beat Cox's prices, with full HD, all the movie channels, and a phone, for the same price as Cox, but I would get phone service too. Then they arrived to install — and everything was wrong. They had my contact phone wrong, so they could not call me in advance.

They had my order wrong — so it did not include any HD. And they had the price wrong, so it was going to cost me more — for less. The install guy seemed to have the job of being the honest one, as he went over my order and clarified all the important points. He obviously had been down this road.

It seemed very routine that he got me on the phone with customer service, who kept trying to fix the problem, with higher prices for the same services I already had. So, I threw them out of my house. The install tech was relieved that he didn't have to install another one — just to uninstall once the customer figured out it was a bait and switch — which is exactly what this was.

The sales guy who came a couple weeks ago said how great my HD signal would be (as he checked the box for no HD) and all for the same low price as my HD with Cox — and I would get a phone. I got the feeling from the tech, that this was standard. He was supposed to install it — and then I would have to buy more stuff to get the HD I was originally expecting. So, be wary of AT&T. I never felt so good cancelling an order. And I will continue to avoid AT&T.

Boycott AT&T Uverse
By -

SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA -- I am 30 years old and out of my many experiences with customer service, AT&T UVerse is by far the very worst. I don't think it can get any worse unless monkeys ran the phones. I'm not exaggerating. I called on January 30th, 2009 for cable and internet service. They scheduled me for installation on February 9th, 2009 at noon. So I took time off to be home for the installation (someone over 18 has to be present).

February 9th at 1pm, I called them to check on the status of my technician. They repeatedly transferred me to someone else and after 20 minutes, a representative told me they didn't have my apt # so they had to reschedule me. I said, "Why didn't you just call me for it?" I checked to make sure they had my right cell # which they already did. All they could say without any meaning behind it, "Sorry. We have an opening on March 31st." What?!? How did 9 days without internet become a month and 3 weeks???

Not happening. So I called everyday (I would've called Time Warner Cable instead but UVerse is the only one that services my building to my misfortune). After 8 phone calls, over an hour of listening to music, 11 transfers to different depts who kept sending me back to the dept that transferred me in the first place, 3 hang ups whenever I asked for a manager, I finally got rescheduled to February 25th. Guess what? February 25th went by with no technician or installation. After all this, I've given up. I'd rather drive 5 blocks to the library for internet than give my $$ to UVerse. Please boycott AT&T Uverse with me.

U-Verse is a Half Baked Product
By -

NORTH DALLAS, TEXAS -- U-verse is a half baked product and I should have seen the signs from far away… Young hoodlum of a sales rep approaches my door to sell me TV service (who the hell goes around door to door solicitation customers, only Bible sellers and Jehovah witnesses). They could never verify my account. IVR Phone system when calling into Customer Support takes you into a black hole of repetitive confirmation of your billing telephone number.

Tech guy looked and smelled like a hoodlum as well. Has no PPV or features as promised. I have to point my remote to the dang box. The transition from channel to channel has a 3 second delay. Shows in the middle of reception are interrupted by a “No signal” error message. The list goes on… Do yourself a big favor stay with your current Dish/Cable network... Avoid AT&T. They are a bunch of incompetent idiots...

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