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Fraudulent business practices of AT&T and Advanced services Billing Inc.
Posted by Kimwsmith on 10/04/2008
ALABAMA -- On my AT&T phone bill. About a year ago I received notice that my statement from AT&T would begin arriving in a "new format". This notice was presented as though AT&T had adopted an easier to understand billing format. However: AT&T was NOT the one changing the format. AT&T had conspired with "Enhanced Services Billing Inc." to add a FRAUDULENT charge of %15.95 A MONTH for my "New Enhanced Bill" to already over rated services from AT&T.

My wife had clicked on a coupon and innocently gave out our phone number to these criminals. When I called "Enhanced Services Billing" at 1-888-293-3724 they said they will credit me for the $130.00+ they and AT&T had conspired to FRAUDULENTLY obtain from me for IMAGINARY "services".

I called AT&T at 1-888-757-6500 and informed them that I am aware of their fraudulent conspiracy with "Enhanced Services Billing Inc." to demand they stop billing me for something I never received, wanted, OR AUTHORIZED.

The AT&T representative I talked to asked if I or my wife had "read the fine print" on the coupon? That: shows me that AT&T is well aware of the perpetrated fraud and is ALSO A PARTICIPATING PARTY TO FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES.

This illegal charge was never verified with any confirmation whatsoever. They just started the billing process in the hope that they would get away with it.

If I don't get my money back in a reasonable time: I will set up a computer with a modem to speed dial their toll free number at "Enhanced Services Billing Inc." with thousands of "hang-up" calls to cause damage and disruption for those thieves.

"Enhanced Services Billing Inc." is committing wire fraud and AT&T IS A WILLING PARTICIPANT who also receives monetary compensation related to this fraud.

I am canceling all of my AT&T "services". Getting a cable internet connection and "Vonage" as my telephone service. And: that choice is much cheaper, and of higher quality than what AT&T provides.

This raw deal has actually helped me find a much better deal elsewhere.

Ditch AT&T! you never know when they will screw you too! Sooner or later: THEY WILL!

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-10-04:
Become proficient in this battle with AT&T/Enhanced Services Billing. You will need the experience when you fight with Vonage. Vonage will make AT&T seem like they were Mom.
Posted by MyDogsMom on 2008-10-04:
Actually no...AT&T won't screw me over. I won't click on a coupon and give them my phone number without reading exactly what I'm agreeing to.

How long did these charges go on without you noticing them? You should have caught the charge the first time it was charged and you might have had a legitimate complaint that your wife didn't know what she was agreeing to. But if you let the charge go month after month, it just makes you sound disgruntled now. Your complaint should be directed at your wife, not AT&T. She's the one the who agreed to the charge!

As for your comment about "phone bombing" them...that's illegal and just plain stupid even if they are scammers.

Posted by Ponie on 2008-10-05:
Your wife 'innocently' gave out your phone number? Quick, have her give it to me--I have a bridge I've been trying to unload for quite some time but have had no takers.
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Forced 'Operator Assisted' Call Charges
Posted by Baaa on 09/18/2008
Run for your life! AT&T’s Customer Service has been taken-over by Zombies! I was an AT&T customer for 30+ years but not anymore. I am convinced that AT&T is SCAMMING their clients for millions of dollars, just by forcing them to use 'Operator Assisted' calls caused by their own faulty phone service lines.

When I recently called AT&T customer service about a like incident all of the representative that I spoke to, eerily in an almost spooky-way, responded in the same scripted, accented, mono-tone, word-for-word dialogue about some quirky rule that they “can not reimburse for an Operator Assisted call” and that it was basically my own fault for being forced to use an operator.

I tried, in vain to explain to their customer service folks what happened, as it was so obvious from looking at the phone bill, the terms of events leading up to the forced ‘Operator Assistance’. Looking back, it would have been easier not to have called and just spoken to a brick wall. Never mind that a number I was able to dial prior, using the same exact phone just minutes before was no longer considered valid according to AT&T’s system. I can even, remember at the time thinking how nice it was for AT&T to send an operator to assist with connecting my call. Wow! I was thinking such great customer service, until I got slapped with a huge AT&T bill!

AT&T charged me $50+ for a call that lasted less than 10 minutes because it was an ‘Operator Assisted’ call. This call would have normally been less than $1 according to my calling plan. I was basically being forced into a situation to pay an exorbitant amount for using an operator, because of AT&T’s own faulty service lines. How odd that a valid number all of a sudden became invalid and that I could not make a connection without their own operator to assist! This smacks of extortion.

At one point, when I called AT&T’s customer service, and asked to speak to a manager, I got a ‘fake-supervisor du jour’, who read off the same scripted response as the initial, non-supervisory representative, when I then asked him for his manager, I was told that he has "an OFF-line Manager" and that “I could not escalate this issue any further” and was than giving a PO Box to write my complaint to.

I believe that AT&T is scamming people for millions using forced ‘Operator Assisted’ calls and in general, a shut-out client service tactic, with little recourse for the consumer.

This customer bids her final, Good-BYE and good riddance to AT&T! I am walking with my on-line bill pay check-book to a more customer oriented, less deceptive company.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-09-18:
how did you dial the call? do you have any blocks on your long distance or other service?
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Lousy Service
Posted by Cityguync on 09/02/2008
WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered phone service thru AT&T a few weeks ago with an install date for 9/2. I was not initially given a window of time and was basically told it was anytime in the day. I took off work and spent the day home waiting for them. I called in to AT&T a number of times and the automated machine kept hanging up on me. I waited at the low end 1 hour at a time on hold to speak with someone and most of those representative lost my call during transfer which meant another hour on hold trying to get to speak with someone again. Well this went on for around 4 hours today.

I finally spoke with someone who told me my window of install was between 12 and 6pm so I didn't really need to stay here all day but was never initially told that. This person checked the account, checked the numbers and verified that the install was scheduled. Well at 6pm tonight after no one I had shown up I started the entire process of calling them all over again. The first representative after an hour on hold told me he could not give me any info on the account and had to transfer me to another number to obtain the information and of course that office was closed. I once again called back and went thru the entire hold process again to be told the account was put on hold and no other information was available except from the office which of curse was closed.

Now mind you, I don't even have their service and already am being treated with disrespect and like garbage. No one called me, no one told me there was an issue they just let me sit home like an idiot all day begging them for information. Well I want to know what happened between 3pm when the install was verified and 6pm when no one showed up and no one called. This is lousy service.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
This seems to be an ever increasing common occurence with a lot of companies these days. No show, no calls, customers wait on hold for hours, take time (sometimes days when all is said and done) off from work...don't any of these companies provide solid service anymore or understand the concept that first impressions are key?

I hope you get your issue resolved w/o any more issues, but I wouldn't bet on it at this point.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
Cityguync, who is your local cable provider? They may offer VoIP phone service. Better rates than AT&T and they will probably want your business.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-09-02:
Excellent idea, superbowl. I've been in the telecom industry as a customer for over 20 years and AT&T has always been my last choice for a vendor as their prices are too high and their service is terrible. I recently moved my home POTS line from AT&T to Cox Communications VOIP service. Cox is charging me less than half what AT&T did, they were very prompt in scheduling and showing up for the installation and I can't tell the difference in the line quality.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-03:
Suusan, I have been with Cox VoIP since they started offering it and have had excellent service and quality.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-03:
I see Vonage advertises a lot, might be worth considering.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-03:
Vonage is the worst of the worst. Lousy service, terrible quality and they steal their customers blind every chance they get.
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-09-03:
I'm one of the few fans of Vonage. I've been a happy customer for a few years now. No problems. We pay $14.99/month and can't complain at that price.

I have read horror stories when folks try to cancel, but fortunately we have not had to go through that.

Also, the quality of their service is highly dependent on the internet setup you have at home. If you don't have good high speed internet, it can affect the quality of your calls. Another common problem with Vonage is incorrect setup. You need to make sure your Vonage modem gets top priority on your home network, which means you usually have to put it first BEFORE your router. Then have the router wired from the Vonage modem. This gives Vonage the ability to use the maximum bandwidth if needed to give the best quality phone calls.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-03:
I agree with Sparticus, as I also have Vonage with zero issues. I love it..
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-03:
My neighbor and brother in law have Vonage for years and absolutely love it. I've heard it can be daunting to install if one isn't very tech minded though.
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-09-03:
Installation isn't too tough. You just need to know where to add it to your setup. We simply plugged the Ethernet line from our cable modem straight into the Vonage modem, and then ran a line from the Vonage modem straight into our home wireless network router.

But most folks are not going to realize how to do this from the instructions, since it can be confusing with so many "gadgets" plugged into your router. I would imagine the majority of consumers just see that whole setup of an internet modem and router as a black box that just works...

But that is what we are here for on sites like this! To help out! ;-)
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-03:
Neighbor told me it was one of the best feelings to finally unhook the blood sucking phone company from his house. I'm considering taking the plunge and doing it too Mr. Sparticus.
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-09-03:
That is exactly why we did it. We do not have an active phone line to our home. We were fed up paying $40/month for a basic phone line with no long distance. And on top of that if we accidentally called long distance, it would let it through and bill us ridiculous rates from some 3rd party crime partner (MCI at the time). That was the last straw for us. We cancelled that week. They called us trying to get our service back, asking what can they do. I told them if they can give me the phone service with free long distance for $15/month I would consider returning. They of course said they could not do that. So we said our goodbyes.
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No Customer Service Whatsoever
Posted by Eileen623 on 08/11/2008
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Irate CSR retaliates to a statement I made and disconnected my phone service which I've had for over 13 years. For three days I am told a variety of differing stories--phone service to be reconnected with no worries by 8 with DSL on the same day. At one point my call is routed to an outsourcing call center where my very feminine voice keeps being met with Mr. and sir this and that. Blind transferred to multiple departments on several occasions. On the third day without DSL, I am told this is unrealistic to think I will have DSL anytime soon.

It is a new account now and I will have to wait at least a week or more to have internet service. Switching internet service providers. You can have AT&T.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-12:
That must have been a very nasty statement you made to the CSR for her to disconnect your service.
Posted by Pearlita on 2008-08-14:
I had to quit AT&T before I ever even started using it. Here's my horror story: I ordered AT&T high-speed Internet (DSL) service and was told that my equipment would be arriving within a few days. By the end of the week, I had never received it, so I called the company to find out status and was told that it was never ordered. They had no explanation as to why the order was never fulfilled, except to say that my records did not reflect an order (this, after I had spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with the salesperson explaining my precise equipment needs.) So, I gave AT&T the benefit of the doubt and I ordered the equipment that I would need to access my service a second time, and a week later, still no equipment. I called again and they had no explanation for the fact that the equipment had not been shipped but they did say that my records showed that it had been ordered.

With the impression that AT&T simply didn't have the ability to get my service started, I asked to cancel the service and was told that I would be charged for it even though I:

a) never received a service confirmation from AT&T, either by email or letter
b) was never instructed, or never received instructions from AT&T as to how to access my Internet service
c) never received equipment enabling me to access their Internet service
d) never spent a moment online using AT&T high speed Internet
e) never received an AT&T email address

The CSR said that I would eventually be credited for the amount charged. But when I asked for written confirmation that I would not be charged, AT&T refused to provide it. My feeling is that if they slipped up twice, what's to stop them from getting it wrong again? I fully expect that this saga will continue...although I'm hoping I won't have to battle them out. I have been an AT&T phone customer for many, many years. The worst part is that the CSR "manager/supervisor" that I last spoke with left me with a very bad feeling. The other 3 CSR folks at AT&T that I've spent hours with on the phone these past few weeks were at least friendly, but he was scary!
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How Bad AT&T Has Treated Me As A Customer
Posted by SuperDave on 02/22/2008
I am writing to inform others of how bad AT&T has treated me as a customer. I will start at the beginning. I use AT&T phone service but previously got my internet service from the local cable provider. Although I was on the “Do not call” list, I received approximately 8 calls from AT&T sales people in 4 months who tried to get me to switch to their DSL service. Some of them were very aggressive and even acted like jerks but I calmly asked them to stop calling me, yet they continued to call. Even though I didn’t appreciate all of the unsolicited sales calls, I needed to save some money and decided to make the switch. Part of the reason for my decision was based on AT&T’s television advertisements where they claimed I would get a certain reward based on the service I signed up for.

I called AT&T on October 28, 2007 and signed up for the DSL service and was told that I would get a $75.00 rebate check for the modem and a $125.00 reward check after I filled out the coupon and mailed it along with a copy of my recent cable internet bill. I was told it would take 4-6 weeks to receive the reward check. I checked online and as soon as I was eligible, I printed off the form, filled it out accurately, signed it and sent it along with the copy of my cable bill to the correct address provided. I did everything promptly and accurately. Then I waited almost 6 weeks and did not receive the checks. Towards the end of December, 2007, I called AT&T’s customer service department to find out the status of the checks and was told that I was disqualified. When I asked why, the girl couldn’t give me a legitimate answer and acted like she couldn’t care less anyway. I hung up and called back and got the same response from another representative. They didn’t even know how to qualify me again. I asked to speak to a manager and was told it would be 24 to 48 hours before a manager could call me. That was a convenient way to blow me off.

I waited a couple more weeks and called back in early January, 2008. This time I spoke to a lady who acted like she knew what she was doing and cared more about me as a customer. She said that they had been having trouble with their reward program but assured me that she had re-qualified me for the $125.00 reward. Then I spoke to her manager who re-qualified me for the $75.00 rebate. I was told that it would take another 4-6 weeks. I did receive the $75.00 rebate check in the mail about a week later. If I hadn’t called back when I did though, I doubt that I would have gotten it. However, the $125.00 reward check never came. So I waited until February 8, 2008 and called the reward center. I explained the situation again and was told that I was once again listed as disqualified. I was livid. I was then told I had to call the AT&T customer service center again because they were the ones who needed to rectify my qualification status. I then called the customer care center and was told that my $125.00 reward check was actually mailed the previous day on February 7, 2008 and it would take 7-10 business days to receive it. I called again and talked to another representative who confirmed that the check was sent and also confirmed the tracking number.

10 business days passed and still no check. I called the AT&T customer service center this morning, February 22, 2008, and once again had to explain the history of this issue. The girl set up a conference call for me with her and a manager at the Reward Center. I explained the problem to her and she told me that I was still disqualified and the customer service center would have to qualify me again. She said it would be another 4-6 weeks before I would receive the check. I said “This is ridiculous. I never should have been disqualified the first time.” I then asked the girl who was still on the call from the customer service center to let me speak to her manager. This time she got a manager who wasn’t worth much. The moron had no idea what to do. I asked him to set up a conference call with a manager at the reward center to get this straightened out once and for all. He told me he couldn’t do that even though the customer service representatives could. That didn’t make any sense. I told him to call a manager at the reward center and have him call me but of course that never happened. I then called the customer service center one more time, explained the situation again, and she contacted a manager at the reward center. I was told by this manager that the disqualification was only lifted today and it would be another 4-6 weeks before I received the check. I said “You are just stringing this along. How am I to believe I will get it then after the experience I have already had with AT&T? I have already waited over 3 months. Why can’t you send it now?” She curtly told me that she would not change it and that’s the way it was. Nobody ever gave me a good reason why I had ever been disqualified because there was not one. I hung up.

AT&T is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are trying their best not to send people the reward money they were promised. I am appalled by their carelessness, irresponsibility, and unethical behavior. I did everything right according to their rules and all I have gotten from them is misleading information and lies. The customer service center and the reward center keeps passing the buck back and forth and cannot seem to communicate correctly and get their act together. What is amazing is that they are a communications company! I am sorry that AT&T was allowed to buy BellSouth back and become more of a monopoly again. Their television commercials are lies. They are experts at getting your bills to you on time and I have paid every one of them on time, but evidently they will not honor their word and pay many of their customers the reward that they promised them. I have read similar complaints from other customers on the internet and that is probably the tip of the iceberg since most of the customers have probably not said much.

I am speaking up because now it is not so much about the money as the principle of AT&T doing the right thing. Nobody likes being lied to and given the run-a-round but that is what they have given me. They are unethical and pathetic. I would recommend to anyone who reads this message that you avoid AT&T. They don’t seem to have a thread of decency.

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Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-22:
I just wanted to point out that even if you are on the "Do Not Call" list- if you have business with that company currently, they can call you even if you are on the Do Not Call list.

As far as everything else, that sucks man.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-02-22:
GS is telling it straight about the "Do Not Call List".
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2008-02-22:
This is true about the DNC list.

I have received almost $350.00 in rebates from AT&T. The only one that took longer than it should have was the $125.00 one. I never had any trouble from anyone there. I was able to look up the status online on each and every rebate. At&t was polite and prompt with what they said that they were going to do, including calling me back. I'm sorry you had so much problems with your rebates, they were having trouble during the month of December, which is when I got mine.
Posted by Fedup-Timeout on 2008-02-23:
Since AT@T came back into the picture, customers are now sometimes dealing with the represestatives the ATT reps brought with them. The original BellSouth, Atlantic Bell, Pacific Bell etc., representatives are very nice. Whenever I've called in and been treated in a nasty way, I've asked the rep if they are with the group that was with ATT [before the acquisition of the Bell companies] or an original BellSouth rep, and each time I've had a nasty rep it was an ATT. Whenever I call in and get the kind of courtesy that Bell company is famous for, it's been an employee who was with Bell before the "merger" took place. Now, on those rare occasions, when I just must call in, if I get an ATT rep, I politely let them know I'll call back later. I re-dial, ask the one who answers the same question, and if the rep tells me he or she is one of the "old" Bell reps, then, and only then, will I completer my business for which I'm calling. It's no longer easy to do business with that company.
Posted by amydb on 2008-12-09:
The EXACT same thing has happened to me!!! I have now waited 6 months to receive my $125 check for Cut the Cable. I have called AT&T every month for 6 months asking them for my check. Each time I speak to a supervisor and they tell me that they are mailing it out. I don't know what to do, because they all tell me the same thing - it's in the mail! What kind of company is this?!
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AT&T Billed for NOTHING!
Posted by Madtypist on 01/06/2008
KETTERING, OHIO -- Okay. My 86-year-old father died of a stroke last April. He lived alone, had Time Warner bundle of digital cable TV, internet service and home phone service. Following the stroke Dad was in a nursing hom for a month before he died and we kept the cable as we adult kids took turns flying in from our various home states and staying at his house. But by June it didn't make sense to keept it all so before I left to go back to California I canceled the Time Warner bundle and called AT&T so there would at least by phone service. So I ordered the basic home service, gave my alternate address and cell phone number in California, etc. I was told I HAD TO BE THERE at Dad's house for the installation and would be contacted in a few days. I wasn't. A few WEEKS later I was called on my cell phone that they were coming out on a specific date. I said, "Well, I'm back in California, can you install it without me there?"


I said, "Well, I'll see if I can find a neighbor of Dad's but if you don't hear from me, I haven't been able to do that and we'll reschedule the next time I'm back in Ohio."

Couldn't find a neighbor, decided the phone service could just wait until I was back in January.

Imagine my surprise when I get to Dad's house last week and found $80+ worth of phone bills month after month, and then the final shut-off notice. I called AT&T billing and was told this was a customer service issue. Transferred to customer service (and none of this is quick, you're on hold for a good five minutes each time). Customer service said no, this was a billing problem and before I could take a breath I was transferred back to Billing. Billing person said that I owed the bill, didn't matter I wasn't there (I didn't need to be there, no one would have told me that -- HUH?). I said LOOK, I had no idea the service was started, no idea you were billing me at an address where I didn't live...

Oops. Wrong thing to say, BACK to Customer Service.

Never get the same people of course so have to start my saga at the beginning each time. Explained again, said that the phone service they installed hadn't even worked or there would have been phone messages on Dad's answering machine. She said, "Well, we don't COVER that, you would need to call a service representative and there is a $75 minimum charge for us to come out and do that."

And yes, transferred again, at this point I'm not sure to whom, customer service or billing. I just said to WHOEVER I was talking to, "DO NOT TRANSFER ME ANY MORE!" Told my story YET and asked point blank if they were expecting me to pay. This rep said, "Well, I'll tell you what we can do for you, how about you only owe half the bill?"

I took that option rather than being totured through eternity between AT&T billing and customer service. I've paid more for less.

But, I will not do business with AT&T again, I am even going to switch my AT&T home service in California to the same as my internet provider. Hardly use that home phone anymore anyway, and don't know why my bill is so high for that phone line that is barely used since I got my cell phone. So the UP side is I am finally moved to take care of that. Will more than take care of the baseless charge AT&T stuck me with in Ohio.

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Posted by MRM on 2008-01-06:
May your father Rest In Peace.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-01-06:
I'm sorry to hear that you lost your Father.
When you called to have it changed, what address was the bill supposed to be sent to? The address of the house or to you in California?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-06:
more important, whose name was it in?
Posted by Madtypist on 2008-01-06:
DB, the bill was supposed to be sent to my address in California. JKT, it was in my name, they told me when I talked to them -- while I could LIST my father's name, the bill name had to be of a living person. Makes sense of course.

What irks me is AT&T had NO trouble locating me in California with my cell phone when they wanted to "set up" my service. Why not call me when those bills started adding up? Why not send it to the right address? I even gave them my email address! And they clearly could have seen that no phone calls were ever made.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-01-06:
Sounds to me like they are trying to make you pay for their mistake.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-07:
thoughts are with you good luck. thanks for coming back
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Shelley0930 on 12/06/2007
HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- I am writing this letter as a result of, what I believe to be, the worst customer service and business ethics, from a service-driven company, I have ever seen. I will start off by stating that this letter will be lengthy, but I feel it deserves attention due to the countless hours I have spent on the phone with AT&T and never got the results I deserved. The following is a brief outline of the troubles I have had dealing with AT&T in the short thirteen month time period I was a customer of AT&T.
I first became a customer of AT&T phone and internet service in June 27th 2006. The first issue that I encountered with AT&T is that the one hundred and fifty dollar rebate that I was promised on my DSL modem was never returned to me. To start my service off, I already paid one hundred and fifty dollars out of my own pocket and never had it returned. I tried to resolve this issue with customer service but I never received a solution to my problem.
After that point the service was fine until I encountered my next issue. In April of 2007 our internet service went down, for no reason. There were never any changes made to the way that anything was set up inside my home. For the next two weeks I spent almost every night on the phone with AT&T. Every customer service representative that I spoke with had me perform numerous maintenance checks and make changes to my internet settings to try to resolve the issue. Each time I called I had to go through this even though I explained to the customer service representative that I had already performed these checks and I needed more assistance. This was extremely frustrating to me, not only did I not have internet but I also wasted countless hours on hold, being transferred without receiving a positive solution to my problem. Finally the second to last phone call that was made regarding this issue a customer service representative informed me that a technician would have to come out to fix the problem. I was informed at that point that if the problem was and issue on my end that I would be charged but if the issue was on AT&T’s end there would be no charge for the technician to come out. The next day when I arrived home from work, my internet miraculously started working. I placed yet another call to AT&T, to try to stop a technician from making an unnecessary trip. When I spoke with the customer service representative, I was informed that a technician had already been out to our service area not my home and the technician resolved the issue at a connection point somewhere in my area. During this time I was credited back (to the exact cent) the days that I was out of internet service. I only received this credit after calling and speaking to yet another customer service representative and demanding that I have a credit posted to my account. I was quite disappointed with the credit we received because first of all I had to demand it, and secondly I feel that a company that truly values their customers would offer some sort of apology for the inconvenience no matter if it was verbal or monetary. I never received either, in fact I received a sixty dollar charge on my next statement for a technician to repair my service. I never understood how we were ever charged this considering that a technician never entered my home. I was at work when my service was restored.
The next point in our troubles with AT&T involves me moving. I called AT&T and transferred my service, after doing so I was still trying to get some resolution to the sixty dollar service fee I was charged. Finally I made a decision on July 17th 2007 that I would never receive the type of service that I needed from AT&T, so I called to cancel my service beginning on July 27th 2007. Quite frankly I felt more at ease paying more for similar service than having to deal with the customer service issues at AT&T.
Overall, I could go on and on about the details of every situation we have encountered with poor, if not horrible, customer service, but I will try to sum up my frustrating experience for you. My service was never cancelled in July 27th 2007, it was transferred and I continued to receive bills versus the credits that I know were owed to me. The service still was not successfully cancelled even after I called back on the July 27th 2007, the day I moved, after I saw a technician connecting service at my new residence. Since July 27th 2007 I have placed five phone calls to AT&T trying to cancel my service once and for all. Every time that I called I was assured that my service was cancelled, but it never was. At this point I know that I am still owed approximately sixty five dollars in credit from AT&T and certainly do not owe AT&T anymore money, and I am still not sure that this issue was completely resolved. In all honesty I feel that I deserve much more than the sixty five dollars, due to all the time, cell phone minutes, frustration and energy I have wasted trying to get the service I paid for to work properly and get money returned to me.
In closing this letter I want you to know, as I have never felt I’ve been treated so horribly from a service company. I will no longer be a customer of AT&T services in any way. At this point I feel that I will never get the apology that I deserve from AT&T. AT&T has had many opportunities to apologize, fix errors where necessary in order to regain me as a customer, and the have failed to do so. And after my experience with AT&T I doubt I will even get a response to this letter.
I can also guarantee that if I have any influence on any family member, friend or co-workers decision to do business with AT&T, I will give them a copy of this letter and recommend that they not do business with AT&T.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-06:
wow.... keep us posted on this one.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-06:
Here's what I don't understand, they charged you for a tech visit, even though he didn't go into your home. They found the problem was on their end and not yours but still charged you?! That's ridiculous.

They did say that if the problem was on your end you would be charged, my question for AT&T would be, if it was on my end, who was in my house when I wasn't there? If I'm not mistaken that's called breaking and entering.
Posted by GTB on 2007-12-06:
As I have posted on here several times, AT&T has the worst customer service of any large company in America but they are so huge and do so much advertising, I guess that they feel they can stay in business that way. So far it is working for them. I had a somewhat similat experience with AT&T to the point that I contacted the state public service commission who contacted AT&T on my behalf. I then got a letter from them stating that since they had tried on numerous occasions to contact me and could not, they would consider the case closed and inform the public service commission. There happened to be a phone number on the letter and I called it every hour for five hours straight and it said the person was at lunch or on another call, I said I will keep trying, finally the lady returned my call and I told her, I would like this to be a friendly and amicable conversation to which she replied, it really doesn't matter to me one way or another. Some customer service rep. huh? Anyway, I am no longer an AT%T customer.
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The worse customer service in the world
Posted by Dbeadle42 on 11/06/2007
AT&T continues to have the worse customer service of any major company I have dealt with. For simple billing question there is no after hour service. During normal business hours you will remain on hold for at least 30 minutes. There systems are not integrated. If you call with a phone question and then need to ask a Internet Service question you will be transfered and inevitably dropped in which case you will call back and stay on hold another 30 minutes.

I'd switch companies in a heart beat if there was another choice. AT&T you should be ashamed.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-06:
We felt your pain. We had AT&T long ago. After calling their CSR dept I found I was in a maze of button pushing. No humans, just choice after choice and choice. Even pushing (0) a number of times I could not escape the maze of menus. I ported everything over to Cox and have never looked back. AT&T called long after we left and wanted us to come back to the "New AT&T". I asked the CSR if he would do a three way call to their 800 support number and if I got a human within five minutes I would think about going back. We are still with Cox as it was over 20 minutes and still no human came on the line. (VH)
Posted by msnanny on 2007-11-06:
I have excellent service with AT&T and have had for many years.
Posted by Fedup-Timeout on 2008-02-23:
dbeadle42 & superbowl, you aren't lying. I've had nothing but problems since AT&T "merged" with the Bell company, or should I have said, since AT&T gobbled up all the "Baby" Bells after buying out most of the other companies. I'm very disappointed with how everything changed after this take-over. Customer service is a complete joke, that is, unless you're fortunate to reach one of the original Bell representatives instead of the very rude, unhelpful, nasty AT&T reps.
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AT&T is the worst company and cheat people
Posted by Lizu123 on 09/07/2007
NORTHERN VIRGINIA, VIRGINIA -- "ALERT" and never fall into the trap of AT&T.
- The Sale Agent will promise you a lot of deals and rebates which you will never receive
- The customer service team will tell you that they have taken care of any of your need which will never be taken care of and noted down
- They will burden you with all sorts of additional payments making sure that they suck you completely
- And finally the worse part is even if you CANCEL your account, they make sure that they leave some or the complete account active to keep billing you for that part
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Posted by moneybags on 2007-09-07:
I thought the FCC took care of Ma Bell years ago. I finally got rid of my AT+T long distance when I that I was being charged for not making calls. No special plan or program, just the same AT+T we'd had for 25 years. I make all LD calls on my cell anyway.

Home service was Bellsouth, for phone and DSL. So what happens? AT+T bought out Bellsouth and I'm back with AT+T. Unfortunately, technology has not caught up here yet (Mobile, AL) and there is no service that provides phone, cable, DSL and cell phone in a package. I hate AT+T.
Posted by flabbergasted on 2007-09-30:
I am currently switching to Vonage. I am seriously reconsidering the need for a cell phone. Since it is soon to be illegal to use while driving... I can't imagine when I need the cell. I may just get a prepaid and keep it for emergencies. This whole venue has been very enlightening and helpful. Good to know I am not alone.
Posted by OnWatch on 2007-10-07:
AT&T is a big slam. I was made a total of 29 dollar's phone calls and my bill came to 49 dollar's. All kinds of assorted charges. My local Vorizon will charge me $5.00 to drop them and then I have to call AT&T. Another reason I want to drop them in a principal reason is how it has been discovered that they are cooperating with the government to supply with homeland personal information. That's all we have left to invade our privacy. Shame on them. I'm just going to bump us my cell minutes or better yet just use phone cards. We have a choice in the matter. We can make a difference as consumers.
Posted by acraftyb on 2008-08-19:
AT&T are the worst company in the world. Dishonest money grabbers - completely incompetent. Please please please avoid them.
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Telephone card
Posted by Koltz on 09/06/2007
STEVENS POINT, WISCONSIN -- I purchased a telephone card 8-21-07 at your Target store in Stevens Point, Wi. I've purchased same in the past, no problems. It's an AT&T 600 minute phone card. My wife used some of the minutes and noticed the remaining minutes were limited to 200 in the state of Wis. I took the card back to your store and asked for a refund as the other 400 minutes are no use to me as we make no out of state calls. They refused citing the use of the card, no refunds available. I was given a card to complain as the sales girl advised, she agreeing with me that this is a ripoff. She advised I write your company to see if I can get a partial refund. I paid$31.64 w/tax and will use a third of the card or 200 minutes. Target had no notice advising the card had limitations on their display area. If such notice was advised I would never have purchased same.

Please forward me $20.00 for the 400 minutes I'll never use. If you want the card back please advise. I'll also send you a copy of my purchase invoice.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-07:
AT&T web pages say nothing about limitations in any state. On the card is a customer service number. Give them a call.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-09-07:
I agree with PB. Call that number on the back of the card. Something doesn't sound legit here.
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