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AT&T is the worst company and cheat people
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NORTHERN VIRGINIA, VIRGINIA -- "ALERT" and never fall into the trap of AT&T. The Sale Agent will promise you a lot of deals and rebates which you will never receive. The customer service team will tell you that they have taken care of any of your need which will never be taken care of and noted down. They will burden you with all sorts of additional payments making sure that they suck you completely. And finally the worse part is even if you CANCEL your account, they make sure that they leave some or the complete account active to keep billing you for that part.

Telephone card
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STEVENS POINT, WISCONSIN -- I purchased a telephone card 8-21-07 at your Target store in Stevens Point, Wi. I've purchased same in the past, no problems. It's an AT&T 600 minute phone card. My wife used some of the minutes and noticed the remaining minutes were limited to 200 in the state of Wis. I took the card back to your store and asked for a refund as the other 400 minutes are no used to me as we make no out of state calls. They refused citing the use of the card, no refunds available. I was given a card to complain as the sales girl advised, she agreeing with me that this is a ripoff.

She advised I write your company to see if I can get a partial refund. I paid $31.64 w/tax and will use a third of the card or 200 minutes. Target had no notice advising the card had limitations on their display area. If such notice was advised I would never have purchased same. Please forward me $20.00 for the 400 minutes I'll never use. If you want the card back please advise. I'll also send you a copy of my purchase invoice.

False promotion
By -

DAVIE, FLORIDA -- AT&T offer me by phone a "combo": DSL, Phone service and the same package I had on Direct TV for $ 130. The operator name is ** and this happened on 08/23 and 24-07. They connect DSL and the phone, but Direct TV told me that my charges with that Company will be the same that I have already. So now, I have to pay for the DSL and phone and the same old charges for Direct TV. AT&T only said, "we are sorry for the inconvenience". Can you believe that?

Inhuman means of contact and terrible customer service
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CORVALLIS, OREGON -- Look! At 7 PM, I am advised by a rude male person on the phone that my long distance account is $19 overdue. Is my case going to be a Supreme Court matter? So why can't I ask a question or two. I hang up. Next day I call the AT&T residential long distance service number to find out what's going on. You have to go through several tiers to get to a human voice. This voice is hardly able to speak English. I think it's the same rude man who called before. He does not respond to a question. He reads a script. Then, if you don't just pay the amount due, he cuts you off. The line goes dead. I try again. Cut off twice.

I am at a loss to find out how my $2 a month charge for long distance service (poor man's rate) got to be $19 overdue. No one will tell me. I won't pay till I find out. Chances are a change in my bank's credit card caused a problem. But I May never know. AT&T, where is your "humanity" in a trivial matter like this. Perhaps another company can talk to me about little matters.

Outsourcing of customer service
By -

I am outraged that AT&T seems to have outsourced their customer service. I just tried to get some questions answered by calling their 800 number. In the past, I was always pleased to speak with a cordial, English speaking representative. Today, however, I got a non-native English speaker. I had to repeatedly ask him to repeat himself, as I had great difficulty understanding his very thickly accented English. Although I tried very hard not to let my exasperation become evident, it must have, because he quickly became highly offended and verged on rudeness in his replies.

Companies who are outsourcing their customer service need to remember that a large portion of the population are aging Baby Boomers with all the attendant hearing problems. Decreased hearing along with trying to understand very thick foreign accents over the phone can quickly sour us on these companies.

AT&T's call centers are HORRIBLE!
By -

Not only do I have to wade through a huge automated message board to finally get a person, but when I do, it's to someone in India in a call center that can't actually do anything directly about my complaint. (I've actually called the customer service number 5times in the last 3 days and every time it's been answered in India).
I've had AT&T for 12 years as our international plan. We moved, they didn't' move our plan and our billing came to triple the normal amount it has in the past. It's obvious that the plan was never transferred. After going through a list of the billing itself "Did you use a phone card"?? (NO) "it must be a porn number" (LOL, it was my MOTHER'S NUMBER)--I was told I'd have to talk to a supervisor. Well, there are NO supervisors available whenever you call AT&T anymore. You are told they will call YOU within "24 hours". This was at least 3 days and 4 calls ago.
The outstanding credit they owe us is close to $250 and I'm sure if I can get someone that knows what they are doing on the phone, I can get this resolved.
In the meantime, I've swtiched to my local company for EVERYTHING. I know I can walk into their building if need be and talk to someone that can fix my problem.
The call centers AT&T are using are lousy; the connections are lousy, the people difficult to understand on the other end of the phone and the lack of supervisors to actually DO something is just plain bad business.
They've lost a customer they had for a long time.

Overcharged international calls

TEXAS -- At the end of March 2003 I signed up for AT&T long distance service. Part my plan included international calls to the UK for 9 cents a minute. When I received my first bill I was charged over 30 cents a minute for all of my UK calls not 9 cents a minute as I was promised. The overcharge came to roughly $35. I called and spoke to a customer service rep who assured me that the problem was the fault of AT&T and my account would be adjusted immediately. When I received my next bill at the end of May 2003 it showed that I still owed this extra $35. The account had not been credited at all. I called again and was promised again that the account would be credited as soon as possible. Then, I began to receive collections phone calls regarding this $35 worth of unpaid charges on my account. I called most recently at the end of May to try to resolve this issue once and for all. It was then that I was told that if I did not pay these charges I may be credit reported. I have perfect credit so this really, really upset me.

However, each and every customer service rep I spoke with said that this was a known problem within the system and I was not the only one who had been overcharged for international calls during that particular time frame. But, during this last conversation the customer service rep told me that there was nothing they could do to prevent my account from going into further collections and ultimately being credit reported for AT&T's mistake. Each time I call there is no new activity on the account, i.e. an adjustment for the $35 overcharge. It is as if they are doing absolutely nothing about the problem and in the meantime I and my credit will suffer as a result.

PS. according to one CSR over 1500 accounts have been overcharged for this exact same thing and he happily reported that some people weren't even aware of it.

Poor Service
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I had AT&T internet service at my old address and the speed was fair. I moved to a new address and it took them 2 weeks just to get my service running and the speed is poor. I called to up grade service it has been a week and no upgrade.

I have been on the phone at least one time a day and some times 3 or 4 times a day with no luck.

The worse customer service in the world
By -

AT&T continues to have the worse customer service of any major company I have dealt with. For simple billing question there is no after hour service. During normal business hours you will remain on hold for at least 30 minutes. There systems are not integrated. If you call with a phone question and then need to ask an Internet Service question you will be transferred and inevitably dropped in which case you will call back and stay on hold another 30 minutes.

I'd switch companies in a heart beat if there was another choice. AT&T you should be ashamed.

Info needed on calling card companies, AT &T complaint
By -

MICHIGAN -- We have always purchased our calling cards at SamsClub as they were only 3.5C per minute. Without notification, AT & T, changed the rate to 10.5 per minutes for all calls within the state (varies state to state). We don't call out of our state! Thanks to SamsClub for the refund of minutes. Now I need to find another calling card provider with better customer service and prices.

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