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Inhuman means of contact and terrible customer service
Posted by Paddywagon on 08/03/2007
CORVALLIS, OREGON -- Look! at 7PM I am advised by a rude male person on the phone that my long distance account is $19 overdue. Is my case going to be a Supreme Court matter? So why can't I ask a question or two. I hang up. Next day I call the AT&T residential long distance service number to find out what's going on. You have to go thru several tiers to get to a human voice. This voice is hardly able to speak English. I think it's the same rude man who called before. He does not respond to a question. He reads a script. Then, if you don't just pay the amount due, he cuts you off. The line goes dead. I try again. Cut off twice. I am at a loss to find out how my $2 a month charge for long distance service (poor man's rate) got to be $19 overdue. No one will tell me. I won't pay till I find out.

Chances are a change in my bank's credit card caused a problem. But I May never know. AT&T where is your "humanity" in a trivial matter like this. Perhaps another company can talk to me about little matters.

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Posted by moneybags on 2007-08-03:
Be careful. I made NO calls on my AT&T for about 3 months. They charged a $15.00 "service fee" and woldn't explain other thn to say it was for service. I cancelled AT&T and all long distant calls go thru my cell at no extra charge.
Posted by Ladderman on 2007-08-12:
Get digital phone from your cable compay.
Posted by flabbergasted on 2007-09-30:
Run from AT&T as fast as you can!!!!!!
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Info needed on calling card companies, AT &T complaint
Posted by Chkpoint on 02/04/2007
We have always purchased our calling cards at SamsClub as they were only 3.5C per minute. Without notification, AT & T, changed the rate to 10.5 per minutes for all calls within the state (varies state to state). We don't call out of our state! Thanks to SamsClub for the refund of minutes. Now I need to find another calling card provider with better customer service and prices.
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Posted by familytravel on 2007-02-04:
How were you not aware that they did this when you purchased the card? Usually with ATT Calling Cards it has a set rate of minutes on the card and then they sell for a certain price. Didn't you notice when you were buying the card that the minutes were more expensive or something? We have ATT for local and long distance and we love them! We have an unlimited local and long distance calling plan and I highly recommend it. We used to have long distance with Talk America, don't even get me started about them....
Posted by Ponie on 2007-02-05:
Don't know where in MI you live, but I think CVS drug stores are all over the state. Watch for their sales of 'buy one card at $19.95, get second card for one cent.' I wait for the 600 min. cards and get 1200 mins. for $20.00. Pretty good deal. But be careful of which cards are on sale at a particular time. I was getting down to my last 100 mins. or so when I saw the one cent sale. Almost bought them when I realized they were the 300 min. cards. A couple weeks later they had 600 min. cards on sale. Don't know who the carrier is--too lazy to get out my billfold and look--although I think it's Sprint. Thanks for the heads up on the AT&T increase. Got one with about 125 mins. laying around somewhere which I'll use and not have refilled. Was given to me as a gift a long time ago. One caveat--the CVS cards have an expiration date of about 2 yrs. from time of purchase which my AT&T card doesn't have.
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Outsourcing of customer service
Posted by Fluffmom on 01/09/2007
I am outraged that AT&T seems to have outsourced their customer service. I just tried to get some questions answered by calling their 800 number. In the past, I was always pleased to speak with a cordial, English speaking representative. Today, however, I got a non-native English speaker. I had to repeatedly ask him to repeat himself, as I had great difficulty understanding his very thickly accented English. Although I tried very hard not to let my exasperation become evident, it must have, because he quickly became highly offended and verged on rudeness in his replies. Companies who are outsourcing their customer service need to remember that a large portion of the population are aging Baby Boomers with all the attendant hearing problems. Decreased hearing along with trying to understand very thick foreign accents over the phone can quickly sour us on these companies.
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Posted by bho55 on 2007-01-09:
It's apparent that alot of companies are doing this now. When I call DELL I get a person named "joe" who totally does not speak english very well and hard to understand also. I'm sure they tell them to use english name, because you can't understand or pronounce their 35 syllable names anyway.
Posted by Sparticus on 2007-01-09:
This is the reason why I won't buy another Dell...
Posted by Followthisbeat on 2007-01-10:
Why would any company set up a call center in the US when it's soooooo much cheaper to do it in another country like india. Who cares if you cant understand a world there saying and they cant help you because they cant understand a word your saying either, there making money, sint that all that matters anyhow?
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2007-01-11:
It really IS bad that they're sending American jobs to other countries. It's even worse that these ppl can't speak clearly in English and that the CUSTOMER has to suffer for it. It's not the foreign person's fault. It's not the customer's fault. It's the CHEAP-A$$ company who is trying to save a buck by screwing everyone over. *sigh*
Posted by lotatravels on 2007-01-24:
I for one will not deal with any American company which outsources their customer service dept. Lucky for me I live in a small community that offers all the services I need...phone, cable, internet, mobile phone, etc. I know when I call customer service I am getting an American that lives im my area!
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Rfbrandys on 01/04/2007
On 12/08/05 I started getting long distance calls. When I answered the telephone, no one was there. I could see from my caller ID that a relative in Maryland was trying to call me, so I tried calling them back. Every time I called that number or any other long distance number, the telephone number would not ring. I called my local phone company (Verizon) and they asked me to make a local call. I did and it worked fine. Then I called them back and they said that the problem must be with my long distance carrier (AT&T). I tried to call AT&T at their 800 number, but that wouldn't work. Finally I dialed 0 and got an operater who was able to put me in touch with an AT&T representative. After explaining my problem many times, the operator stayed on the line and put a call through to Texas (I am in PA). The call lasted for 7 minutes before AT&T told me that they had been getting trouble calls from my 717 exchange all morning and that my local carrier was the source of the problem.

The problem was finally resolved several hours later, but I got a bill from AT&T on 1/3/07 that included an operator assisted call on 12/8/06. The charge was $21.30 for a 7 minute call. I should add that no recording or message from the operator informed me that I was being billed over &3.00 per minute for a call that was asking them to fix my service.

So I called AT&T customer service when I got the bill and asked them to remove the charge for that call. After hearing my story the billing person said that it couldn't be done. Not satisfied with that answer, I asked to speak to a supervisor. After holding for almost 15 minutes I was connected to Kabir the supervisor. He told me the same thing in gruffer tones, so I asked him to please spell his name for me and to please give me the name of his supervisor and to connect me with them. He spelled his first name (Kabir) and refused to give me his last name or the name of his supervisor. When I asked him why he wouldn't give me this information he cited the privacy act as the reason. I could not believe that AT&T instructs its representatives to shield the caller from higher management or even give me their own last name. The company won't deal with me if they don't know my last name.

This is an example of very poor customer service.

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Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-04:
That was bad customer service except for the not giving you a last name. I would never give a customer my last name; they don't need it. He should have some sort of ID number though.
Posted by rnick821 on 2007-01-04:
Privacy Act? You're kidding. Lame excuse.

I have hated AT&T since they took away my calling card...I had a AT&T calling card that I used for 15+ years (obviously had the # memorized)...I got it when I was in the Army for making calls from Germany back home. One day, I open my mailbox and there is a AT&T Universal Platnium Mastercard with my calling card # at the bottom. Didn't ask for it, but whatever...I used that as my calling card for the next couple of years and the credit card on occasion...Then one day the calling card # doesn't work anymore. Calling AT&T they tell me that I no longer am elligible for the calling card, but still can use the credit card. Jerks.
Posted by DreyNikHaze on 2007-01-05:
While I do feel for you on this one, unfortunately they are not obligated to give you their last name. I work in a call center and we do not have to give that information out. I don't, and never will.
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Customer Service Lies
Posted by 40204 on 08/04/2005
I cannot believe the number of ways that ATT cust service has lied to me. They owe me a large refund and each time I call they tell me the check has been cut and it is on the way. A month and a half later I have been give many stories that don't agree, several dates that the check was sent, and mailing times of 2 weeks to 30 business days. Now I now the Post Office isn't that slow. They even had time to send me an updated statement that took about 3 days.

Do Not do business with this company, their customer service will pretend not to have your account and in the next breath tell you a series of lies about what is happening to the account they don't have a record of. They will not give you anyone who can give a real answer, they just say wait 2 more weeks, or 30 days. There are no alternate numbers. No one to call for resolution.

They will not help you, they will not provide quality customer service. Do not use ATT
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Posted by Ferngully on 2005-08-10:
I think theyre ridiculous.
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Bogus Charges
Posted by Jersey_1966 on 03/25/2005
CARNEYS POINT, NEW JERSEY -- Someone from a prison has been calling my house collect in error. We do not accept these calls, instead we hang up.

AT&T has sent bills for reflecting these calls are one minute long. Upon spaaking with one represetative, explaining that this is a billing error, I've been placed on hold. The next person to pick up is never the first person I spoke with, so I explain the situation again (and again).

A call from their collections department got me back to several more customer service representatives. In response to my explanation of these unwanted calls, I explained once we would hear the opertor and then the person speak, we would hang up, the first reoresentative stated that the caller does not say anything until the call is acepted. I explained that this caller, apparently in frustration, surpassed saying his name and would say "Shaneeka pick up the phone!", which made her statement incorrect. I felt as if the blame was being placed on me!

Finally, after being placed on hold four times and speaking to yet more people, the final AT&T employee that I spoke with stated that we must be accepting the calls. It was at that time I pointed out that even a "I'm sorry you have the wrong number." would exceed a few seconds and requested the definitve time frame of the calls.

An offer to remove "some" of the charges was made. However, since this is not a service that I used, I don't feel it is fair for me to be obligated to pay for erroneous charges.

The last representative suggested I block collect calls. I'm not quite sure why I should have to do that to avoid bogus charges. If I used the service, I would pay for it, but I did not. If there is an emergency and one of my kids has to call collect, I want to have the option available.

I was also told by the last representative that if my voicemail had picked up the call, that would have incurred the charges. For clarification, I very specifically asked him "No one would have to accept the call?". He said unfortunately, no.

So, some guy in prison dials the wrong number, no one accepts it, but since the voicemail answers, the consumer is obligated to pay for it...... Is there something wrong here?

My father had several hundred dollars worth of charges. Seems a prisonere was charging their calls to his home phone. Keep in mind, no one was home to approve these calls.

The response to that was that it is a scam and prisoners can share a telephone number with others to make calls.

Again, because AT&T does not have safeguards (such as a real person accepting the call and/or charges), the consumer is held responsible.

I asked the AT&T representative is there a way to avoid ANY charges from this company. He stated the block would be my only option.

So, in other words, they can bill me, whether correct or not, if they so choose and not be obligated to justify those charges.

My billable time is $40.00 an hour, I'm considering sending them a bill for my time they have wasted.

I asked for the specific amount of time per call, as I am positive they are less than an entire minute. That information was not available to him.

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Posted by AZJEM on 2005-03-25:
I have worked at a prison for many years and the operator will say "- - - State Prison, will you accept the call" I don't understand why this wouldn't be the case for you. What you do need to do is contact the warden of said prison where the investigations will get involved. All calls are monitered and they can be located. It does happen occasionally and it is very frustrating for the person receiving the calls. If you can get the prison to cooperate, you should be able to get the charges removed. You shouldn't have a problem at this point. Good luck to you.
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Follow up on cordless phone/answering machine
Posted by LATAS on 12/07/2004
I am pleased, albeit minimally, to hear back from the Better Business Bureau that AT&T did not deign to reply to their inquiry of my complaint, either.


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Posted by LATAS on 10/01/2004
MAINE -- Just an update..... STILL have yet to receive the return shipping label... I refused to pay for the first installment (of four) for the cheap incomplete phone... still getting emails from my AT&T complaints asking me to call 800 numbers who put me on hold for 15 minutes.... and NOW, and this is RICH.... getting a REAL LIVE PERSON calling ME from AT&T..... from the COLLECTIONS DEPARTMENT threatening to "cancel service with AT&T."
I was delighted to inform them that they needn't bother... I saved them the trouble by switching to Verizon.
Finally, one note on the irony of AT&T SALES ADS being posted next to my comments. I have posted the latest three replies below.
TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Kathy

Thank you for contacting AT&T.

With reference to your e-mail regarding the charges in question, I can
certainly understand your concern.

I would request you to please contact Project ACE - National Fulfillment
Office at 1-800-844-5873, for further assistance.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.

If you need further assistance please contact us at:


You can also Ask Allie, our online virtual representative. Allie has
answers for many questions about billing, account management and even
plans and services. Just go to:


For your protection, AT&T is maintaining an original of this e-mail
transmission in a secure file.


AT&T Executive E-Mail

Dear Kathy

Thank you for contacting AT&T Online Customer Service.

I received your e-mail regarding the incorrect phone sent by AT&T.
Please be informed that you need to contact the Advanced American
Telephone. Advanced American Telephone handles all inquiries for
purchasing telecommunications equipment, servicing, repairs and other
technical issues.

To purchase telecommunications equipment, please visit the Advanced
American Telephone website at:


For servicing telecommunications equipment, repairs and other technical
issues contact Advanced American Telephone at 1-800-222-3111, available
Monday through Friday, 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., and Saturday 8:30 A.M. to
4:30 P.M., CT.

Thank you for your loyalty to AT&T products and services in the past. I
apologize that the level of service you have received is below the level
we are committed to providing.

I can certainly understand your concern.

Your comments regarding your most recent contact with AT&T are important
to us, and will be useful in maintaining and improving the quality of
service you receive from AT&T.

We are dedicated to providing you with personalized service and
providing for all of your communication needs. We would welcome an
additional opportunity to have you back as an AT&T customer and to
re-establish your trust in us.

If you need further assistance please contact us at:


You can also Ask Allie, our online virtual representative. Allie has
answers for many questions about billing, account management and even
plans and services. Just go to:


For your protection, AT&T is maintaining an original of this e-mail
transmission in a secure file.


AT&T Online Customer Service

#THREE, from "the manufacturer"

Dear Kathryn,

Thank you for your recent inquiry to our Consumer Sales and Service

Your inquiry has reached the Advanced American Telephones National
Service Center.
Advanced American Telephones designs, manufactures, distributes, sells,
and services AT&T branded residential and small business telephone
products including corded telephones, cordless telephones, and telephone
answering systems.

We are sorry to advise that our office is unable to respond to your

For more assistance, please contact our AT&T Consumer Lease Services at

Advanced American Telephones
Consumer Sales and Service Center

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Posted by LATAS on 2004-10-04:
Another week, another 100 calls from the collections department despite me telling them I will NOT be paying for this phone and they had better come get and get it. This is getting beyond annoying.
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Bogus Charges
Posted by Jspringer on 03/26/2004
CALIFORNIA -- AT&T keeps adding charges on my regular phone bill (which is not AT&T) for long distance, when in fact, I specified that I do NOT want a long distance carrier. Every month I call them to remove the charge and remove me from their bogus subscription, and every month, there they are AGAIN, with an even bigger charge! I'm so fed up with AT&T and their bogus charges that I'm on the verge of cancelling my land line all together.
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Posted by mdl on 2004-04-25:
Write complaints to your attorney general and to both of the following: www.FTC.gov and www.FCC.gov; and I stress all! CC each of the copies to the others.
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Illegal billing practices, lying reps
Posted by Jmevans on 01/31/2004
REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- My husband and I just got off the phone with the att wireless office in Washington State. On January 7th, I noticed that my debit card was missing and contacted my bank to cancel it. I sent out a payment to att that same day in the form of a check. On the 9th, I realize that there were fraudulent charges on my account, this was on a Friday after they had closed so I had to wait until Monday the 12th to call my bank and put a stop payment on the check. On the fifteenth, I gave att a courtesy call to let them know there was a stop payment on the check and explained why. I also told them that we would be reissuing another check for the full payment. I was told by one of their brilliant cs reps that everything would be fine. On the 21st, I got online to check my back acccount and was surprised to see a $20 return check fee from my bank. I called to find out why since there was a stop payment on the check. They said that apparently, att transferred my paper check, into and "electronic check", and the bank did not pick up on this. They reversed the charges but said that I needed to speak with att concerning this. When I called them(att) they said that the check had already posted. Posted means they have "recieved" the check but has not processed it. When I called them on the fifteenth, they had not attempted to process the check. Any other month they use regular means to process my paper check. The lady told me my account balance and I sent a check in for that amount. TOday I noticed that they again processed this check electronically. When I attempted to call my husband I realized that the phone had been turned off. I immediately called att to find out why. The rep said there was a $20 return check fee that wasn't paid. I explained to her as calmly as I could that should not be because they had no business trying to process a check with a stop payment on it. The rep told me that it didn't matter, they will process anyway KNOWING that you will be charged for a return check.(REALLY?) But if the check is done electronically, what was returned??!! I asked for one of their even more brilliant resolution specialists and got a brick wall, they said the phone would stay off until the twenty dollars was paid. I was livid! When my husband returned, he asked if I had authorized att to do an electronic check and I told him no. We went online to www.electronic-check.org and found out that no company can turn your paper check into an electronic check unless you authorize it. Which I didn't!! My husband called them back and the cs and resolution specialists were very nasty and we got three conflicting stories. The first rep told me that they process ALL of their customers checks electronically ALL THE TIME, the second rep, said oh no, your bank made a mistake, they processed it the normal way which is a lie, because if they did than my bank would have enforced the stop payment, the third rep said that this a process they JUST started doing within this last month. The resolution specialist refused to give us the supervisors name and hung up on my husband. this is very serious business. According to what I have read, att performed an illegal and a definitely unethical act by doing this. I need your help to find out who the top dog of att wireless is and all the channels I need to go through. They refuse to refund us the $20 "return check fee" and will not cooperate at all. Please send any info you may have to jmevans@maxxconnect.net. Thank you.

Michele Evans
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Posted by rarebear143 on 2004-05-14:
here again is yet another reason to form a class action lawsuite against this miserable company. lets all get together and make ATT pay for the lies and cheating. Dustin B. yourtherapist40@yahoo.com
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