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Tired of hang ups, long wait times or being transferred to the pathetic AT&T outsourced customer service department in India? Here is a direct contact for all your billing, service, contractual or device issues. AT&T is by far the industry leader in horrendous service & this allows thousands of customers a direct contact to assist in these matters.


Please pass on this info to anyone/everyone so AT&T customers can finally get a direct, service contact instead of rude, lying, non-cooperative morons!

Donald Wartluft (Team Manager - icare3@amcustomercare. AT& 918-204-1116 & Ifeanyi Bellamy (Donald's supervisor - icare2@amcustomercare. AT& 918-204-4237
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FlitteringFirefly on 02/21/2011:
AT&T Mobility call centers are in the US. The one I worked for was in Baton Rouge.
madconsumer on 02/21/2011:
any time I had to call the csr's, they were in the usa, and handled my issues promptly and accurately.
DebtorBasher on 02/21/2011:
I call my local AT&T customer service, they are located right here in Cleveland...Even when I call the 800 number, my call was never taken over by an outsourced rep.
northtexbest on 03/10/2011:
They would be better off sending the calls to another country but they are outsourced in this country. The ATT outsource people I have talked to about a problem have all been rude and arrogant. I am sending a complaint to the FCC as a result of them changing my plan without notice.
Jim Somerville on 10/25/2013:
I called the hot line, got a man who identified himself and told me was no longer with the company, he had retired. I got an address from a rep and wrote a letter. I doubt if I ever here back.
ohwell on 02/11/2014:
Yup, number belongs to someone not affiliated with customer service. Moving along...
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Watch Out for AT&T and AT&T Mobile
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Watch our if you are attempting to stop your services with AT&T. We had both AT&T and cingulair which is not AT&T Mobile. We thought in September (it's January of the next year now) - that we had stopped our services by calling AT&T and letting them know that we wanted to stop our services as of the 1st of October. We made sure to say that we wanted both our land line and our mobile number to be cancelled. We even asked if there was anything else we needed to do. We were told we were all done. Of course we also had them trying like crazy to get us to stay with them but that's another story. After doing this - (they don't give confirmstion numbers - so watch out!)- a couple of months went by and we got another bill from them. We called back and had to go through all of this again,. Mind you at this time we already had another service. We were sent to multiple different people. It was not until this next month that we were told that AT&T did not inform them (AT&T mobility) that we had cancelled our service with them. Then it was a back and forth with each passing the buck to the other. We have finally had to get with the FTC and BBB. My husband even got a call at work and went ahead and (unfortunately) paid it because he was worried about our credit rating. Tonight (mid January now) he got another call at work. I called the people back and were told that we owed AT&T mobility again. They had our last payment at the end of September when we wanted to end the service. And still they are sending this back and forth. We're told again that we "should" have known we had to cancel our mobile phone and our regular phone separately. We don't want this to hurt our credit any more (we're going through identity theft as it is now). BEWARE of this and make sure you get a name because they won't give you a confirmation number- and make sure you cancel both.
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Dissatisfaction of At&T Mobility Service
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ATLANTA,, GEORGIA -- Here is the letter that I sent certified mail to AT&T Mobility
cc California Public Utilities Commission

November 16, 2009

To AT&T Mobility Service
Notice of dissatisfaction of At&T Mobility Service,

On December 23, 2008 Rehabilitation Therapy Inc. DBA Robertson ADHC, entered into a 2 year contract with AT&T Mobility for cell phone service with push to talk service. We received six (6) LGECU515 Blk Units. The LG 515 phones have been a problem from day one the sound is such bad quality and low volume that you can not hear what the other party is saying about half the time,

We have complained about the quality of the LG 515 phones starting ON January 14, 2009 to Kenny Anderson| Business Account Executive | Northern California. See attached email. From: Vern [vern@******.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 10:17 AM
To: Kenny A(******
Subject: LG Phones
Hi Ken

We are having a problem with the LG 515. When using the push to talk the speaker keeps turning off, do you know how to make it stay on?

No response, Called Kenny A on the phone 916-***-****, after 4 phone calls was able to make contact on January 21, 2009, Kenny A Stated he was no longer our account executive and gave me a number for AT&T customer service where I complained about the LG515 phones again. Customer Services response was maybe we needed to purchase ear pieces.
So I purchased Motorola blue tooth devices. Sound Quality still bad. Customer service response the 30 day exchange period is up if you want new phones you will have to pay full price for them.

Now the batteries are going bad. The will not hold a charge for over 1 hour. I got one replaced by going to an AT&T store in woodland the clerk said he would order me a new battery but had to keep the old one, we were without the use of the phone for three days until the new battery arrived.

Now the other 5 LG 515s batteries are not holding a charge. So on October 27. 2009 I again contacted customer service about the battery problems after about 15 min of questions I was then transferred to someone else (handset assistance I believe) who then proceeded to spend another 15 min asking the same questions, only to tell me that I have to call in on the phone that is not working which is in use by one of our drivers who is out picking up passengers.

The whole thing in a nut shell is we do not believe that AT&T Mobility has fulfilled there part of the contract. And if these issues can not be resolved within 10 days of receipt of this letter, we will be moving our wireless service to a different carrier. And we will refuse to pay any early termination fees because that AT&T mobility has not lived up to its part of the contract.

cc California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

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User Replies:
lilly_112 on 06/08/2010:
The handset assistance reps have to troubleshoot the issues you claim to be having on you handsets before they can approve a warranty exchange. If you go through the proper channels and try to troubleshoot with warranty they would probably approve an exchange.
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They Keep Money Paid???? On What Basis???
Posted by on
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- I have - correction: DID have - a Go plan which meant I prepaid amount the 1st of each month. The amount I chose was $49.99. I noticed I had a balance of around $49.00 and have had it for a while. This month, I called them wondering if I could just use the balance - THAT THEY HAD ALREADY CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARD - to make calls since this is what I normally paid.

First phone call - I was hung up on. Second phone call - I got someone that didn't know. Third phone call - I connected with someone that said sure!!! All he had to do was cancel the prepayment for the month!!! This way I could use up the balance on phone calls this month!!! Then towards the end of the month, I would call back and enroll back in the prepayments!!! I was like whoopppeee!!! This was on May 5th.

I kept getting text messages from AT&T, so I figured my phone was working, but this morning, I got an email that my phone wasn't working. I was like what? Tried the number and it's been cut-off. I called up AT&T to find out what happened, and was informed, not ONLY did they cut off my service, but they KEPT THE MONEY!!! I was like, huh??? How can you legally do that? If you pay for services and those services are not rendered, you either have to render the service or return the money??? The android on the phone - Kelsey Preston - said that that's not how it worked.

It seems AT&T does have the right - in their own mind - to keep money that they have no right to since they are not providing a service! I said that number 1, it's illegal and number 2, I relied on THEIR representative - an employee that THEY chose to represent their company - to supply me with the correct information, and she said, "Well, I don't know that!" I said well, aren't there records of my calls? She said yes. I asked her whether she thought it was just a coincidence or serendipity that I called at the precise time that there was supposed to be a payment? She said - I quote - "Our customers are always doing strange things - I really have no idea why they do things."

It's nice to know that this employee thinks that customers that call up about their money being ripped off are "strange" for doing so. The end result was that she couldn't handle the simple problem I outlined to her - nor did she make any attempt to correct it. I didn't even want to particularly switch services at this time! I just wanted things rectified. Now this leaves me getting a new wireless provider, suing them in small claims court and putting a block on the money charged on my credit card. I figure somebody hauling their butt down and making an appearance in court is going to cost AT&T more than $50 bucks, and maybe I'll Win by default if they don't appear.

All this hassle for $50??? Plus I missed a job because the phone was not working. I'll tack that on the small claims charge.

It's funny that when I asked her to correct the situation especially given the economy and told her I couldn't afFord to lose the money - or the job - that she said she couldn't because she was an employee of AT&T and needed to do what they told her. I asked her if she wasn't a human being first and she said no, she was an employee.

There's your answer as to why things have gone to hell in a hand basket.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/11/2009:
I hope you get your $50 back. I doubt your complaint about missing out on a job will have legs.
Soaring Consumer on 05/11/2009:
Keep fighting on this. They have no right to keep your money that you paid for a service that they are refusing to render.

The employee isn't human? They must be from Mars!
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AT&T Extortion-like activity
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I had AT&T service for some time. In the last 2 years of my time with them, I started receiving promotions from AT&T via SMS. I didn't really care to receive them, so I started the customer service song and dance to have them stopped. However, nothing seemed to stop them, no matter what CS did with my account.

Eventually, I discovered that these messages were not free AT&T messages despite promoting AT&T contests and services. Other family members on AT&T were actually being charged for the messages. I was not, because I had a messaging plan. When confronting AT&T CS about this, they mentioned I might have signed up for something. I had only ever used an old service with Cingular years prior to the merger and since disabled it. CS confirmed it was disabled.

When CS and management was unable to figure out what was going on, and refused to investigate, I decided the best course of action was to force escalation through a BBB report. A woman in the local Office of the President contacted me regarding the case. Her conclusion was that I signed up for something and need to figure out what it was to end it. Basically, she accused me of causing it.

Due to her refusal to actually investigate the issue after stating she did investigate, I did my own investigation. I found a third party that was sending the messages on behalf of AT&T. I contacted this third party and they confirmed they created and sent the messages, but the contact list was controlled by AT&T, not them. I read the terms of service over again and found the terms allowed for this, but I still had the right to refuse it.

I contacted the lady with this information and she denied knowledge of this company, or its relationship with AT&T. She blew me off by stating she would look into it and contact me when she had information. She never called me back. I attempted to reach her, but never could.

The BBB case sat dormant, other than my periodic updates as I noted I was still receiving the messages and AT&T has been ignoring the case. Eventually, I got a notice from the BBB that they would like the case closed. They offered to enter into arbitration, and that if I did not respond, the case would close. I followed their directions for arbitration.

During this time, I had canceled my service with AT&T and moved to another provider. AT&T then sent me a bill stating I was late in paying a bunch of fees including 2 cancellation fees. I spoke with CS and they were only willing to waive one of the fees, not both. I explained that I would rather wait for arbitration to complete.

Shortly thereafter the BBB case closed without my knowledge or consent. No notice was sent to me about the closure. AT&T never really respected the BBB case and seemed not to care because I guess they can make them go away. I now sit on threats of credit damage if I don't pay their extensive list of fees, probably punishment for reporting them to the BBB.
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AT&T iPhone Performance & Roaming Charges
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I am a Cingular AT&T customer for the last 5 years with 2 family accounts including 7 mobile phone numbers for my wife and 5 kids. I switched my Mobile phone from Blackberry to AT&T iPhone first week of December last year just before leaving for a 2 weeks business trip to Israel. The iPhone was so slow in downloading my emails and in most of the cases failed to do so. Upon my return to the US, I have reported these miserable performances to AT&T store where I got my iPhone and the sales representative has told me that Apple iPhone are aware of the slow performances and going to come out with a new software revision to fix the slow download process. I called AT&T customer service to tell them about it and asked for the details of my bill in Israel; they didn't have the details and said they will notify me as soon as they get it from Apple.

10 days later, January 16th. I left for a 3 weeks business trip to the Far East with my iPhone, hoping for a better performance. Guess what? It was the same never-ending downloads.

A week later my wife called my hotel and told me we got a bill of $7,757.29 for my roaming charges in Israel. I switched immediately the roaming button on my iPhone to “off” and asked my wife to wait for my return to discuss it with AT&T customer service. My wife spoke with AT&T and they promised to check the roaming charges and even reduced it by $938. The next day my wife went to the AT&T store to complain and been told that the notes on the account says it is in a “Review status” and we should wait a couple of days. On January 29th AT&T disconnected all 7 phones including my iPhone without any prior notice by phone, email or letter. I was caught and trapped in Mainland China snow storm without any way to communicate by emails or mobile phone.

I have returned back to the US on Feb 6th and called the AT&T customer service. They told me that Israel is not on the list of roaming countries and I should not have used it there, I asked her to log on AT&T web and see for herself, it clearly says Israel is included and support the iPhone; Click to view the link:
In any way, they refused to answer my question, why they have decided to close my 7 mobile lines even before my bill was due, and never warned us before doing so. I asked to talk to their legal department which they refused to refer me to, and said only my lawyer could do so.

My advice to all businessmen traveling in the US and overseas, forget about the iPhone Gimmick, and stay away from AT&T. It doesn’t work for us, Switch back to BalckBerry; there is nothing like it!

Damage Resulting
I was using my iPhone for my business and was trapped in the snow storm in China without my emails and mobile phone; missed 2 important meeting, tones of emails and phone calls. My wife and my 5 kids were left without any phones to communicate between ourselves.

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User Replies:
GothicSmurf on 02/09/2008:
Before you left the country did you call AT&T to see if you would be able to use the phone out of the country without roaming charges? Or did you just assume that there would be none? I've always called before I left the country and used to do it before I left the state.
GothicSmurf on 02/09/2008:
Also if you clicked on the DETAILS link you would see that you CAN use the phone, but "You may not be able to place calls to international destinations other than United States while roaming in this country. Calls can be completed within the visited country and back to the United States." And to clarify further: "Roaming:
Calls Placed/Received
While in Israel AT&T Standard International Roaming $2.49/ min"

So if you were in Israel and placed calls to Israel while there, the charges are valid.
Principissa on 02/09/2008:
I clicked on the link provided and it said that you were supposed to call an 800 number if the country you plan on using it in is listed. It also stated at the bottom that some usage restrictions applied. Did you call the 800 number to find out what the restrictions were before you used the phone in Israel? Now it also said that you can make and receive calls to the US and receive calls from the US and would not be charged, however if you made or received calls from Israel there was a usage fee as well as a 2.49 a minute charge. If you did in fact make or receive calls from Israel, and not the US, according to their terms you are in fact responsible for those calls and charges.
Tofs on 07/03/2008:
More and more complaints are coming out regarding roaming charges, data over charge, unlimited plans (but actually limited) from internet to voice calls. I've been a victim once but "only" a couple thousand bucks. Since then I decided to go prepaid for my long distance and international roaming needs and signed up with Onesuite. Now I know I will never incur any astronomical charges whenever I make international calls even from another country.

I suggest go for a dial around service and keep in mind that unlimited is actually limited.
BenZehavi on 02/25/2009:
The AT&T charges were for Data (Emails) and not for Phone calls. I have called AT&T right after my return from Israel and complained about the poor Iphone preformance,and they said they are working on a better software revision.
To save costs, I am always using a local SIM and never use
my American SIM for in and out phone calls.
Thank you for your inputs.
BenZehavi on 02/25/2009:
One more important thing for all businessman traveling in the US and oveseas; after having the nightmare with iPhone/AT&T, I have switched to Verizon and got back my BlackBerry. For about $65 a month you get a free Data/Emails and Internet worldwide.
It works just great and I love it.
A few months ago I have upgraded to the BlackBerry Storm and already travelled to the Fareast, Europe and Israel and it works like a PRO.
The phone has all type of bands needed in different countries and switchs automatically as soon as you land and have service.
Take my words for it. It works
Anonymous on 02/25/2009:
I always simply rent a phone in Israel or take a rental phone with me. I pay a flat monthly fee with calls in Israel free and calls to the USA at about 10-20 cents/min. I purge the memory and return the phone. No surprises. Internet is easier, Israelis are almost universally connected. Finding access is easy with friends and relatives.
Anonymous on 02/25/2009:
Ghost, last time we were in Israel our Verizon phones worked very well. The only issue that bugged me a little was it did not show if you had messages or not, no big deal though. It worked out cheaper to just use our phones than get a 2nd phone just for the trip. The roaming was only like .45 cents a minute so we just talked real fast.
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Stupid Ads on Websites
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
Every time I go to read articles on certain websites ( this stupid AT&T ad pops up and you can't cancel it. It doesn't go away after even 5 minutes. you can't click anywhere else on the webpage because it goes to the AT&T site. There is no option to cancel. All you can do is try to scroll down to read parts of the article or close the webpage. Isn't this against FCC regs??? It should be! This is an insult and I take it personally. Does AT&T really want me to start a blog about my opinion of their advertising practices, or do they just want some of us to start boycotting their products LOUDLY?
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User Replies:
JISCal2 on 06/26/2012:
Send your complaint to the website you are visiting. They have the power to remove the ad.
KevinTX on 06/26/2012:
Also, clear your cookies on your browser. Cookies keep track of where you've been and will advertise those such sites. I agree tho, the MSNBC site has an annoying ad that pops up too all the time making your browser expand to cover it's large size, it's annoying!
JISCal2 on 06/26/2012:
good advice Kevin. I hadn't thought of that.
Sally on 06/26/2012:
Get a good pop up blocker.
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Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
TENNESSEE -- AT&T makes it so annoying to opt out from their so fair permission to not sell my info to anyone that most people just give up. How can this be legal? I tried to not give them permission that is getting to the point of saying this is impossible. How can the honorable B.B.B. let this be? AT&T has the confidence to post this: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE, All replies are automatically deleted..

I don’t know why the B.B.B. make AT&T to if people don’t reply they don’t have permission. That is more legal, but since AT&T gave B.B.B. a “donation” its o.k.
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Posted by on
UTICA, MICHIGAN -- The customer is always right, wrong...

If you like being treated like a second class citizen/ customer, AT&T is the provider for you.

If you only desire to speak to automated telephone support, AT&T is the provider for you.

If you enjoy the inability to settle any sort of dispute whatsoever, AT&T is the provider for you.

If you're enamored by offensive and threatening business letters, AT&T is the provider for you.

God forbid you should decide to upgrade your services with them because they'll continue charging you for both the old services and new ones.

After 6 prision-like years of services (if you know what I mean), I'm sending it all back. Good riddance.

ATT, this is my last act as a paying customer, and it's only befitting that I let everyone know how wonderful you are!


Hope AT&T fires you Dimitrious from Sales, Service and Billing (phone click)
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User Replies:
Alain on 12/07/2011:
Sounds like you may be particularly upset with one individual. Let AT&T corporate (208 S. Akard St., Dallas, Tx 75202) know about it and that they've lost a customer: (210) 821-4105.
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DEPLOYMENT awareness data plan change
Posted by on
I wanted to freeze my husbands phone plan/phone number while he was away on deployment, he was going to be out of "town" for a few month, maybe up to 1 year. Just like we do with any other bills like his car insurance I wanted to "freeze" his phone line and re-activate the same phone plan with same phone number once he came home to save a few dollars over a period of time.

When he returned home we come to find out that even with a monthly payment to keep the phone active during his absence we can't go back to the same unlimited data plan because the customer service representative "OPTED US OUT" of the service and did not freeze the account as I asked him.
The phone line was being paid but we did not even use 1 minute of service for over 8 months on this phone line and they will not reactivate the account with the same plan as before. It is very frustrating that it is up to your luck that when you call you might get a person on the other side that has a good bit of experience or end up with someone that will screw you up and there is nothing you can do after.

We had this account with them for the past 6 years and a total of 4 phone lines and not once paid late. It seems that they don't care for their customers or any individual case that comes to their doors even if it is their fault. All they care if for the "$" that come in to their door !!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/17/2011:
I don't understand this. You wanted them to "freeze" it and you thought they did yet you paid it anyway? If you paid it anyway, you should still have the same plan you always did. I have a special thing going on with Sprint that I will definitely lose if I sneeze, fart, or get the hiccups. It is something they no longer offer and they will leap at the chance to get me off of it. I don't mess with that line for any reason. Period. If you are out of contract, start shopping for a new carrier. You can get better pricing almost anywhere else. You will be mad you stayed with them as long as you did.
raven2010 on 04/17/2011:
The OP is correct---the "soldiers and sailors act" (SSCRA)is meant to do exactly as she described.

The company dropped the ball here
ChuhBaca on 04/18/2011:
Unfortunately, with cell phone companies, you really have to be a pain to get them to correct such issues.
The first option is, as bluediamond suggested, find another carrier if you are out of contract.
The second option is to just start being the squeaky wheel. File a complaint with every consumer and regulatory agency out there; BBB, FCC, Attorney General,...anyone you can find that may have any part of regulating their business. Call AT&T a lot. File complaints, speak with supervisors, get their names. Document it all. Don't be mean or rude, just present your case over and over and over...
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