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The "New AT&T" Acting Like the Only Phone Company in the World
By -

BASTROP, TEXAS -- As if my week has not been disappointing and upsetting enough. Today I open my AT&T cell phone bill to find a $187.76 bill. In the 2 years I have had this phone, I have never paid over my usual $47.00 monthly fee. I must preface this conversation with the fact that I signed on with Cingular as a choice. I did not want to have any business dealings with AT&T because of their questionable business practices in the past. I was so disappointed when they took over Cingular.

So, I called customer service to discuss the charges and ask some questions regarding the bill because I truly did not understand the billing charges. I spoke to ** and she was unable to afford me any clear and consistent responses, but graciously offered to remove half the charges. My concern was how the charges were acquired so I continued to attempt to find answers so as not to continue to receive unexpected charges. She was unable to answer my questions regarding call waiting charges when I do not use call waiting. I have never asked a person to hold and taken a second call that is coming in. I couldn't tell you how to use the feature on my Nokia phone.

I asked to speak to her supervisor hoping I may get answers to my questions. I need to prevent the charges from recurring or determine if it is an equipment problem. This is the phone that several times since AT&T took over has allowed incoming callers access to my mailbox setup. People have notified me several times that when they went to voice mail it actually was giving them access to changing my mailbox etc. I called AT&T twice to report it and it was fixed. Today they told me I have never reported any equipment problems??????

When I asked to speak to the supervisor, ** warned me that if I spoke to a supervisor they may take the offer away to drop half the charges. I was flabbergasted at what sounded like a threat, but decided it was worth the risk to get my questions answered and determine what the problem is. Supervisor "**" came on the line. First, I'd like to note how convenient it is that they know who we are, but they can refuse to give us their full names, or real names for that matter. I do not know if ** is real. ** immediately approached me with the tact of a credit collector. I was taken aback at her outright hostility and aggression.

My bill has always been automatically deducted from my bank account so I have never so much as had a late payment since 2005 on this account. ** refused to discuss the matter with me and curtly and rudely informed me that the offer to remove half the charges was removed. I still did not receive any answers and was treated to the poorest example of customer service I have ever experienced. I requested to speak to another supervisor hoping I would find a human being at some point. ** loudly informed me it could be "up to 72 hours" before anyone could get back with me and hung up.

I do not use profanity nor raise my voice when speaking to people. I have never been treated so horribly by a company. Wonder if I am holding my breath for that supervisor to call me in 72 hours? And also wondering if I can afford the call. If it comes in as a call waiting call during daytime hours it may cost me a fortune. Perhaps what bothered me the most was the nature of the threats and penalizing me for having the audacity to request to talk to someone else. The heavy-handedness of the entire interaction was bullying and disturbing.

It may be time for AT&T to revisit the old slogan, "We may be the only phone company in town, but we don't act like it." They may not be the only phone company but they certainly are acting like it. And their current slogan, "The New AT&T" must be the warning of things to come such as I experienced today.

By -

UTICA, MICHIGAN -- The customer is always right, wrong... If you like being treated like a second class citizen/customer, AT&T is the provider for you. If you only desire to speak to automated telephone support, AT&T is the provider for you. If you enjoy the inability to settle any sort of dispute whatsoever, AT&T is the provider for you. If you're enamored by offensive and threatening business letters, AT&T is the provider for you. God forbid you should decide to upgrade your services with them because they'll continue charging you for both the old services and new ones.

After 6 prison-like years of services (if you know what I mean), I'm sending it all back. Good riddance. ATT, this is my last act as a paying customer, and it's only befitting that I let everyone know how wonderful you are! Regards, hope AT&T fires you ** from Sales, Service and Billing (phone click).

DEPLOYMENT Awareness Data Plan Change
By -

I wanted to freeze my husband's phone plan/phone number while he was away on deployment, he was going to be out of "town" for a few month, maybe up to 1 year. Just like we do with any other bills like his car insurance I wanted to "freeze" his phone line and re-activate the same phone plan with same phone number once he came home to save a few dollars over a period of time.

When he returned home we come to find out that even with a monthly payment to keep the phone active during his absence we can't go back to the same unlimited data plan because the customer service representative "OPTED US OUT" of the service and did not freeze the account as I asked him. The phone line was being paid but we did not even use 1 minute of service for over 8 months on this phone line and they will not reactivate the account with the same plan as before.

It is very frustrating that it is up to your luck that when you call you might get a person on the other side that has a good bit of experience or end up with someone that will screw you up and there is nothing you can do after. We had this account with them for the past 6 years and a total of 4 phone lines and not once paid late. It seems that they don't care for their customers or any individual case that comes to their doors even if it is their fault. All they care if for the "$" that come in to their door!!

HORRIBLE SERVICe from the leaders in Horrible Service; AT&T
By -

Since AT&T jerks everyone around, bounces you from representative to rep, is trained to simply HANG UP on their customers, etc. Here is some contact info you can used to get a direct line to customer service supervisors: ** (Team Manager - icare3@amcustomercare. AT& 918-204-1116 & ** (**'s supervisor - icare2@amcustomercare. AT& 918-204-4237, can both be reached directly at the numbers provided. BOTH can assist with ANY complaint issues from ANY service area!

Quit getting bounced from dept to dept & call these gentlemen direct to avoid long hold times, inept service, being hung up on or transferred to their outsourced Indian office! AT&T has proven to be the industry leader in DROPPED CALLS & absolutely HORRENDOUS customer service! Don't play their game & simply get a live service supervisor that will immediately assist!!! Pass this on to ANYONE & EVERYONE you know. Eventually they will get the hint that their CUSTOMERS come first!

Possibly the Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

I'm not going to be using my phone for four months so I am looking for some ultra cheap plan. Half hour with Agent 1 who says what I want is "World Traveler Plan". "Is this on top of my regular charge?" I ask. No, he says, "that's all you'd pay per month, $5.99." Has to be done by the international desk. BTW this takes about 20 minutes. Two calls to the International are dropped, then another 20 minutes on hold. International explains, which is what I thought, that the Plan is *extra*, not instead. Back to customer service. 50 minutes have now passed.

Customer service says the plan I want, a $10/month suspension, is not available since I had it last year. What can you do for me? I ask. I've been a customer for seven years. Answer: nothing. Take a hike.

AT&T Mobility Executives are... Hiding??
By -

I have examined AT&T Mobility's website for contact information for the firm's corporate offices, as well as Customer Service, hoping to get some kind of such info (email/postal address). After the call, I got a text message to call #3325 for an automated survey, on which I made the call. I rated the service as somewhat unsatisfactory, as the information was not available at the call center. A supervisor responded by returning my call, and I explained the same thing to her. Ultimately, she was not able to locate the contact information for a prepay customer. Perhaps the postpay (billed) customers have the information available, but not the prepay customers.

Are the corporate executives of AT&T Mobility afraid of any contact with retail customers, or ?????????? Update: Have since then have abandoned my prepay account with AT&T, and have not heard from anyone there since then. I guess they don't miss my business too much. And, why does AT&T Mobility impose the strictest limits for "off-net" roaming, when Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile are virtually silent on the issue of roaming?????

Forced Cancellation And Nonpayment Of Promised Reimbursement
By -

Purchased iPhone for $500 in 2007. Was assured by AT&T out-of-town location serviceable by them. Sale of iPhone conditioned upon this information. Rec'd letter from AT&T our cell phone service to be cancelled on 11/10/08 because contract between AT&T and ComCast (who was the true service provider - undisclosed to customer) cancelled their contract. Called number provided in letter and was told by customer representative they would reimburse for iPhone and would not be charged termination of contract fee. Received bill for 11/03/08 - 12/02/08 for $535.14, including $375.28 for termination fee.

Spoke with AT&T customer service supervisor who iterated the bill was in error and "promised" reimbursement of iPhone cost. Another "supervisor" called few days later and said no monies for iPhone and charge of $165 due and corrected bill would be mailed. Had no more communication nor billing from AT&T until collection agency called today threatening legal action unless payment of $195 bill. (AT&T for the past year plus automatically deducted our monthly payment from our charge acct. Why not for the amt. owing?)

I believe AT&T should prorate the cost of my iPhone which I cannot use any longer and had to buy new phones; $30 collection fees as we had no updated/corrected bill nor communication w/ AT&T about final charge other than $535.14. And that we should not be charged for service provided for the month of Nov. since service was terminated on Nov. 10. Have been good customers and paid top dollar for AT&T service - never late payment. AT&T should have had the courtesy to notify us of the amount we owed and when. Made an effort to pay something toward iPhone that is now useless.

Rebate Is A Hassle
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- AT&T rebates are a joke. Nobody wants to accept them! I finally got a store to accept only if I used it to buy their own gift card. Don't understand any of it. My recent HASSLE with AT&T this time was using the rebate on THEIR SITE! I had a 50.00 rebate. I thought I would just go on their site and use it there. I couldn't find anything for the exact price or I spent more and only owed 1.98 which I figured they could put on my bill. I get an email for me to call them about it. No problem, I thought this way I can put the 1.98 on another card. NO, NO doesn't work that way. Had to put the whole thing on my credit card. I said cancel it.

So I just spent the 29.99 leaving me with what I thought would be 20.01 left on the card. Tried to put that on my bill to get rid of it. Wouldn't take it. After being transferred to numerous so called "experts" they tell me I only have 15.99 left on my card. I said I just activated it, only spent 29.99 (shipping was free, or so it said). Do the math!! I asked what the 4.02 was charged, NOBODY COULD TELL ME NOR COULD THEY TRANSFER ME TO SOMEBODY THAT COULD. They kept telling me "They were only customer service". What the heck does that mean????? I said transfer me to somebody that could answer my question, they said they couldn't!!

I could access my card and couldn't understand anything on it. Looked like when they were canceling my order they charged me for each transaction it took them to do it. I think they give their employees classes on giving people the run around. I have never got a straight answer from them, and that's talking with a REAL PERSON (when you finally get one). So shame on me for renewing them. When contracts are up (I have more than one), they're history!! I've finally had ENOUGH!

By -

CANTON, GEORGIA -- For over thirty years we have used ATT. When we moved to Georgia we were talked into a family plan for cell phone service. We were added to our son's plan, cancelling our personal account. Our son got into financial trouble and got behind in his payments. We cannot get another AT&T line in our name and use our same number unless we pay delinquent charges. We have no choice but to leave AT&T and get a new number.

20 Plus Phone Calls on Incorrect Billing Since April
By -

AT&T offers deals that they over charge customers and there is no one in their office that will me and get it corrected. If you do call, leave me a number to get back with since I won't stay home all day and wait.

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