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ATT Uverse Is The Absolute Worst With Customer Service And Quality
Posted by Bampabooks on 10/02/2008
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- If you are considering AT&T Uverse, you may want to think about one of their competitors...unless you enjoy choppy service and endless wait times to speak with someone on the phone.

I'm writing because I was just on hold for 50 minutes to speak with billing because the first bill I ever received was a disconnect notice and a bill for over $400. After being transferred to several other people, I was finally sent to someone who allegedly could make an adjustment on the bill. After more time on hold, I was told that the first person I spoke to could only do the adjustment. So, that was basically an hour long call that accomplished nothing since the other office closed while I was on hold.

On top of the recent experience, I've had a technician come to my house 10 times for the terrible quality of service. They still have not fixed the problems.

The only reason I'm with them is because the channel lineup has potential and the cost is less than the competition. But honestly, I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

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Posted by bigboxworker on 2008-10-02:
U-Verse basically travels over the internet. It uses a highly advanced version of DSL which has been around for years to deliver the TV content to your house. With DSL, the drawback is that your internal wiring in your house plays a major factor in your connection quality. The internal wiring in your house, or your proximity to AT&Ts Switch may have contributed to your poor experience with U-Verse. In addition most telephone companies do not service your internal wiring for free.
Posted by Ladderman on 2008-12-11:
Go back to cable.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Shlbycindy43 on 07/08/2012
SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have my payments sent to AT&T electronically through my bank every month. I was watching TV the other day and suddenly the screen flashed a message saying my system was being rebooted and powered down. Then I noticed my internet and phone were not working either. My service had been disconnected for non-payment. I have all these services bundled through AT&T. I called the bank and my payment of $165.10 had been sent to AT&T one week prior. I did not have an outstanding balance.

I called AT&T and was told they could not find my payment and could not restore my service until they had found it. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the person that answered, who I seriously doubt was a supervisor, told me the same thing. I had the reference number from the bank, the electronic check number, and the date it had been paid which was a week prior to the disconnection. I was told by one customer service representative it could take 7-10 days for my service to be restored. I became very upset because I knew the bill had been paid.

I told them if it was not restored immediately I would look into changing my services. One representative told me to do what I had to do and didn't seem concerned in the least. I waited a few hours and called them back. I was told by ANOTHER representative that the bank always sends their payments to them by U.S. Mail in the form of a paper check. I knew this wasn't true because the bank had already told me they had sent it electronically and they never send checks to companies via the U.S.Mail. I spoke to yet another representative who spoke to me like I was a slow two year old and even, at certain points, talked baby talk to me. I was furious.

I called them back again a few hours later and was told the same thing. My payment could not be found and therefore they couldn't turn my service back on. They refused to listen when I told them I had the reference number for the payment. I even offered to fax them a copy of the payment information from my bank and they said no. Because I didn't want to go 10 days without service I paid the bill again. My service was back on within 30 minutes. Approximately 1 hour later I went online and looked at my payment history.

Miraculously they had found the original payment and credited it to my bill so I am now paid up through September. I called back and insisted they give me a confirmation number for both payments which they did. I find it hard to believe they couldn't find the original payment 1 hour prior to the other payment being made. This is the second time I've had to ask them to look for a payment. This is the first time they've ever disconnected my service though. I like Uverse programming and I have no complaints with my actual phone, internet, or Uverse services however, their customer service representatives leave a lot to be desired.

The 'baby talking' lady, at one point, even sang "la la la la" in my ear when I tried to give her the confirmation number for the original payment. Fortunately I took the names of everyone I spoke to and I plan on calling their sales department on Monday. I want to ask them if they mention their horrible customer service when attempting to sell their product. AT&T needs to realize they are no longer the only game in town when it comes to telephone service. As soon as my contract is up I will be changing everything over to a different company based on my experience with their customer service group. Although I like Uverse, I would not recommend anyone buying any of AT&T's services simply because their customer service is horrible.
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20 year old. Landline # lost by AT&T Mistake. They don't care.
Posted by Bone_chewer on 12/26/2013
CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- This is by far the most disastrous customer service I've experienced.

My senior citizen parents who have been AT&T customers since '94. Dad decided to upgrade to an AT&T U-Verse package that somehow involved transferring the landline to their department. After the installation, my father wanted to add additional channels. Their service representative said that he is unable to act on our service, because the order is currently in "Incomplete" state and he is unable to Complete it. His solution? He DELETED our order, which spawned a whole slew of new trouble.

Both the landline of 20 years and TV service were cut on the evening of CHRISTMAS EVE and were never restored. Each time we connected to a Rep, they would dispute and claim that we're not supposed have TV or Landline (No s***, _YOU_ DELETED them!) and we have to go through 20 minutes of explaining the situation before escalation. For cases where the representative claimed we'll receive a call from their supervisor or manager, no such call ever came.

Hey, they must figure, if our record is gone, they wouldn't be accountable, right?

Finally, I got a representative who was able to find the problem. Apparently the TV package was contingent/bound to the landline number, but that was cut because the landline was deactivated. She asked, "what's the new number you would like?" Apparently, it is not possible to restore our number which THEY cut off only TWO days ago restored, even though no new user claimed it.

I explained to her supervisor that it is unacceptable to have our 20 year old landlines to be cut off just like that on an AT&T mistake and that they need to rectify it. I was told, and I quote, "It is not about whether you accept it or not. This is how it is."

Incompetent representatives, ineffective system tools and poor note-taking, and unwillingness to admit and take responsibility for their people and system issues. This is by far the worst corporation and does not deserve any future business with me or any one, and does not deserve to exist.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-12-27:
I suggest filing a complaint with the FCC.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-12-28:
Contact the agency in your state's Dept of Justice. I did a quick search and you can read this info from their website and follow the links to do so:


I had to do this---against AT and T---some 15 years ago when they tried scamming me much the same as you. It was quickly resolved after I wrote the complaint and talked to the state agency guy. Given the size of AT and T, like a governmental agency, they really don't care and no one is held responsible. Good luck.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-12-29:
Another good example of why we left AT and T many years ago and never once looked back.
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AT&T: Run Like Hell!
Posted by Mudjester on 12/05/2013
LAFAYETTE, CALIFORNIA -- The customer "service" is beyond terrible: it's not that the underpaid low level phone wranglers are bad (although some ARE) but that the corporate ethos is obviously one that is all about ripping off its customers and frustrating us at every opportunity. And AT&T provides many opportunities. Too many to detail. They make Verizon and Comcast look downright helpful!! After 20+ years of loyalty. Which turns out to mean NOTHING to this cancerous org, I have dumped da bums and will never return.

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Rebate Deceit
Posted by Chpuckey on 06/05/2012
DAYTON, OHIO -- An AT&T UVERSE rebate offered a $100 visa card for switching to UVERSE. I received a card from ATT for $50. The remaining $50 was to come from HBO and STARZ. To get these rebates required a rebate form be filled out for each movie offering. Each form required a paid invoice invoice for 3 months of service. The work necessary to fulfill these requirements was simply not worth it. I passed on these rebates.

I also got stung on rebates from Lowe's and rebates from the local natural gas company. The total of these lost rebates came to $400. This all occurred in the period from mid December to late may. It seems to me that these rebates are offered to promote sales but with no intention of paying the rebate if at all possible. This is done by building requirements into the process that are very difficult, if not impossible, to meet.

In general there is deceit, bordering on fraud, in the rebate process. Caveat emptor.
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Posted by KevinTX on 2012-06-05:
Sounds like when I bought a wifi box from ATT with the promise that I would receive a $100rebate in the mail... never happened... and they can't find a record of it.
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Charges On Bill For Services Not Provided
Posted by Ksenev on 03/06/2012
Recently had to re-connect my you verse service. The service was
restored using the old modem. On new bill they charge for
a new modem that was never installed. Billing is refusing
to give credit because they don't know what happened at install!
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Posted by JISCal2 on 2012-03-06:
Did the technician provide you with a copy of the documentation at the time of install? That should clear up the billing problem unless the tech is trying to pull a fast one.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-03-06:
Why was there a reconnect? Was the service cut for non-payment?

If this is, in fact, a charge for equipment that was not provided I would refuse to pay it and demand they show proof that said equipment was installed.

Remember, in most cases, right or wrong, these companies expect you to roll over, pay up, not question them. Usually they get their way because most people will not fight.
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U-Verse Installation
Posted by Rgalang197431 on 11/01/2011
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I was interested in having the U-verse with AT and T. They had schedule a technician to arrive. They did not. I tried to check my status on line and it was not available. On the day they did not show up, I called at and t. After passing me around several departments, they told me that for some reason, my account was cancelled. They had schedule me for another date one month later. This time they showed up however, they said they could not install the services for a box of some sort is missing .

Attempt #3 came when a representative was going around out building saying that they had install the box needed due to the demand of people. For this attempt, I took a day off

Guess what the technician did not show up again ! and when I got a hold of someone they told me that they could not install U-verse for there was a part missing !.

AND check this out, before I could get a hold of someone, I check my status online and it states that my installation date was scheduled for December 31, 2036 !.

I had saved all my documents to prove such even happened.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2011-11-01:
I'm still waiting to find someone that has this U-verse service and is happy with it. From what I see it's impossible to get installed. And if they do install it, it never seems to work right. And God help you if you get caught up in the AT&T automated CSR system.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-01:
Same here Old Timer. I don't know about where you are but UVerse isn't available where I live... and I'm glad!
Posted by jonthethird on 2011-11-01:
It took over a month for me to get UVerse working properly. Stay away
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AT&T Door to Door sales reps lie
Posted by JCibulasJ32 on 10/12/2011
NEW BALTIMORE, MICHIGAN -- In August 2011, an AT&T sales representative came to my house and asked me if I would be interested in the AT&T U-verse bundle. I told him that I currently had Comcast but if the price was right and the services comparable I would be interested. So, we sat down. After I asked him a bunch of questions, He said "Do I have a deal for you."

I told him that my current Comcast bundle was 152.00 a month. No problem, he said. I can give you the AT&T bundle for 117.00 for 6 months and after six months your bill will be 123.00 a month.

So now, after two months of trying to straighten out my bill, I get a new bill for 149.00 and custom service says my bill will increase to 174.00 after six months. Yea, they got a deal for me.

The sales representative lied. And when I asked AT&T for the sales reps phone number, they told me they didn't have access to that information.

AT&T is trying to catch up to Comcast by using door to door sales reps but
don't believe a word they say. They lie and misrepresent.

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U-Verse has been nothing but headache- Unfair billing too
Posted by Nick33 on 09/28/2011

AT&T sales representative appeared on our doorstep to sell us the U-Verse service bundle plan. He convinced us to switch to the plan for 30 day trial and if not satisfied to cancel. On 09/16/2011 we had an installation to the services performed. Then, for the next 6 days, we had over 7 different technicians trying to resolve the phone line, Internet and TV service disruptions and lack of services. On Wednesday 09/21/2011 I finally called and canceled and asked to be reverted back to the old working DSL line and phone services and have my TV hooked back up to Direct TV. I was promised a service date for 09/26/2011 all on the meantime, we had no services of all of the above from 09/16 and until 09/26. We returned the equipments as instructed on 09/23/2011. Today 09/28/2011, I received a bill from AT&T U-verse for $96.58. In addition, I still also received my DSL and phone line bill too. Here we are, left alone to try to explain again over and over. I feel this is unfair, wrong and deceptive. On top of this, my other DSL- Phone service line is also charging us for the service that was disrupted during this time too. AT&T should correct this, why should we pay for goods never been delivered; why over-promise the service and fail. If you're planning a switch to AT&T U-Verse, think again and ask your neighbors and friends to make sure not to believe the AT&T sales representative when he/she says that you're in the green zone for U-Verse; we were proven to be in the end of that line afterwords and 11 days later without Internet, TV or home phone line AND expected to pay a bill for it!!
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Posted by jonthethird on 2011-09-29:
ATT Uverse, in most areas, is not ready for prime time.
They pay a great sales force, who have no clue what they are selling. The back office is understaffed and unable to do much except say how sorry they are. The field techs, when you can get one out, are usually pretty good, but, if the product was oversold, cannot help. Stay away from Uverse.
Posted by jonthethird on 2011-09-29:
Another note: contact your State board who controls telephone service (in CA it is the PUC) and file a complaint. Also, contact your local cable commission and complain. Those type of complaints get a lot of attention from Uverse.
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AT&T Uverse - My continuing Saga of Disappointment and Frustration
Posted by Neztra95 on 09/26/2011
My AT&T Saga – the Continuing Story

Following is a very long timeline explaining my ordeal with AT&T.

All I wanted to do was move into a new house some five miles from my old apartment. After two and a half months of dealing with AT&T, you would think I tried to move my Uverse service to the moon.

Mid June – After several misdirected calls, several of which were routed continuously to the business division regardless of my telling the representative that I was calling about a personal account, I finally get through to the right people to move my Uverse service to a new address on 6/30/11. I request a new phone number as my old one gets calls all hours for a defunct auto repair shop. Installation date confirmed as 6/30/11 that day on the phone.

6/30/11 – No communication from AT&T and no installation tech at new address. Call placed to AT&T yields, after several hours on the phone, a final response of “We are not sure exactly why this problem is happening though we know it is one that consistently happens when scheduling moving of service. Someone will call you tomorrow with a course of action to resolve.”

6/31/11 – no call from AT&T

7/1/11 – Called At&T back and after spending an hour and a half on the phone, no forward motion is made on the issue except another statement of “we will call you back tomorrow MORNING to discuss resolution”

7/2/11 morning – no call from AT&T so I called back to be told, “no one should be telling you they will call you back the next day if they cannot commit to it” I am told again that they are working on a resolution.

7/3/11-7/6/11 – rinse and repeat process

7/8/11 – After 10 hours on the phone over the course of one week, the response is that the order is completely messed up and “hanging in limbo” with no apparent way to correct it. I make the suggestion that perhaps they should just cancel my old service and create a whole new order which is met with a skeptical response of “I guess we could do that, but you will lose your home telephone number”, which of course makes me giggle hysterically as that was one of the things I initially requested – a new telephone number. New order is set up and after much discussion and hair pulling on my part, an installation date of July 25th is set upon (note that this is almost a month after I should have had service installed at the new house). I believe it was some time at this point that a credit was issued against my account for $100 because of the problems I had dealt with.

7/25/11 – AT&T tech is an absolute joy who stays for five hours to ensure that everything is set up properly. Woohoo! Light at the end of the tunnel? Just a glimmer…

I receive no billing or communications on the old account after this point.

Around the beginning of September – I start getting calls from AT&T to my cell phone. I answer three “please hold for an operator calls. The first time, I am routed to a woman who speaks so little English that it takes several minutes for her to understand what my name is and how to spell it. She says that someone is trying to install service at the apartment I use to live in and that they can’t do it because there is still service in my name at the apartment. Which is funny since my service should have been disconnected at that location on 6/30/11. She says she will take care of it and we part ways.

Later that same day, I get another one of these automated calls “please hold for an operator”. I get another person who speaks little English. This guy doesn’t even have a clue why I was called. He sees no problem with my account and sees no flags on the account to show why I was called. I finally have to tell him that after a half hour on the phone with him, I have a meeting I have to go into as I am at work.

Because I am not confident in AT&T at this point, I later call AT&T Uverse customer service in the USA.

The first person I speak with says that they can cancel the account and then I will have to call back when I get my final bill to dispute the charges for anything after 6/30/11. I tell him that is unacceptable due to the amount of personal time I have wasted on the phone with AT&T. After another 45 minutes on the phone, I get a hold of a guy who listens to the situation and is able to go in and supposedly cancel the account, clear up the back billing and issue me a credit for anything I have over paid. He also asks if I ever received a communication about returning the equipment, which I haven’t, obviously, because my old account was never cancelled. He says I will receive instructions on returning the equipment, which I did receive and then used to return the equipment. I have tracking information for this return.

A few days after I returned the equipment, I receive a bill for $491.86 - $450 of which is for unreturned equipment – which is wrong of course. This also includes billing for between 7/27/11 and 8/26/11, plus a forwarding of charges for 6/27/11-7/26/11 for which I never previously received communication.

By my account – AT&T owes me $77.88 from where they should have billed me $22.12 minus a $100 credit (pain and agony credit) for the billing period between 6/27/11 and 7/26/11 plus a credit of $128.08 (another pain and agony credit) on the bill from 7/27/11-8/26/11 totaling a credit of $205.96.

Additionally, I have wasted over 14 hours on the phone with AT&T customer service and 8 hours of paid time off from work (waiting for an installation tech who never showed up) that I will now not be able to use towards my personal vacation. Based on my rate of pay, that wasted 22 hours is worth approximately $600.00. I am not factoring in the stress of the situation, the loss of sleep, the inability to communicate with the outside world during the time between 6/30/11 and 7/27/11 in the form of a home phone or internet connection.

I am a fairly intelligent and very persistent person who insists on doing things the right and fair way. I feel for anyone who is not able to keep track of these ridiculous account issues. AT&T’s system has created an environment in which their reps are powerless to assist customers with even the most basic of account transitions – a residential move!

Every customer service representative I have spoken with has been incredibly kind and understanding, has tried to manage my frustration, has tried to issue credits to make good on my lost time and energy, but they are facing a monolithic computer and database system that doesn’t allow them to use their minds to correct issues.

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Posted by jonthethird on 2011-09-26:
ATT Uverse has hired a mob of salespeople, but the back office and field have not kept up. Horror stories abound, including my own, from their mess. I suggest everyone wait until Uverse has grown a little before committing to it.
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