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Horrible and Disappointment Unprofessional Customer Service They Have
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Rating: 1/51

MARYLAND -- ATT is the stupidest company! They have poor customer service and are money eaters. They will just surprise you for amount that they were saying is accurate. **. I will never recommend this company to any of my friends and family.... And the highest management is very unprofessional hanging up on me!!!! Stupid!!!!

Duped Into Getting a "Free" Hot Spot.
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OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- I am writing regarding the above number associated with the "free" hot spot I was practically forced to take home with me when I upgraded from my trustworthy flip phone to the Samsung Galaxy S4 last summer.

When I bought the upgrade I was told the phone "came with a free hot spot." I told the salesperson I did not even know what a hot spot was and did not want it. The salesperson, eventually aided by a second, insisted that I could not possibly turn down such a wonderful device, especially when I got it for free. They asked me if I had children and I said yes. They made it sound like I would be nominated for parent of the year if I had no use for it and passed it down to them. I kept declining and they kept insisting. It was basically implied (using all that good salesmanship training from AT&T) that I would be a fool not to take it. Who turns down a free gift like that?

And a fool I was. My bills kept getting higher and I kept getting tagged $15 every time the hot spot's usage went over the GBs included in my plan. At first I did not pay much attention (even after I realized there was a $20 monthly fee associated with the device which I also had not been made aware of). But then it really started to get out of control. In order to keep up with the little monster (the hot spot) I had to upgrade my plan 1, 2 maybe 3 times with more GBs until I finally could not pay my bill. I told my daughter I was sorry, I was canceling it, and assumed it was a matter of disabling the thing and changing to a cheaper plan just for my phone.

You are very, very smart. That is why you are making millions and I had to file for bankruptcy last week, not that you would care. I stuck my neck out to defend you whenever friends and acquaintances mentioned in passing you were the worst, most corrupt wireless company (or should I say spineless).

Two weeks ago I called AT&T to ask that they suspend immediately any services associated with the little monster, only to be told that I had signed a 2-year contract for my "free gift," (you know, the small print). Nobody told me during all that haggling that I was signing a 2-year contract for the hot spot. What was really important for them was that I, your customer of 10+ years, walked out of that store with the little monster. "For free."

I escalated my phone call three times until I reached a manager called **. All he did for me, in order to not incur a $99 penalty for breaking the contract, was to adjust my bill so I would only have to pay $10 instead of $20 for being the proud owner of the little monster (without using it).

Again, I am sure you do not care about the amount of financial stress I have been under lately but I conceded, lowered my plan to 2 GBs and left it at that. I had bigger problems. Now that my bigger problems are behind me, I decided to contact you to inform you of the following: I will not pay $10 a month for the deactivated hot spot. I will subtract $10 from every bill you send me from now on.

Let me know how you will punish me, harass me, sue me or otherwise try to make my life difficult. Bring it on. I know people with the same plan I have (different providers) who pay $30 a month. I hope you will extend me the courtesy of a reply, preferably in writing.


AT&T's total disrespect for their customers
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Rating: 1/51

METRO ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Like most people, I've dealt with AT&T on and off for over forty years as a residential customer. After numerous complaints about my internet service, and time consumed with tech, unplugging and re-plugging the modem to correct interruptions in service, I contacted another provider. I arranged for new service with another provider and then contacted AT&T and arranged for my service with them to be disconnected in a seamless operation to maintain my telephone number while receiving alternate internet service.

At that time a representative did her best to keep me as a customer, but I was fed up with AT&T's tactics and requested a final bill be sent out as well as a return label for the dysfunctional modem. I was told it would be done.
Within a week I received a final bill that included the next month and was disturbed because I should have only been charged for seven days of the previous month, and had still not received a return label for the equipment.

When I contacted AT&T I was immediately put on hold and passed to one representative after another. This went on for fifteen minutes or longer like I was a 'hot potato' until I finally hung up in frustration. When I called back then it was a game of telephone duck, duck, goose! Days later when someone would finally give me some customer service I was told the return label was on its way. This game went on because after five to seven business days I would call back and say I had not yet received the return label and since the reliability of the U.S. Postal Service was dependable and I had a locked mailbox, I didn't understand why I had not yet received the label.

Finally, I just asked for an address to make the return and was told that I could just take it to any UPS where AT&T had an account. When I did, UPS told me that because I did not have an AT&T label, I would have to pay to return the equipment, and as I live on a fixed income, did not have enough funds to do so. When I contacted AT&T again and finally got a representative who would talk to me, I was told that the time had expired for me to return their equipment and the account had been sent to a collection agency. AGH!!

Needless to say, after being an excellent customer (paying bills on time) my credit score took a BIG hit and what should have been a final bill of $25 or less became $172 (rounded up) for equipment they knew was no longer useful to them. Like what good would it be to me either.

AT&T's deceitful practices is why they have to pay $M to mobile customers for padding bills, but I believe they have historically padded land line and internet service bills over the years as well. I'm interested in hearing about anyone else who has had similar problems with AT&T in order to determine if another class action suit against them is possible.

I Wish to Complain About the Level of Service at AT&T - It's Bad
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I wish to complain about the level of service at AT&T. It's bad. My Blackberry 9900 (BB) was purchased in February 2013, so it's currently under the one year warranty. October 19th I went to an AT&T store in Napa, CA to replace my malfunction BB, and was told to go to Device Support Center and they would be happy to help.

On Sunday October 20th I went to the AT&T DSC store San Francisco, and was treated with what I can only call disdain. I was given a battery to for malfunction BB and later sent a €œrefurbished BB that is not working. I took the first BB to the Market Street store on October 26th and informed the management a staff that the unit is NOT updating with my emails, calendar, etc., not syncing, and the apps are no longer being supported by BB for many key functions. It was stated over and over again the same mantra about replacing my unit with the same unit Ad Nauseam! This Market Street crowd would not even mail the refurbished phone back.

At the same time this is happening I'™m trying to remove myself from the family plan to my own plan and using my company discount. I was told to call an 800 331 0500 number to accept the transfer on Saturday and was shifted to an €œendless prompt to push a series of numbers which lead to nowhere special. I pushed €œ0€ and was told that 800 number only work on the weekdays, which is not true, because it was not the right number.

After many agonizing calls and hours dealing with AT&T'€™s €œtrained staff (NOT) I got my number migrated to my number but I could NOT use my company discount which make little since to my brain. While on the phone to your equipment œspecialist€ I begged and groveled for a different phone. Your specialist repeated ad nauseam the same policy dogma.

After I repeated for the 8-10 time that this BB is not function with my work email, calendar, and apps just are not keeping up. But the worst part was my hour plus conversation with a (manager) in the South Florida area somewhere who said many things but none were helpful at all. The Manager would not allow me to talk to anyone above her in fact she said there was no one above her to handle€ my issues. She would not offer any workable solutions beyond I should go out and buy a phone and figure out how to get the SIM card to work.

Although there were a lot of other things that I could not possibly put on this one-page note, I really want one source to deal with AT&T to handle my Mobil phone issues. NOT ten people for ten issues. I would like a different phone as a replacement. I would like my phone migrated without starting a new 2-year plan, I would like to use my company discount, and not pay a transfer fee. I would not like to be treated like an idiot by your staff.

Run Away From AT&T
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTE, WASHINGTON -- This company is really, really stupid at all. First they make promises that they don't keep. Secondly and most annoying thing is that, some associates, especially the one on the phone does so many things that makes you happy just for the sake of making you happy. Then you think everything is fine and you will call some other time for some reason and the associate this time tells you that they can't do what the other associate did for you last time and he has no clue at all.

Then you ask how their service varies from associate to associate? Remember this is not customer service, this is a technical specification policy that the company agreed with its customers' to offer. So then we went to this store. 600 Pine St. Seattle WA 98101.

Really the guy doesn't have a clue at all. I was short with words explaining how the system is set up. He was so surprised about it and didn't believe that the company he is working at provides that, so we call the 611 from the store.

Just like other days, luckily, we met an associate on phone looked up my account and told me she will ship me a new device. Then she knew that I was in the store and she asked me, why they didn't offer it to me in the first place, so she asked me to speak to the associate and I handed the phone to him. As she was explaining to him what to do step by step, his answer was, "Yeah... okay okay okay okay...." So after this I was expecting that I will get help, then he hung up the phone and say he is confused and called his manager.

His manager is a female which has really like him, I recommended for them if they really work in retail, they can work in a mattress store. So since they are all confused and didn't know what to do, they want me to call the 611 customer care again.

I spent 20 minutes with him in my first lecture + 45 minute on phone + 15 minute with the manager. I left with anger, and was told to cancel my plan and get another phone, went back in and call the manager and told I'm going to cancel the phone and she didn't even try to work through again, but told me she is not the one who can cancel my phone and called one an associate.

I told them this is not the service I expect from them after being with them for 4 years. And they don't care at all, so I left the store since I am not able to control my anger with their attitude. Like I told them they all fa... and was told not to come to their store. Funny.

Then we went with one of the customers who saw all things about what happened to me, and went to broad way store. The store was EMPTY. I knew, ONLY PEOPLE WHO MAKE A MISTAKE AND DON' T LISTEN TO OTHERS go to AT&T. A Chinese associate was way welcoming dude and went on private chat and told us we were the first customer after 4 hrs of opening and noticed 4 guys who work there are standing far from the door and were taking about football loud enough.

If you read this far, I will give my own review, run, find other alternative, there are so many choices that you get from other providers. Think again before you stuck in a 2 year plan and upgrade when you are told to upgrade and not device maintenance unless you purchase the insurance. This is world where you can get the best, think wisely don't be cheated and stuck in a contract dead end.

Just Plain Unacceptable
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I've been with AT&T for 6 years now. It all started when I got sick and tired of paying BellSouth $30 for dial up access through AOL. When I moved to a new house I accidentally dropped my desktop computer's CPU and broke beyond repair. I already thought about high speed internet before, but my old computer couldn't handle it so when I got my new one I did decide to look into it. AT&T seem like the best price for the best speed, so that's when I signed up and the nightmare begins.

First they tell me I would qualify for free equipment and installation $150.00 value, I got charged $50 for the installation and $100 for the equipment, and something else the representative told me over the phone that there would be no deposit but there was. I had to run go to an AT&T store and pay a deposit in person. After calling and complaining I got the installation charge waived, especially since I installed it myself, but I couldn't get my money back for the equipment because I didn't qualify that was a lie.

They took my hundred dollar deposit and told me after 12 months I would get 10 dollars of it back each month as a credit on my bill and it would happen automatically, well safe to say I don't have them anymore and they stole my hundred dollar deposit. After going through all that sign up nightmare everything was fine for two years I lived in that house.

The second house and moved into my service transfer went a little bumpy. They cut my internet off two days before I told them I wanted to cut off and transferred to the new house. Other than that it was okay, it still got transferred. When I successfully moved into my second house that's when the real nightmare begin. The house I moved in was so old the wiring in it wouldn't support any internet service. I found that out when my DSL box kept giving me an unable to connect message.

AT&T said they had an appointment that Friday to come hook up my internet service. I didn't have to work that day and I spent the entire day home. No one came out at my house but they said that my service was hooked up and working. I rescheduled another appointment for that Wednesday. A service technician came out to my house, looked around a little bit and said that he had an emergency down the road and will be back in 15 minutes.

Well apparently my entire house phone line had to be rewired to support DSL service from AT&T, and all I need it was new line and jack just for the internet modem in the dining room. The whole house didn't have to be rewired and apparently he was just too lazy to do it.

2 hours after he left I called AT&T. He said that he successfully hooked up the service and the appointment was over. I told them that there is an emergency down the road and he left and never came back, and they tell me that there was no emergency. After getting another service appointment later on that day someone did stop by. It took about 45 minutes to get my service up and running. The new technician told me that the other technician must have been too lazy to do anything, all he had to do was install the phone box and run some new line which only took 45 minutes. When he left my service was working.

Two weeks later my service started going out 5 times a day for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, and when it was working it was about as fast as dial up and I had upgraded to the six megabit plan when I moved into the new house. After restarting on my computers, equipment, my phone and the router itself the problem still persists. I called AT&T. They said that they were working on some lines and said everything should be back to normal by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but the problem still persisted even after 7 full days.

Calling AT&T again and setting up another service appointment. Someone showed up, worked for about 15 minutes, and my service was work again perfectly. Now it's the day before Christmas eve and I have a lot friends and family coming over to my house to celebrate Christmas with me even though I live by myself.

I used my internet to Skype and look up some recipes about 7:30 a.m. that morning. I went out to buy the Christmas dinner at my local grocery store, and came back to Skype with some more friends and family, but found out my internet wasn't working at all. I started cooking dinner and waited about 2 hours after 11 p.m. when it stopped working. When it still continued to not work I called AT&T and they told me that my service has been cancelled. I was confused, I never called and asked for it to be turned off.

Then that's when they tell me. Some woman by the name of the ** called and cancelled my account. I asked a woman if it could be restored. She said "Yes but not until next year." I asked "Why?" She told me I would have to upgrade to the new U-verse service which was in my neighborhood now. Because they're not signing up anymore basic DSL members only U-verse members now. I asked "Why would I have to wait?" The woman told me that someone would have to install the service by installing new lines and I would have to wait for the equipment. I told her "No I don't want it," and then I hung up on her.

AT&T have been harassing me ever since I moved into that house about getting Uverse service, none of the other neighborhoods I've ever lived in had it and today they still don't have it. I've heard plenty of reviews that the new Uverse service sucks, and even some of my neighbors who were forced to get it switched companies all together and that's all it is.

AT&T deliberately cut my basic service off and forced me to sign up with U-verse, and on top of it they demanded a credit card which I don't have. Only a debit card. They refused to take that, so I refused the new service and got a new company.

AT&T is just a selfish and greedy company. They're so badly corrupted, lying, cheating, and stealing from their customers. I just don't see how they stay afloat today. Today I still get charges saying I signed up for U-verse and even had equipment show up at my door. But I never opened it.

AT&T keep sending me bills for $400 and U-verse charges installation equipment and two months worth of service. They attempted to put that on my credit but I had that stopped immediately, but to this day they still say I owe them $400 and will make me pay that if I attempt to get any service even cell phone service in my name from them. Yep everyone says AT&T is a total nightmare and I completely believe it.

Fraudulent Charges
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Rating: 1/51

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- I have been a valued wireless AT&T customer for over 14 years when they first started out as Pacific Bell Wireless. 19 months ago I updated my phones by purchasing refurbished phones through their website. A couple of weeks ago I was informed by AT&T that I had an account that was sent to a collection agency due to nonpayment. This account was attached to phone #'s I was not aware of or never used. Turns out, AT&T not only updated my phones but also added two lines and opened another account when I originally purchased the refurbished phones.

I have been on the phone with customer service for 3+ hours in the last two weeks and also have been to their store to get help from their manager on site who also was on the phone for approx 3/12 hrs while I Sat with him getting transferred from one dept to another listening to him get frustrated with internal departments as well.

At the end of that session, nothing was resolved and I was told that my account was duly noted by him and that this point he will have to forward the information to his AT&T Area Supervisor who will not be available until Nov 1st (6 days from now). A store manager was not able to resolve this matter at that level! The charges are $1,250+ for non-payment and early cancellation for an account that AT&T set up without my knowledge and now is unable to rectify their mistake. I've had to contact the collection agency they sold this account to, and all they say to me over the phone is "When will you be able to make a payment towards this account?" It's been a nightmare.

All in all, I always get a name and I.D. # of whoever I talk with on the phone @ AT&T because not always do they note my account with conversations I have with them and I find myself repeating everything from the beginning. I am looking for another wireless provider.

A Nightmare Experience With Switching Over to AT&T
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Rating: 1/51

NILES, ILLINOIS -- Horrible experience! I went there to switch to an AT&T prepaid plan (from another carrier). Without me realizing it, they CHANGED MY NUMBER!!! A number that I had for 11 years ! They gave me the same last 7 digits but a different area code! I called AT&T customer support. They couldn't explain how it got screwed up this way and said I had to go back to the store for a new Sim card so that they could fix the problem.

So, after spending almost an hour on the phone (waiting, explaining, being transferred, waiting and explaining again) I drove 40 minutes in the rain to get back to the store. It took me 2 hours there and a lot of explanations, and anxiety, to finally fix it! Half a day wasted and SO MUCH FRUSTRATION!

BTW, the guy who made a mistake (**) was there, and he didn't even apologize for either of the two: screwing up the switch or being too lazy to check/ set up my internet access (my data wouldn't work). In fact it seemed that HE COULDN'T CARE LESS. Actually, no one apologized to me, which is very sad, because they had 2 hours of time to say simple "I'm sorry" or "we apologize for the inconvenience" ... NOT A WAY TO TREAT A CUSTOMER if you want him to come back, right ? I won't.

The manager was not the worst thing about the place, but he wasn't willing to help me with the internet at first, saying that "I may not be able to access internet because it's not an AT&T phone." Yeah, right... Finally some girl taking care of the issue took a pity on me and set up an AT&T access point on my phone and it works seamlessly since (I didn't get your name but Thank You!). Unfortunately that was the only bright side of my experience with the store.

I had read some bad reviews about the place but went there anyway. I thought - come on, how bad that could be, right? Well, it's worse than I could imagine... Please save yourself frustration and choose a carrier that AT LEAST PRETENDS to care about you! Or maybe another AT&T store would work, I don't know. AT&T - sorry to say that but YOU SUCK!!!

Scammers! They Cannot Pull Up Calls for Q&A!!!
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- On February 18th I called AT&T to get wireless internet for my house, when speaking to the sales representative over the phone she offered me a deal for U-verse as well. They were giving 3 months of free premium channels but after 3 months I would have to pay the full price.

Before purchasing the deal I repeatedly asked and verified that I would not have a contract with the U-verse plan but I that I would have a contract with my Internet plan. I once again verified the information that I could cancel my U-verse plan without being penalized with an early termination fee and the sales representative reassured me I could cancel the U-verse at any time without having a contract and without being charged for a termination fee as long as I kept my Internet services on for one year.

So, about a month ago I called AT&T and asked to cancel my plan with U-verse, the AT&T representative then informed me I had a contract with U-verse and if I cancelled I would have to pay a termination fee. I knew what I had spoken about with the woman I initially agreed to purchase the deal with and it was the complete opposite of what this representative was telling me, so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor got on the phone and told me that I was right I did not have a contract with U-verse and at the time I wanted faster internet so the supervisor sold me the plan for a faster service and cancelled my U-verse plan.

I called today to inform them my credit card was lost and I asked for the representative to review my bill, she stated I still had U-verse so I asked to cancel it and informed them of the previous situation I had, it then escalated to management. The manager gets on the phone 30 minutes later and is not cooperative at all. I begged for them to listen to the call and get back to me to verify what was said, and the manager tells me not all the calls are recorded and he can't pull up my call. He refused to help me or remove the unauthorized charges they put on my account. I was scammed and lied to.

Deceptive Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

My husband called AT&T because our youngest daughter kept going over her data. He just wanted to add more data to her number. The lady on the phone talked him into a shared family data plan. My older daughter and I had unlimited data. She did not tell him that our unlimited plan would be cancelled. We have been careful to keep our unlimited plan for years… now it is gone. We called back within the hour, but they said it was too late! I have always felt loyal to AT&T, but I no longer trust them. Beware of their tactics!!! They will do anything possible to get you off unlimited.

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