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How Many Others Have Been Sold a Service/Product Which Does Not Exist?
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MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- For the past five years, yes, 5 years, I have paid for 6x DSL service, promoted by AT&T as the fastest DSL speed which can be used by a small business or privately owned computer. So for 5 years I paid the bill in spite of problems which were 'solved' by sending out a replacement router/modem, unlimited number of hours wasted on the phone while the DSL technician went through AT&T standard procedures to repair the problem with beginner instructions to open here and type there, then again it was declared a modem problem, and so on for 5 long years.

At the end I was determined to drop the service and return to dial-up. It was at this time a high ranking employee came to find the 'internal' problem, repair it, and charge me for the repair. The good man spent almost 3 hrs. in total, dutifully running tests on my computer and when that failed he began moving furniture to get to jack and test them to find the problem. None was found. So the AT&T DSL staffer said to me he had to report this to a higher up, my home was blameless.

An hour or so later a phone call came in, this person introduced herself as a high ranking AT&T employee who was coming to look at the wiring as she could see why there was a complaint. I had been dropped 12 times the previous evening *at best I was dropped 3 times a night* and she'd be in touch. A knock at the door came an hour and a half later. She introduced herself, I invited her in, she sat at the computer as well, she stood to leave and a short conversation over the problem began.

AT&T had sent, at no cost to me, one of their best, a person with an unblemished 30 year record. I could see she did not like defeat. She chatted more and in the middle of a sentence she stopped herself and asked to see my bill. I handed it to her and I can laugh at her first comment - "Oh, look at all the ads they put on them"- and I watched quietly as she read it to herself, then she turned it over to read the rules of service on the back of the bill. She cried out - "I know why you're having problems, it's right here on the bill; you've been signed up for 6x DSL service and there is no fiber optics line in this place, it's all copper."

So you can't get 6x and what it's been doing is interfering and cutting you off. You need the lowest speed DSL and even that might give you problems. SUMMARY: for 5 yrs I paid more than $3.000 for an non-existing service. ADVICE from others who've had this experience, who got more than the standard 3 month reimbursement policy and have been reimbursed, please share with myself and others how to proceed. Thank you.

Apparently, they no longer need customers
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My husband was a loyal AT&T customer and, after we got married, we wanted a family plan together. I had Go Phone and he was on a family plan with his former roommate. We went into a corporate store and found that we both needed to pay deposits. However, we own a small business. The employee told us that we'd be totally fine by setting up the service under our business.

He ran our business Tax ID number and we were shocked when he told us that they wanted a $10,000 deposit. That number is correct. They wanted a $10K deposit on an account with one phone line. Yeah, that's just not going to happen. So, we decided to keep my phone the way it was and to transfer my husband's number to a Go Phone account. Well, they couldn't do that until the $10,000 deposit was paid, because the supervisor had already locked the number into that account and there was nothing they could do. At that point, we were fed up enough that we got all of the information that we needed to take the number elsewhere.

A few days later, we got a bill in the mail, with the deposit waived. AWESOME! We paid the bill on time, got the plan that we wanted and thought it was all good. Until we started getting the daily collection calls. Apparently, the deposit was waived and then somebody in finance decided that they didn't really want to waive the deposit. Okay. I was then told that the only way I could get this resolved was to go into the store that set up our service and have them put in another waiver, because there was nothing that the receivables department could do for us. Well, we'd moved in this period of time and the store was quite a drive for us.

I called the store and was somehow routed to corporate customer service, instead. The CSR was extremely rude and made me jump through all of these hoops to identify the account. I gave my name, my husband's name, the business name, the account number, the telephone number on the account and was then asked to give three numbers that were regularly called. Seriously? Before I was even able to do that, the CSR told me that there was nothing she could do for me anyway. I needed to talk to someone at the store. Which was EXACTLY what I was attempting to do.

I finally got connected to the actual store and the manager told me it was no problem, that he'd take care of it. The collection calls stopped. And that was nice, as these calls were coming at 8 am, and our office doesn't open until 10 am. Every time I spoke to their Receivables department, I explained this. Nobody seemed to really care and they continued the 8 am phone calls.

We received our second bill, which showed that the $10,000 deposit was waived. Two days later, we received a notice that our account was past due (our last payment was credited towards the deposit, rather than the bill itself), that we owed $10,145 and if we didn't pay it within 14 days, they'd shut off our service. I called the Receivables department again and, after being put on hold for 20 minutes, I was told to call the store. Again.

I called the store. Again. I spoke to an assistant manager who told me that it'd be taken care of and that he'd call me back when it was done. I waited for 3 days, hearing nothing and then called again. I stressed the fact that our service was due to be suspended and that this really needed to be dealt with like... now. "No problem, no problem." I received an e-mailed collection notice, which let me know that... well, it really was a problem, so I called the store. Again.

I spoke to the same assistant manager who told me that they actually can't waive the $10,000 deposit, they can't switch our service to any other kind of account until its paid and that, if they ran our business Tax ID number with a Social Security number, it'd go through. I told him that we'd tried to run our Social Security numbers before and that there was a deposit, but he told me that running both of them would take care of it. It didn't.

We ran my husband's number and it came back with a deposit, after 3 calls to get the number and my husband's name spelled correctly. So, we tried mine and, after we finally got my name and SS number correct, the assistant manager stopped calling. Since we were working on a very heavy deadline, I didn't bother calling to follow up that day, because I just didn't have the time, with running a business and all.

My husband's phone was shut off the following day. He called customer service who told him that they wanted a $1,000 deposit if he switched it to a personal account and that we couldn't port the number anywhere else until it was paid. When the CSR was informed that this was our business phone, that all of our business calls go to that number and that all of our promotional materials had that number on it, he just didn't care and that there was nothing they could do. At all. He said that he wasn't going to tell us how to run our business. That's good, because they barely understand how to run their own.

When I got home from work that day, I called the store, who told me that they needed a $500 deposit, no wait... $750... no, $500. Really. $500. He really couldn't quite decide on which amount we needed to pay. There was nothing else that he could do, which I said along with him, because I was so used to hearing it, after all of this time.

At that point, I was just so freaking sick of AT&T that we decided to go to another provider. We went to the mall, got our new account set up and found out that a cell phone provider can't refuse to port a number. Nice. We had to go into the AT&T store to get our account numbers and, when we told the employee why we were no longer doing business with them, she looked at our account. Apparently, AT&T had a lot of business fraud and wanted documentation on our business. Hey, we could have done that, if someone had actually asked us, prior to shutting off our service!

We have a State business license, contractors bond, insurance policy, and a ton of references. Heck, we'd have let them visit us at work, so they could see that we're two real people who really clean houses and apartments for a living. But... it was too late, at that point. When the store employee offered that we could bring in this documentation, I felt like I really wanted to lose my temper. I didn't, because this wasn't her fault, but at that point, I was so sick of the run around that AT&T gave us that I never wanted to deal with them again.

Our new service provider has been nothing but wonderful. They dealt with AT&T's resistance to let me port over my number very easily, set up our voice mail and data connections, all with a smile. We thought that this was the last we'd have to deal with AT&T.

My husband's phone was an AT&T phone that had been purchased when his contract had renewed over a year prior to this incident. He called to have it unlocked and was told that he'd have to wait a week. Then he was told that, for a fee, they'd get to it sooner. We were reluctant to pay AT&T anything, so... we'd wait. We got a call on Monday, stating that his phone wasn't eligible to be unlocked and to call receivables about our outstanding deposit.

We went to our new service provider, who was more than happy to give us an extremely deep discount on a new phone. Like, we got the "2 year contract" price, because the store manager sincerely sympathized that we'd been treated so badly by AT&T.

So, apparently, AT&T doesn't need their customers anymore, as we were pretty much blown off and treated like an unnecessary hassle. Which is fine, because other cell services are more than happy to do business with us. But, yeah. I wouldn't recommend AT&T to anyone, because there's nothing that anyone can do to resolve problems and nobody seems to care anyway. Save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere.

Over Charging
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I have been a customer of Sprint for as long as I can remember. However, I travel abroad often and the GSM technology most convenient for my purpose is not offered through Sprint, therefore I switched companies to the "New AT&T" that's when my cell phone nightmare began. I shopped around on the internet and found the phone that best suited my and my family needs. Instead of accepting the discounted offers offered over the internet, I called the AT&T customer sales department.

The sales representative was very friendly and seemed at the time very knowledgeable of the products and services I was requesting. We talked a little more than 2.5 hours. We discussed the plans and options that were better suited for me; one of which was a data plan. He explained that because I was purchasing 2 PDA phones (one for me and one for my wife) that a data plan was a requirement. The data plans were 29.95 per phone per month which I accepted as it was “a requirement”, but had he not told me, I'd have purchased one just the same because that was the purpose of the phone.

I'll take this opportunity to say that I also purchased my daughter a phone (rzar). She knows not to go on the internet, but I know how she likes to text message, therefore I purchased the unlimited text message plan for her (same as I had with Sprint). Better yet I purchased the unlimited family text message plan which I later found out is not necessary if you purchase the unlimited data plan which I did for the PDAs. I also purchased the 1400 minutes not that we ever use that many, but as a precautionary measure. I purchased the nights and weekend package to start at 7:00 pm for an extra fee, I think around $10.00.

There's no way to make this long story short; dreams are short; nightmares last forever. Upon receiving my phone I called the number in order to activate the phone as instructed by the sales person and as included in the instructions received and started using my phone. About two weeks into the service my wife decided that the phone was too bulky and complicated for her and thought that she'd return it before the 30 trial period expired. We called customer service and they told us that we could take it in to a corporate store and they gave us three convenient locations.

About a week later we took the phone in and they gladly exchanged it. During the exchange the sales person asked if we wanted any options on our phones re, data plan, nights & weekends, text messaging, etc. I told them that we'd just keep the options we had and at a later date we would change it if we needed additional or less services. He then told me that we had NOTHING on our plan just the 1400 minutes. I asked him about the current charges but he told me that there was nothing he could do but he could add options at that time and we could call customer service once the bill arrived to make the necessary adjustments.

Had I known at that time what customer service's response and reaction was going to be I'd have returned all the phones right then and there as the 30 day trial had not expired. But a week later I received a bill a whopping $957.00. OK no problem; because I know there's a mistake so I called customer service as instructed and I seem to have gone through the same routine that all the other complaints have voiced. I was bounced around from one customer service rep (CSR) to another. Two CSRs had no idea that a data plan was a requirement when purchasing a PDA and told me that it must have been a promotion or some sort.

I requested to speak to a supervisor but during my 2.5 hour hold/conversation time I had my wife get the local AT&T store on the land line. They told me they too require a 3 month activation of a data plan upon the purchase of a PDA. Only now does the supervisor conveniently remember the policy. OK, but now she insults me by saying that she can “give me a $200.00 credit.” Like I'd rather pay a $700.00 phone bill.

Secondly, I don't want her to give me anything. What I want is to be accurately charged from day 1 of with the services and options that I requested. It's only obvious that if the first phone salesman failed to apply the required data plan then he more than likely forgot to add the rest of the options that were requested upon purchase. After a long drawn out discussion the supervisor has one other option and that is to file a case. But in order to do that she would have to remove the credit “She so graciously gave me."

So I'm on hold for another hour from this point as she sums up her account of what's happened to me ummm. She returns to the phone gives me the case number and notifies me that someone would be calling me within some specified time period, but at this time I'm really not hearing what she has to say. The very next day (while I'm at work) I receive a call from someone that wants to give me a $416.00 dollar credit.

Again, I had to explain to him that's not what I'm looking for. I want to be charged according to what I've used and in accordance to the options I've purchased. He then got very argumentative and if I weren't at work I'd probably have argued back, but instead I told him I was not going to pay as a result of AT&T's incompetent and under trained staff. He further stated what proof I had that I ordered any options.

Well let me see; is it a requirement that the data plan be applied to the account upon the purchase of a PDA? Was it there? Now what proof do you have that I didn't? I further want to say that AT&T if this is one of your ploys to detain customers; it's not working. Why be so greedy up front? I was hoping we'd have long-lasting relationship. And don't you know I was even thinking about dropping Time Warner (stupid me)?

For one, I don't have the means to pay this amount and wouldn't pay it if I did. If anyone wants to contact me or has a similar story my number is ** that is until “The New AT&T” cuts me off for not paying this outrageous bill. If they do cut me off you can reach me a **. SPRINT, I sincerely apologize, but I have a feeling I'll be back soon.

AT&T Premier Customer Service runaround phoneline
By -

I have been an AT&T customer for about ten years now. I put in a pre-order for the new iPhone 3GS on the AT&T Premier website through my dad's corporate website. I understood would have a backlog. I didn't mind the backlog because that meant I would get the new phone without the hassle of going to the AT&T or Apple store. What I don't understand is the statement that was put on my order that I would receive the phone in 7-14 days when that is not even close to the truth.

I put my order in on June 15, 2009. The phone was not to be released until June 19, 2009. I called on June 25, 2009 to find out the order of the status. I just wanted to know if I could expect the phone in the next two months. I wanted to just get an idea of the backlog time. After being on hold for almost an hour, I spoke to a representative on the Premier line and they put me on hold to speak to a supervisor. I was on hold for over an hour and I gave up at that point.

This was in the evening. I found out the next day that the line closes at 9PM or at least according to representative that I spoke to but there was no indication on the hold music or recording that representatives were no longer available after 9PM.

So the next day, June 26, 2009. I got on the phone after being on hold for about a half hour I spoke to the representative **. He told me that my order was "processed" on June 25, 2009. Now this made no sense to me since my order was put in on June 15th and the phone came out on June 19th. He got his supervisor on the phone immediately, **. She told me that the 7-14 day statement that is made when you put your order in for the phone, is from the day the phone was released. According to her, I should expect my phone by July 3, 2009.

July 3, 2009 came and went and I really couldn't find time in my day to aggravate myself and spend hours on the phone. Finally on July 17, 2009 I made the dreaded call to AT&T Premier to find our the status of my phone. I immediately asked for ** the supervisor I spoke to on June 26th. He told me that he couldn't get to her because she's in a different office. I was shocked because I thought in 2009 there are company directories and office extensions. He did tell me that he could get me another supervisor so I was put on hold. AGAIN.

After 45 minutes I picked up another phone and called the AT&T Premier line again. I got the representative Hooper Mills. He told me that he would take my number and have a supervisor call me. I am still waiting for that call. The other line I had on hold waiting for a supervisor went dead after an hour and half. So I called the AT&T Premier line again.

This time I spoke to **. I immediately told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor so I could get back in the queue. She said she had to look up my status order. She looked it up and told me that my order for the iPhone 3GS had been canceled!!! So that's where I am right now. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this situation with AT&T Premier? I feel like a prisoner to them right now after waiting a month for a phone I could have gotten weeks ago at a store.

AT&T Customer Service
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I attempted to order an iPhone from AT&T Wireless through a special portal they have for large corporate customers where they give discounts. There is a special group that handles these types of orders. I was told the iPhone would be shipped within 3 to 5 business days. I had also requested my current phone number be ported.

After my order status was still in pending after 7 business days I called in. This was on a Friday and was told that there had been an internal error with their software placing the order on hold but it had been resolved that day and it would be shipped the following Monday. The following Monday, I called to check that it had been shipped and it had not and I was told again that the order was on hold due to and internal software error.

No one could give status on the order, that was all the information they had. No one could tell me when it would be resolved. I requested to cancel my order immediately right then and was told they could not cancel the order since it was on hold. I requested to speak to a manager to see if I could get a resolution to my issues.

I was transferred to an escalation queue where I waited for over 30 minutes but ultimately had to hang up for a business call. I called back into the customer service again the next day and again was told my order was still on hold and no ETA on a resolution to their software errors. I again requested my order be cancelled and this time to the name of the person who said they would cancel my order and also requested to be transferred into the escalation queue.

I waited over 2 hours on hold. Finally I called the support number from my cellphone and told the person that I was on the other line waiting on the escalation queue, explained it had been over 2 hours and while he put me on hold, someone picked up the escalation line and hung up on me. After I told the gentleman on the phone that they hung up on me from the escalation queue, he informed his "floor manager". She told him to tell me that they would be transferring me back into the escalation queue.

I explained that I did not want to go back into the escalation queue at the end of the line and that I expected a call back from someone. I asked this same gentleman to confirm for me that my order had been cancelled and when he checked on it, it had not, it was still showing on hold. I asked him again to cancel it - this was my third request. Finally, while I was on the phone with him I received a confirmation note that my order had been cancelled.

As much as I want this iPhone and it would really help me to do my job remotely - I will not give AT&T my business after being treated by these customer service reps so horribly. Then to add insult to injury I attempted to contact them via their website at this URL: I believe you have to have a valid corporate email address to get to that URL but I'm not 100% positive. After I submitted a complaint on that website - I received the following delivery failure:

Delivery Failure Report
Your message: Site Experience Feedback
was not delivered to:
because: 550 Invalid recipient (#5.1.1)

I guess AT&T doesn't care about responding to customers at all since even their website seems to go to a bit bucket. Lovely.

Worst Company Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

So I have been a customer with AT&T for over a year now and I needed to get wifi so I thought I would get it from AT&T since I was already with them and I actually liked their cell service. I paid them $100 to get the internet and then after they took the $100 from me they cancelled my service and told me that something went wrong with the payment.

They emailed me to call them to fix this which I did and then I wait on the line for over 10 min to talk to someone about this "problem" then they answer me that I should wait 48 hours and it might work... They emailed me to call them just to tell me that I should wait longer because it "might" work! Fine I give it time and then I call them again and they tell me the same thing and they tell me they will email me with the details. I wait to get the email but I never get it. By this time I am way too tired to keep calling them to get no help whatsoever and so I log onto the live chat.

They transfer me 3 times on the chat to someone who would be able to help me and I end up having a girl by the name of Regina help me and she tells me I will need to wait 7-10 business days to get my money back but if I want the internet I will have to pay the $100 again. Now I have spent 2 days (days that I had other important plans for) trying to get the money back. All I got from these people was they were rude and condescending and now I am so mad that I am going to cancel my phone service with them and I will never have anything to do with them again! They are literally the worst kind of people there are!

Service is Terrible and Customer Service is Worst
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Rating: 1/51

SUWANEE, GEORGIA -- On Sat (10/17), my service was interrupted, which happens frequently. Why is AT&T even in the cable game? Somehow my account was suspended without my knowledge and consent. I asked the representative how my account could be cancelled when every time I call in, I'm required to give my PIN. No one other than me has access to my account, right? Aren't I the only party with the authority to cancel my account? No one at U-verse seems to know how it happened or why. Certainly, it's not a billing issue. Payment is deducted automatically each month, which is U-verse's requirement.

I've called several times yesterday and today trying to get answers as to what's going on with my account. I'm bounced around from dept to dept; dumped on unsuspecting reps - having to explain my situation again. Two calls were dropped and even though I was asked for my callback number nobody called me back. I had to call and pretty much start all over again explaining the issues. Further, I was told several times that service would be reconnected: first by COB, then by midnight, then again between 2 and 3 p.m. And the customer service - or lack thereof - is awful (particularly a manager by the alleged name of Roxanne).

I was offered $20 for my inconvenience as if they're doing me a favor. I work from home a lot so internet service is crucial. This ongoing interruption is more than inconvenient for me and costs more than a mere $20. Today, David, informs me that I have to reinstate my account in order to regain service. No way. I'm already deep into my second year in a contract with U-verse. Why would I want to start over when the service and customer service is so terrible?

It's 10/22 and I'm still without service. I have meritorious reasons to nullify this contract since I have continual interruption of service and this latest incident with my account being arbitrarily cancelled. There must be a class action coalescing somewhere. No way I'm the only one suffering through a contract with U-verse.

A Nightmare Experience With Switching Over to AT&T
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Rating: 1/51

NILES, ILLINOIS -- Horrible experience! I went there to switch to an AT&T prepaid plan (from another carrier). Without me realizing it, they CHANGED MY NUMBER!!! A number that I had for 11 years ! They gave me the same last 7 digits but a different area code! I called AT&T customer support. They couldn't explain how it got screwed up this way and said I had to go back to the store for a new Sim card so that they could fix the problem.

So, after spending almost an hour on the phone (waiting, explaining, being transferred, waiting and explaining again) I drove 40 minutes in the rain to get back to the store. It took me 2 hours there and a lot of explanations, and anxiety, to finally fix it! Half a day wasted and SO MUCH FRUSTRATION!

BTW, the guy who made a mistake (**) was there, and he didn't even apologize for either of the two: screwing up the switch or being too lazy to check/ set up my internet access (my data wouldn't work). In fact it seemed that HE COULDN'T CARE LESS. Actually, no one apologized to me, which is very sad, because they had 2 hours of time to say simple "I'm sorry" or "we apologize for the inconvenience" ... NOT A WAY TO TREAT A CUSTOMER if you want him to come back, right ? I won't.

The manager was not the worst thing about the place, but he wasn't willing to help me with the internet at first, saying that "I may not be able to access internet because it's not an AT&T phone." Yeah, right... Finally some girl taking care of the issue took a pity on me and set up an AT&T access point on my phone and it works seamlessly since (I didn't get your name but Thank You!). Unfortunately that was the only bright side of my experience with the store.

I had read some bad reviews about the place but went there anyway. I thought - come on, how bad that could be, right? Well, it's worse than I could imagine... Please save yourself frustration and choose a carrier that AT LEAST PRETENDS to care about you! Or maybe another AT&T store would work, I don't know. AT&T - sorry to say that but YOU SUCK!!!

Scammers! They Cannot Pull Up Calls for Q&A!!!
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- On February 18th I called AT&T to get wireless internet for my house, when speaking to the sales representative over the phone she offered me a deal for U-verse as well. They were giving 3 months of free premium channels but after 3 months I would have to pay the full price.

Before purchasing the deal I repeatedly asked and verified that I would not have a contract with the U-verse plan but I that I would have a contract with my Internet plan. I once again verified the information that I could cancel my U-verse plan without being penalized with an early termination fee and the sales representative reassured me I could cancel the U-verse at any time without having a contract and without being charged for a termination fee as long as I kept my Internet services on for one year.

So, about a month ago I called AT&T and asked to cancel my plan with U-verse, the AT&T representative then informed me I had a contract with U-verse and if I cancelled I would have to pay a termination fee. I knew what I had spoken about with the woman I initially agreed to purchase the deal with and it was the complete opposite of what this representative was telling me, so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor got on the phone and told me that I was right I did not have a contract with U-verse and at the time I wanted faster internet so the supervisor sold me the plan for a faster service and cancelled my U-verse plan.

I called today to inform them my credit card was lost and I asked for the representative to review my bill, she stated I still had U-verse so I asked to cancel it and informed them of the previous situation I had, it then escalated to management. The manager gets on the phone 30 minutes later and is not cooperative at all. I begged for them to listen to the call and get back to me to verify what was said, and the manager tells me not all the calls are recorded and he can't pull up my call. He refused to help me or remove the unauthorized charges they put on my account. I was scammed and lied to.

Avoid At All Costs
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Rating: 1/51

SMYRNA, TENNESSEE -- We have been a business customer for 12 years for phone, long distance, and internet; and after finally getting sick of them refusing to send a technician to check our lines and idiotic customer service we went with a slightly more expensive national carrier. It always takes forever to get a human being on the phone and they are rarely helpful. Our phone would go out intermittently and they would run an automated check on the lines that said they were fine, so they wouldn't send anyone.

Even though we had no phone service I finally was able to get them to send a technician who had to replace the lines that ran from the pole to the office because they were so badly corroded and poorly installed in the first place. The customer service reps can only tell you what is printed on the bill (like I can't read it myself) and sometimes not even that much.

More than once I've called with a question and they could only tell me to wait until the bill was generated and mailed and call back then. I have called after the billing date, but before it had been mailed and they said the same thing despite the fact that it was clearly in the system. We just got a final bill that included an early termination fee of $165 and they called me unethical when I asked them to remove it, or even back date the bill to the renewal date (one month) to bill us at the regular non-contract rate.

I asked if it was unethical that the early termination fee was never once mentioned when I cancelled service and they said they have no obligation to tell me what I should already know because it was in some small print section of the contract. HORRIBLE! Pay a little extra with ANYONE but these people to get good customer service, better internet speeds, reliable phone service, and a little loyalty for long term contracts.

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