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AT&T is a scam
Posted by on 01/15/2014
AT&T refused to give back my security deposit of 400 dollar. They told me is non refundable when I ended my service with. They told me it was refundable when I was signing up for emservice. What a scam.

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Lied To, Treated Poorly by Supervisors and Hung Up On
Posted by Bucketbul on 01/13/2014
RIDGEWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On 1/7/14 I tried to make a partial payment until my paycheck landed on 1/17/14 and due to a system error was unable to make the 85 dollar payment. Service was suspended on 1/8/14 and upon calling customer service and speaking to supervisor my payment of 85 dollars was put thru and I also received an adjustment of 110 because my plan was set up to get over on my wallet. Service reinstated and the original agreement of 1/17/14 was setup for the remainder of 86 dollars. Needless to say today is 1/13/14 and my service is suspended for the 86 dollars we agreed to pay on the 17th and after several calls no one is willing to rectify the mistake AT&T and its employees made in the handling of this matter this is beyond an outrage because all the information I am stating here is noted on my account and upon asking to speak to someone higher up I was hung up on twice by floor managers or supervisors as they would call it. Canceled service AT&T will not get any money from me due to a breach in our verbal agreement to keep my service on until 1/17/14. I have a pregnant wife and two year old son I need to look after via mobile phone due to my travels with my work and look at the outcome of switching to at&? My advice stick with the prepaid services
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Incapable Employees Cost Me Hundreds
Posted by Signored on 01/02/2014
DEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have had 3 cell phone lines with AT&T for 13 years you would think they would be a little more helpful when I called to report some issues last week.

First my elderly mother goes into the dedham MA store and says she needs a cell hers is broken. There is a free upgrade available on our account. You would think the employee would try to gig eyer what is a good deal or the obvious choice. No he tells her about this new program where she pays full price for a iPhone 4s, 440 dollars. The upgrade and phone should have cost 1 dollar. He scammed my mother who is elderly and told her she was paying 20 dollars for it. More like 20 dollars a month till the 440 is paid off. When I call to complain they say its too late you only have a 30 days to return. Nice customer service huh?
I call just yesterday to upgrade my phone when I go to pick my data package it isn't listed. I was grandfather clauses in for an unlimited plan for 30 dollars a month. Turns out at my last upgrade the representative changed my data plan without my permission. I would never have given up my unlimited data. What does customer service say? Sorry you only had 90 days to get it back we can't help you. Canceling plan is going to be easy.
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Rude AT&T Staff
Posted by Kabiliravi on 12/29/2013
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Last week I was going to purchase a mobile plan for me and my wife from Polaris Parkway Mal Columbus OH AT&T store.

Unfortunately, a very rude AT&T staff called MARK H. as it is written in my receipt came to us and answered us with a very rude and impolite behavior that I didn't expect from AT&T stuff, when I asked him if there any special offer for the plan I am looking for.

Without any answer I had to purchase the regular plan in Christmas time, but just after that I checked Best Buy, they had AT&T special offer for the exact plan I was looking for, but after I came AT&T to have the same offer $370 less. Mark H. rudely told me there is no offer, you charged for $35 for each cell phone means $70.

I saw it again better, so I returned the plan, but after I went to Best Buy to purchase the same plan, AT&T asked me for about $450 deposit for each device.

This story has made me so upset, and I really asked AT&T do something about these kinds of behaviors. I am not interested in being your customer anymore with rude behaviors from your staff.

I have changed my plan to another operator.

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May I Call It Crime If Deposits Are Gone With The Wind?
Posted by Jorg on 12/21/2013
CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- For a brand new company I signed contracts for 2 lines 7 months ago. The very friendly guys checked all and called AT&T support center and told me that I've to pay 1 grant each as deposit for 6 months. Later I went to the AT&T store in Corpus Christi for several questions and was again told that every deposit will be refunded after 6 months. Now that the time is over and nothing happened I walked into the shop and was told that there must have been any misunderstanding as the deposit time regularly is 12 months. What's on with ATT? My company now has some 30 employees and will have some 400 by end of next year. Today I wanted to sign contracts for 10 lines - so the trouble hits me the right time.
Maybe AT&T needs that money for investments or management bonuses. They should have ask for a credit before stealing the money. As AT&T seems to be short with money I decided to switch to any reliable carrier.

Sure all invoices have been paid in time but they still want to charge early termination fee and refund the deposit after deducting that fee and whatever they want. Gosh what kind of crooks.
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Had Phone Stolen and No Resolve From AT&T
Posted by Gbippus on 12/15/2013
CLAY, NEW YORK -- A couple of months ago I got an iPhone 5s for 199.00 for my upgrade for my daughter whom is away in college. The phone was her main source of communication for her at school. the phone was one week old and it was stolen. I was never offered the insurance at the time of purchase. I filled a police report and had the phone blocked. bottom line I called AT&T customer service and they offered me a cheap phone as a replacement but not the phone I had purchased Evan though I followed all procedures. Had they offered the insurance we would have had a new phone.poor customer service and I will definitely switch carriers when my contract expires, I have 3 phones on contract.
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Posted by Cwazychicken on 2013-12-16:
Reason for this is even if you had the phone blocked, they could sell the phone to someone else and get another service on it. I know with smartphones, you can disconnect service and get another service with it. I see these kinds of phones on sell on amazon all the time...
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-16:
Did you ask about the insurance? I think I've only had it offered to me once in 15 years. Most people don't get it because it's usually a pretty bad deal financially, most have a $200 deductable every time you use it, and you pay around $10 a month per phone on top of that. In you case, you'd be in $400 ($199 for the original phone plus the $200 deductable) before you got a replacement phone (which will be refurb) currently a refurb iphone 5s goes for $550. So you're effectively out $150. But look at it this way, if you had gotten the insurance even for as little as 15 months, you'd only be breaking even right now, and if you didn't have the insurance up until 15 months ago, you'd be money ahead.

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Changed to AT&T U-Verse Home Phone From AT&T Wireless Socked With $110 Chg Fee
Posted by Ron.crum00 on 12/07/2013
BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- An AT&T representative came to my door selling U-Verse in my area. I agreed to a TV, home phone, and Internet bundle. I was with Cox cable and internet but my existing home phone was with ATT. AT&T came out and set up everything. Then, I got my next AT&T Wireless bill and they socked it to me for a $110 termination fee for changing from AT&T Wireless to AT&T U-verse. The AT&T representative that sold me the BUNDLE only talked about all the savings, which I have yet to see.

The Wireless group evidently wants to screw every customer leaving their division to join the other AT&T division (U-verse.). What an absolutely horrible way to run a business.

I spent 2 hrs on the phone with them today being transferred to person after person..to no avail.

I currently pay AT&T about $500/month for all my family cell phones, data plans, business cells, Internet, TV, and home phone. My contract ends in November of next yr. I cannot wait...

By this time next year, Cox will be anxious to get me back? And Verizon is already anxious for my cell business.
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Horrible Insurance Policy & Ridiculous Customer Service!! PATHETIC
Posted by Teamreilly99 on 12/06/2013
TEXAS -- My phone has a small cracked screen that occurred 6 months ago & in the last 24 hours my phone now will not hold a charge even while connected to the charger. Was told the phone could be replaced if it were just the battery but because the screen has a crack now nullifies that even though the battery issue occurred 5 months later and the 1 has nothing to do w/the other but any excuse to not replace it. Have 5 phones & pay insurance on all for what appears to be useless! One AT&T rep says its $100 to replace another says $200. Cannot wait to switch carriers!!

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No GoPhone Cust. Serv and Emails Won't Stop
Posted by Nfg25 on 12/01/2013
MISSOULA, MONTANTA -- Not sure where to start. I tried getting the unlimited GoPhone plan (now $50, pretty sure was less when I looked) only to find out that the Unlimited Data is only for crappy flip phones with screens so small you wouldn't want to go online and probably don't even support apps. To get even a useless amount of data bumps the plan up to $65, not any better than some contract prices. Not to mention the phone was too weak to even run itself, much less any app made for it. Had to root it to get rid of all the bloat-ware to have enough space to install anything. When I got the phone I tried calling the support line several times to try to get help activating it, only to find out that there are no options for "stay on the line for all other options". It's all billing and refilling. (Money on the mind, At&t?). There are no humans at GoPhone - beware!

Now it's over a year later since I've gotten away from them and I've begun receiving promotional emails. I hit unsubscribe, entered my email, and got a message saying it'll take up to ten business days. Um, why? Do you have to go through your customer list by hand or something? To make it worse, entering my email did what I was afraid it'd do - made me receive even more emails! So I unsubscribed a 2nd time. Hopefully this one sticks.

Anyone looking for a cheap smartphone - go to StraightTalk, Boost, Cricket, anyone else except AT&T and Verizon.
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The Worst Communication by a Company That Sells Communication
Posted by Blast13 on 11/07/2013
After 9 months of dropped calls and AT&T Wireless is expensive and not worth it. They had me go to the apple store to have them check my devise, trouble shot my phone several times, had me turn it off and on a lot, wanted me to call them every time I dropped a call and report it, sent me new SIM cards that made the phones even worse... and offered the absolute worst customer service and tech support off all the land...

After averaging 1-2 hours on the phone with them a month... I felt like I was paying a premium to work for them.... I'm leaving and going to T-mobile where the plans are more affordable!!!!
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