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Rude and Not Accommodating
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- To start with, AT&T is one company that does not care about its customers at all. This company only cares about its billion dollar profit/year and not realizing that the customers are who made them that billion dollar. I have my home land line, 4 business land lines, 3 cell phones and 1 DSL service with AT&T. At my business, on a busy Saturday morning 12/15/201 I called repair service to fix a down business line that is connected to a credit card machine. The automated service took 5 minutes to report the problem which is the responsibility of AT&T because it is outside the building.

I also pay a monthly wiring service fee for insurance for the inside of the building just in case. The Automated service gave me a date of Monday 12/17/12 afternoon to fix the problem. It took me 15 minuets to get through to someone to talk to and to ask to expedite the service. 30 minutes later, I got an automated call that they will not be taking care of the problem till Monday afternoon.

I called the "expediting center" and it took me 10 minutes to get through to a "manager" who I begged to send someone out because I have a retail business and we are also open on Sunday. Her simple "NO" answer was so cold and rude that this person should not work in customer service let alone be a MANAGER. As a result, I lost $1000 in sales but AT&T saved $25 by not sending a technician to fix the problem. That is really sad. AT&T tries to get it...

AT&T, you have many complaints all the time in all of the services you provide, yet you don't do anything about them. The customer can take so much before they go somewhere else. This is business 101. As for me it is time to go somewhere else.

What a joke
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WESTERVILLE, OHIO -- I moved from CA back to OH and while in transit my apartment offered me two choices for cable/internet. Either Insight or AT&T. I never heard of Insight so I chose AT&T since it had been years since the last time I used any portion of their network and figured they had to have gotten better, right? No.

First, they setup my installation but never installed because the installer kept saying my address didn't exist, this took three weeks! When the initial installer came to my house on a Friday, my "order" was put in as internet only nothing for my cable, nice... The installer had to call the office and have it added. He was at my house for three hours.

Second, their customer service "after hours" is subcontracted either to a different country or need to educate their staff because I couldn't for the life of me understand the person I was speaking with. They had to repeat everything over and over again and didn't know what to do with an "older" TV, when I say older we are talking about a 5 year old TV. I was told I would get a new remote in the mail, since they "thought" that was the reason and never received it.

Third, they forget to tell their customers when you sign up that you're in a contract. So if you terminate the service you are subject to an early termination fee of about 150.00. I've been with Cox Communications for years and NEVER had to worry about this ever. I will add I moved 12 times and did not have an early termination fee.

Fourth, when trying to terminate they are EXTREMELY rude. I've had nothing but issues with this company and can't for the life of me understand how they are still able to treat their customers with such disrespect, utterly disgusting and will not use again.

AT&T's Worst Customer Service
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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I'm a new AT&T customer and just paid and got my TV and Internet bundle. I had got my Gateway modem day before and struggling since then to install it, curious to know why AT&T lets people take the installation pain when all other providers do hassle free home installation.

Firstly, the sales team seems to be really pro-active giving 4-5 calls a day trying to make sure I don't evade to another provider but once the sale is done they disappear and the installation customer service jumps in which is fantastic at making customers wait for long times in the calls, not responding to calls in the customer center and giving no responsibility answers.

Today my AT&T Gateway modem was not getting installed and always getting red light and I tried with another telephone port and same issue, and then I called customer care to see if the problem can be resolved now she says it cannot be resolved and that a service personnel will be at my home between then and 4pm which is a 5 hour time window so indirectly stating that my Saturday got wasted for opting AT&T services. And now that person is on his way and am not sure when is he going to make and how much of my Saturday is gone.

Part 2 of the story is, DirecTV installation. DirecTV installation personnel who had to come between 8-12 today never turned up and I have made a dozen calls to the customer care just to talk to a person in you Verse support who will say its not within their control and they give this number 888-466-9635 on which no one answers and it just goes on music hold for minutes together. Once I even called this number and put it on speaker and played to the person who told me to call that number and they said they are not sure what's happening.

So DirecTV is screwing up and at last this person ** told me over the phone (ATT you Verse support) that I may have to wait for long over that DirecTV music hold to get to an option of call back. I told her I stayed for 4 minutes she said I may have to wait longer than that though she admitted its frustrating.

So bottom line, no TV connection no internet and adding to misery big 0 in customer service and installation. All this disappointment even before starting to use the connection and am wary of the nightmares I'll have when I use the connection. I would like to know somehow if I can cancel this line since I am terribly disappointed with this service and am ready to escalate it to any level.

Never Received Security Deposit Back ($500)
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Highly disappointing services!!! I have been calling AT&T customer care (611) on daily basis since the last two months. My security deposit of $500 which was to be returned 3 months back is still not received. Irony is that every time I call AT&T I receive a different answer to the same problem. Some say that the money has been sent by a check, whereas others say that the money will be deposited in my bank account directly. Sometimes I have even received calls saying that the case is resolved. Furthermore, the expected date for the receipt of check is extended by two weeks every time I call the customer care. This particular incidence has upset me deeply.

AT&T Cannot Solve Connection Problems and Is Rude
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I had AT&T phone service and high-speed internet for year. In recent months the internet became really slow sometimes and also had a lot of outage -- completely no connections, sometimes for days.
I made tons of calls, wasted hours, problems not resolved. All I got was AT&T tech support blamed my computers, modems, routers for the problems. Once they lied to me that there was an outage in my area. I then asked around other guys were just fine.

One person promised something, another person completely denied it.
I pointed out a mistake of a tech support about bits versus bytes. He literally laughed at me, and tried to test my knowledge about bits and bytes. To tell you the truth, I am an electrical engineer. They think all customers are ignorant and they can fool all customers?
Complained to their complaint VP(?) but no reply.

They used to give the option to review the calls, but recently I was not given this option. They dare not to face the customer.
Finally I canceled everything from AT&T.

Uverse/AT&T Billing Disputes
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DALLAS, GEORGIA -- AT&T Uverse is the most horrible experience I have ever had been a consumer of anything. They high pressured me to sign on with Uverse. I did just to get them off the phone. I was supposed to have home phone service and internet but I almost never had the Phone service and lost internet at least half the time. They made visit after visit to my home and still never got it to working. They made me believe this was the first time they ever saw this when in fact, it is very if not too, common with UVERSE.

The billing reps are horrible. They didn't give me proper credits for loss of service when they knew every moment I was without service. Once, I lost phone service for 9 days. You would think I was asking for a handout when I asked for proper credit. Yes, they were nice but full of lies and deception. I believe satan possesses the same traits as does the entire billing dept at Uverse and AT&T. These people are unbelievable.

I finally was told by a very rude and hateful Uverse CSR named Crystal to take my business elsewhere. While I almost had a coronary from anger, it was actually the best advice she could have gave me. I never liked cable but I went to Comcast and received twice the service for half the money with superb customer service and yes, a contract that will bind them to the price unlike AT&T who adds charges and money to your bill that you can't get removed. I am soooooooo glad to be out of that cycle but returning the equipment and the final bill is now my worst dread. They won't like the fact I left them so I expect even worse service. Beware of AT&T. I believe they all must abide by some unholy, satanism bible.

Policy "BS"
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OLEAN, NEW YORK -- 2 Year upgrade done in June 2011, IPhone 3gs, July phone stolen, NO insurance available at time of purchase. Reported, deactivated sim card. Needed new phone, went to local store told by sales representative that he couldn't get me a new iPhone because of the contract between Apple and Att, but if I waited 4 months a new phone could be given(purchased) by over riding the system at a new 2 year contract and pricing, again, had to wait 4 months. Waited the 4 months with a crappy old 5 year broken phone that semi worked. Went back 4 months later and no deal. They wanted to charge me a $250 early upgrade fee AND 1/2 the price of a new retail cost of a phone. (Was looking at $450-500 minimally). Told to call customer service and they could help me. I did, talked to 15 different people 5+ times (customer service reps) where eventually spoke with a "Peter", claimed to be "the manager" (which I'm not sure he really was). Explained the situation for the millionth time to him, told him that I just wanted Att to work with me because I have been a long time customer for over 10 years and if they really appreciated me for using Att and being a long time customer that they would "help" me out here. He was arrogant, cocky and just really didn't want to be bothered, I eventually told him that I would like to talk with his supervisor and he told me that there was no one above him, he was it and that this is the only option available, take it or leave it, I told him that obviously there is someone above him, whoever that might be and IF I had to call everyday to get a hold of them than I would. I just wanted someone to work with me. He hung up on me. Of course I had to call back, did get a very nice customer service rep, explained in brief summary and I got the "policy" explanation of Att. NO ONE WOULD HELP ME OUT. I can honestly say that I really expected to pay something but NOT $450-500. Bottom line, THINK TWICE about using them. They don't care about any of you!

AT&T Small Business Bundle auto-renewal Scam
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I cannot express my disappointment with AT&T...the phone company I have used all of my life. I was talked into a small business bundle to "save me tons of $ "...and now I am trapped in a SCAM by a company I trusted in.
My husband has been unemployed for over 2 years and money is extremely tight...After my 3 year bundle contract with AT&T ran out I called in hopes of simply down scaling or going back to a regular phone line in order that we could afford the service. I was told that we could not do that...that we were under a contract for another 3 years! That I had agreed to have it "automatically" renew every 3 years for an additional 3 year contract.... WHAT? This is so wrong. I cannot believe this company would ever take on such disgraceful practices. I know as a small business owner...that satisfied customers are what keeps a business going. It only takes a few unhappy customers to do a lot of damage to a company...they spread their negative words much faster than the happy customer spreads positive ones!

Well....after my contact with the AT&T customer service dept. and legal dept. (no resolution) I contacted the BBB to file a complaint on this auto renewal "practice". I received a response vial the BBB that a customer service representative from AT&T was sending me a letter on 7/7/11 to cancel my contract with no penalties...(that they had attempted unsuccessfully to contact me by phone...I teach all day, every day.) This "letter" never arrived....believe me, I waited for it.
Finally, I re-contacted AT&T and was told that they were going to stand behind their, "original" decision. That I would be penalized for breaking the contract. So basically they used another dishonest practice....declared to the BBB that they would take care of me, the customer, and failed to do so.

Something needs to be done about a dictatorship company
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There are two issues both relating to our service with AT&T wireless and there customer service. The first is the deplorable way in which they dealt with the 15 or more times that our five family members had to return the 5 free V3 RAZR. The first phone had the back cover break off. So I called and they said that it would cost me $50 to replace it since it was physical damage and the insurance I purchased for all 5 phones, $5 per phone per month would only cover any internal damage. Then the returns started. First it was one phone at a time, then two phones at a time by then one family member had enough of this a bought a replacement. Then after the third time my daughter decided it was time for her to buy a replacement.

At one time I had 3 phones within a week having to be returned. At one point I lost track of the time period for a return which was 90 days. So I figured I could use my insurance since none of the damage was physical. To my surprise it would cost me $50. I was told since the acquisition Cingular ( we had the original contract with Cingular) the original contract was replaced by the AT&T contract which stated a $50 dollar deductible applied now. So I was out the 14 months of insurance payments (5x5x14=$350) and had to pay $50 to replace a piece of junk phone. Needless to say I cancelled the insurance the next day. My wife took my daughter's phone a Samsung, she a bought Blackberry Pearl. By the way I got the hand me down V3 RAZR. This left a spare RAZR.

Eventually the Samsung went and I called for a replacement for the bad spare RAZR. By the way all these phones sent to us for replacements were refurbished of which some were worse than one it was replacing. I was told by a customer representative that after the third time you could request a new one of the same model. I tried this and was told by the people at the replacement department that was valid with the Cingular contract but no longer was in effect with the new AT&T contract. I pretty much hung up on them after some choice words and decided to call back in few days after I cooled down and discuss with my wife what other possible solutions I could suggest to AT&T so I didn't have to keep replacing phones every month or two.

We decided to ask if they would offer a replacement of a different model. After talking with AT&T for 3 days they finally let us pick from 6 different models, my wife decided on a Sony Ericcson, of which has been good so far I don't know if it is a refurbished one. My son's phone in mean time had to be sent back, the one he has now a RAZR but a newer version is working so far, maybe they got the message with the refurbished ones. It only took a 1 ½ years and a lot of aggravation. So out of the 15 plus phones and $400 only one of the original V3 RAZR's was good. Also the connectivity of AT&T as opposed to our original Cingular is horrible. I only have about 4 more months to end the 2 year contract.

Now for the second issue. My wife has been asking me for four months to see if I could hook her cell phone up to her laptop so she could have an internet connection were she works. When she got her Sony Ericcson it came with software so you set your cell phone up to do this. Unknown to me she installed it brought it all to work. The second day she was using it she called me because she was having problems getting it to work after she had to use her cell phone. I told her not to use it and I would check and see how much it was costing her to use it this way, she agreed. I had not been able get any cost that day since it was the last day of the billing period. The next day I checked online and was shocked to find out the first day cost me $119. That was nearly 12 mega bits of data downloaded. I checked the amount of data for the following day and to my shock it was 54 mega bits or $540.

Here I was expecting $5 or at worst case $20. It was to late to call so I called the next day a talked with customer representative who said that is a ridiculous amount to pay two days of internet usage, but informed me the rate is $.10 per kilobit. I explained to him even though my knows how to use technology, she has no concept of how it works and you can get into a lot of trouble if you don't check things out first. He said the amount was to much for him to reimburse me for , his max is $200. So he put in a request to a manager ( aka dictator) for a reimbursement. After waiting 6 days I got a voicemail at work on my cell phone informing me that they were very sorry, but they are valid usage amounts and I would have to pay the entire amount. Believe me I was not a nice person to work with for the rest of the day. I am going to do battle with them again and call back and come up with some alternative way we can work this out, even if they convert the usage too their data plans I wouldn't even mind paying for the first day and convert the other days usage to a data plan. It just that we all make mistakes and would a little help to ease the pain.

Even drunk drivers get more sympathy from a judge for their first offense. Its not like I used for a whole month and expected to get out of it, goodness it was only for two days. Is this any way to keep happy satisfied customers? They know they have you locked in on a contract so you are at their mercy and their word is final and the average consumer who wants something good in their life has to suffer the consequences of their dictatorship. Just a word to sum things up, every customer representative was very understanding and offered to work with me, it was when I had to deal with someone with authority that I got the rudeness and dictator like response. By the way before AT&T took over I had no problems and everyone was very pleasant even if they couldn't help they at least made you feel like human with feelings and not just a paying customer.

A lot of anxiety and wasted money, not to mention the countless hours of being put on hold and talking with AT&T trying to explain a situation, only to find they wouldn't work with you to find a solution.

Installation Nightmare, Will it also be a BILLING nightmare?
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GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- A door to door salesman came around my neighborhood trying to sell U-Verse products since they recently invested in a new line through my neighborhood. The price for internet and U-Verse 300 was $100. I asked if it was introductory or if there was a contract. He claimed no to both. Also, we could try it out for FREE for 30 days. My husband set up the service and had to choose an installation date three weeks later because they were so busy. OK. No problem.
Three weeks later on the night before the appointment, we have a service technician visit the outside of the house to set up the line. He took three hours. Then, he said he wasn't done, so someone would come out in the morning to finish the job before the appointment. No one comes. The technician for the inside installation came thirty minutes earlier than the appointment. He said the line wasn't set up and he'd have to put in another request for someone to come out. I asked when he would be back, but he said it would depend on when the line was set up. Three hours later a technician sets up the line, but can't tell us when they'd be here to set up the inside. We wait until night. At 7pm, I decide to call customer service since when we checked on the order online it said it would be installed in the year 2036. The first person I got said it would be another THREE weeks. Oh! Forget that! I asked for the supervisor, but the supervisor had to call me back. We waited an hour with no call back. I called again and spoke with another representative at another call center. She could not give a better date than three days later than the three week date. No way!! I asked for her supervisor and she refused to get him or her on the phone. I had to settle with this date or "none at all." I hung up. I went to and called a different customer service number. This person was awesome!! Read all the notes on my account aloud, but had to connect me with a more local customer service since they were out of California. The next person allowed to me talk directly with dispatch and they got me the next available, which was 3 days way. Great!

Not done.

No one came. I took off of work. I called and I would have to set up another appointment. I was so mad I couldn't speak. Then I looked at the contract we signed to see if it was worth it. That $100 price is listed as introductory with a contract in very small print. I haven't called them back because we have to decide whether we even want this mess anymore.

It's not worth it. I think we should just stay with the Hulu, Netflix and Earthlink internet (run by Time Warner) services we have. All together it's less than $60. Why did we even want to try this out?

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