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Something needs to be done about a dictatorship company
By -

There are two issues both relating to our service with AT&T wireless and there customer service. The first is the deplorable way in which they dealt with the 15 or more times that our five family members had to return the 5 free V3 RAZR. The first phone had the back cover break off. So I called and they said that it would cost me $50 to replace it since it was physical damage and the insurance I purchased for all 5 phones, $5 per phone per month would only cover any internal damage. Then the returns started. First it was one phone at a time, then two phones at a time by then one family member had enough of this a bought a replacement. Then after the third time my daughter decided it was time for her to buy a replacement.

At one time I had 3 phones within a week having to be returned. At one point I lost track of the time period for a return which was 90 days. So I figured I could use my insurance since none of the damage was physical. To my surprise it would cost me $50. I was told since the acquisition Cingular ( we had the original contract with Cingular) the original contract was replaced by the AT&T contract which stated a $50 dollar deductible applied now. So I was out the 14 months of insurance payments (5x5x14=$350) and had to pay $50 to replace a piece of junk phone. Needless to say I cancelled the insurance the next day. My wife took my daughter's phone a Samsung, she a bought Blackberry Pearl. By the way I got the hand me down V3 RAZR. This left a spare RAZR.

Eventually the Samsung went and I called for a replacement for the bad spare RAZR. By the way all these phones sent to us for replacements were refurbished of which some were worse than one it was replacing. I was told by a customer representative that after the third time you could request a new one of the same model. I tried this and was told by the people at the replacement department that was valid with the Cingular contract but no longer was in effect with the new AT&T contract. I pretty much hung up on them after some choice words and decided to call back in few days after I cooled down and discuss with my wife what other possible solutions I could suggest to AT&T so I didn't have to keep replacing phones every month or two.

We decided to ask if they would offer a replacement of a different model. After talking with AT&T for 3 days they finally let us pick from 6 different models, my wife decided on a Sony Ericcson, of which has been good so far I don't know if it is a refurbished one. My son's phone in mean time had to be sent back, the one he has now a RAZR but a newer version is working so far, maybe they got the message with the refurbished ones. It only took a 1 ½ years and a lot of aggravation. So out of the 15 plus phones and $400 only one of the original V3 RAZR's was good. Also the connectivity of AT&T as opposed to our original Cingular is horrible. I only have about 4 more months to end the 2 year contract.

Now for the second issue. My wife has been asking me for four months to see if I could hook her cell phone up to her laptop so she could have an internet connection were she works. When she got her Sony Ericcson it came with software so you set your cell phone up to do this. Unknown to me she installed it brought it all to work. The second day she was using it she called me because she was having problems getting it to work after she had to use her cell phone. I told her not to use it and I would check and see how much it was costing her to use it this way, she agreed. I had not been able get any cost that day since it was the last day of the billing period. The next day I checked online and was shocked to find out the first day cost me $119. That was nearly 12 mega bits of data downloaded. I checked the amount of data for the following day and to my shock it was 54 mega bits or $540.

Here I was expecting $5 or at worst case $20. It was to late to call so I called the next day a talked with customer representative who said that is a ridiculous amount to pay two days of internet usage, but informed me the rate is $.10 per kilobit. I explained to him even though my knows how to use technology, she has no concept of how it works and you can get into a lot of trouble if you don't check things out first. He said the amount was to much for him to reimburse me for , his max is $200. So he put in a request to a manager ( aka dictator) for a reimbursement. After waiting 6 days I got a voicemail at work on my cell phone informing me that they were very sorry, but they are valid usage amounts and I would have to pay the entire amount. Believe me I was not a nice person to work with for the rest of the day. I am going to do battle with them again and call back and come up with some alternative way we can work this out, even if they convert the usage too their data plans I wouldn't even mind paying for the first day and convert the other days usage to a data plan. It just that we all make mistakes and would a little help to ease the pain.

Even drunk drivers get more sympathy from a judge for their first offense. Its not like I used for a whole month and expected to get out of it, goodness it was only for two days. Is this any way to keep happy satisfied customers? They know they have you locked in on a contract so you are at their mercy and their word is final and the average consumer who wants something good in their life has to suffer the consequences of their dictatorship. Just a word to sum things up, every customer representative was very understanding and offered to work with me, it was when I had to deal with someone with authority that I got the rudeness and dictator like response. By the way before AT&T took over I had no problems and everyone was very pleasant even if they couldn't help they at least made you feel like human with feelings and not just a paying customer.

A lot of anxiety and wasted money, not to mention the countless hours of being put on hold and talking with AT&T trying to explain a situation, only to find they wouldn't work with you to find a solution.

Installation Nightmare, will it also be a billing nightmare?
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- A door to door salesman came around my neighborhood trying to sell U-verse products since they recently invested in a new line through my neighborhood. The price for internet and U-verse 300 was $100. I asked if it was introductory or if there was a contract. He claimed no to both. Also, we could try it out for free for 30 days. My husband set up the service and had to choose an installation date three weeks later because they were so busy. Ok. No problem.

Three weeks later on the night before the appointment, we have a service technician visit the outside of the house to set up the line. He took three hours. Then, he said he wasn't done, so someone would come out in the morning to finish the job before the appointment. No one comes. The technician for the inside installation came thirty minutes earlier than the appointment. He said the line wasn't set up and he'd have to put in another request for someone to come out. I asked when he would be back, but he said it would depend on when the line was set up.

Three hours later a technician sets up the line, but can't tell us when they'd be here to set up the inside. We wait until night. At 7pm, I decide to call customer service since when we checked on the order online it said it would be installed in the year 2036. The first person I got said it would be another three weeks. Oh! Forget that! I asked for the supervisor, but the supervisor had to call me back. We waited an hour with no call back. I called again and spoke with another representative at another call center. She could not give a better date than three days later than the three week date.

No way! I asked for her supervisor and she refused to get him or her on the phone. I had to settle with this date or "none at all." I hung up. I went to and called a different customer service number. This person was awesome! Read all the notes on my account aloud, but had to connect me with a more local customer service since they were out of california. The next person allowed to me talk directly with dispatch and they got me the next available, which was 3 days way. Great!

Not done. No one came. I took off of work. I called and I would have to set up another appointment. I was so mad. I couldn't speak. Then I looked at the contract we signed to see if it was worth it. That $100 price is listed as introductory with a contract in very small print. I haven't called them back because we have to decide whether we even want this mess anymore. It's not worth it. I think we should just stay with the Hulu, Netflix and Earthlink internet (run by Time Warner) services we have. All together it's less than $60. Why did we even want to try this out?

Uverse Package Out For 4 Days
By -

On MONDAY 6-6-11 my Uverse went out, and it includes all three services. It was approx: 2:00 pm, and I called immediately. I talked to a person in I'm sure some other country, and was advised that there was nothing available for today. I understood this, and set up an appointment for 6-7-11 between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Approx an hour later I received a voice mail stating that my problem was due to an outage and should be resolved soon, and my appointment was placed on hold.

The next day I called to verify the original appointment, and was advised that the appointment was all set, no problems, and this was at 12:00 pm. Knowing that things go wrong I called at 2:00 pm, and was advised for some unknown reason that my appointment was cancelled without explanation. I was advised by an unknown person they were very sorry, and they would try to fix the situation. Well I was called back and advised there was nothing they could do, and I would have to set up another appointment. I set up an appointment between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm again, and the next day I again called at 12:00 pm and was told that everything was all set.

I waited and heard nothing by 2:00 pm so I called again, and was advised that my appointment had been cancelled again for an unknown reason. This time I was very upset, but I knew that the person on the other line had nothing to do with the situation so I remained calm, and she said she would do whatever she could to rectify the situation.

A supervisor came on the line named KATHERINE, and she said she would do whatever she could to get me taken care of today. She then called back later, and stated that there was nothing she could do for today, but would personally handle my situation, and guarantee that I would be taken care of on Thursday between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

I was a police officer for a very large city for 30 years so I knew that KATHERINE had nothing to do with the whole situation, but I vented. I said, "if I was late with my payment every month would AT&T let me slide?" and she said, "no" and the way the situation has been handled was highly unprofessional, and that I would be complaining to someone. She stated that she was taking the days off my bill. Big deal, I'm 60 years old and I don't need the drama, and that 4 days off the bill would not even come close to compensating for my time, and having me stay at home for 4 days straight.

The next day I received numerous calls confirming my appointment, and at 3:20 pm my saviour PHILLIP showed up I almost kissed him. It took him 10 minutes to fix the problem, and all of the services were up and going. Well I will get off my soap box for now, and thanks for the forum to vent my frustration.

Customer service ends when you sign the contract
By -

I have been a Cingular/ATT customer for over 8 years. Last July I needed a smart phone for my home business. I ended up with the Iphone because it was cheaper to sync with my mail street account.

A year later, my son knocks the phone out of my hands and the screen is broken. I go down to the AT&T store for a replacement, explain the situation to the "greeter," and signs me in. I wait 20 minutes for a sales representative only to be told that the entire city is sold out of Iphones. Any phones keep as back ups for existing customers? Nope. I am told that I have to wait 10 days to get a new phone. Nevermind that I need it to run my business.

I call customer service and they inform me that I can order a replacement online and get it in 1-2 business days. Great. I go online and it makes me register. No problem. I go through the process, which requires that a temporary password be emailed to me. Guess what? No email. Another call to customer service, and after 30 minutes on the phone- she makes me find an old phone and swap sim cards so that she can text the password to me. After all that- Iphones are sold out online (unless I wanted to shell out $300 more for a 4G).

I call customer service AGAIN, explain my situation with my phone and my business. All I get is "Iphones are so popular, we can't keep them in stock, blah blah blah." They also informed me that they are first come first served, and that they don't keep any back for replacement of faulty, damaged, or lost phones. I was basically told that I was SOL. Would they give me a 4g or 3GS 16gb for same price as the phone I wanted? Heck no. I was told that I either need to wait for my phone to arrive in stock or buy a more expensive phone.

I call customer service AGAIN to ask about my contract buyout. Of course ask why and I tell them. I need a wireless carrier that is reliable and will take care of me if I have phone issues. Of course this representative wants to make a phone call to see what they can do, and then I am the phone with the district inventory manager. She acts all concerned saying that I can give her my credit card number, and they will move me to the front of the line WHEN they come in(no specific date). I explained that I run a business and need a new phone immediately. She said she was going to check all the stores in Nashville and call me back in 15 minutes. Guess what? She never called.

Bottom line- all AT&T cares about is selling as many Iphones as possible. They play the exclusivity of the phone as their trump card and let customer service go down the toilet. They run all these huge promotions that deplete their stock and create hype, while failing to plan for the existing customers. On the phone, they act like they care, but refuse to "make it right" or come up with any sort of solution. I am done with ATT. I am switching to Verizon, who happens to have the best customer service rating in the wireless industry. I have had 2 friends break phones and they had replacements THAT day. Verizon even offered them the new customer price on the replacement phones with a 2 year contract extension, something AT&T refused to do for me. There are better alternatives to the IPhone. I highly recommend you stay away from ATT.

The other side of the story.
By -

OGDEN, UTAH -- I have been working with AT&T as a customer service representative for over 6 months now, throughout this short period and the future to come I will meet a multitude of people and an infinite number of personalities but at the end of everyday we can only help to categorize these calls into two tiers. A good call or a bad call.

An example of a good call would be courteous conversation back and forth orderly dialogue and polite respectful words from both parties are exchanged, Getting the customers issue resolved and our customers ending the call happy. Because both parties starting the call with an open mind and were optimistic with the outcome upon entering the call. Everybody's satisfied with the service, issue resolved.

A bad call would be a customer calling out of anger and frustration most times very inconvenienced due to interruption of service, I my self as an agent face these callers with no prejudice and the utmost respect and compassion. These calls are generated randomly so are the agents who anwer them. The possibility of a mismatch flaring into conflict between these two sides are endless but, a job is a job.

It is hard being the spokesperson of a multi-billion dollar company with fixed standards and policies, the mediator for the people would sometimes have their bad days as well. Representatives leaving personal troubles at home but always all the time those 2 worlds collide, In turn there are customers out there missing imporant call's or even their first child's birth due to a dropped call! It is impossible to only have good days.
Last month I earned $265.30 working for AT&T under a 3rd party customer service provider outsourcing in this particular 3rd world country I live in

20 days a month

9 hours a shift

$1.80 an hour

At least 125 calls a week.

Deal with customers from all walks of life and varying experience.

$100.00 in rent and fare.

Working into the wee hours of the night.

$100.00 for food and partying
(and I should be putting $65 a month in savings but most times I save not one cent).

But even though after crunching down some pretty small numbers and living from check to check I am not bitter, but thankfull I am working. I have never gotten mad to the point that i've hated the person at the other end screaming at me. But I have reached the peak of being so happy and feeling love from a customer showing care and understanding. Long story short living with love is cheap so grab it at every opportunity. Appreciate life, Share what you have. Whatever it is you bring to the table as long as it is coming from good. To always be understanding and to never make assumptions. Live life, die happy :) PEACE

Perfect Track Record Not Good Enough
By -

KALAMAZOO & PORTAGE, MICHIGAN -- I knew when AT&T announced they were buying Centennial it was going to go down hill. The store I used to pay my cellular bill at when it was Centennial was local, the service was excellent and I didn't feel like I was getting the run around.

Since they purchased Centennial the local store closed up and all of the services were moved almost 10 miles from me. The customer service is now horrible at the 2 stores my bills were accepted at as there are a couple more AT&T stores but they don't service the Centennial customers.

I've had more than one problem just paying the bill. Mind you I've never been behind and my billing history was perfect. I always pay early. I never go over my limit and I've had this account for 2 and a half years.

I've been denied change at both locations with them stating that their Centennial drawer doesn't have any change to give me but I'm welcome to apply the rest to my next months bill.

My bill usually sitting around $75 I pay in cash so recently (last week) I tried with a $100 bill and they told me they didn't have that much change and couldn't break it but they did have cash in their AT&T drawer because there was an AT&T customer paying cash at the next desk over. So then I traded my brother 5 $20 bills for my $100 and attempted to pay with $80 and he didn't have $5 to give me and told me I could pay part of it and come back or apply it to my account for the next billing cycle.

My contract is up August 11, and that was my last contract payment. I have been looking around for the past 3 months scanning my choices and have found plenty that will do me fine.

I was hoping that with that visit they'd show me a reason to stay. I didn't get that. I ended up leaving the store and going and breaking the money and going back to pay it all at once.

The payment before I tried a store which is south of town that I stood in line for over 10 minutes while 1 employee was with a customer and the remaining 4 stood over a desk giggling about something.

I ended up using their automated billing center in the corner of the room and leaving and I'm sure it was un-noticed or I was being ignored.

I came in Monday to try to renew my contract or at least to test out the waters and see what I had as options and turns out I have none.

My perfect record wasn't enough to get a new contract without paying a $500 fee but I was welcome to continue using my current service which is as much as some of the better services out there now in cost and I don't even get outgoing text messaging at all.

Which means my money was good enough but my flawless track record wasn't.

Also as a kicker, I've been told that Centennial is no longer renewing service contracts so I couldn't get a discount on a new phone and a new plan but they did have new Centennial phones that I could purchase at full price and I had the option to add service extras.

Then today which is Tuesday, 1 day after I visited and decided never again, I got this text:

Learn about special offers & benefits of migrating your Centennial service to AT&T, visit an AT&T store today!

Yeah what ever dude. It must be nice for them to buy up everything and then stomp out the customers that built the companies they buy.

They fail on all levels with me. Beware.

The more I call AT&T customer service the worse the problem gets
By -

I have had an AT&T wireless account for more than 2 years. Since I switched from another carrier and chose a number that would be easy to remember, I have consistently received calls from people trying to access their voicemail. There are the occasional wrong numbers, but there have been far more calls from people just hitting the "voicemail" key, having the phone dial the number programmed by AT&T and getting me.

I have called AT&T customer service many times, at least 5. I have tried to be patient and allow them to work out the problem. Nothing has worked, I still get the calls for people trying to pick up their voice mail messages.

The last 2 calls I made to AT&T customer service, I became very angry, because 1) I've been trying to get them to fix this problem for more than 2 years and they haven't, 2) each new customer service representative I speak to insists that the only way to fix the problem is for me to change my number. WITH A HUGE ORGANIZATION, BRAIN POWER, MAN POWER, TECHNICAL EXPERTISE, I THE LOWLY CONSUMER, PAYING TONS OF MY MONEY FOR SOMETHING THEY ARE SELLING, HAVE TO ADJUST FOR SOMETHING THAT IS THEIR FAULT. THEIR EMPLOYEE/S PROGRAM THE WRONG NUMBER INTO THE VOICEMAIL KEY AND THEY EXPECT ME TO CHANGE MY PHONE NUMBER. THAT DOES NOT FIX THEIR PROBLEM AND IT INCONVENIENCES ME.

So, the last 2 customer service representatives I spoke to, I really let them have it. I basically said, don't tell me that with the might have AT&T, this stupid little problem can't be solved. Don't make me change anything. Improve the quality of your service.

Hey, guess what. After every customer service call, whether I was patient and nice or finally got upset, it would get worse. I have gotten more calls over the past 4 months. That's why I am finally going to share this story all over the internet.

The last customer service representative even gave me a case number. What good is that if it hasn't fixed the problem. Do you think they would followup to check on it? No. They expect me to once again complain if the problem hasn't been fixed. AT&T HAS VERY VERY VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DARE I VENTURE A CHARACTERIZATION, SOME UNIMAGINATIVE AND INCOMPETENT, POSSIBLY, ONLY POSSIBLY VINDICTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS. I WOULD LOVE TO USE MORE COLORFUL LANGUAGE, BUT THAT MIGHT THAT AT&T ISN'T USING TO SOLVE MY LITTLE PROBLEM, IT MIGHT BE MORE EFFICIENT PROTECTING THE COMPANY'S "GOOD" NAME.

What AT&T has literally stolen from me
By -

OK. I don't EVER do this but I have had such issues with AT&T recently that I thought I would be one of those people who stands on their soapbox for five minutes. Please Read

Originally I was with AT&T, as suggested by my father, and I recommended to my husband that he buy out of his Verizon contract so we could get a family plan through AT&T. We then went to one of their satellite stores in in my hometown where my husband switched over to their service, but unknown to us we were signed up for two individual plans (not a family plan), under my name. For the past year I have been paying between $160-$300 phone bills per month thinking that I was on a family plan and that these charges were just overages. In October we went to another satellite store where we thought our plan was being adjusted so that we could have free text messaging (and avoid these huge phone bills - because the representative there told us that the overages were in texting). However this adjustment was only made on my husband's plan (remember we're still on two separate plans and we are being told we're on a family plan) and the bill the following month was much higher than we were told it would be at the store. On December 30th, 2009, I called customer service to find out what was going on because my bill was about $200 (again). I was told we were on two separate plans and that an adjustment would be made to fix the problem. I didn't have time to go over everything with the first person I spoke with - who told me to call back when I did - when I did finally call back later that day the next person gave me a different explanation and told me that there was no plan similar to the one described in the earlier conversation. At which point I became so frustrated I asked how much it would be to buy out of my contracts. As it turns out, it would have been less expensive for me to buy out than to pay my bill! I spoke with my husband and we decided we would try one last time. I called customer service on New Years Eve and spoke with someone who attempted to right all of these wrongs. However because of the way this matter was handled we unknowingly lost our text messaging feature which is the major form of communication between my husband and I. A week later we went into a 'corporate run store' to see if it was something wrong with our phones; at which point the representative explained that the feature was shut off until Jan 21st when the new plan would take effect. The service we received at the store was excellent and the problem was fixed, or so we thought. However due to the previous issues encountered with AT&T's customer service and the cost in overages which should have never occurred we are still deciding whether or not to continue our service with AT&T. It is very frustrating to not get the same story twice from a customer service department, be signed up for a plan that you did not want or agree to in the first place, and to hear that to be taken care of properly we must go into a corporate run store (as told to us by one of the reps. in the corporate run store). Throughout this whole ordeal we have spent an exorbitant amount of money.
Our picture messaging feature was not restored the day we went into the corporate store. I called the representative (who gave me her business card) and she had no idea who I was or anything about the hour we spent in the store two weeks ago. I told her that we were still unable to picture message and she told me to call customer service (who hasn't helped since the beginning). Reluctantly I called and was told that there would be an additional fee to add picture messaging - which I had before this whole ordeal with the loss of service- which I was not about to pay for. Somehow the problem was fixed on my phone but my husband is still having problems with his phone. I made the mistake of calling to find out when our contract was up and low-and-behold I come to find that my husband's plan is up in August and MINE is up in October of '11 - when we tried to have our bill problem fixed in the store back in October the salesperson extended my contract without telling me! The service representative I spoke with was extremely rude (his name was Todd) and gave me a ton of unnecessary attitude. When I explained to him that I did not agree to an extension of my contract he said he did not believe I unknowingly extended my contract. When I asked who I could complain to about all of my issues he told me to write a letter to their complaint department. I have to WRITE A LETTER to a company who boasts how fantastic they are at networking and communication. I know exactly where my letter will go too (confetti-maker/circular-filing bin).

If you have read this far thank you and please pass this on. I know I am not the only one who has had issues with AT&T.

AT&T No service
By -


I first had an agreement from them to activate my internet during the third week of February. I realized a few days later that it wasn't on. I called their company and spent at least an hour on the phone with them. Then they said they would call me back.
Several days and no call. I call them back again and spend at least another hour on the phone with them. I am now 1 week without service. I finally get a scheduled appointment for a technician but they can't get here for a week. 2 weeks without service now.
The technician arrives but can't figure out what is wrong. Says he'll come back on Monday, tomorrow. Another week goes by. Nothing. I'm now 3 weeks without service. I spend another hour on the phone and finally get set up for another tech but of course I have to wait another week. Even though it was their tech that forgot about us and never reported the problem. He arrives after no service now for four weeks. In the meantime I have to call AT&T and have them adjust my bill because I have yet had NO service!!!
Finally 4 weeks later the tech said the last guy was in error and he quickly set up my internet. He apologized for AT&T's error.

Now this next part is where I feel that AT&T not only continued to violate there contract with us, but led to undo hardship and pain and suffering to a disabled person due to there neglect by not fulfilling their contract and service.

On March 28th, 2009, my spouse was in a motorcyle accident. She was sent by ambulance to emergency. She spent nine days in ER, ICU, and Trauma. She and suffered 4 pelvic fractures, 5 broken ribs, a punctured lung partially collapsed, and a broken scapula. Before she was released from the hospital, my spring vacation began and I was able to care for in the hospital and bring here home. She could not move even to turn her body or put pillows under her to relieve the pain. I had to be there 24/7. At the end of my break she could sit up and move to the porta potty by the bed but it took a long and painful time. She needed help to move and minimize the pain. The day I was to go back to work, I had a friend lined up to come care for her at the house during the day. My friend works for Oracle and is able to work from home with her lap top. Great plan then the night before I was to go back to work…….My internet goes out and I've lost my care giver.

I called AT&T back and explained the situation. I got the same exact printed lines on their paper. “I'm so sorry for your trouble but we will not be able to send a tech out for a week. I spent hours on the phone with them talking to sooooo many people begging and explaining the situation. They all repeated the same lines on their little papers in front of them.
I threatened to end service but they begged me to stay and finally I agreed.
So my wife sat end bed and didn't eat all day for a week because it was too painful to get up. Thanks AT&T.

A week later the tech comes to my house, fixes the problem, and says it was their error and they were terribly sorry. He also informed me that there was no excuse for the company making us wait. He said all they had to do was call him and he could have come right over. He said a week is their standard line but they could have fixed it the next day.

I believe AT&T would let someone die before they would lift a finger to provide real customer service. You would have to be human and they are NOT. Well, we got service again then it went out again after 3 weeks. In the meantime we are still negotiating the bill because of the lack of service and the bill was still not correct. In addition to the time spent on the phone trying to get a tech out here, we spent hours on the phone trying to get the bill fixed. We were not getting the bills we had agreed on. We would talk to AT&T and they said they would call us back and didn't. Finally the last time we spoke I was done and irate. The women said she would call back and never did. The last bill I received said if I didn't pay this amount by this date they would cut off service. The funny thing was the service was already down again. I thought that was funny. I told them I would send back their modem and consider our business over. She never called back.
The collection agency was the next thing heard. No return phone call AGAIN, no service, just drop dead and I'll let collections deal with you. I will NEVER use AT&T. I will never have an iPhone because they are linked with AT&T. I WILL send this letter to everyone that will listen. TV, radio, internet, friends and family.

The amount of $ I owe is lunch at Benihana's. I don't care about the money, I am beyond angry for the horrible treatment of my spouse and I. I also heard you don't even treat your employees any better. Shame on you.

I've sent back the modem and consider our business complete.

I do not believe I owe you but that you owe me an apology. Let me know when this bill is cleared up. This is NOT OK. This is not how you treat people and I will not agree to this.

Buyer Beware The Worst Experience Of My Life - Customer Of 4 Yrs
By -

MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- I wish that I could get the documentation of the trouble I've had with AT&T Wireless into a reporters hands. They claim to have the best coverage and the least amount of dropped calls, and pride themselves on Customer Service being Priority number ONE. As an outside salesperson, I live and die by my phone. I also live and die by the way I treat my customers. So I know bad service from good service.

Be prepared for the worst customer support in your life. When you call in the reps will lie, answer things incorrectly, and basically try and get you off the phone as fast as possible. I wish I could add up the time I've spent on the phone with Customer Service, Tech Support, and email chat. They would owe me a big stack of money!!!! I went through three phones of same make and model, sim cards, upgrades that were bogus, batteries, and timeless minutes trying to get my dropped calls issue resolved. Eventually and only after a extremely long conversation with a very knowledgeable tech rep, did I get a refurbished Blackberry. The excuses for dropped calls ranged from they were in my head to everything else you can imagine.

My 4 years ends in May and you'd think they would be doing everything in their power to keep a customer like myself who has paid on average, over $100+++ WITH THEM for 4 years!!!

This week was the week I determined that I've had it with this company, time is to valuable, and frustration ruins your quality of life. Get ready for terrible customer service, a lot of dropped calls and a bad experience somewhere down the line with them. I would love for 60 minutes to pull my personal file from them that would include their internal documentation of my calls, emails, etc. And then compare that to the CEO's Comittment to the customer comes first and how our cell phones have become a part of our everyday lives. He, meaning the CEO would be shocked, if 60 minutes investigated myself and others who have been long term customers, and saw first hand how we've been treated. Not as one customer crying fowl, but from the inside out. The last straw was when I asked for a supervisor and when transferred, he picked up the phone like the guy answering the phone for a cab company. I requested his name, he hesitated and told me his first name, then I asked for his last, I knew he lied so I asked for an employee number, and it didn't sound truthful either so I said thank you and GOO BYE. Please note that it's very common for them to give their first and last names. I have plenty of them, so that's not an issue with this company. But, it was with me.

Good luck with them, all my co workers and friends are on Verizon and have non of the type of problems I've had. So guess where I'm taking my business tomorrow????? Written on February, 22nd, 2009

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