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Duped Into Getting a "Free" Hot Spot.
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OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- I am writing regarding the above number associated with the "free" hot spot I was practically forced to take home with me when I upgraded from my trustworthy flip phone to the Samsung Galaxy S4 last summer.

When I bought the upgrade I was told the phone "came with a free hot spot." I told the salesperson I did not even know what a hot spot was and did not want it. The salesperson, eventually aided by a second, insisted that I could not possibly turn down such a wonderful device, especially when I got it for free. They asked me if I had children and I said yes. They made it sound like I would be nominated for parent of the year if I had no use for it and passed it down to them. I kept declining and they kept insisting. It was basically implied (using all that good salesmanship training from AT&T) that I would be a fool not to take it. Who turns down a free gift like that?

And a fool I was. My bills kept getting higher and I kept getting tagged $15 every time the hot spot's usage went over the GBs included in my plan. At first I did not pay much attention (even after I realized there was a $20 monthly fee associated with the device which I also had not been made aware of). But then it really started to get out of control. In order to keep up with the little monster (the hot spot) I had to upgrade my plan 1, 2 maybe 3 times with more GBs until I finally could not pay my bill. I told my daughter I was sorry, I was canceling it, and assumed it was a matter of disabling the thing and changing to a cheaper plan just for my phone.

You are very, very smart. That is why you are making millions and I had to file for bankruptcy last week, not that you would care. I stuck my neck out to defend you whenever friends and acquaintances mentioned in passing you were the worst, most corrupt wireless company (or should I say spineless).

Two weeks ago I called AT&T to ask that they suspend immediately any services associated with the little monster, only to be told that I had signed a 2-year contract for my "free gift," (you know, the small print). Nobody told me during all that haggling that I was signing a 2-year contract for the hot spot. What was really important for them was that I, your customer of 10+ years, walked out of that store with the little monster. "For free."

I escalated my phone call three times until I reached a manager called **. All he did for me, in order to not incur a $99 penalty for breaking the contract, was to adjust my bill so I would only have to pay $10 instead of $20 for being the proud owner of the little monster (without using it).

Again, I am sure you do not care about the amount of financial stress I have been under lately but I conceded, lowered my plan to 2 GBs and left it at that. I had bigger problems. Now that my bigger problems are behind me, I decided to contact you to inform you of the following: I will not pay $10 a month for the deactivated hot spot. I will subtract $10 from every bill you send me from now on.

Let me know how you will punish me, harass me, sue me or otherwise try to make my life difficult. Bring it on. I know people with the same plan I have (different providers) who pay $30 a month. I hope you will extend me the courtesy of a reply, preferably in writing.


Living A Nightmare With AT&T: Worst Business Ever
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I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be as disappointed and dissatisfied as a consumer with ANY business as I have been with AT&T. I have had issues from the time of my contract inception in December, and have called at least 10-20 times a month since to address billing errors and discrepancies, service failures and even dishonest statements that were presented by AT&T representatives. Will explain the dishonesty, rudeness, service issues and manipulation with a few of the anecdotes that I've come along with my 4 month experience with AT&T:

Before I signed up with AT&T, I obviously compared the plan rates to my provider at the time, T-Mobile. To have my corporate discount applied, I was told I would need a code from my employer. I retrieved this code and provided it to both the AT&T representative at the Radio Shack I purchased the service from along with an AT&T representative on the phone who both explicitly stated that I would get 19% my bill.

The AT&T representative at Radio Shack calculated my phone bill with this 19% applied to the bill so that I could compare it to the deal that I was getting with AT&T. Yes, it was approximately $10 more than what I was paying with T-Mobile, but I was intrigued by the mobile to any mobile feature that I thought it was worth the go. They mentioned to me that the corporate discount would only be applied on the second cycle.

When the second cycle rolled around, there was not a 19% discount applied to my plan, but rather to a certain portion of it- leaving a discount of peanuts vs. the information I was given. I was lied to and was stuck with a significantly larger bill than what I had been promised. To make matters worse, I had to wait for the second cycle to see this manipulation take place-and by that time, your 30 day grace period is over and you're totally locked into your contract, leaving you persecuted with termination fees should you feel it's in your best interest to leave with the faulty and misleading information they have provided you with and has left you victimized.

Mind you, I had specifically asked both representatives HOW the discount would be applied and they both said on the entire bill-the representative calculated as such as well on a rough paper. Then there was issues of the signal and customer service: The signal was unbelievably poor within my home. Though I was getting signal in various other places where I use my phone, there were places I did not get good service and my home was unfortunately one of them.

I had called to complain of this issue weeks of service initiation and before I left to go overseas, but I was then introduced to the issue that somehow there was an additional line that was on my account and I spent the rest of that phone call having it addressed. After I returned, I found myself having to address this issue again and the representative I spoke to said there was nothing they could do because I was out of my 30 day grace period. It was also apparently written nowhere on the notes that I had been on the phone with a representatives for at least 20 minutes explaining the poor coverage that I was getting.

They choose what they want to write and what they don't want to write apparently, and you're left to being screwed as such. I couldn't believe the unprofessionalism I was getting with AT&T especially at this point. They did not even try to honor regarding my issue, saying that "that's too bad." They didn't even mention that there was a MicroCell available-something I was only told about as I had pursued. (Way to go, AT&T Customer Service-not only was their representatives rude but ignorant about the services they are able to provide. Guess they are well accustomed to dissatisfied customers and choose to leave it at that).

As I was fed up and just ready to cancel my service, a customer relations representative suggested that I try this MicroCell (that I had to pinch money out of my pockets for) and gave me a small discount to compensate for my trouble. I figured that if my reception issues at home were resolved, I could probably make some sort of peace with what's been going on. So wrong.

The "discounts" that I was to be provided were never reflected on my bill and I've had to call twice without any indication of it. Today, I've finally reached my threshold. Weeks after buying the MicroCell device for $299, I find myself without any sort of service at home. As a med school student, I depend on my phone at the late hours of the nights studying and discussing material with other students in various locations. Not only was I not able to do that, I was tossed around customer service till I was sent to the right one and he couldn't resolve my problem.

That's not all. There is no one to resolve my issue till Monday. From Thursday to Monday with the idea that I might be without service, and they have no concern to address it till then. So it's pretty much no one's concern that I'm lied to, screwed over, have no service, no safety net and am not in any way compensated for all the garbage that AT&T has put me through.

I feel violated on so many fronts with AT&T-they have blatantly lied to me, been rude to me, and have conned me into being locked into my contract in TWO ways. I'm so fed up and without a doubt do I believe that AT&T should release me from my contract for all the bull that they have made me endure. I'm definitely going to do all that I can to ensure that consumers are aware of this nonsense so that they think twice about signing their cell phone service away for two years.

I'm VERY regretful that I've strayed away from my cell phone provider that had been nothing but good to me. I will be contacting my congressional representatives to further detail the misleading methods in which AT&T had deceived and manipulated my situation in locking me into their contract.

AT&T Has Horrible Customer Service
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I am writing this email to illustrate the events that have taken place with AT&T since November of 2009. In November of 2009 I decided to change my internet service provider to AT&T for a few reasons. AT&T costs less than my previous provider. I could take advantage of the "€œBundle Package" which would bundle the two costs of my internet service and cell phone service and I would receive a 10% discount on the bill.

It would be much easier for me to manage one account rather two separate accounts with AT&T and had set up the "€œAutomatic Bill Pay," i.e. The payments were to automatically be withdrawn from my bank account on a monthly basis. Hence, no worries / or headaches.

In early December I was contacted by an AT&T customer representative. She stated to me that my bill hasn'€™t been paid and I could be charged a late fee if I don'€™t pay immediately. I explained to her that that'€™s impossible since I am signed up for the "€œAutomatic Bill Pay"€. Why would the money not be taken out of my checking account? She stated in return that I wasn'€™t signed up for the "€œAutomatic Bill Pay"€ but she could sign me up right now.

In return I gave her my debit card account number which was to be used for now on. Secondly, I asked her if everything was taken care of because I do not want to have to have another phone call from AT&T saying my bill hasn'€™t been paid. Problem solved.

February comes and while at work my cell phone is shut off. Why the heck would my cell phone be turned off??? I've taken care of the "Automatic Bill Pay", have the "€œBundle Package"€, and have spoken to the individual in customer service in December who set up my automatic withdraw.

A short walk later I am at the AT&T store located at the K Street mall In Sacramento, CA. One of the individuals who worked at the store did some research. It turns out that I hadn€'t been given the "Bundle Package". It turns out that if I did get the "œBundle Package"€ I would forfeit the 15% discount that I currently have and only receive a 10% discount. This was completely understandable but EXTREMELY frustrating because it was never communicated to me until that day. NEVER!

For this reason, my cell phone hadn'€™t been paid for 3-4 months. The individual who set up my "Automatic Bill Pay"€ set it up for my Internet account. Not the "€œBundle Package"€ as I understood. While speaking with one of the individuals at the K Street AT&T store he identified my problem. However, when on the phone with the customer service representative I was told "€œSorry, but there is nothing we can do." In fact numerous times I was told "€œSorry, but there is nothing we can do. In order for you to get your phone turned on today you will have to pay at least $245 out of the $468 phone bill and then the additional $218."€

Agreed, I definitely agree that when I have a bill I need to pay it. I understood that I owe AT&T money. However, for the customer service department not to take responsibility for the mistakes made by the individuals working for their company is absolutely ridiculous, i.e. Not setting up the "Bundle Package"€ as agreed, not communicating to me why the "€œBundle Package"€ wasn'€™t established (15% discount vs.10% discount,€“ which would have been understood), and not setting up the "Automatic Bill Pay"€ which was supposed to be established.

To add more fuel to the fire my internet was turned off on March 16th. After a lengthy conversation with the customer service representative at the 1-800-288-2020. It was established ONCE AGAIN that my bill hadn'€™t been paid and my internet was shut off for lack of payment. Let's refer to the conversation that took place with an AT&T representative in December.

€œIn early December I was contacted by an AT&T customer representative. She stated to me that my bill hasn'€™t been paid and I could be charged a late fee if I don'€™t pay immediately. I explained to her that that'€™s impossible since I am signed up for the "Automatic Bill Pay"€. Why would the money not be taken out of my checking account? She stated in return that I wasn'€™t signed up for the "Automatic Bill Pay"€ but she could sign me up right now.

In return I gave her my debit card account number which was to be used for now on. Secondly, I asked her if everything was taken care of because I do not want to have to have another phone call from AT&T saying my bill hasn'€™t been paid. Problem solved.

Well apparently the problem hadn'€™t been solved ONCE AGAIN! I contacted AT&T at their 1-800-288-2020 number to establish what had happened. The following occurred: The individual could not verify my account even though I supplied him with my name, my address, cell phone number, last 4 digits of my SS#, they even have my Drivers License on file. That information was not good enough to verify my account and "€œHe could not help me"€ without the account number.

After asking to speak to his supervisor ** he had no problem pulling up my account and informed me that my non-payment was for $35. I asked to pay for it, he informed me that I couldn'€™t pay for it through him I would have to go through a different department. I was subsequently transferred and while on hold my phone call was dropped. Which leads me to another complaint I will get to later.

I tried to contact ** again since this was the individual I was working with and the individual had no idea who ** was and that the Customer Service department is huge and ** may be within a different location which was extremely frustrating. (Try explaining this situation twenty five times to twenty five different individuals and not one of them has a history of my previous conversations or prior contacts).

After getting off of the phone with the customer service representative at 1-800-288-2020 the next day I made the/ a payment of $35 (I'€™m not sure what it went to because apparently it still didn'€™t cover my existing balance), re-established my account to be hooked up with a scheduled date of 03/23/2010. Frustrating that I would have to wait, since as mentioned before "Automatic Bill Pay" was supposed to be established in both November and December and apparently it wasn'€™t.

Next I get a phone call on the morning of 03/23/2010 from an AT&T customer service representative saying they would have to reschedule to have my internet service hooked up on 03/26/2010. I told her that that was not good enough, explained to her what had happened (i.e. Everything above) and was once again told that "€œThere is nothing I can do."

This was the last straw. I was absolutely tired of having problems with AT&T, tired of hearing "€œI'€™m very sorry but there is nothing that I can do€.." etc. At this point I went to the AT&T store and explain to them how extremely frustrated I was with the customer service that I was receiving and had received in the past. I worked with ** and another individual by the name of **. Each one of them were very helpful and tried their hardest to resolve my problem. After spending approximately an hour with them I had to return to work.

** said that he would continue to work on it and get back to me as soon as he could. Which he did and I was very grateful for that however, they too were having a difficult time pulling up my internet account. (I definitely believe them but I do not understand why since they too work for AT&T). A couple of hours later I receive a phone call from ** and he had explained that my outstanding balance for internet service was for $205 for three months of non-payment.

Once again, lets refer to the "€œAutomatic Bill Pay" which was supposed to take place in both November and December. Not to mention that my bill is supposed to only be $35 a month and maybe some additional taxes. Now let's do the math: $35 x 3 = $105. If this is the case where is the additional $100 coming from? You got me???

I would like you to understand I signed up for the AT&T internet service in November. There is a higher start up cost due to having to purchase the Modem of around one hundred and something dollars. It would be illogical for me to purchase the modem just to not pay my bill and have it turned off a few months later.

In conclusion, I want you to know how extremely frustrated I am with AT&T'€™s service. The time, effort, frustration, and the stress associate with the lack of communication, customer service, and hearing "€œI'€™m sorry, there is nothing I can do", "€œI can'™t verify your account"€, "€œI can'€™t pull up your account"€ and lack of follow through with AT&T'€™s employees have made me completely upset. Can you tell?! I wouldn'€™t spend the time and effort writing this email if I was not.

I would like this letter to be sent to the following: Sacramento'€™s District Leader / Regional Manager; A 1-800-288-2020 Customer Service Representative Manager or higher (higher preferred), i.e. Someone who is going to be able to answer questions with more than "€œI'€™m sorry, but there is nothing that I can do."

AT&T Premier Customer Service runaround phoneline
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I have been an AT&T customer for about ten years now. I put in a pre-order for the new iPhone 3GS on the AT&T Premier website through my dad's corporate website. I understood would have a backlog. I didn't mind the backlog because that meant I would get the new phone without the hassle of going to the AT&T or Apple store. What I don't understand is the statement that was put on my order that I would receive the phone in 7-14 days when that is not even close to the truth.

I put my order in on June 15, 2009. The phone was not to be released until June 19, 2009. I called on June 25, 2009 to find out the order of the status. I just wanted to know if I could expect the phone in the next two months. I wanted to just get an idea of the backlog time. After being on hold for almost an hour, I spoke to a representative on the Premier line and they put me on hold to speak to a supervisor. I was on hold for over an hour and I gave up at that point.

This was in the evening. I found out the next day that the line closes at 9PM or at least according to representative that I spoke to but there was no indication on the hold music or recording that representatives were no longer available after 9PM.

So the next day, June 26, 2009. I got on the phone after being on hold for about a half hour I spoke to the representative **. He told me that my order was "processed" on June 25, 2009. Now this made no sense to me since my order was put in on June 15th and the phone came out on June 19th. He got his supervisor on the phone immediately, **. She told me that the 7-14 day statement that is made when you put your order in for the phone, is from the day the phone was released. According to her, I should expect my phone by July 3, 2009.

July 3, 2009 came and went and I really couldn't find time in my day to aggravate myself and spend hours on the phone. Finally on July 17, 2009 I made the dreaded call to AT&T Premier to find our the status of my phone. I immediately asked for ** the supervisor I spoke to on June 26th. He told me that he couldn't get to her because she's in a different office. I was shocked because I thought in 2009 there are company directories and office extensions. He did tell me that he could get me another supervisor so I was put on hold. AGAIN.

After 45 minutes I picked up another phone and called the AT&T Premier line again. I got the representative Hooper Mills. He told me that he would take my number and have a supervisor call me. I am still waiting for that call. The other line I had on hold waiting for a supervisor went dead after an hour and half. So I called the AT&T Premier line again.

This time I spoke to **. I immediately told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor so I could get back in the queue. She said she had to look up my status order. She looked it up and told me that my order for the iPhone 3GS had been canceled!!! So that's where I am right now. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this situation with AT&T Premier? I feel like a prisoner to them right now after waiting a month for a phone I could have gotten weeks ago at a store.

Utilize Your Right To Go To Federal Court And Seek A Declaratory Judgment Against The Individual Employee
By -

I worked for a federal law enforcement agency and some of the thing I have used against AT&T was to find out if you live in a two party or a one party notification state and record their phone calls when you deal with them and over the phone. Always get the full name of the party on tape. Always make them give you an estimated cost of the services each time you enter in to a new agreement with.

And for those people that they steal money from for services that you did not request let the individual know that they have to disclose every service they are providing you at the time they send you the estimated cost for your services, and if that is not in the proposed services you asked for when the place charges on your monthly bill hat you are not aware of then sue the person that gave you the estimated cost of the bill.

I had the same problem with them this week and that is a breach of contract. Also if you start suing the people for lying to you you do have that problem. Another problem I had was with Sprint last year was being double billed for text messages, and when I became aware of it they tried to tell me that If I did not catch them stealing from me for the first 90 days they were allowed to keep the money. The best tactic that I had in my favor was that I always dealt with criminals and I went after these people for what they were doing, and treated them the way they acted if you live in a one party notification state (Georgia) where I did not have to tell them that they were being recorded.

Another thing I found out was that if they tell you at the beginning of your call that they are recording their calls for training purposes then that opens the door for you to record these statements. Also, you have the fact that you always speak to a different person. That is how you can show these people are lying. Another problem I had was that I spoke to them several weeks ago about the cost of PDA service and decided not to pay for the service. The only thing I did was configured the phone which was my second phone and would only use it when I went out of town.

The next thing I found out was that while I was sitting down in my office on the internet they were sending out alerts to my phone and even though I specifically entered in to the phone that I did not want to receive email alerts they sent me about $120.00 in one day. When I noticed it I called them up and told them what was happening. They said that they would stop it and they continued to do it when I told the worker that I was not going to pay the $200.00 cost for this service at the end of the month.

She tried to lie to me and say that I was the only one with the phone. I reminded her that they had locked media net into my phone and they used this feature to access my phone which I bought from someone else and the phone was not a phone that I owed them for and it is a violation of my privacy for them to intrude on my life.

Maybe some of you can remember that at one time the state of Virginia was confiscating radar detectors and I believe now that they have stopped (I have heard several different stories) I believe that this had to do with taking private property.

I know for a fact that these tactics are taught to AT&T employees when they are in training. I asked the worker that I was speaking to remove the charges because I was going to seek a declaratory judgment against her and her boss in Federal District court for being involved in an ongoing criminal conspiracy to defraud me and furthermore I mentioned RICO. She did not know who he was but after I told her who he was she reduced a $600.00 bill to about 235.00 because I told her that I was only going to pay was the amount of the estimated bill that they had given me three months ago.

I know the a lot of people don't want to take them to court because they don't know what to expect. However, realized that I had to learn about going to Federal court because they have to be made to account for their actions. I have realized that you need to treat these criminals just like what they are "CRIMINALS" because before I let them make me spend a couple of hundred dollars on services I don't use I go to federal court and let these individual employees spend some of their money defending themselves.

Frankly if I have to pay the money to them for what they don't do I would rather take my chances in federal court. The only thing you let them know we are all going to take our chances on an equal playing field. Check out this book by James publishing. It's called preparing for trial in federal court (800-440-4780, or 714--751-2709). A lot of people say you shouldn't practice law without a degree. The only thing I know is that I got just as much right to be there as any one else. That's the American way.

I don't have no problems sleeping at night I admit that at first I had a few problems getting into court but once I obtained the federal rules of civil procedure and followed the law a lot of these people realize that they can lose their freedom for running a criminal enterprise. They will be more thoughtful when they can lose the same things that they are trying to take from you. They will be more thoughtful.

AT&T Customer Service
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I attempted to order an iPhone from AT&T Wireless through a special portal they have for large corporate customers where they give discounts. There is a special group that handles these types of orders. I was told the iPhone would be shipped within 3 to 5 business days. I had also requested my current phone number be ported.

After my order status was still in pending after 7 business days I called in. This was on a Friday and was told that there had been an internal error with their software placing the order on hold but it had been resolved that day and it would be shipped the following Monday. The following Monday, I called to check that it had been shipped and it had not and I was told again that the order was on hold due to and internal software error.

No one could give status on the order, that was all the information they had. No one could tell me when it would be resolved. I requested to cancel my order immediately right then and was told they could not cancel the order since it was on hold. I requested to speak to a manager to see if I could get a resolution to my issues.

I was transferred to an escalation queue where I waited for over 30 minutes but ultimately had to hang up for a business call. I called back into the customer service again the next day and again was told my order was still on hold and no ETA on a resolution to their software errors. I again requested my order be cancelled and this time to the name of the person who said they would cancel my order and also requested to be transferred into the escalation queue.

I waited over 2 hours on hold. Finally I called the support number from my cellphone and told the person that I was on the other line waiting on the escalation queue, explained it had been over 2 hours and while he put me on hold, someone picked up the escalation line and hung up on me. After I told the gentleman on the phone that they hung up on me from the escalation queue, he informed his "floor manager". She told him to tell me that they would be transferring me back into the escalation queue.

I explained that I did not want to go back into the escalation queue at the end of the line and that I expected a call back from someone. I asked this same gentleman to confirm for me that my order had been cancelled and when he checked on it, it had not, it was still showing on hold. I asked him again to cancel it - this was my third request. Finally, while I was on the phone with him I received a confirmation note that my order had been cancelled.

As much as I want this iPhone and it would really help me to do my job remotely - I will not give AT&T my business after being treated by these customer service reps so horribly. Then to add insult to injury I attempted to contact them via their website at this URL: I believe you have to have a valid corporate email address to get to that URL but I'm not 100% positive. After I submitted a complaint on that website - I received the following delivery failure:

Delivery Failure Report
Your message: Site Experience Feedback
was not delivered to:
because: 550 Invalid recipient (#5.1.1)

I guess AT&T doesn't care about responding to customers at all since even their website seems to go to a bit bucket. Lovely.

Sold me a plan for a price that doesn't exist!
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- They keep you on hold for hours, don't resolve anything, don't honor the price they quoted you and threaten to turn you over to collections. They have to be the worst cell phone company ever.

AT&T's total disrespect for their customers
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Rating: 1/51

METRO ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Like most people, I've dealt with AT&T on and off for over forty years as a residential customer. After numerous complaints about my internet service, and time consumed with tech, unplugging and re-plugging the modem to correct interruptions in service, I contacted another provider. I arranged for new service with another provider and then contacted AT&T and arranged for my service with them to be disconnected in a seamless operation to maintain my telephone number while receiving alternate internet service.

At that time a representative did her best to keep me as a customer, but I was fed up with AT&T's tactics and requested a final bill be sent out as well as a return label for the dysfunctional modem. I was told it would be done.
Within a week I received a final bill that included the next month and was disturbed because I should have only been charged for seven days of the previous month, and had still not received a return label for the equipment.

When I contacted AT&T I was immediately put on hold and passed to one representative after another. This went on for fifteen minutes or longer like I was a 'hot potato' until I finally hung up in frustration. When I called back then it was a game of telephone duck, duck, goose! Days later when someone would finally give me some customer service I was told the return label was on its way. This game went on because after five to seven business days I would call back and say I had not yet received the return label and since the reliability of the U.S. Postal Service was dependable and I had a locked mailbox, I didn't understand why I had not yet received the label.

Finally, I just asked for an address to make the return and was told that I could just take it to any UPS where AT&T had an account. When I did, UPS told me that because I did not have an AT&T label, I would have to pay to return the equipment, and as I live on a fixed income, did not have enough funds to do so. When I contacted AT&T again and finally got a representative who would talk to me, I was told that the time had expired for me to return their equipment and the account had been sent to a collection agency. AGH!!

Needless to say, after being an excellent customer (paying bills on time) my credit score took a BIG hit and what should have been a final bill of $25 or less became $172 (rounded up) for equipment they knew was no longer useful to them. Like what good would it be to me either.

AT&T's deceitful practices is why they have to pay $M to mobile customers for padding bills, but I believe they have historically padded land line and internet service bills over the years as well. I'm interested in hearing about anyone else who has had similar problems with AT&T in order to determine if another class action suit against them is possible.

I Wish to Complain About the Level of Service at AT&T - It's Bad
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I wish to complain about the level of service at AT&T. It's bad. My Blackberry 9900 (BB) was purchased in February 2013, so it's currently under the one year warranty. October 19th I went to an AT&T store in Napa, CA to replace my malfunction BB, and was told to go to Device Support Center and they would be happy to help.

On Sunday October 20th I went to the AT&T DSC store San Francisco, and was treated with what I can only call disdain. I was given a battery to for malfunction BB and later sent a €œrefurbished BB that is not working. I took the first BB to the Market Street store on October 26th and informed the management a staff that the unit is NOT updating with my emails, calendar, etc., not syncing, and the apps are no longer being supported by BB for many key functions. It was stated over and over again the same mantra about replacing my unit with the same unit Ad Nauseam! This Market Street crowd would not even mail the refurbished phone back.

At the same time this is happening I'™m trying to remove myself from the family plan to my own plan and using my company discount. I was told to call an 800 331 0500 number to accept the transfer on Saturday and was shifted to an €œendless prompt to push a series of numbers which lead to nowhere special. I pushed €œ0€ and was told that 800 number only work on the weekdays, which is not true, because it was not the right number.

After many agonizing calls and hours dealing with AT&T'€™s €œtrained staff (NOT) I got my number migrated to my number but I could NOT use my company discount which make little since to my brain. While on the phone to your equipment œspecialist€ I begged and groveled for a different phone. Your specialist repeated ad nauseam the same policy dogma.

After I repeated for the 8-10 time that this BB is not function with my work email, calendar, and apps just are not keeping up. But the worst part was my hour plus conversation with a (manager) in the South Florida area somewhere who said many things but none were helpful at all. The Manager would not allow me to talk to anyone above her in fact she said there was no one above her to handle€ my issues. She would not offer any workable solutions beyond I should go out and buy a phone and figure out how to get the SIM card to work.

Although there were a lot of other things that I could not possibly put on this one-page note, I really want one source to deal with AT&T to handle my Mobil phone issues. NOT ten people for ten issues. I would like a different phone as a replacement. I would like my phone migrated without starting a new 2-year plan, I would like to use my company discount, and not pay a transfer fee. I would not like to be treated like an idiot by your staff.

Run Away From AT&T
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTE, WASHINGTON -- This company is really, really stupid at all. First they make promises that they don't keep. Secondly and most annoying thing is that, some associates, especially the one on the phone does so many things that makes you happy just for the sake of making you happy. Then you think everything is fine and you will call some other time for some reason and the associate this time tells you that they can't do what the other associate did for you last time and he has no clue at all.

Then you ask how their service varies from associate to associate? Remember this is not customer service, this is a technical specification policy that the company agreed with its customers' to offer. So then we went to this store. 600 Pine St. Seattle WA 98101.

Really the guy doesn't have a clue at all. I was short with words explaining how the system is set up. He was so surprised about it and didn't believe that the company he is working at provides that, so we call the 611 from the store.

Just like other days, luckily, we met an associate on phone looked up my account and told me she will ship me a new device. Then she knew that I was in the store and she asked me, why they didn't offer it to me in the first place, so she asked me to speak to the associate and I handed the phone to him. As she was explaining to him what to do step by step, his answer was, "Yeah... okay okay okay okay...." So after this I was expecting that I will get help, then he hung up the phone and say he is confused and called his manager.

His manager is a female which has really like him, I recommended for them if they really work in retail, they can work in a mattress store. So since they are all confused and didn't know what to do, they want me to call the 611 customer care again.

I spent 20 minutes with him in my first lecture + 45 minute on phone + 15 minute with the manager. I left with anger, and was told to cancel my plan and get another phone, went back in and call the manager and told I'm going to cancel the phone and she didn't even try to work through again, but told me she is not the one who can cancel my phone and called one an associate.

I told them this is not the service I expect from them after being with them for 4 years. And they don't care at all, so I left the store since I am not able to control my anger with their attitude. Like I told them they all fa... and was told not to come to their store. Funny.

Then we went with one of the customers who saw all things about what happened to me, and went to broad way store. The store was EMPTY. I knew, ONLY PEOPLE WHO MAKE A MISTAKE AND DON' T LISTEN TO OTHERS go to AT&T. A Chinese associate was way welcoming dude and went on private chat and told us we were the first customer after 4 hrs of opening and noticed 4 guys who work there are standing far from the door and were taking about football loud enough.

If you read this far, I will give my own review, run, find other alternative, there are so many choices that you get from other providers. Think again before you stuck in a 2 year plan and upgrade when you are told to upgrade and not device maintenance unless you purchase the insurance. This is world where you can get the best, think wisely don't be cheated and stuck in a contract dead end.

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