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Just Plain Unacceptable
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I've been with AT&T for 6 years now. It all started when I got sick and tired of paying BellSouth $30 for dial up access through AOL. When I moved to a new house I accidentally dropped my desktop computer's CPU and broke beyond repair. I already thought about high speed internet before, but my old computer couldn't handle it so when I got my new one I did decide to look into it. AT&T seem like the best price for the best speed, so that's when I signed up and the nightmare begins.

First they tell me I would qualify for free equipment and installation $150.00 value, I got charged $50 for the installation and $100 for the equipment, and something else the representative told me over the phone that there would be no deposit but there was. I had to run go to an AT&T store and pay a deposit in person. After calling and complaining I got the installation charge waived, especially since I installed it myself, but I couldn't get my money back for the equipment because I didn't qualify that was a lie.

They took my hundred dollar deposit and told me after 12 months I would get 10 dollars of it back each month as a credit on my bill and it would happen automatically, well safe to say I don't have them anymore and they stole my hundred dollar deposit. After going through all that sign up nightmare everything was fine for two years I lived in that house.

The second house and moved into my service transfer went a little bumpy. They cut my internet off two days before I told them I wanted to cut off and transferred to the new house. Other than that it was okay, it still got transferred. When I successfully moved into my second house that's when the real nightmare begin. The house I moved in was so old the wiring in it wouldn't support any internet service. I found that out when my DSL box kept giving me an unable to connect message.

AT&T said they had an appointment that Friday to come hook up my internet service. I didn't have to work that day and I spent the entire day home. No one came out at my house but they said that my service was hooked up and working. I rescheduled another appointment for that Wednesday. A service technician came out to my house, looked around a little bit and said that he had an emergency down the road and will be back in 15 minutes.

Well apparently my entire house phone line had to be rewired to support DSL service from AT&T, and all I need it was new line and jack just for the internet modem in the dining room. The whole house didn't have to be rewired and apparently he was just too lazy to do it.

2 hours after he left I called AT&T. He said that he successfully hooked up the service and the appointment was over. I told them that there is an emergency down the road and he left and never came back, and they tell me that there was no emergency. After getting another service appointment later on that day someone did stop by. It took about 45 minutes to get my service up and running. The new technician told me that the other technician must have been too lazy to do anything, all he had to do was install the phone box and run some new line which only took 45 minutes. When he left my service was working.

Two weeks later my service started going out 5 times a day for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, and when it was working it was about as fast as dial up and I had upgraded to the six megabit plan when I moved into the new house. After restarting on my computers, equipment, my phone and the router itself the problem still persists. I called AT&T. They said that they were working on some lines and said everything should be back to normal by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but the problem still persisted even after 7 full days.

Calling AT&T again and setting up another service appointment. Someone showed up, worked for about 15 minutes, and my service was work again perfectly. Now it's the day before Christmas eve and I have a lot friends and family coming over to my house to celebrate Christmas with me even though I live by myself.

I used my internet to Skype and look up some recipes about 7:30 a.m. that morning. I went out to buy the Christmas dinner at my local grocery store, and came back to Skype with some more friends and family, but found out my internet wasn't working at all. I started cooking dinner and waited about 2 hours after 11 p.m. when it stopped working. When it still continued to not work I called AT&T and they told me that my service has been cancelled. I was confused, I never called and asked for it to be turned off.

Then that's when they tell me. Some woman by the name of the ** called and cancelled my account. I asked a woman if it could be restored. She said "Yes but not until next year." I asked "Why?" She told me I would have to upgrade to the new U-verse service which was in my neighborhood now. Because they're not signing up anymore basic DSL members only U-verse members now. I asked "Why would I have to wait?" The woman told me that someone would have to install the service by installing new lines and I would have to wait for the equipment. I told her "No I don't want it," and then I hung up on her.

AT&T have been harassing me ever since I moved into that house about getting Uverse service, none of the other neighborhoods I've ever lived in had it and today they still don't have it. I've heard plenty of reviews that the new Uverse service sucks, and even some of my neighbors who were forced to get it switched companies all together and that's all it is.

AT&T deliberately cut my basic service off and forced me to sign up with U-verse, and on top of it they demanded a credit card which I don't have. Only a debit card. They refused to take that, so I refused the new service and got a new company.

AT&T is just a selfish and greedy company. They're so badly corrupted, lying, cheating, and stealing from their customers. I just don't see how they stay afloat today. Today I still get charges saying I signed up for U-verse and even had equipment show up at my door. But I never opened it.

AT&T keep sending me bills for $400 and U-verse charges installation equipment and two months worth of service. They attempted to put that on my credit but I had that stopped immediately, but to this day they still say I owe them $400 and will make me pay that if I attempt to get any service even cell phone service in my name from them. Yep everyone says AT&T is a total nightmare and I completely believe it.

Unorganized For The Price
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Rating: 2/51

CALIFORNIA -- I decided to order Uverse on my land line at my home. It was new in the area, so I was surprised that the representative said it was available, and could set me up with a seemingly great price of $120 a month for 12mb Internet, unlimited home phone, and 200 channels after the introductory discounts. We discussed at length what I would and would not be getting and I confirmed multiple times that my land line number was to be used and what my address was. The installation was set up.

I received a confirmation e-mail and to my horror there were serious mistakes. The representative had set up the installation at my AUNT'S house, which is 50 miles from here, and on my grandmother's land line 1 city in the other direction! I called AT&T back right away. After a while on hold listening to advertisements with intermittent music interruptions, I was connected to a representative. I explained the situation to her. I had ordered Uverse for X address at X phone number, but the confirmation of the order said it was being installed at Y address for Z phone number.

After much holding and looking into the account, the representative mused that it seemed that my address did not, in fact, qualify for Uverse service, but to make the sale anyway, the previous representative had plugged in phone numbers and addresses of people in my call lists until one worked. Never mind the logical thought process that the installation would happen at the wrong address, I suppose. She also told me that my off-discount rate would have been about 2x what I had been told it would be by the sales representative.

I told the customer service representative that, in light of these circumstances, I wanted the order cancelled without charges. The order was cancelled, then, since they are obligated to do so, she had to sit there and try and get me to sign up for Uverse. I felt embarrassed for her that she had to do that to keep her job.

All in all, AT&T is just like every other mobile/Internet/TV provider out there--services that are oversold and taxing their systems providing a mediocre experience for all customers at a hefty price tag. The pressure their phone reps have to sell must be overwhelming if they're willing to lie and cheat the system in order to get a sale.

(Why AT&T must force their customer service representatives to sales pitch us every time they come into contact with us, I do not know, but I find it agitating. What I've already spent money on is experiencing issues, why on earth would I pay you more money!? I hope corporate takes heed of this, because it truly drags down the customer service to be sales pitched at every opportunity).

Now I get 6 phone calls a week from an AT&T representative telling me that there's good news, Uverse is available in my area, and they see that I cancelled an order for it before, would I be interested in switching to that? I politely refuse the offer, and tell them firmly to cease calling me about this product. That never seems to do any good. I loathe AT&T now. As soon as I get the money, I'm ditching them.

Service Did Not Get Cancelled After Several Calls and Got Billed for Additional Services
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- March 5th 2012, I saw an online offer from AT&T and I wished to add home phone line service to my existing internet account. I placed online order and after receiving the email confirmation, I wanted to check the order status online but couldn't login with the code provided. I called AT&T to inquire about it and was told that due to an error in the order, it didn't get processed and she would be happy to place the order via phone.

On further discussion it turned out that I will not get the benefit of the order that I was trying to sign up for. Frustrated by their deceptive advertising, I decided to cancel the order on which the representative said that since it didn't go through the first time, there is no need to cancel. Next day I decided to cancel my internet service as well and called to cancel it and insisted that I want an email confirmation of the cancellation. The service representative promised to send the email and after few hours, I received an email THANKING me for placing an order with AT&T.

Appalled and frustrated, I called again to inform about my cancellation request and was promised once again that an email will be sent and the order has been cancelled. There was never a cancellation email sent but instead, I received a phone call that someone wants to come to my residence to install the phone line. I informed the caller that I do not have a service request and he needs to straighten it out with AT&T and his response was “I am just told to go and install the service, you have to call for cancellation".

I called the 3rd time, and whoever is familiar with AT&T knows that each call lasts more than half hour including wait and transfers from one department to another. I explained the whole situation to the account department and also got fraud department contact to tell them that someone is ordering on my behalf. I once again asked for cancellation email that never came in spite of the promise. I never made time to call the fraud department.

In the meantime, my husband placed order under his name and got his services up and running on the same residence. I didn't get another phone call or email but today, on April 7th, one month since that drama, I receive a bill for $75.15 for the new internet and home phone service.

For having such a large customer base and a big name in domestic services, AT&T should be ashamed of using such unethical and fraudulent methods to rip off people's money and valuable time. Not only I do not wish to pay a single cent for services that I never ordered or used, I want AT&T to pay for my time that I have spent on fixing it's issues and dealing with corrupt, incompetent and clueless customer service staff who does not understand the difference between Cancellation and Activation.

How Many Others Have Been Sold a Service/Product Which Does Not Exist?
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MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- For the past five years, yes, 5 years, I have paid for 6x DSL service, promoted by AT&T as the fastest DSL speed which can be used by a small business or privately owned computer. So for 5 years I paid the bill in spite of problems which were 'solved' by sending out a replacement router/modem, unlimited number of hours wasted on the phone while the DSL technician went through AT&T standard procedures to repair the problem with beginner instructions to open here and type there, then again it was declared a modem problem, and so on for 5 long years.

At the end I was determined to drop the service and return to dial-up. It was at this time a high ranking employee came to find the 'internal' problem, repair it, and charge me for the repair. The good man spent almost 3 hrs. in total, dutifully running tests on my computer and when that failed he began moving furniture to get to jack and test them to find the problem. None was found. So the AT&T DSL staffer said to me he had to report this to a higher up, my home was blameless.

An hour or so later a phone call came in, this person introduced herself as a high ranking AT&T employee who was coming to look at the wiring as she could see why there was a complaint. I had been dropped 12 times the previous evening *at best I was dropped 3 times a night* and she'd be in touch. A knock at the door came an hour and a half later. She introduced herself, I invited her in, she sat at the computer as well, she stood to leave and a short conversation over the problem began.

AT&T had sent, at no cost to me, one of their best, a person with an unblemished 30 year record. I could see she did not like defeat. She chatted more and in the middle of a sentence she stopped herself and asked to see my bill. I handed it to her and I can laugh at her first comment - "Oh, look at all the ads they put on them"- and I watched quietly as she read it to herself, then she turned it over to read the rules of service on the back of the bill. She cried out - "I know why you're having problems, it's right here on the bill; you've been signed up for 6x DSL service and there is no fiber optics line in this place, it's all copper."

So you can't get 6x and what it's been doing is interfering and cutting you off. You need the lowest speed DSL and even that might give you problems. SUMMARY: for 5 yrs I paid more than $3.000 for an non-existing service. ADVICE from others who've had this experience, who got more than the standard 3 month reimbursement policy and have been reimbursed, please share with myself and others how to proceed. Thank you.

Uverse Package Out For 4 Days
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On MONDAY 6-6-11 my Uverse went out, and it includes all three services. It was approx: 2:00 pm, and I called immediately. I talked to a person in I'm sure some other country, and was advised that there was nothing available for today. I understood this, and set up an appointment for 6-7-11 between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Approx an hour later I received a voice mail stating that my problem was due to an outage and should be resolved soon, and my appointment was placed on hold.

The next day I called to verify the original appointment, and was advised that the appointment was all set, no problems, and this was at 12:00 pm. Knowing that things go wrong I called at 2:00 pm, and was advised for some unknown reason that my appointment was cancelled without explanation. I was advised by an unknown person they were very sorry, and they would try to fix the situation. Well I was called back and advised there was nothing they could do, and I would have to set up another appointment. I set up an appointment between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm again, and the next day I again called at 12:00 pm and was told that everything was all set.

I waited and heard nothing by 2:00 pm so I called again, and was advised that my appointment had been cancelled again for an unknown reason. This time I was very upset, but I knew that the person on the other line had nothing to do with the situation so I remained calm, and she said she would do whatever she could to rectify the situation.

A supervisor came on the line named KATHERINE, and she said she would do whatever she could to get me taken care of today. She then called back later, and stated that there was nothing she could do for today, but would personally handle my situation, and guarantee that I would be taken care of on Thursday between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

I was a police officer for a very large city for 30 years so I knew that KATHERINE had nothing to do with the whole situation, but I vented. I said, "if I was late with my payment every month would AT&T let me slide?" and she said, "no" and the way the situation has been handled was highly unprofessional, and that I would be complaining to someone. She stated that she was taking the days off my bill. Big deal, I'm 60 years old and I don't need the drama, and that 4 days off the bill would not even come close to compensating for my time, and having me stay at home for 4 days straight.

The next day I received numerous calls confirming my appointment, and at 3:20 pm my saviour PHILLIP showed up I almost kissed him. It took him 10 minutes to fix the problem, and all of the services were up and going. Well I will get off my soap box for now, and thanks for the forum to vent my frustration.

Customer service ends when you sign the contract
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I have been a Cingular/AT&T customer for over 8 years. Last July I needed a smart phone for my home business. I ended up with the iPhone because it was cheaper to sync with my mail street account. A year later, my son knocks the phone out of my hands and the screen is broken. I go down to the AT&T store for a replacement, explain the situation to the "greeter," and signs me in. I wait 20 minutes for a sales representative only to be told that the entire city is sold out of iPhones. Any phones keep as back ups for existing customers? Nope. I am told that I have to wait 10 days to get a new phone. Nevermind that I need it to run my business.

I call customer service and they inform me that I can order a replacement online and get it in 1-2 business days. Great. I go online and it makes me register. No problem. I go through the process which requires that a temporary password be emailed to me. Guess what? No email. Another call to customer service and after 30 minutes on the phone, she makes me find an old phone and swap sim cards so that she can text the password to me. After all that, iPhones are sold out online (unless I wanted to shell out $300 more for a 4G).

I call customer service AGAIN, explain my situation with my phone and my business. All I get is "iPhones are so popular, we can't keep them in stock, blah blah blah." They also informed me that they are first, come first served and that they don't keep any back for replacement of faulty, damaged or lost phones. I was basically told that I was Shit Out of Luck. Would they give me a 4g or 3GS 16gb for same price as the phone I wanted? Heck no. I was told that I either need to wait for my phone to arrive in stock or buy a more expensive phone.

I call customer service AGAIN to ask about my contract buyout. Of course ask why and I tell them. I need a wireless carrier that is reliable and will take care of me if I have phone issues. Of course this representative wants to make a phone call to see what they can do and then I am on the phone with the district inventory manager. She acts all concerned saying that I can give her my credit card number and they will move me to the front of the line WHEN they come in(no specific date). I explained that I run a business and need a new phone immediately. She said she was going to check all the stores in Nashville and call me back in 15 minutes. Guess what? She never called.

Bottom line- all AT&T cares about is selling as many iPhones as possible. They play the exclusivity of the phone as their trump card and let customer service go down the toilet. They run all these huge promotions that deplete their stock and create hype while failing to plan for the existing customers. On the phone, they act like they care but refuse to "make it right" or come up with any sort of solution.

I am done with AT&T. I am switching to Verizon who happens to have the best customer service rating in the wireless industry. I have had 2 friends break phones and they had replacements THAT day. Verizon even offered them the new customer price on the replacement phones with a 2 year contract extension, something AT&T refused to do for me. There are better alternatives to the iPhone. I highly recommend you stay away from AT&T.

Perfect Track Record Not Good Enough
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KALAMAZOO & PORTAGE, MICHIGAN -- I knew when AT&T announced they were buying Centennial it was going to go downhill. The store I used to pay my cellular bill at when it was Centennial was local, the service was excellent and I didn't feel like I was getting the runaround.

Since they purchased Centennial the local store closed up and all of the services were moved almost 10 miles from me. The customer service is now horrible at the 2 stores my bills were accepted at as there are a couple more AT&T stores but they don't service the Centennial customers.

I've had more than one problem just paying the bill. Mind you I've never been behind and my billing history was perfect. I always pay early. I never go over my limit and I've had this account for 2 and a half years. I've been denied change at both locations with them stating that their Centennial drawer doesn't have any change to give me but I'm welcome to apply the rest to my next month's bill.

My bill usually sitting around $75 I pay in cash so recently (last week) I tried with a $100 bill and they told me they didn't have that much change and couldn't break it but they did have cash in their AT&T drawer because there was an AT&T customer paying cash at the next desk over. So then I traded my brother 5 $20 bills for my $100 and attempted to pay with $80 and he didn't have $5 to give me and told me I could pay part of it and come back or apply it to my account for the next billing cycle.

My contract is up August 11, and that was my last contract payment. I have been looking around for the past 3 months scanning my choices and have found plenty that will do me fine. I was hoping that with that visit they'd show me a reason to stay. I didn't get that. I ended up leaving the store and going and breaking the money and going back to pay it all at once.

The payment before I tried a store which is south of town that I stood in line for over 10 minutes while 1 employee was with a customer and the remaining 4 stood over a desk giggling about something. I ended up using their automated billing center in the corner of the room and leaving and I'm sure it was unnoticed or I was being ignored. I came in Monday to try to renew my contract or at least to test out the waters and see what I had as options and turns out I have none.

My perfect record wasn't enough to get a new contract without paying a $500 fee but I was welcome to continue using my current service which is as much as some of the better services out there now in cost and I don't even get outgoing text messaging at all. Which means my money was good enough but my flawless track record wasn't.

Also as a kicker, I've been told that Centennial is no longer renewing service contracts so I couldn't get a discount on a new phone and a new plan but they did have new Centennial phones that I could purchase at full price and I had the option to add service extras.

Then today which is Tuesday, 1 day after I visited and decided never again, I got this text: "Learn about special offers & benefits of migrating your Centennial service to AT&T, visit an AT&T store today!" Yeah whatever dude. It must be nice for them to buy up everything and then stomp out the customers that built the companies they buy. They fail on all levels with me. Beware.

Apparently, they no longer need customers
By -

My husband was a loyal AT&T customer and, after we got married, we wanted a family plan together. I had Go Phone and he was on a family plan with his former roommate. We went into a corporate store and found that we both needed to pay deposits. However, we own a small business. The employee told us that we'd be totally fine by setting up the service under our business.

He ran our business Tax ID number and we were shocked when he told us that they wanted a $10,000 deposit. That number is correct. They wanted a $10K deposit on an account with one phone line. Yeah, that's just not going to happen. So, we decided to keep my phone the way it was and to transfer my husband's number to a Go Phone account. Well, they couldn't do that until the $10,000 deposit was paid, because the supervisor had already locked the number into that account and there was nothing they could do. At that point, we were fed up enough that we got all of the information that we needed to take the number elsewhere.

A few days later, we got a bill in the mail, with the deposit waived. AWESOME! We paid the bill on time, got the plan that we wanted and thought it was all good. Until we started getting the daily collection calls. Apparently, the deposit was waived and then somebody in finance decided that they didn't really want to waive the deposit. Okay. I was then told that the only way I could get this resolved was to go into the store that set up our service and have them put in another waiver, because there was nothing that the receivables department could do for us. Well, we'd moved in this period of time and the store was quite a drive for us.

I called the store and was somehow routed to corporate customer service, instead. The CSR was extremely rude and made me jump through all of these hoops to identify the account. I gave my name, my husband's name, the business name, the account number, the telephone number on the account and was then asked to give three numbers that were regularly called. Seriously? Before I was even able to do that, the CSR told me that there was nothing she could do for me anyway. I needed to talk to someone at the store. Which was EXACTLY what I was attempting to do.

I finally got connected to the actual store and the manager told me it was no problem, that he'd take care of it. The collection calls stopped. And that was nice, as these calls were coming at 8 am, and our office doesn't open until 10 am. Every time I spoke to their Receivables department, I explained this. Nobody seemed to really care and they continued the 8 am phone calls.

We received our second bill, which showed that the $10,000 deposit was waived. Two days later, we received a notice that our account was past due (our last payment was credited towards the deposit, rather than the bill itself), that we owed $10,145 and if we didn't pay it within 14 days, they'd shut off our service. I called the Receivables department again and, after being put on hold for 20 minutes, I was told to call the store. Again.

I called the store. Again. I spoke to an assistant manager who told me that it'd be taken care of and that he'd call me back when it was done. I waited for 3 days, hearing nothing and then called again. I stressed the fact that our service was due to be suspended and that this really needed to be dealt with like... now. "No problem, no problem." I received an e-mailed collection notice, which let me know that... well, it really was a problem, so I called the store. Again.

I spoke to the same assistant manager who told me that they actually can't waive the $10,000 deposit, they can't switch our service to any other kind of account until its paid and that, if they ran our business Tax ID number with a Social Security number, it'd go through. I told him that we'd tried to run our Social Security numbers before and that there was a deposit, but he told me that running both of them would take care of it. It didn't.

We ran my husband's number and it came back with a deposit, after 3 calls to get the number and my husband's name spelled correctly. So, we tried mine and, after we finally got my name and SS number correct, the assistant manager stopped calling. Since we were working on a very heavy deadline, I didn't bother calling to follow up that day, because I just didn't have the time, with running a business and all.

My husband's phone was shut off the following day. He called customer service who told him that they wanted a $1,000 deposit if he switched it to a personal account and that we couldn't port the number anywhere else until it was paid. When the CSR was informed that this was our business phone, that all of our business calls go to that number and that all of our promotional materials had that number on it, he just didn't care and that there was nothing they could do. At all. He said that he wasn't going to tell us how to run our business. That's good, because they barely understand how to run their own.

When I got home from work that day, I called the store, who told me that they needed a $500 deposit, no wait... $750... no, $500. Really. $500. He really couldn't quite decide on which amount we needed to pay. There was nothing else that he could do, which I said along with him, because I was so used to hearing it, after all of this time.

At that point, I was just so freaking sick of AT&T that we decided to go to another provider. We went to the mall, got our new account set up and found out that a cell phone provider can't refuse to port a number. Nice. We had to go into the AT&T store to get our account numbers and, when we told the employee why we were no longer doing business with them, she looked at our account. Apparently, AT&T had a lot of business fraud and wanted documentation on our business. Hey, we could have done that, if someone had actually asked us, prior to shutting off our service!

We have a State business license, contractors bond, insurance policy, and a ton of references. Heck, we'd have let them visit us at work, so they could see that we're two real people who really clean houses and apartments for a living. But... it was too late, at that point. When the store employee offered that we could bring in this documentation, I felt like I really wanted to lose my temper. I didn't, because this wasn't her fault, but at that point, I was so sick of the run around that AT&T gave us that I never wanted to deal with them again.

Our new service provider has been nothing but wonderful. They dealt with AT&T's resistance to let me port over my number very easily, set up our voice mail and data connections, all with a smile. We thought that this was the last we'd have to deal with AT&T.

My husband's phone was an AT&T phone that had been purchased when his contract had renewed over a year prior to this incident. He called to have it unlocked and was told that he'd have to wait a week. Then he was told that, for a fee, they'd get to it sooner. We were reluctant to pay AT&T anything, so... we'd wait. We got a call on Monday, stating that his phone wasn't eligible to be unlocked and to call receivables about our outstanding deposit.

We went to our new service provider, who was more than happy to give us an extremely deep discount on a new phone. Like, we got the "2 year contract" price, because the store manager sincerely sympathized that we'd been treated so badly by AT&T.

So, apparently, AT&T doesn't need their customers anymore, as we were pretty much blown off and treated like an unnecessary hassle. Which is fine, because other cell services are more than happy to do business with us. But, yeah. I wouldn't recommend AT&T to anyone, because there's nothing that anyone can do to resolve problems and nobody seems to care anyway. Save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere.

What AT&T has literally stolen from me
By -

OK. I don't EVER do this but I have had such issues with AT&T recently that I thought I would be one of those people who stands on their soapbox for five minutes. Please Read. Originally I was with AT&T, as suggested by my father, and I recommended to my husband that he buy out of his Verizon contract so we could get a family plan through AT&T.

We then went to one of their satellite stores in in my hometown where my husband switched over to their service, but unknown to us we were signed up for two individual plans (not a family plan), under my name. For the past year I have been paying between $160-$300 phone bills per month thinking that I was on a family plan and that these charges were just overages.

In October we went to another satellite store where we thought our plan was being adjusted so that we could have free text messaging (and avoid these huge phone bills - because the representative there told us that the overages were in texting). However this adjustment was only made on my husband's plan (remember we're still on two separate plans and we are being told we're on a family plan) and the bill the following month was much higher than we were told it would be at the store.

On December 30th, 2009, I called customer service to find out what was going on because my bill was about $200 (again). I was told we were on two separate plans and that an adjustment would be made to fix the problem. I didn't have time to go over everything with the first person I spoke with - who told me to call back when I did - when I did finally call back later that day the next person gave me a different explanation and told me that there was no plan similar to the one described in the earlier conversation.

At which point I became so frustrated I asked how much it would be to buy out of my contracts. As it turns out, it would have been less expensive for me to buy out than to pay my bill! I spoke with my husband and we decided we would try one last time. I called customer service on New Year's Eve and spoke with someone who attempted to right all of these wrongs.

However because of the way this matter was handled we unknowingly lost our text messaging feature which is the major form of communication between my husband and I. A week later we went into a 'corporate run store' to see if it was something wrong with our phones; at which point the representative explained that the feature was shut off until Jan 21st when the new plan would take effect. The service we received at the store was excellent and the problem was fixed, or so we thought.

However due to the previous issues encountered with AT&T's customer service and the cost in overages which should have never occurred we are still deciding whether or not to continue our service with AT&T. It is very frustrating to not get the same story twice from a customer service department, be signed up for a plan that you did not want or agree to in the first place, and to hear that to be taken care of properly we must go into a corporate run store (as told to us by one of the reps. in the corporate run store). Throughout this whole ordeal we have spent an exorbitant amount of money.

Our picture messaging feature was not restored the day we went into the corporate store. I called the representative (who gave me her business card) and she had no idea who I was or anything about the hour we spent in the store two weeks ago. I told her that we were still unable to picture message and she told me to call customer service (who hasn't helped since the beginning).

Reluctantly I called and was told that there would be an additional fee to add picture messaging - which I had before this whole ordeal with the loss of service - which I was not about to pay for. Somehow the problem was fixed on my phone but my husband is still having problems with his phone. I made the mistake of calling to find out when our contract was up and lo-and-behold I come to find that my husband's plan is up in August and MINE is up in October of '11 - when we tried to have our bill problem fixed in the store back in October the salesperson extended my contract without telling me!

The service representative I spoke with was extremely rude (his name was Todd) and gave me a ton of unnecessary attitude. When I explained to him that I did not agree to an extension of my contract he said he did not believe I unknowingly extended my contract. When I asked who I could complain to about all of my issues he told me to write a letter to their complaint department.

I have to WRITE A LETTER to a company who boasts how fantastic they are at networking and communication. I know exactly where my letter will go too (confetti-maker/circular-filing bin). If you have read this far thank you and please pass this on. I know I am not the only one who has had issues with AT&T.

AT&T No service
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I first had an agreement from them to activate my internet during the third week of February. I realized a few days later that it wasn't on. I called their company and spent at least an hour on the phone with them. Then they said they would call me back. Several days and no call. I call them back again and spend at least another hour on the phone with them. I am now 1 week without service. I finally get a scheduled appointment for a technician but they can't get here for a week. 2 weeks without service now. The technician arrives but can't figure out what is wrong. Says he'll come back on Monday, tomorrow. Another week goes by. Nothing.

I'm now 3 weeks without service. I spend another hour on the phone and finally get set up for another tech but of course I have to wait another week. Even though it was their tech that forgot about us and never reported the problem. He arrives after no service now for four weeks. In the meantime I have to call AT&T and have them adjust my bill because I have yet had NO service!!! Finally 4 weeks later the tech said the last guy was in error and he quickly set up my internet. He apologized for AT&T's error.

Now this next part is where I feel that AT&T not only continued to violate their contract with us, but led to undo hardship and pain and suffering to a disabled person due to their neglect by not fulfilling their contract and service. On March 28th, 2009, my spouse was in a motorcyle accident. She was sent by ambulance to emergency. She spent nine days in ER, ICU, and Trauma. She and suffered 4 pelvic fractures, 5 broken ribs, a punctured lung partially collapsed, and a broken scapula.

Before she was released from the hospital, my spring vacation began and I was able to care for in the hospital and bring here home. She could not move even to turn her body or put pillows under her to relieve the pain. I had to be there 24/7. At the end of my break she could sit up and move to the porta potty by the bed but it took a long and painful time. She needed help to move and minimize the pain.

The day I was to go back to work, I had a friend lined up to come care for her at the house during the day. My friend works for Oracle and is able to work from home with her laptop. Great plan then the night before I was to go back to work... My internet goes out and I've lost my caregiver. I called AT&T back and explained the situation. I got the same exact printed lines on their paper. “I'm so sorry for your trouble but we will not be able to send a tech out for a week. I spent hours on the phone with them talking to sooooo many people begging and explaining the situation. They all repeated the same lines on their little papers in front of them.

I threatened to end service but they begged me to stay and finally I agreed. So my wife sat end bed and didn't eat all day for a week because it was too painful to get up. Thanks AT&T. A week later the tech comes to my house, fixes the problem, and says it was their error and they were terribly sorry. He also informed me that there was no excuse for the company making us wait. He said all they had to do was call him and he could have come right over. He said a week is their standard line but they could have fixed it the next day.

I believe AT&T would let someone die before they would lift a finger to provide real customer service. You would have to be human and they are NOT. Well, we got service again then it went out again after 3 weeks. In the meantime we are still negotiating the bill because of the lack of service and the bill was still not correct. In addition to the time spent on the phone trying to get a tech out here, we spent hours on the phone trying to get the bill fixed. We were not getting the bills we had agreed on. We would talk to AT&T and they said they would call us back and didn't.

Finally the last time we spoke I was done and irate. The women said she would call back and never did. The last bill I received said if I didn't pay this amount by this date they would cut off service. The funny thing was the service was already down again. I thought that was funny. I told them I would send back their modem and consider our business over. She never called back. The collection agency was the next thing heard. No return phone call AGAIN, no service, just drop dead and "I'll let collections deal with you". I will NEVER use AT&T. I will never have an iPhone because they are linked with AT&T.

I WILL send this letter to everyone that will listen: TV, radio, internet, friends and family. The amount of $ I owe is lunch at Benihana's. I don't care about the money, I am beyond angry for the horrible treatment of my spouse and I. I also heard you don't even treat your employees any better. Shame on you. I've sent back the modem and consider our business complete. I do not believe I owe you but that you owe me an apology. Let me know when this bill is cleared up. This is NOT OK. This is not how you treat people and I will not agree to this.

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