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Keep trying, take notes - AT&T isn't the only one with troublesome customer service
By -

After reading some of the reviews on AT&T's customer service I have a few comments and a few bits of advice. We've dealt with 3 different cell phone carriers, T-Mobile, AT&T, & Verizon. The bottom line with all three (and probably most any customer service department you call) is that their billing departments make mistakes and not all customer service reps know how to correct them to your satisfaction. So...when you call take notes and call again if you don't get a solution that you feel is fair. When I call back, I tell them I've already spoken with someone and what I was told didn't make sense to me so I wanted to check again.

Both AT&T and T-Mobile screwed up our billing on various occasions. And both have given incorrect or inconsistent information depending on who I talked to. I didn't have to deal with too many issues with Verizon because my husbands company started paying that bill not too long after we started with them.

One problem that I had with AT&T occurred when I was receiving spam text messages that I had to pay for. The first representative I talked to said the only way to solve the problem was to disable all texting ability on my phone or to pay $5/month for their text service. While I don't send or receive many text messages often there are occasionally times where I need to send or receive. I'm not paying $5/month for, at most, 4 text messages.

I called Customer Service again. After explaining the problem and what I was told the first time around, the second person said - "no problem. I can take care of that." She then removed the charges for the unwanted texts and did something (I don't know what) to make sure I didn't get another unwanted text. She did not, however, completely turn off the ability for me to send or receive texts from valid numbers. There was a pattern to the numbers the spam texts where coming from so maybe she had some way to block texts from something following the pattern. All I know is she fixed the problem and removed the charges for the 17 texts unwanted texts.

When I switched from a family plan to an individual plan AT&T made a $75 mistake in my favor. I called because I didn't feel comfortable not saying anything. The representative on that call said not to worry about it and didn't remove the credit...basically I got 2 months of free service as a result.

As I said before, the bottom line (even though it can be a big old pain in the back side) is take notes on what you are told, and call more than once if you don't get the response you want. If they've charged you for something you didn't subscribe to or have led you to believe something that isn't true, you can usually find someone who knows how to fix the problem to your satisfaction.

Horrible Customer Service at AT&T Mobility
By -

I am furious with AT&T Wireless. I signed on for cell phone service quite a few years ago with Cingular Wireless, then later changed my service to a family plan. Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, and then things really went downhill.
The first "problem" was that AT&T was underbilling me. I was honest about it and called the company to let them know. Some good that did, because now the company is overbilling in relation to a text message plan I signed up for on the AT&T Wireless Web site.

I signed up for what I thought was a text messaging plan for the entire family, because my daughter had significantly increased her usage of the text message feature. At least AT&T's Web site led me to BELIEVE I was purchasing the plan for the entire family -- the site was actually very confusing.

When I received my first bill after that (in November), I was still billed for ALL the text messages my daughter sent and received -- and she's the reason I got the text messaging plan in the first place. I figured maybe it was too soon for the plan to be applied, so I paid the bill and said nothing. But the next month (December), I also was billed for all of her text messages -- more than $80 worth.

I called AT&T in December and spent a half hour with an AT&T customer service rep, who explained I had signed up for MY number only on the text messaging plan I had ordered. I explained to him that I DO NOT SEND text messages, and the Web site did not make it clear that the text message plan fee was number-specific. He agreed to change the text message plan to my daughter's phone number within our family plan and to refund that month's text message charges. In fact, he instructed me to make a new payment that reflected the credit.

But when I got the next bill (in January), I not only was billed for a new month of my daughter's text message charges, but also showed a past due balance for the messages she sent and received in the previous month -- the amount I was told would be credited to my account.

The customer service person I called yesterday (1/9) said the text message credit for last month was "denied" by AT&T, but no one at the company had contacted me to tell me that or to give me an explanation. Even worse, the plan STILL had not been applied to my daughter's number, as was promised to me, and I am continuing to pay for a text message plan tied to my number. I DO NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SEND TEXT MESSAGES AND DO NOT WANT OR NEED THE PLAN TO BE TIED TO MY NUMBER. I NEED IT TO BE TIED TO MY DAUGHTER'S NUMBER!

At last check today on my Web site account, the problem still has not been addressed. I AM FURIOUS! THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO BUSINESS!

I would like AT&T to adjust this mess -- I've also wasted a good hour on the phone between today's phone call and last month's phone call. This is nuts.

Loyalty means nothing
By -

Hi, I have been with AT&T wireless since before the buy out by Cingular. I would like to make it clear that I was the second wave of customers to join, the first being the one on the analog system. I started and am currently on a GSM plan. I pay less than customers joining today because I have nights free after 7pm with no extra charge and my overall fee is lower (a plan based on 1200 minutes, they only offer 1400 now)

so to get to the point, my service is slowly deteriorating every day, one with the customer service people and secondly the actual signal of the phone. Some may say why is your signal going down, well the reason is I am on the old computer/sim chip system and they separate me from the new customer computer system, so when I send a message my message is sent through an old computer base (slower) rather than the new ones. Meaning I receive my messages up to 5 hours later sometimes. I know this is different than other people on AT&T because I was sitting next to a person with the new plan and we used a third phone to send messages. He got his right a way, I got mine an hour later... Anyway back to the signal problem. The towers are being upgraded only to the new sim chips (I have an old one). Meaning my phone is getting less service... This is my theory and I have gotten the same impression from many mobile stores that I talked to. So you ask why don't they give me a new chip that will work, I am AT&T customer, I am entitled to their services that even they claim are better than the one I have now. Well they won't cause my plan is not in the new computer base and they refuse to put me in the new computer base at my paying price, instead they want me to switch and pay more $$. Every time I call them they tell me the new rates and talk about how it is financially better for me to switch, usually I ignore it and tell them (for my 26th time yesterday) to reset my messages cause the buildup in their old system. However on occasion I listen hoping they could tell me I could save money. After 30 minutes of worthless chatter we arrive at the same conclusion, switching makes no financial sense. So they refuse to give me the quality service they give their new customers who sign with them today and continue to hurt the ones that have been with them for over 6 years~!! At&t claims to rebuild themselves, well they have changed for the worst destroying not only their name and morality but setting a standard that it is OK for American corporations not give a sh*t about their loyal customers. In Europe my dad has been with a cell phone company that has switched ownership 7 times. He has constantly been called and thanked for staying with them and continues to save money every year getting free phones and bonus packages as he shows loyalty.

The biggest thing that upsets me the most is when I walk into an AT&T store they cannot help me because I am not in their "new" computer system. Instead I must only get help from faceless phone support. And if I wanted to get a new phone... Well AT&T won't sell me one that will work unless I switch.

I would love to hear what anyone has to think about this.

U-verse Billing Practices
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I was a subscriber to AT&T's U-verse TV & internet services for 7 years and finally had to drop them because of a continued onslaught of billing errors in the form of slamming, cramming, and jamming bogus charges into my monthly bill (every month for 8 months until I finally dropped them). It started in earnest in March 2015 and continued for every month until I dropped them in October 2015. Here it is November and I still have another 3 hour call I need to make to AT&T to protest the obscene final bill they sent me.

Every month with AT&T involved a minimum phone call of at least 3 hours to straighten-out the mess that was my monthly AT&T bill. Some months the phone call was longer than the usual 3 hours. By the end of these calls I was always able to get my correct charges for the month separated from all their bogus charges, but it always cost me at least 3 hours of my life to get it straight! So, if you're contemplating a deal with AT&T, just remember AT&T is a monster of a company and the people they serve will soon be but a convenient snack for their massive appetite for profit and greed.

They Just Find Things to Charge You for and Never Let You Talk With a Manager.
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Never use AT&T! I can't tell you enough! COX, DirecTV, Time Warner are far better than AT&T. You may pay 10-20$ more, but you get amazing customer service and commitment to customers. I recently moved 4 months ago and went against my gut instincts, and went for the "cheapest" service. It was just "basic" internet right? WRONG!

I signed on for a year with AT&T. I thought I was paying a monthly fee for the modem equipment that had to be installed because there was not a hookup. That was a 150$ fee. I began my first 3 months paying 88$ for a 54$ service. This month, I forgot to pay my bill and the day after the bill was due, they canceled the service and slapped me with a 50$ re-instating fee and a late payment! I've paid over 400$ of what should be a 54$ service for "basic" internet!

I'm calling today to get the re-instating fee removed, but I've called before and they won't send you to a manager, and all they ever say is, "you're really getting the best service for the price". No I'm not! I'm so angry at myself for signing on with them. If they don't take off the last fee, I'll cancel with them, and take the beating of the cancellation fee. It would be better than having to call these people ever again.

I'm surprised they're still in business after all these years, and their loss of customers after the merge with SBC all those years ago, when I first left their services because they did the same thing 12 years ago. I hope someone sues the crap out of these people one day. It should be a crime to manipulate and play with people the way this company does.

Very misleading company that dosent "get" service aspect
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Rating: 1/51

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- We changed to Cricket wireless (they use AT&T towers and cost 1/2 the price) and were told that my husband's phone was paid off. We were making installment payments with interest as there was NO CHOICE to pay for it without "installment payments" with interest! That should be illegal!

When we changed the service over, we were told that the bill was paid off. I then had two more bills sent to me, saying that the bills were NOT paid off. I disputed it through my credit card company and did get the money back. However, beware, if you cancel one day into your month they will charge you for a full month (when only using one day service) without telling you! It should be illegal!

AT&T Made Me Jump Through Hoops to Cancel AT&T Internet Service
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Rating: 2/51

CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- AT&T is happy to take my credit card information to pay for my internet bill, but they make cancelling my own account a difficult and lengthy process. I called AT&T to cancel my internet service today. The AT&T automated answer system repeatedly hung up on me. I then had to connect to a different department to speak to an actual person to be transferred to the right department (after 20 minutes of waiting).

Unfortunately, I was then unable to cancel my account because I could not verify my account using one of AT&T's three verification methods. My only other option was to call my husband at work to get his assistance (to have him call the customer service department and verify my identity). In total, I was on the phone with AT&T for over 49 minutes to cancel my account.

I am surprised that AT&T is willing to take my money, but unwilling to allow me to cancel my own account. They need to review their cancellation policy and include more options for identity verification in addition to their current policy (current policy is: remembering a four digit pin, answering a security question, or by phoning in on the original phone number).

The customer service department with AT&T is very difficult to work with and the manager I spoke with had even negatively commented on my marriage relationship in regards to why I was not wanting to call my husband at work to bother him to cancel our internet account. Very disappointing since we have been loyal and paying customers for over three years.

Horrible Scam
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- I've been an ATT customer for about 15 years. When deciding regarding signing 2 year contract vs no contract discussed fees and got a response in writing. Called several times to confirm. Everyone I spoke with did confirm what I had in writing. Based on those prices I purchased new phone in ATT store and signed contract with 2 weeks free exchange/return window. Call Ed 2 times during 2 weeks and got written pricing via text msg and verbal confirmation on pricing.

Based on that info decided to keep 2 y contract. As soon as the outrageous bill arrived called ATT and was told that written confirmation and all verbal ones are noted on my account. ATT is aware what I was told since I had all names of reps who I spoke with written done, but ATT apologizes for "incorrect info" provided to me prior to signing contract but will not adjust bill or provide any mercy for their errors. I have lost $350 due to their fraud, lies, errors, scam. Extremely disappointed. The most unprofessional, rude, dishonest service one can ever receive from any organization. Scam. Stay away!!!

Every Day& Night I Lose My Connection. I Have to Unplug & Plug in My Cable Box.
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA -- It has been a while since we have called, but every night I have to get on my hands & knees to unplug the cable box. Or I have to unplug the main receiver at least 2-3 times a day. We are both in bad health. We call & we get someone we can't understand, keeping us on the phone for at least an hour. We are paying the bill but have to do all the work? Told that it will cost to send someone over here to help. Sounds like a scam!

I wasn't this taken care of or I am reporting you to Better Business. Plus it is 1/2 shopping channels. This bill is under my housemates name, but I split the bill with her. We are paying for garbage. Also our internet is not high speed. It may be time to [sue]!

Deceptive Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

My husband called AT&T because our youngest daughter kept going over her data. He just wanted to add more data to her number. The lady on the phone talked him into a shared family data plan. My older daughter and I had unlimited data. She did not tell him that our unlimited plan would be cancelled. We have been careful to keep our unlimited plan for years… now it is gone. We called back within the hour, but they said it was too late! I have always felt loyal to AT&T, but I no longer trust them. Beware of their tactics!!! They will do anything possible to get you off unlimited.

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