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Horrible Phone Company - Horrible Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

YAZOO CITY, MISSISSIPPI -- I've lived in thirteen different states and four countries and deal with a number of phone companies. Believe me when I say that AT&T is the worst! There is nothing good for me to say about AT&T Corp. in general or specifically with their telephone service or Internet service.

We've been a customer this time since July 2011 and from the outset it has been a nightmare. Worse yet, when you call no one can help you. Customer Service Reps are limited in their ability and their authority and supervisors are never available. They tell you a supervisor will get back to you but they never do. When they give you a phone number to call for assistance, mysteriously the phone number doesn't work. Online service is no better. We know as we've tried both.

Our problems with AT&T are ongoing. We live in Mississippi and whenever it rains, there is an awful buzzing on our telephone line in on both incoming and outgoing calls that gets so loud we can't hear anything but the buzzing. Though, we have reported over at least a half a dozen times, and repairmen come out to look at it, and know what the problem is, it has yet to be repaired.

Our newest problem is with billing. This past summer we called Customer Service to see why our monthly bill for phone and Internet keeps going up. We were given a new and reduced monthly package rate for both phone and internet to take effect October 2013 and run for twelve months. Funny though, how each month we receive a bill that doesn't reflect the new rate. Every month we have to call AT&T to get our bill reduced and no one can tell us why the new rate didn't take effect. We are subject to long hold times and have yet to get this resolved. Each time we called we hoped it was the last call, but it wasn't. Our last bill of January 2014 still didn't reflect the new rate.

In an act of desperation, we filed complaints with the State Utility Commission, the FCC, the TX AT&T Corp. Office and our federal government reps. Today, a contact in the Escalation Depart called us. Imagine, in order to get attention to our ongoing complaints we had to file a formal complaint. Nice, huh?

A word of advice: if you can go with another phone and internet provider other than with AT&T, go with the other option. We used AT&T for years in CA and Co for long distance service without issue. However, as a local telephone and internet provider, they have a lot to learn about providing proper service and customer service. Our internet goes in and out and is not as fast and reliable as the service we had for four years with Qwest in MN. We once had Yahoo before AT&T acquired them and they were so much better.

Fraudulent Charges
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HONOLULU, HAWAII -- I have been a valued wireless AT&T customer for over 14 years when they first started out as Pacific Bell Wireless. 19 months ago I updated my phones by purchasing refurbished phones through their website. A couple of weeks ago I was informed by AT&T that I had an account that was sent to a collection agency due to nonpayment. This account was attached to phone #'s I was not aware of or never used. Turns out, AT&T not only updated my phones but also added two lines and opened another account when I originally purchased the refurbished phones.

I have been on the phone with customer service for 3+ hours in the last two weeks and also have been to their store to get help from their manager on site who also was on the phone for approx 3/12 hrs while I sat with him getting transferred from one dept to another listening to him get frustrated with internal departments as well.

At the end of that session, nothing was resolved and I was told that my account was duly noted by him and that this point he will have to forward the information to his AT&T Area Supervisor who will not be available until Nov 1st (6 days from now). A store manager was not able to resolve this matter at that level! The charges are $1,250+ for non payment and early cancellation for an account that AT&T set up without my knowledge and now is unable to rectify their mistake. I've had to contact the collection agency they sold this account to, and all they say to me over the phone is "When will you be able to make a payment towards this account?" It's been a nightmare.

All in all, I always get a name and I.d. # of whoever I talk with on the phone @ AT&T because not always do they note my account with conversations I have with them and I find myself repeating everything from the beginning. I am looking for another wireless provider.

Terrible Service, Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LENEXA, KANSAS -- An AT&T sales person came by our house and sold us on switching from our current cable network to AT&T. We set up a date for installation. I made myself available from 9 to 11 for the tech to come and install our new cable, internet & phone. I had to get a family member to take my child to an appointment & turn down work so that I was available. At 11:10 no one from AT&T has shown up or Called.

I call AT&T and after 10 minutes of trying to talk to a human being, I am told that they were not coming out that day because of an issue with an outside box that was fixed, but my appointment was cancelled & needed to be rescheduled at the next available time they had, 2 weeks from now. They did not call to tell me they were not coming, did not rectify their mistake by coming out the day of scheduled appointment, instead I was put at the bottom of the list to again make myself available for 4 hours for them to come out 2 weeks later.

The customer service representative was of no help & I told them, "I do not want your service if this is how you do things," & they were completely fine with that & hoped my experience was satisfactory with AT&T and I would continue using them. What?!? I never had the chance to & I never will!! They never called to say they would not be at my home to install cable, phone & internet. I had to call them to find to out what was going on, which was not an easy task and frustrating.

They don't care if they lose new customers, I can't imagine they would care about the ones they have. I have never written a review before but I have had it with companies that want my money & it's OK to treat the people poorly that are giving them money. I won't & I don't have to. I will inform other consumers so they do not have to experience consumer abuse.

Here We Go Again
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, FLORIDA -- Is AT&T a rogue company? Why it does not allow its customers to reach it to discuss their problems? Where does it earned its power of lawlessness? If you try to reach this company to dispute a charge, it does not provide you of any means for doing so. You cannot reach it by e-mail or by fax. Or if you call it by phone you are in for an agony of waiting for hours until you give up or get disconnected. Worse, you would be told someone will call you back which never happens.

If you send to them a regular mail you know where that goes. And if you by any chance or miraculously find someone to talk to there is no evidence of what you discussed or agreed upon, even though you are told that you are on a recorded line. The result always that you are screwed up. The irony is that this company specialized in communications. But they do not allow their customers to communicate with them. What kind of power does this company have? Do we live in the USA or in Somalia where there are pirates?

The sad part is that I worked for this company which was called Ma Bell at the time and I thought it was the most respectable, the most ideal and the most ethical company in the World. Today its CEO threaten to sue you if you talk to him. By that he is protecting the gang of pirates he is overseeing. It is not my first encounter with AT&T but I am sure it will be the last.

In short, during the month of August I requested a home phone and Internet connection which were never completed for over ten days from the scheduled date. Despite calling the company for over five hours everyday in no avail I decided to cancel. After long hours and wait I was successful to talk to someone and I was told it was cancelled. A bill came in the mail which was delivered by mistake to a neighbor, who thought it was her bill and paid it. After she realized her mistake she gave me the bill expecting me to pay, since it was my account.

AT&T since deleted the account but would never refund the money. There is no record of the account since it was deleted. Is this an act of theft? How can I dispute a charge of $137.29? It is incomprehensible how a respectable company can scam its customer this way. This is a rip off. I need to get my refund now. I am determined this time to teach AT&T a lesson in honesty.

AT&T DVR Will Not Record
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Rating: 1/51

SPRING, TEXAS -- I walked into an AT&T store a few days ago, and was presented with a great deal, I thought. I could lower my Internet and TV service by about 40% for 6 months and then by about 25% from then on. The DVR would be free, and the modem included a router, free. Sounded great. The man behind the counter was very nice and informative.

The next day the tech man arrived, and it took two hours but he replaced my Comcast with AT&T. The Internet was speedy, and the TV looked great. However, he did not help me set-up my local network, so I had to spend 1 1/2 hours on tech support to get that working that evening. Then I noticed that my DVR would not record. I was on tech support for another 2 1/2 hours to no avail. I get going up the line, and each tech person repeated what the others had done -- reboot, redo whatever, but the just same things.

The people were very nice to a man (or woman), but nice has been overruled by incompetence. The last man left with no solution, and told me, after trying four (count them) DVR boxes, that AT&T programmers were working on a known bug, and if it did not cure itself by Monday (this was Thursday) that I should call back the original tech man who installed everything to let him know!! Incredible. In other words, there is no solution.

So, will there be a price break for having a service that does not work? I'll let you guess that one. I can't deal anymore with this until my schedule clears, which will be about a month, but then if the DVR still does not record, I'm back to Comcast. They cost more, but at least it worked!

AT&T Cashed My Check Not Made Payable to AT&T and Will Not Give My Money Back
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- 4/09 AT&T deposited my check made payable to my name (example: Mrs. John Doe) for $ 1,500.00 into my telephone bill account. Why? I made an error: I enclosed this check along with my AT&T bill dated 4/19 for $32.53. AT&T sent me a monthly statement showing $1,434.89 credit. Questions # 1. How can AT&T deposited $1,500.00 check made payable to Mrs. John Doe and not to AT&T? #2. How can AT&T think someone will pay $1,500.00 for their bill of only $32.53? PROBLEM with AT&T gets worse than this... stay tuned..!

I immediately called AT&T asking for an immediate refund. After talking to their pre-programmed computer conversation, I did not go anywhere. So my lawyer friend suggested to go to my bank and ask their help since they gave my money to AT&T even though the PAYEE on the check was not AT&T.

My branch manager called AT&T in front of me and he was assured by ** that a refund check will go out on 5/02. I asked the manager to ask AT&T to credit my account - electronically - as AT&T debited my own 1,500.00 electronically. AT&T told him they do not have any means to refund customers ELECTRONICALLY... how CONVENIENT! I called AT&T on May 11, asking where about of my forthcoming money and I was told by ** that it takes 7 to 10 business days. I called AT&T on 5/15 and talked with ** who gave me a reference number of **. I am still out of money and 15 days passed since ** told my bank the check was on a way on 5/02.

5/17 Mr. ** of AT&T said my AT&T account still shows a credit balance of $l,434.89!!! They are still holding onto my MONEY which they obtained illegally!!! He transferred my angry phone call to Ms **. She called Accounting Department located at Jacksonville Road Block. What a strange name?! AT&T must use this name to road block customer's money. Anyway she assured me I will receive my money in 7 to 10 days!!!

MY BIGGEST QUESTION = I can not cash in ANY CHECKS IF IT IS NOT made PAYABLE ANYBODY but MYSELF. Why AT&T COULD CASH $1,500.00 check which was NOT made payable to AT&T!??? Isn't this a fraud?!!! And refusing to return this money to the rightful OWNER?

Worst for Service
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- OK so after logging 60+ hrs last year with AT&T wireless on not getting service and multiple dropped calls. I couldn't even make a call to 611 because I WOULD DROP A CALL - sometimes it would take 4-5-6 sometimes 8 calls to get to someone before the call would drop. They had me spend another $150 on a "M-CELL" mini tower for my house. That worked but again costing me another $150. That tower ran off internet, LOL well when internet was slow.. I WOULD DROP CALL!!!

I moved at the beginning of this year 2012 to another major metro city. ATLANTA kind of a slow market right? Well I am still kicking myself in the ass, as I didn't get the point from last year and the horrible service and poor reception. I tried again... well I ordered U-Verse High Speed thinking it might be different. When they came to install the U-Verse the tech said I was about 5 houses from being in the "Range". But told me to wait and see what he could do and to hang tight. He came back and said it would work maybe maybe not - we tried it and it did. He ran a test and it worked.

Now the last few weeks I have been out of town on business and have not been at home using my internet, however last night I was on line and it was like I was in the 90's with dial up. I decided to run a speed test and it came back as .30 Mbs and well that would be fine if I was paying for a half a meg. But I pay for 16.0 Mbs. I am just fed up with AT&T and not wanting to go through what I went through last year I called up to cancel and missed my date for no penalty by about a week or so give or take a day or two.

I can cancel for $450... we already pay roughly $250 monthly for our cell phones for last 8 years and simply put we will be switching our carriers of our cell phones as they expire as well. They knew I was outside their range and should have told me that it wasn't going to produce the speeds they promised and now I want to cancel they want to charge me.

AT&T YOU HAVE LOST ME FOREVER I CANNOT WAIT TILL I GET RID OF ALL AT&T PRODUCTS COMPLETELY. I run a business and my customers are very important to me. I VALUE their business. It appears I am just a number to you, and for that my money will now go elsewhere! I wish they allowed a "no star" rating, since they don't that is why they are 1 star.

AT&T Uverse Internet - Bad Connectivity, Billing Errors
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Rating: 1/51

DUNCANVILLE, TEXAS -- I moved to an area that only has UVerse available for AT&T internet so I went with a Special for High Speed internet for 24.95 a month for a year, and a rebate for $100.00 for the modem that was going to cost me $100.00. The first problem was on my activation day, AT&T didn't have their part done for me to activate my service on the first day. You can't even try to activate until after 8pm. So then I had to wait a few days for a technician to come out and fix it.

Now it hasn't even been two months and the connectivity has been sketchy. At first it was just during the day now and then for a short periods of time. Now it's gotten longer times and more often throughout the whole day and night. I call for technical support and they say that they have to send a technician out. But the kicker is they have a disclaimer to sending someone out. If they find it's a wiring issue in the home they then charge you $55.00 for the service call whether they do anything to fix it or not.

Also they haven't gotten my bill right once yet. First bill they did not send the rebate form for the modem and did not give me my correct rate. The second bill is also the wrong rate. So now I have to possibly get a bill for $55.00 and waste even more time on the phone to fix the billing error they keep making.

I heard from other people they had connectivity issues and AT&T does nothing to fix it, I thought they were just exaggerating but it is true. They have these issues I believe they are fully aware of, but do nothing to fix them. They just keep letting the consumer buy their product/service and let them get aggravated and let us have our time wasted. Then they have the right to charge us even more money because of their disclaimer before they will even send a technician.

Almost Incomprehensible Level of Incompetence
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- My experience with AT&T raises the question, can a major corporation reach a level of incompetence where they can actually drive themselves out of business. Because if it's possible, I think AT&T can do it. It all started around the middle of October. At this time I had been considering going from normal phone service to digital phone service, which is a bit cheaper. I had actually ordered this from Time Warner, who made an appointment to come out and install the proper hardware.

But then I got mail from AT&T with an offer for their own, cheaper digital CallVantage service, with free activation and a month of free service, so I decided to cancel with Time Warner and order CallVantage. Ordering the service took quite a while because the offer I had been mailed did not match the offer the operator showed on her computer, which did not have the free month and free activation, so she had to spend some time fixing that.

AT&T mailed me a phone adapter with instructions for how to set it up. The instructions told me to check my confirmation email for my login name, but I had never received a confirmation email, so I phoned up and was told the order had been cancelled because there was a port change request against my phone number. This was apparently because AT&T had put in the order before Time Warner had cancelled my order with them.

AT&T had first told me to call Verizon, because they said Verizon was the carrier for all of New York City, but this isn't true. Actually, AT&T was my carrier, but they insisted I call Verizon, who predictably said I wasn't in their system (I think the problem is AT&T no longer accepts new customers for normal phone service and doesn't actually know it still is a carrier).

AT&T said I would have to reorder the service, so I did. Once again I had to verify I was getting the same offer, and found that now they were charging the activation fee, but when I told them that was wrong they fixed it (or said they did). I was also told I could set up my service right away, since I had the adapter. Five minutes later I realized I still didn't know my login and I called back and she said the confirmation email could take a couple of days (which I was later told by someone else was incorrect).

A couple of days later I called back, said I still hadn't received a confirmation email and was told my case would be transferred to a specialist who would get back to me in 48 hours. After 48 hours passed I called again and was told my login name was just my phone number! Apparently it did not occur to any of the other phone support personnel to tell me this.

I hooked up the adapter but it didn't work, and I found I couldn't log into the website with my login name. I called tech support. After some investigation they discovered that neither my first nor second order had gone through. They said the best thing to do would be to wait a few weeks until both orders completely cleared out of the system and then try again.

As it happens, a friend of mine had also ordered CallVantage, and by this time I had learned through her that it was absolutely horrible. It frequently went out and since it worked through her cable modem she was told every time it stopped working she would have to turn off her modem and computer for 15 minutes then restart. Sound quality was poor and when I would talk to her there would be an Echo half the time. She had called tech support, and one person told her it would take a few weeks before the system "settled down," and that after that it would be better. Later a different tech person told her it would settle down in about 72 hours.

It never actually settled down. She had a miserable time until she could switch back to a normal phone line. She said the service was clearly still in the beta testing stage and AT&T shouldn't be selling it until it actually worked. (When she got her first bill, they had charged her both the activation fee and the first month, although they had told her they wouldn't, and had actually charged her conventional rates for the first several days she had used the service, during which she had made some lengthy long distance calls, and she had to go through a series of support people to get these charges removed.)

So at this point I said, "Never mind, cancel my order, I don't want CallVantage." It was cancelled just at the end of November, and I thought that was the end of it. A couple of days before the end of December my phone went dead. I used my girlfriend's cell phone to call AT&T and they said they had cancelled my service because there was a port change request for my number. I said I had not ordered a change in service and they said I should call Verizon. Once again I told them Verizon wasn't my carrier, AT&T was, once again they insisted, and the operator at Verizon actually laughed when I told her my story and confirmed that I was not in their records.

I called AT&T again. They began transferring me from one department to another. The analog phone service people said the problem came from CallVantage, that the order had never been cancelled. CallVantage said "No, the order had been cancelled long ago." I was finally transferred to a specialist who would consult with various people in various departments while I stayed on hold.

Finally after being on hold for 20 minutes the recording telling me to wait disappeared and after five minutes I gave up. They had asked for the cell phone number so they could call me back if we got disconnected, but they did not call me back, and I had no idea who I had last been talking to or how to contact them. I had also used up an hour of my girlfriend's minutes for nothing.

After my girlfriend went back home I had no phone, so I contacted AT&T through a form on their website. (Normally I would have gone to a friend's house and borrowed their phone but I had bronchitis and was not up to facing the winter weather.) After a couple of days AT&T replied to tell me their records showed I was no longer a customer of AT&T (keep in mind I had explained the entire story in my message to them). I sent a reply repeating what had happened.

They emailed me back to tell me to phone the repair department, although I had explained I had no way to make phone calls. I explained that to them again. They then told me that they were the CallVantage division (I had just used the contact AT&T form on the website) and couldn't help me. I said, "Are you telling me there is no way to contact anyone in repair by email" and they sent me a url for a different form that contacted regular analog repair service. It had taken them five days to send me to the right people.

The repair department of course emailed back to ask me to call them. I emailed and said once again that I had no phone and that since I have no way to fix my own phone, I have explained the problem in detail already and when I'm on the phone with them they just keep me on hold that there was no reason to actually have me on the phone. They then emailed me again to say there was no way they could reinstate my number, it was gone, and gave me a number where I could call to get new AT&T service. Instead I went to Verizon's website and signed up for phone service, which will presumably be turned on in a couple of days.

It is my greatest hope in life that I never again have to deal with AT&T.

AT&T Steals From Customers (Please Read)
By -

AT&T does not prioritize or give the slightest importance to quality customer service. They are more concerned with making money even if it means cheating their customers and taking illegal and immoral means to achieve this goal. I had several issues with my billing and I would call to inquire about these issues and I always got the run around. No one wanted to help or explain extra charges on my account.

In one particular instance I noticed that AT&T was billing me twice for minutes and it wasn't a mistake because it was happening every month. For example let's say my bill cycle ended on the 10th of the month and new minutes started on the 11th. AT&T would bill me Until the 10th of the month but then in my next bill would charge me for minutes starting from the 7th of the month instead of the 11th.

So the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th days of the month I was charged twice for any minutes used during that time frame, which truly added up! AT&T gave me reason to believe they were doing this on purpose as a SCAM to make money off of people because of the next incident I am about to explain. I received a bill once with 30 dollar charges worth of celebrity updates and game apps. I called AT&T to assure them this had to be a mistake as my husband and I NEVER purchase these sort of things. They would not explain how the transaction occurred - they simply insisted that I pay them the full balance.

I spoke to 5 different customer service representatives in regards to this issue including one store manager and a supervisor. The store supervisor told me that third party companies sometimes randomly select phone numbers to charge fees transactions that the individual did not really make. I asked, "How can you allow these third party companies to target your customers like that?" I wasn't being billed by this "third party" - I was being billed by AT&T.

Which means that if this sort of scam IS indeed TRUE then AT&T is a participant of this scam. Why else would they allow another company to target their customers and willingly collect the money for them and give it to them? They must be making a profit this way!

After hours of arguing and being told it was not at all possible to remove the charges, when I showed them I knew what they were up to they quieted down and just said "look we will remove the charges OK" - it was the shadiest thing ever!

There are so many more instances where I realized A&T steals from their customers but it's just too much to write. Most people don't want to argue over a bill so they just pay whatever balance shows up on their accounts, but I would advise to take a closer look because AT&T steals from their customers!!! I strongly advise against joining this network, they are full of lies and deceit; they are truly a CORRUPT organization. Consider yourself warned.

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