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I Just Want What I Paid For
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Aubrey Adelle Photography (hereinafter referred to as "Aubrey-Adelle") was hired to shoot my daughter's October 17, 2008 wedding. Our contract included: two photographers for eight hours, all images on CD, 30 high resolution edited images, a wedding album, and a $50.00 print credit for any photographs we ordered. Aubrey Adelle is an awesome photographer. Most of the pictures she took were beautiful and will be treasured. There were, however, some "goes without saying" shots that she missed and, now that I know a little more about photography, shots that should have been better, but on the whole, we were very pleased with her work.

Unfortunately, that's where the happy story ends. After months and months of delays, my daughter was presented with an album proof that appeared to be nothing more than a "template" with pictures dropped into place. Pictures that one would expect in a wedding photo album were not included, and a relatively minor picture was included twice - once in color and once in black and white. It was not the album that we'd expected.

I voiced my concern and displeasure which brought an angry reaction in response. It had taken approximately six months to get the first proof, and another six months for the second. My daughter would send an occasional email, perhaps once or twice a month. The emails would go unanswered until my daughter's tone became more insistent, then the response would be angry and combative towards my daughter.

Aubrey-Adelle moved in November of 2009. She advised my daughter that she had lost her images in the move; however, the hosting site she used still had her photographs. My daughter requested her contractual CD with all the images and again pleaded for her album. A CD was sent, but my daughter was unable to view the images on any computer she had access to. A second request was made and a CD with the images in JPEG was sent; unfortunately, this only includes a portion of the images, not all of them.

In or about February 2010 (one year and four months after her wedding) my daughter approved a final version of the album and was told she would have the album in six weeks. After approximately nine weeks and several unanswered emails, Aubrey-Adelle finally answered an angry email my daughter sent (which seems to be the pattern) that she (my daughter) had never responded to the email inquiring her preference for album cover: brown or black leather.

If an email was ever sent (and we don't believe one was), we do not understand why, knowing how anxious we were to receive the album, Aubrey-Adelle did not contact my daughter again when she failed to respond to said email.

On April 3, 2010, my daughter responded with her preference and began the patient wait for six weeks to pass. At weeks seven and eight polite, "just checking on the status" emails were sent, again with no response. On the ninth week a "this is ridiculous, why can't I even get a response to my emails" email was sent. This time, as was the pattern, a response was sent using all capitals that Aubrey-Adelle was sick of my daughter's emails and she refused to answer any more emails and that my daughter would receive her album "when it arrive[s] on [your] doorstep."

I got back involved at this point and sent several emails and made two phone calls stating that we were nearing the two-year mark and my belief that asking for what we paid for was not unreasonable. At this point we were just asking for a time frame. I also stated I did not want any trouble, only what I paid for. Aubrey-Adelle responded that the album would be delivered to my daughter's doorstep on October 25, 2010 (which is two years and eight days after the wedding), and that Aubrey-Adelle would no longer have any communication with us as our emails and phone numbers would be blocked.

We have learned that a bride whose wedding was August 2009 and a maternity/newborn mother (her newborn is now 17 months old) have not received their pictures either. Additionally, a photographer who was working as Aubrey-Adelle's second camera on a wedding has never received payment for her services. We can only assume that there are others out there as well.

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