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New Q5-Water Pump Failure
By -

I purchased my new Q5 and was very impressed with its styling, handling and overall purchase. Until...I started the car one cold morning late January '10 and headed on my journey. Once stopped, someone pointed me to the fact that a ton of liquid was flowing from my new vehicle. All of the coolant left the vehicle within minutes. Obviously I was stranded on a weekend.

On Monday morning I reported the problem and Audi Roadside had to flatbed my car to the Audi dealer where I purchased the car. Once at work, I "googled" the problem and was astonished to find that this is a very prevalent problem...there were numerous complaints about this water pump problem. I called Audi NA and said they knew of no such problem even though I pointed to the countless threads on the internet that explained many individual problems with the same failure.

When I picked up the car, I pressed a technician and he told me--don't worry we have installed a reconfigured water pump which we had in stock because of the identified problem--the original water pumps are problematic. He said and I quote, "there isn't a Q5 that leaves the showroom that didn't already start leaking". This infuriates me as this is a severe problem that will lead countless drivers stranded that could be helped if Q5 owners were notified before being stranded.

This seems like a problem that Audi is turning its head to...very disappointing. If you have a Q5, bring it to the dealer and demand a newly configured water pump--if not you will be stranded. I loved my new Q5--am a former BMW owner for many years--but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Not sure this is the type of company I want to buy a $50,000 car from...

Audi - Post Sale Nightmare
By -

I bought a 2010 Q5 in August of 2009. I was very excited to take delivery of my new car. I opted for the Premium Plus, 20" Wheels and Audi MMI. The first month was fun! After 2 months the car started to demonstrate a moderate shake while driving at highway speeds. The dealer told me that this was a known problem with the lower control arms and they would have to be ordered. I waited about 2 weeks and still no control arms.

I called the dealer and explained that I was upset; they offered no help until they called to ask about my experience during my service visit. I told them I was not going to be able to give them an excellent rating. 2 days later control arms came in. How messed up is that!

So here we are in December, I decided to take a trip to visit family in NY, I am from GA. While in NY the Q5 starts to leak antifreeze all over the place. I bring it (tow it) to the Audi dealer (Smithtown Audi) on Long Island. They tell me they will get to it sometime later today. Meanwhile I am car-less and they will not provide a loaner.

The basic feeling is that "DO NOT BUY" after spending close to 50k this is the treatment you get! Should have bought another BMW, they have always taken care of me when my car was in the shop or had problems. Audi has left me in the cold (literally!)

Update on out-of-town problem. Dealer says it's a water pump and the part is on back order. Best case the car could be repaired by next Monday. No joke! So now I am stranded on my Christmas break in NY with no transportation or help from Audi! I will NEVER purchase another Audi.

Audi's Inadequte Repair of Poorly Designed Transmission
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Rating: 2/51

Bought 2004 Audi TT brand new. Had recurrent issues with automatic transmission. Transmission would slip from gear to gear. Car would jump like if one does not know how to drive a manual transmission. Transmission would not get into gear so RPM revs but car does not move. Many times would bring to dealer to have it looked at but their answer would always be 'nothing wrong, cannot duplicate problem.' Frustrating to have problem when we drive but dealer said each time there is nothing wrong.

Now the transmission is dead. It has less than 70,000 miles on it. I researched and found transmission to be a common problem with Audi. It is unthinkable to have a brand name Audi to not address these important transmission issues adequately and to provide proper repair of these issues before complete breakdown. Very disappointed.

2010 Audi Water Pump Failure
By -

Buyer beware - we leased a new 2010 Audi A-6 last January and were devastated to have our water pump fail after only 6000 miles!! To make matters worse, the failure occurred while we were almost 100 miles from our home dealer, occurred suddenly such that we had to pull off the road quickly under dangerous conditions and required the car to be flat-bedded to a repair facility.

If this turned out to be a random failure, no problem. I can understand that this could happen once in a while. But it turns out not to be a random failure - the flatbed truck driver told us he had seen "several new Audis with failed water pumps that week"!! This is a systemic failure of the part and Audi has not had the courtesy to notify by mail all owners of cars with the problem pump. Not the kind of company I will ever deal with again.

Bait & Switch with Horrible Customer Service
By -

NEWTON -- They keep this ad on eBay for a 2000 VW Beetle GLS for $1999 even though when you call - the car has "just" been sold. So why don't they take down the ad? Because they are scumbags that make you call them - won't tell you in email that the car is no longer available and when asked why they don't take the ad down - they say the ad will "eventually" be taken down. What a crappy way to scam customers to think they might get a great deal on a car just to find out the "elusive deal" probably never existed! Isn't this illegal?

Airbag Replacement
By -

The airbag light would not go off in our 2004 Audi A6. The Dealer stated the passenger side Air Bay needed to be replaced at a cost of @$900.00. Is this typical for a 2004 car with 40,000 miles and no accidents?

Audi West Houston
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I bought a used Audi with no warranty - my first mistake. I hadn't had it for a year before several warning lights came on. The day I took my car to Audi West Houston, I noticed a 2" space where the back glass was detached from the convertible top. I spoke with the service rep who ASSURED me that the car would be kept in a dry place.

I needed a new control unit ($1,000) which I gladly paid for. There were a few other issues that they did not want to fix until I put more miles on the car. I went to pick it up 3 weeks after I dropped it off. When I got there, the car was sitting in the pouring rain with a piece of duct tape hanging where the opening was on the top. The dash lights did not work and after driving to a gas station on nearly empty, I realized they removed the button for my fuel door. I couldn't access the gas tank so I drove the car back to Audi where they gave me a loaner car (which they later threw in my face).

The service dept. told me that in order for my dash lights to come on, I would need to pay $600. I was upset that they'd left my car in the rain knowing that it had a leak. When I spoke to the service manager, he yelled at me and interrupted me several times claiming it was my fault that I brought a car with a leak in the top to them. After I told him I was assured the car would be kept dry, he said that his guys would never say that. He insisted that it was "my fault" for bringing it in with a leak. He was incredibly disrespectful to me and would only give me his manager's name after much prodding.

My dash lights then magically started working. I went to pick up my car. It was outside...again. The tank was completely empty. My turbo was out. My check engine light was on. My CD changer doesn't work. I contacted an Audi Customer Care Advocate who communicated my concerns to the dealership. The complaint went directly to the service manager who decided to exercise his right to refuse service to anyone.

So now I have a car in much worse condition than it was in. I have been yelled at and disrespected repeatedly and since the dealership is independently owned, Audi corporate offices will do nothing about it. I am more upset about the way I was treated than the sloppy workmanship and would happily settle for an apology, but now I am forced to go to the BBB and utilize every other outlet to voice my distaste for this dealership. Hopefully, I will prevent someone from experiencing the same as I did. Please think twice before purchasing an Audi; especially from Audi West Houston.

Audi Doesn't Stand by Its Products
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Purchased an Audi 2001 'pre-certified' used car a year ago from Schaumburg Audi. According to the Audi website, "An Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle is carefully chosen, put through the most rigorous of inspections, and, from the minute you buy it, frees you from worry. In short, it's like getting a new Audi. For a price that's significantly less."

Since I've owned this car, it has been in the shop practically more than I drive the vehicle. The car cost $24,000 and I have sunk in $4,000 in a little over a year's time - over 16% of the car's cost. Four of seven times it's been in the shop, the repairs were covered under the warranty but I still had to shell out $200 in deductibles. The other times Audi claims that it's normal 'wear and tear' so they do not cover the repairs.

For instance 2 weeks ago, the engine light came on. Well transmission fluid was leaking and this was covered and I paid the $50 deductible. But they also found problems with the boots and the brakes needed replacing so the cost of the repairs was $1750 total. I have driven the car only 10,000 miles, mainly on the highway and the brakes already need repair - this is part of their 'rigorous inspection'?

The maintenance man assured me that he had the best mechanic look at it and it would be better. Well last week, I came out to my car to find the dashboard glowing and the car wouldn't start. I waited 3 hours for an Audi tow truck to pick it up and had to take a $25 cab ride home.

Audi informed me the whole dashboard and key system needed to be replaced but the good news was I only had to pay the $50 deductible. Well upon bringing the car in, they informed me it needs a new battery too and now I have to pay another $200. So I've paid over $2100 in a two-week span for a 'rigorously inspected' vehicle. On top of the other $1900 in repairs that they would not cover. Obviously they do not stand by their advertisements and I'd appreciate you looking into this and publishing this information. I contacted Schaumburg Audi and they were rude and said it was my problem after purchase. Thank you.

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