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Substandard Electronics Equipment
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MARYLAND -- This message is a take on a company's entire product line based solely on my experience with only one of their products. That company is Audiovox, and that product is the Audiovox sts1199 5-disc DVD home theater system. I'm sure that this particular model is off the market, so I won't be warning anyone not to buy that one product. But I think even one product can accurately reflect the quality of the company that makes it. So here goes.

I bought this shoddy equipment, the Audiovox sts1199, over a year ago for a very good price from a popular retail store. We'll call that store "The Bullseye". Anyway, I got what I paid for. When I set this thing up, it made a constant background hum like a hummingbird. But since it was so cheap, I kept it. Then, within about 6 to 8 months, the internal programming must have gone haywire, because none of the buttons on the unit responded immediately when pressed. I had to press them over and over again in frustration and hope for them to work. The remote control worked fine, but who can always find that when you need it?

Finally, this thing started to lose DVD's and CD's, INSIDE THE UNIT!! Not where they were supposed to be, but BACK WHERE THE CIRCUIT BOARDS ARE!! WHERE NO DVD OR CD SHOULD BE!! More than once I had to unscrew the top cover and remove it to get at my DVD's and CD's. Often they were scratched up. I thought the days of the "chewed up tape" were gone; this thing wasn't a VCR but I couldn't tell. But still, I kept this thing because it was cheap, and told myself that I would be careful what I put into it in the future. I bought a DVD repair kit and repaired most of my damaged items. Of course, I forgot the promise I made to myself.

Finally, I bought a 3-disc DVD box set and put the first disc in for viewing. When I wanted to get it out, this demon seed of a DVD player, once again of course, threw it into the back of the unit. I had to take the cover off once again to get the DVD, which was badly scratched. I tried to repair it, but this one was too badly damaged. I had to buy the whole set again just to get the first DVD. I was irate. I'm still kicking myself. Now I can't even use the thing or risk it destroying all my stuff. But hey, I was hardheaded and I got what I paid for.

And that's the moral of this story. That saying is not just some tired old cliché. Audiovox sells some really inexpensive equipment, but I believe that its quality is unquestionably reflected in that price. I believe it's also true for all of these discount brands. They might have multiple brand names, and change model numbers from year to year on what's basically the same equipment (probably to cut down on complaints on any particular model) but they end up being more trouble then they are worth.

Now I have to go buy a new DVD home theater system. What seemed too good to be true was. The “Bullseye” might be selling some more Audiovox equipment, especially this time of the year, but I'm done with Audiovox, and I'm done with cheap electronics. I made a big mistake with my purchase. I'm encouraging anyone who reads this to consider yours wisely and get it right the first time.

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