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Never Again with Auto Europe
Posted by on
I've booked two cars (one in o'hare, and the other one in Orlando MCO) through Autoeurope, and the rental car company turned out to be Dollar Rent a Car.

The first car that I've been given in O'hare Chicago was making all kinds of noises on the road, that I had to stop and ask for a change in Oregon Airport. The first car I've been given was also not-safe-to-drive, therefore I asked another one. The last one was so noisy, that you can not speak inside the car, had no power windows or door lock. But I had to take the car as I was already late. I called Autoeurope's 1-800 number several times. The person answered the phone always connected me to some numbers in Europe, with answering machines speaking all languages but English... At last, when I reached a person, she asked me to drive back to O'hare-Chicago, and try my chance to change the car there... Three hours drive...I'm trying to make a business meeting...A very creative approach...

The worst was on the way back. As I did my online C'in, I arrived at O'hare, one hour before my flight. I delivered the car, and started to wait for the shuttle to take me to the terminal. As the shuttle bus did not leave on time, a entered to the building and asked what is happening. I've been told that as I'm the only customer, the shuttle will wait for the next group of customers... Even if I begged, I had to wait there for more than 30 minutes, and therefore missed the flight.

I arrived to Florida, at 1:30 AM, and started the car only at 3:30 AM. Each transaction in Orlando Dollar takes at least 30 minutes. They had 2-3 personnel and only 6 customers when I arrived, and it took two hours to get the keys of the car. The first car had problems with the breaks. The second car a bad battery, that I had to jump start using some help around, as Dollar Emergency Number called me back only after 1 hour, and told me that the help is on the way, and may arrive in one hour...

The last car was the only decent car that I ever had during the entire, and last experience with Dollar Rent a Car and Autoeurope...

I've missed a flight, spend one sleepless night, had to look for helpful people to help me on the road (in US!) to start the junk that I've been given by Dollar and Autoeurope, and lost at least my 10 precious hours for to sort out all those problems with the junks.

Make yourself a favor and keep away from Auto Europe (Dollar's partner in UK) and Dollar Rent-A-Car...
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Auto Europe Ripoff
Posted by on
Months before our trip to Israel in 2000, I searched the Internet for a rental auto. Auto Europe offered me a good rate on a car from Budget. Since I didn't want to purchase the CDW, I asked them to remove that from the quote, and they did. Their voucher says explicitly "CDW optional." Based on that information, I made the reservation with Auto Europe, and paid the required advance via VISA.

When I bellied up to the counter in Jerusalem, I was informed that Budget does not rent autos in Israel without CDW (Budget calls it LDW--Loss Damage Waiver). With the family waiting, and time running out on my appointment 100 miles away, I had no choice but to pay $113 for CDW so that I could rent the car. I did this through Auto Europe because it was the cheapest option open to me at the time.

Back at the ranch, I contacted Auto Europe to get a refund on the extra money that I had had to pony up. The way I see it, they are required to provide the car rental for the price that we agreed to. As it was, I was forced to purchase a service which I explicitly did not want, and the fault clearly lay with Auto Europe for providing me with incorrect information. The price and conditions on the voucher are as legally binding for Auto Europe as they are for me.

After exchanging lots of emails with their service manager, Bruce Gould, he finally bucked the decision up to the president (and CEO) of Auto Europe. I waited for two months, but I never did hear anything from the pres. During that time I exchanged two emails with Bruce Gould, and sent a warning with a deadline. Nada.

The moral of the story is; beware of doing business with Auto Europe. A reputable company would have acknowledged their mistake and compensated the damages. Auto Europe has done neither.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/27/2008:
Why are you now complaining 8 years later?
azadian on 01/29/2009:
Why am I complaining about it now, 8 years later? I tried to drag them into small claims court, but that's extremely hard to do from Switzerland. So the only thing I can do is to give them all the bad publicity possible. That's the beauty of the internet, and exactly the point of this website. Maybe some day they'll get a clue (, but judging from the other incidents documented here, I'm not holding my breath.
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Do Not Use Their Service If You Don’t Want Lose Your Money!!!
Posted by on
5 months ago in December (winter time here in Europe) I have rented a car in Italy/Bergamo with Auto Europe. The car has been rented with ZERO EXCESS INSURANCE. I travelled from Bergamo to small village in Italian Alps. After 5 days on day of my departure from Italy the car broke dawn. Engine just died when we were about to leave the village and drive to the airport. I rang Auto Europe just to find out that they were not able to provide me with the replacement as they didn't have any offices in that area. They offered to send towing vehicle to collect the broken car and a taxi to take us to the airport in Bergamo (250km away). I have been informed that Auto Europe will pay just 150 euro for the service so at the end I have been left with no choice but to pay additional 150 euro for the taxi.

After two weeks I discovered that my credit card has been charged with 130euro. After my numerous phone calls and emails to incompetent Auto Europe customer service I received their explanation that I have been charged for the damage to the car. As they explained I didn’t put anti-freezer liquid to the fuel tank and the car broke down. INTERESTING thing is that I got the car with the full tank and did not have a chance to fill it up by myself at all. Of course I have explained everything to Customer Service. When I received me credit card statement I discovered an additional charged of 93euro to my card. I still did not receive any explanation what is the basis of that charged. Since more than 5 weeks all my calls and emails are being left without any response.

Just to summarize I have to spend additional 370euro (even though the car has been rented with ZERO EXCESS INSURANCE) because Auto Europe has provided me with no technically fit car.


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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 04/21/2008:
Dispute the charges with your credit card company. They have to prove you damaged the car, you don't have to prove you didn't.
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Rental car
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
They do nothing, they guarantee nothing, they just take your money rented a car in Antwerp airport through AE and it would be with Hertz.

You pay AE 66 dollars and then you pay 65 euro to Hertz for a 1 day rental. That is the most expensive car I've rented in my life for the day. The smallest class, bear in mind.

$150.00 for a one day rental. I used the car for 2 hours as I had to pick up my dad.

Do not Use it Auto Europe!
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Thank you
Posted by on
I have been using Auto Europe for a number of years now, for hires on both sides of the Atlantic, and I have had nothing but excellent service. Not once have I had a complaint or issue with any of my bookings.

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Read The Fine Print
Posted by on
When they tell you the price includes full insurance coverage, it does NOT. Add almost 15 euros per day for full insurance coverage. Not a good deal once you add the extra cost. There was no one in the garage to turn the car back in to. Customer service is one person at a desk inside the terminal.

I won't rent from them again.
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User Replies:
Alain on 06/17/2011:
Thank you for the helpful information.
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Car Hire from Auto Europe
Posted by on
LONDON -- I'm happy with Auto Europe client service and support. Also the price was the cheapest :)
I've made the reservation to malaga for 7 days and I've paid 7£ per day!!

Joseph Spencer
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AutoEuropa/Sicily By Car
Posted by on
Having dropped off the car on return in Bologna, my deposit for any damages etc, was fully refunded and Sicily By Car/AutoEuropa signed off on the car. In the agents words "tutti a posto" or "Everything is fine".

4 weeks later, after my return to Australia, I see this charge of over 300 dollars from Auto Europa on my credit card.
The reason? "Damage to interior - not covered by your comprehensive insurance cover".
What a scam!!! There was no accompanying documentation, no photos of the so-called "damage". That's because there was no damage and this company is simply trying to extort 300 dollars from me.

Any prospective clients beware!
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User Replies: on 11/12/2010:
I have the same problem. I was in Milan in October 2010. I got a car from Auto Europa Silicy by car company. It was Nissan Micra 1.2. 7 days car haven't got any damages and problems. We was in many cities in Italy, about 2000 km was done for 1 week. After we gave car back (I gave keys in office to a man, he said nothing needed more, we don't checked car, it was 2 hours on parking when we waited for office opening) and when we arrive to out home country I checked internet bank and saw that there were charged 860 EUR more (first 1200 eur charging was still there, not unblocked). I called to Auto Europe and they said that car was damaged and this 860 EUR deposit is for repairing. After 2 weeks they unblocked money but not all, minus 380 eur for mirror repair.

Also I find real prices for repair. They prices are fake. Mirror cost is only 80 eur in Italy not 180 Eur like they send me some fake papers. You can see them in attachment.

So I recommend to all people, if you get car in this company you need full insurance + photo car when you gave it back + check car with office man so they can`t charge you more and damage car after you gave it back like it was with my car.

clinton on 05/22/2011:
Note that it was Auto Europa and NOT Auto Europe. These are two entirely different companies
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Use AutoEurope with Caution
Posted by on
Most of the reviews of this company (AutoEurope) are poor. Since I have had both good and bad experiences with them (I've used the three times), I'd like to share some hints for having a positive experience with them:
-- If the agent who answers the phone is grumpy or short with you, call back or ask to speak with a supervisor. Their service ranges from superb to abysmal. This is true for both the rental agents and Customer Service.
-- These folks are "brokers;" they own no cars but match you up with the "best deal." This is often with Europcar, which has appaling business practices (IMHO) -- dirty, unreliable cars, misrepresenting fees, refusal to provide documants, etc. Buyer beware with Europcar! Ask for quotes from other companies, which will often match Europcar's prices.
-- Be aware that, with some of their companies, road tax and "location fees" are not included; others include them. Ask your agent to compare all items being included in the quote.
-- Continue to monitor prices. Call back every week to see if there have been "better deals" posted. The company will change your reservation until pick-up day.
-- If you don't like the car upon pickup, insist that the agent call Europcar. They WILL advocate for you.
Of my three experiences with AutoEurope, one was entirely positive, one terrible, and one mixed. I would use them again, but with greater caution. Meanwhile, I will continue to look for alternatives.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/31/2010:
Good information and thank you.
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Bad Experience with Auto Europe
Posted by on
I asked for and thought I was paying all the fees before I left on vacation. I had asked for the "full" rate.

I gave them my card and paid in full, but I was surprised by a whole lot of unanticipated fees when I got back.

They justified the fees by pointing me to fine print where there was vague language about fees that "were not included." They gave me a runaround about "not being allowed (by law?)" to charge these before the rental. Apparently they also aren't allowed to be up front with you about them either.

The best way to make a customer mad is to not share full information. Auto Europe's way to socking you with fees afterwards is shady.
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/27/2010:
They may be right about not being able to charge you prior to rental as the laws in Europe are different from those in the US. However, fine print in contracts is a favourite way of adding charges so the purchaser must always be wary of it and completely read the contract. Thanks for the review.
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