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Went in to Look and...
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Rating: 1/51

NEW HAVEN, INDIANA -- I went into this place to buy a vehicle and spoke with the owner and he kept scratching his "privates." Looked down and he was not wearing underwear (HOLE IN CROTCH). SOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE!!! He kept staring at my chest and asking if I wanted to fill out an application for employment. I declined. He told me he sells a lot of vehicles to Hispanics, because they are dumb. Well, that was it because I am part Hispanic. Maybe this gentleman should stay out of the strip clubs and focus on his people skills!!! I left and went to Grote Automotive and was treated like a QUEEN!!!

Company Response 01/22/2017:

This review is written by a competitor and there has been new ownership here for some time.
The name of the reviewer is a male but seems to allude to being female during the review.
Notice how a specific competitor is mentioned at the end of the review.
Obviously false and written by a competitor.

Do Not Buy From These People
By -

NEW HAVEN, INDIANA -- I had gone in to see what type of vehicles they had. And each one I asked to test drive they told me it was out of commission or it was not safe and I was thinking then what can I drive. I had gone in there to see a 1995 Lexus ES300 and a 1985 Mercedes and a 1989 Jag. I was handed the keys to the Lexus and told "well the car should be ready to go for you." I grabbed the keys and walked to the car unlocked it and sat inside. I went to turn the key and nothing. I told my boyfriend well that was anti-climatic and was not happy.

I told them the car is dead. I went inside and watched them pour hot water over the doors and to remind you it was freezing rain, and so I was watching them rock the car back and forth and later found out they had busted the locks to the car. This was March 6, 2008. I told them the price of the car on the internet was 4500.00 and I had the ad with me to prove it. And once the paperwork was drawn up it said 4900.00.

After the 2nd day of having the Lexus the check engine light came on and stayed on. I called them and told them then took it back to them. I told them the light was on and they told me "well we do not have the equipment to diagnose the problem so take it somewhere else." The 3rd day I called and told them I want my Olds 88 back and they wouldn't comment. It was many times I had told them I want my Olds back and nothing. I still have the title also.

On March 11 I went to a car dealer and showed them the motor had sludge in it and they told me "your motor will seize" and so I was upset and called them, and they told me in a rude voice, "well there is no much I can do for you." I told him I want my car back. Hours later after waiting for them to call me back, I called them and told them I want my Olds back and the loan officer told me "oh well we are painting it..." Needless to say I have complained to the BBB, the Attorney General, and now have taken them to small claims. I was banned from their property and the owner threatened to kill my boyfriend over a stupid car key.

WHAT EVER YOU DO NEVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. The owner is from Iran and will not deal with you like a human being. He will threaten you like he did to my bf me and my mother. Plus he has many police reports against him. Pass the word on do not buy from these people. If you have please let your voice be heard help me shut them down!

I have gone to attorney and he said I have a case and he was too busy to take the case so I am trying to be the voice to have my Olds returned and have them pay me for loss of wages from work since they had both cars and left me with no car. Also recently they have gotten rid of the Lexus to the Auto Auction and have my Olds for sale on their website and I HAVE THE TITLE.

Company Response 02/14/2017:

This review is written by one of our competitors fora dealership that no longer exists.
I find it sad and am appalled that someone would use national origin to defame some and imply that is the reason they cannot be trusted.
Read through this review and you will see that this is a Completely made up review by a competitor.

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