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Do Not Buy From These People
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NEW HAVEN, INDIANA -- I had gone in to see what type of vehicles they had and each one I asked to test drive they told me it was out of commission or it was not safe and I was thinking then what can I drive. I had gone in there to see a 1995 Lexus ES300 and a 1985 Mercedes and a 1989 Jag. I was handed the keys to the Lexus and told well the car should be ready to go for you. I grabbed the keys and walked to the car unlocked it and sat inside. I went to turn the key and nothing. I told my boyfriend well that was anti-climatic and was not happy. I told them the car is dead. I went inside and watched them pour hot water over the doors and to remind you it was freezing rain and so I was watching them rock the car back and forth and later found out they had busted the locks to the car. This was March 6 2008. I told them the price of the car on the internet was 4500.00 and I had the ad with me to prove it and once the paperwork was drawn up it said 4900.00.

After the 2nd day of having the Lexus the check engine light came on and stayed on. I called them and told them then took it back to them. I told them the light was on and they told me well we do not have the equipment to diagnose the problem so take it somewhere else. The 3rd day I called and told them I want my Olds 88 back and they wouldn't comment. It was many times I had told them I want my Olds back and nothing. I still have the title also. On March 11 I went to a car dealer and showed them the motor had sludge in it and they told me your motor will seize and so I was upset and called them and they told me in a rude voice well there is no much I can do for you. I told him I want my car back. Hours later after waiting for them to call me back I called them and told them I want my Olds back and the loan officer told me oh well we are painting it.....

Needless to say I have complained to the BBB the Attorney General and now have taken them to small claims. I was banned from their property and the owner threatened to kill me boyfriend over a stupid car key.

WHAT EVER YOU DO NEVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. The owner is from Iran and will not deal with you like a human being he will threaten you like he did to my bf me and my mother plus he has many police reports against him. Pass the word on do not buy from these people if you have please let your voice be heard help me shut them down! I have gone to attorney and he said I have a case and he was too busy to take the case so I am trying to be the voice to have my Olds returned and have them pay me for loss of wages from work since they had both cars and left me with no car. Also recently they have gotten rid of the Lexus to the Auto Auction and have my Olds for sale on their website and I HAVE THE TITLE
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Anonymous on 05/18/2008:
If they are that bad don't be surprised if the forge your title to auction the car off. Won't the police help you with a stolen car report or something?
blue eyed baby on 07/16/2008:
I keek in touch with the BMV in Indy. I am still fighting to get my 99 Olds back. Auto LS lied about the paperwork and I found the discrepencies. They said I bought the Lexus new and then the other paper says I bought it used. I also had a warranty w the car but their paper says I didn't and I have the warranty papers.
blue eyed baby on 01/12/2009:
Small claims judge didn't listen to me she sent me a paper saying that the ALC could keep my Olds however it was not MY car. She said I had a 1988 Olds and I bought the Lexus new LOL very funny I own a 1999 Olds 88. Now I have my account frozen and my wages are being garnished. Is there anyone out there that will take my case for them threatening to kill me and my family. I was forced to move from both of my apts because they knew where I lived since the judge told them. The judge was friends with the ALC attorney.
sobitthen on 01/12/2009:
Revenge is a dish best served cold...
I am sure you can be creative and make them pay somehow...
jidee77 on 01/20/2009:
This is great information to know. I just sent you a message about my situation. I plan to go all balls out to try to take this man down. He HAS to be STOPPED!!!! He can't keep running people over because he's a flippin' foreigner with money. He's crazy!!!!
blue eyed baby on 02/11/2009:
If anyone who was wronged by the Auto Liquidation Center want an attorney you can call Kingsley 432-9100. he will charge 175.00 an hour but he will tell you yes or no with the Auto Liquidation Center's case against them.
blue eyed baby on 04/16/2009:
Be aware. This company forged my name on my titles and sold my 99 Olds 88 to someone. So whomever is driving my car has no idea that they are not the legal owner of my Olds. If you did buy my 99 Olds 88 I would appreciate it if you would return my car to me since they were not legally allowed to sell my car. They were supposed to return it back to me. They forged my name on the title March 26 and I found out about it and had my title reissued to me because since hence it is in my name I have the power to do so. Please if you have my car get your money back and give my car back to me. I will not press charges against you unless u knowingly knew it was not yours to begin with.
Kar on 02/29/2012:
Auto Liquidation is a F****** Joke! I bought my car from there after going there to look a specific vehicle. Talked to him multiple times about this car. Drove an hour up there and when I got there this car had NO BACK SEAT. That was not told to me the first 6 times we talked about it. Finally get up there, fund a car just like it fir $200 more. And ask to test drive it. They "defrosted" it brought it to me. I got in it and the check engine light was on. Asked him about it and he said "don't try to talk ms down anymore because I'm not going to. This is what Happens when a car sits in thr cold" so Idrove it. Drove fine. Got thr extended warranty. Brought it home. Next morning wouldn't start. Figured out it was a security feature it had on it because it was an old cop car. Which was nit mentioned!!!!! I had to disable the security feature! Fast forward. A month later I am getting groceries after my shift at Work late at night. ( I work seconds) with my kids in thr car. And my car won't start!! I try everything. So the next morning I get a call from Mr. friendly himself Mike. Telling me my account is past Balance. Which I have never been late at all. He says I owe him two payment and have not received one. Well luckily I send then money orders and have reciepts on all payments, so after 10 minutes of arguments I tell him I have the receipts abs tracking numbers. And oh, they magically appear. Well he SHUT MY CAR OFF. For non payment. In which then he "found", only after I had told him I had receipts. He was trying to get me to pay those Payne ts again PLUS LATE FEES. so after he finally figures out he has thr payments, I ask if he will turn my car on since I had to work. And he said "there is no way to turn it back on right away, you will have to wait up to 48 hours for it to come on"!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING?? I know you have a button on your computer to push saying it's paid!. 24 hours later(and a day missed of work) it still Won't start. So called back and thr lady answered. Much nicer and sees that I've never been late and starts it right up. He yelled and cussed at me while we were on thr phone and called me a child. NEVER AGAIN WILL I DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. THEY TRIED TO SWINDLE MONEY OUT OF ME AND HAVE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO SHUT THEN DOWN!
lindsay on 03/05/2014:
Last Monday I took my 2005 pontiac grand prix to summit transmission. the report says that the gps has done electrical damage to my anti-theft part of my car and possible causing problems with my transmission. they couldn't do any thuro check because electrical issue. however on thursay 2/27/14. alc repod my car sent me a letter that I received on Monday saying it was repod for tampering with the gps device. I need to pay the full amount due or they are going to sell the vehicle. WTF!!!!!!!!
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